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Top Synthesia Alternative With Improved Security




A Synthesia Alternative For Versatile Video Production



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A Synthesia Alternative With Best Human Voices




A Synthesia Alternative With Full Video Tools


If you need a alternative to create a video from text using AI, we have listed below eight best competitors you can try. is a robust cloud-based video tool using AI (artificial intelligence) to create videos from text input. There are many platforms where you can choose a template, type text in a box, and the AI adds music, animations, and video effects to create a video.

But Synthesia goes a step beyond featuring AI human-like avatars that speak your text with lip-syncing and awesome realistic gestures.

synthesia alternative

This platform excels in AI video generation with unique features:

  • 130+ realistic avatars (yes, forget about hiring actors or expensive video studios) with movement.
  • 120+ languages to choose from (no need to hire translators to make your video available in other countries)
  • 65+ pre-made templates to start creating videos in minutes.
  • Supports 1080p resolution.
  • Built-in editor to add additional text, shapes, and images.
  • Free-royalty music tracks, you can also upload your music files.
  • Download the video, embed it on your website, or share it through a link.
  • Create a video from an article by pasting the url.
  • Voice and tone adjustment.
  • Can include many languages in the same video.
  • Screen recorder included.
  • Create your custom avatar ( this is a paid-on feature)

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Synthesia pricing starts at $30/month, and no free plan is available. There is no Synthesia free trial, but to test the tool, you can create a video for free on their webpage.

All Synthesia alternatives we are listing below offer free options so you can test how these platforms work. Check them out:

HeyGen: An Excellent Alternative To Synthesia

synthesia alternative


HeyGen (formerly Movio) is an excellent Synthesia alternative that uses generative AI to create a video from text input 

HeyGen offers various tools, including generative outfits, custom avatars, 3D avatars, voice cloning, FaceSwap, TalkingPhoto, and more. You can create any kind of professional videos; like explainer videos, marketing videos, personalized sales, training, onboarding, and news video presentations.

This platform rolls out new features and updates regularly. Their "Talking Photo" feature lets you upload a photo and make it alive with human voices from text input. And lip-synching in HeyGen is one of the best in this type of software.

Heygen key features

  • 120+ diverse human avatars.
  • Custom avatars.
  • 1080p download.
  • 40+ languages with 80+ voices.
  • 300+ customizable video templates.
  • Talking photo.
  • Chat GPT integration.

HeyGen pricing

  • Free Plan: 1-minute credit to create a video with all available avatars.
  • Essential Plan: Starting at $24/month with 10 minutes/video/month.
  • Pro Plan: Starting at $180/month with 90 minutes/video/month.

Our take on HeyGen

HeyGen is the platform that has it all: tons of templates and avatars, avatar outfits, talking photos, and more. It is great for individuals, but team management is only on higher plans and only Zapier integration. Good for your own use, but not the best choice if you run an agency.

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HourOne: Top Synthesia Alternative With Improved Security

synthesia alternative


With HourOne you can turn text into video using virtual human avatars. Like many similar services, you can produce a video in three simple steps; 1-select a video and template layout, 2-choose a character and voice, and 3-create and share your video.

HourOne features many leading companies among their customers, such as Nvidia, Microsoft, Intel, Berlitz, DreamWorks, and more.

While it includes only 20 languages, avatar quality and lip-synching are very good.

HourOne key features

  • 100+ realistic AI-powered human avatars.
  • Script Wizard to improve your script using Chat GPT.
  • Voice cloning.
  • Custom avatars.
  • Social media integration with YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, LinkedIn and more.
  • Enterprise-grade security.

HourOne pricing

  • Free Plan:  3 minutes of video, 6 scenes per video, voices library, 100+ characters, pre-made templates, and watermark.
  • Lite Plan: $25/month with 120 minutes/year and 10 scenes per video.
  • Business Plan: $95/month with 180 minutes/year and 15 scenes per video.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored for your specific needs.

Our take on HourOne

HourOne is the only platform available with enterprise-grade security, so if you create videos for big companies, this is the right choice. Furthermore, a good variety of avatars and lip-synching makes Hourone a good choice.

Colossyan: The Synthesia Alternative With Best AI Integration

Colossyan is a  alternative with five human avatars in the free plan. This is sufficient for many uses when creating videos from text scripts using AI.



Colossyan avatars are one of the best, covering various ages and ethnicities. This is the only platform where you can adjust AI´s actors ages, emotions and expressions, and create videos with  more than one avatar on the same scene, a definite advantage to consider.

Creating a video with Colossyan is straightforward; from the drag-and-drop dashboard, you can change the actor position, add background colors, add media, music, text, and transitions. This is one of the best platforms to create a video with human avatars.

Colossyan key features

  • Automatic subtitles and captions.
  • Integrated screen recorder.
  • Integrated video editing tools.
  • 70+ languages.
  • 30+ AI high-quality avatars.
  • Power Point presentations and PDF to video option.
  • Chat GPT wizard.

Check this video created with Colossyan

YouTube video

Colossyan pricing

  • Free Plan:  includes 5 minutes, 60+ languages, pre-made templates, up to 3 scenes per video, watermark, full commercial license, and the possibility to download videos in 16:9 (for desktop videos and YouTube), 9:16 (for Instagram stories) and 1:1 format for Instagram posts.
  • Basic Plan: $21/month with 10 minutes of video and 12 premium actors.
  • Pro Plan: $70/month with 40 minutes/month and 30 premium actors.
  • Enterprise Plan: Suitable for big companies and agencies.

Our take on Colossyan

Colossyan has unique features you will not find in any other similar app. You can create videos with realistic conversations between avatars, up to four avatars in a scene, and avatar gestures are great too. ChatGPT integration is outstanding, and you have many pricing options. There are not many avatars, but Colossyan is an overall excellent product. If you have an agency go for Colossyan. It has all the necessary features to create outstanding videos for your clients.

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Yepic: A Synthesia Alternative With Best Human Voices

Yepic is a platform that turns your text script into a professional video in three simple steps. You choose a presenter, paste your script, create your video, and it is ready in minutes.

Yepic offers 65+ languages, 100+ dialects, and 450 voices, an outstanding selection you will not find in any similar app. With the "Talking Photo" feature, you can upload a headshot and generate an avatar to personalize your videos.

YouTube video

Yepic key features

  • 65+ languages, 100+ dialects and 450+ voices.
  • Talking photo feature.
  • Custom avatars.
  • Voiceover uploads.
  • Up to 10 slides per video.

Yepic pricing

  • Free Plan: 4 credits (1 credit = 1 video up to 1 minute), two digital avatars, 430+ voices, three slides per video, and custom background images. The downside of this plan is that rendering can take up to 24 hours.
  • Standard Plan: £29/month with 20 credits and fast rendering times.
  • Plus Plan: £79/month with 100 credits and fast rendering.
  • Premium Plan: £299/month with 500 credits and priority rendering.

Our take on Yepic

Yepic has a vast selection of voices and dialects. If you create videos for diverse audiences, Yepic is a good choice. The talking photo feature adds value to the platform, but pricing is not the best. AI Video Alternative With Best Pricing

Elai is an excellent alternative to consider. This text to video platform allows you to build customized videos with a human-like presenter using only text and chat GPT-3 integration.

This cloud-based software supports 60+ languages and custom images. There are also 30 human-like avatars; check in this pic some examples:

You can also get a professional-looking custom avatar for a $500 one-time payment or a selfie avatar for an annual fee of $259.

Elai key features

  • 30+ human avatars.
  • 65+ languages.
  • Custom and cartoon avatars.
  • Many web and mobile templates.
  • Many native integrations and more via Zapier.
  • Flexible pricing scheme.

Check in this video how you can create your own voiceover with Elai:

YouTube video

Elai pricing

  • Free Plan: 1 minute/month and 35 avatars, with 1080p videos, stock image library, stock music library, stock video library, custom transitions, and animations.
  • Basic Plan: $23/month with 15 minutes/month and 50+ templates.
  • Advanced Plan: $80/month with 50 minutes/month, 50+ templates, and subtitles.
  • Custom Plan: Available as per request.

Elai offers additional pricing plans depending on video minutes per month.

Our take on

During our testing of Elai's platform, we found it to have the best pricing plans available, with a notable cost-benefit ratio. Elai offers a range of features that are useful for both individuals and agencies, give it a try.

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Virbo: A Synthesia Alternative For Versatile Video Production

synthesia alternative


Using Virbo, you can generate AI videos from text featuring human avatars. This product is a recent launch by Wondershare, a well-known video editing company with products like Filmora, Democreator, and Uniconverter.

To use the platform, you must download Virbo to your PC, but there are also Android and iOS mobile apps for creating on the go. This is a distinctive feature no other platform offers.

Virbo is a reliable Synthesia alternative offering a complete set of assets, including video templates, a vast library of human avatars, 120+ languages, professional voices, a native video editor, and GPT integration.

Virbo key features

  • 120+ languages and voices.
  • 150+ human avatars.
  • AI script generator using ChatGPT.
  • Custom avatars.
  • Voice cloning.

Virbo pricing

  • Free Plan: 2 minutes video credits, max 30 sec of video duration, 720p export resolution, 20 AI script generation.
  • Monthly Plan: $40.9/month with 20 minutes/month, max 2 minutes of video duration, 1080p resolution, unlimited AI script generation.
  • Yearly Plan Essential: $19.91/month with 120 minutes/year, max 2 minutes of video duration, 1080p resolution, unlimited AI script generation.
  • Yearly Plan PRO: $35.75/month with 240 minutes/year, max 2 minutes of video duration, 1080p resolution, unlimited AI script generation.

Our take on Virbo

Virbo is the new kid on the block. Considering this is a product from Wondershare, the creator of Filmora, Democreator, and many popular editing software, it is an excellent option to consider. We haven't tested Virbo yet, but it looks promising.

Deepbrain AI Studio: Create Videos With 3D Avatars

synthesia alternative


Deepbrain AI Studios creates amazing videos from text input using human avatars. This Korean company has been in business since 2016. It features clients like Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, NEC, and other big ones on its webpage.

This platform integrates seamlessly with Chat-GPT; you can write a text script and add it to the video.

Deepbrain´s dashboard is easy and intuitive. In our experience rendering a 1,5 minutes video took 2 minutes, a more than acceptable speed.

DeepBrain key features

  • 80+ languages and voices.
  • Up to 50 scenes per video.
  • Closed captions and subtitles.
  • 2D and 3D avatars.
  • 65+ pre-made customizable templates.

DeepBrain pricing

  • Free Plan:  1-minute video with almost any feature available on paid plans.
  • Starter Plan: Starting at $24/month with 10 minutes per month and up to 6 scenes per video.
  • Pro Plan: Starting at $180/month with 90 minutes per month and up to 25 scenes per video.

Our take on Deepbrain

Deepbrain avatars need polishing and the human touch other platforms offer. We believe that this product has potential, but it requires some time and effort to enhance its quality.

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Invideo: A Synthesia Alternative With Full Video Tools

synthesia alternative

If you need to create a video from text using AI and human avatars are not mandatory, then Invideo is an excellent Synthesia option. This platform claims to serve 7M+ customers in 190+ countries.

With Invideo the creation process is quick and straightforward with a great library of text-to-video templates. You have also tons of free-royalty graphic, video and audio assets within a complete cloud-based video editor.

Invideo has one of the best free plans available for this type of video creators.

Invideo key features

  • Mobile apps for editing on the go.
  • 6000+ customizable video templates.
  • Automated text to video and article to a video.
  • Voiceovers and transitions.
  • AI-powered script generation.

Invideo pricing

  • Free Plan: 15-minute video duration, automated text-to-speech, 60 video exports per month, a media library of 3M+ royalty-free assets, automated text-to-speech, and 6,000+ video templates.
  • Business Plan: $15/month with 60 HD video exports/month, automated text-to-speech, 6000+ video templates, ten iStock media/month, 1 M+ Premium media, up to 40 minutes video duration, and priority support.
  • Unlimited Plan: $30/month with unlimited HD video exports/month, automated text to speech, 6000+ video templates, 120 iStock media/month, 1 M+ Premium media.

Our take on Invideo

Are you searching for a video creator platform that has a powerful AI and does not require human avatars? When it comes to creating video content quickly and easily, look no further than Invideo - our go-to software. It offers a broad range of features, templates, music, and advanced AI capabilities. Additionally, it provides an excellent pricing structure and team management capabilities.


When you need an AI text to video platform featuring human avatars, is one of the best. Its strength lies in the quality of human-like avatars and excellent speech synthesis, with more than 120 languages available.

But many Synthesia similar software allow you to create short videos for free. Hence so the platforms listed here are excellent options to start. You can test them and go for a paid plan later if you need to.

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