Top AI News Video Generators in 2024

The news landscape is alive with a revolution. Gone are the days of struggling with complex editing software and hefty budgets. Today, AI video generators are transforming how news content is created, delivering professional, engaging videos in minutes, not hours. But with so many options available, where do you even begin?

This comprehensive guide delves into three leading AI platforms – Vidnoz, DeepBrain AI, and HeyGen- empowering you to make informed decisions and find the perfect tool to deliver your message.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Feature spotlights: Unmask the unique strengths of each platform, from multilingual narration to lifelike avatars and intuitive interfaces.
    Content creation tailored to your needs: Whether you're a global news organization, a freelance journalist, or a passionate content creator, find the specific features that align with your vision.
    Pricing breakouts: Compare options and costs, unveiling the best value for your budget.

Read on to learn more:

Vidnoz: Effortless AI-Powered News Videos in Minutes

Imagine crafting professionals, engaging news videos in minutes, not hours. Vidnoz makes this a reality with its powerful AI technology, empowering news organizations, journalists, and content creators to revolutionize video storytelling.


vidnoz video templates
Vidnoz features many pre-made customizable templates

Vidnoz main features

  • Instant Reports: Transform written updates into impactful video reports as events unfold. This platform offers a robust text-to-video feature that helps to reach your audience first with critical information, staying ahead of the competition.
  • Global Reach: Overcome language barriers with AI voices fluent in 140+ languages. Deliver multilingual news reports for a global audience, expanding your reach and impact.
  • Cost-Effective Production: There is no need for expensive crews and complex editing software. Vidnoz offers a freemium model, allowing you to create high-quality news videos within budget.
  • Diverse Avatars & Voices: Choose from 300+ lifelike AI avatars or create your own to match your brand or specific news persona.
  • Vast Template Library: You can select from a rich library of news-specific templates, from breaking news alerts to in-depth explainer videos.
  • Powerful Personalization: A full-featured video editor allows you to highlight key quotes, statistics, or visuals with dynamic effects and transitions. Craft visually engaging stories that grab attention and resonate with viewers.
  • Intuitive Interface: Vidnoz's dashboard is clean and easy to follow to help you create professional videos easily and intuitively.
  • Time-Saving Automation: You can generate video drafts in minutes, leaving you free to fine-tune details and focus on high-impact storytelling. This helps to streamline your production process and maximize efficiency.
  • Seamless Updates: News videos are stored in your account, and you can easily update existing videos with fresh information, ensuring your content stays timely and relevant without starting from scratch.
  • Additional Tools: Vidnoz offers additional tools like Cartoon Generator and Face Swap that you can use to enhance your content.
vidnoz avatars
Vidnoz has an impressive library of 400+ diverse avatars

Vidnoz pricing

  • Free Plan: 3 minutes per day with limited features, 400+ AI avatars, and 170+ voices.
  • Starter Plan: $22.49/month with 15 minutes per month, 400+ AI avatars and 470+ voices.
  • Business Plan: $56.99/month includes 30 minutes per month, 400+ AI avatars and 470+ voices.
  • The Enterprise plan offers customized solutions and requires booking a demo.

HeyGen: Effortless, Diverse AI News Video Creation

HeyGen empowers you to craft engaging news videos across a spectrum of topics - economy, sports, entertainment, and breaking news - in minutes, not hours.

This AI-based platform is a full suite of video editing tools useful to streamline your news video creation process.

heygen templates
Heygen has a vast library of 400+ templates

HeyGen main features

  • Broad-Range Content Coverage: HeyGen provides many tools to craft compelling videos across various news categories, from fast-paced breaking news to in-depth economic updates, engaging entertainment stories, and thrilling sports coverage.
  • Expressive AI Avatars & Voices: There are over 100 unique AI avatars, each with a distinct style and personality. You can select the perfect one to embody your brand and resonate with your target audience. HeyGen provides hundreds of voices in 40+ languages, ensuring your message reaches everyone, everywhere.
  • Global Reach & Impact: Connect with audiences worldwide with multilingual voices and diverse avatar options.
  • Intuitive & Accessible Platform:  HeyGen boasts a user-friendly design that makes video creation intuitive, regardless of your experience level. Thus, you will spend less time navigating and more time crafting impactful content.
  • Face Swap & Talking Photos: Inject personality into your videos by replacing your face with an AI avatar, or breathe life into static images by transforming them into "talking photos."
  • Versatile Templates & Customization: You can access 300+ pre-designed templates to quickly set the tone of your video and tailor them further with your branding and elements for a truly personalized touch.
  • Effortless News Video Creation: HeyGen reduces production time and complexity, freeing you to focus on what matters most: crafting engaging content.
  • Beginner-friendly: No prior video editing experience is needed. HeyGen empowers anyone to create professional-looking videos quickly and efficiently. With some practice, you will create a video in just minutes.
  • Boost Productivity: Integrated features, like Powerpoint integration, help to streamline your workflow and save you valuable time.
  • Free Plan toTry: Start with the free plan, offering all avatars and 1 minute of video generation. HeyGen offers many pricing options to consider as your needs grow.
heygen avatars
Heygen diverse avatars are top quality

HeyGen pricing

  • Free plan: includes 1 free credit, access to 120+ public avatars, and 300+ voices.
  • Creator Plan: $29/month, offering 15 credits, fast video processing, premium voices, and more.
  • Business Plan: $89/month, offering 30 credits, 3 seats, 4k resolution, brand kit, and team collaboration.
  • Enterprise Plan:  Customizable; features include large usage, API access, SSO, and a dedicated account manager.

See full HeyGen pricing here

DeepBrain AI: Empowering Content Creators with AI-Powered Videos

If you need to craft professional news videos in minutes, not hours, reach a global audience without language barriers, and save both time and resources, Deepbrain is a solid option to try.

This platform makes this a reality by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, helping content creators, journalists, and media professionals to change their approach to news video creation.

DeepBrain main features

  • Diverse & Lifelike Avatars: You can choose from over 100 photorealistic AI avatars representing various ethnicities and styles. No matter where your target audience is, you can always find the perfect spokesperson to embody your brand and resonate deeply with your viewers.
  • Global Reach in a Click: Eliminate language barriers and connect with audiences worldwide. DeepBrain AI supports more than 55 languages, allowing your chosen avatar to deliver natural and engaging narration in their native tongue.
  • Intuitive Design, Seamless Creation:  The user-friendly drag-and-drop editor empowers anyone to create professional-looking videos. Focus on crafting your message, and DeepBrain AI handles the production complexities.
  • Effortless Storytelling with Text-to-Speech: Transform scripts into high-quality voiceovers from your chosen AI avatar. This saves time and maintains professionalism while delivering impactful content.
  • Adaptable Templates, Personalized Branding: Utilize a library of flexible pre-made video templates for various news formats. You can also create a unique custom avatar from an actual human to set your news video apart.
  • Beyond News, Endless Potential: With many templates for marketing videos, you can leverage expressive AI gestures and experiment with a wide range of content possibilities.
  • Significantly Reduce Production Time & Costs: This platform streamlines your video creation process, freeing up resources and maximizing efficiency.
  • Beginner-Friendly And Powerful: No prior video editing experience is required for creating videos with DeepBrain. In minutes, you can create professional-looking videos quickly and efficiently.
  • Start Risk-Free with a 1 Minute Free Trial: You can experience DeppBrain for free and go for a paid plan later.
deepbrain templates
Deepbrain templates are fully customizable

DeepBrain pricing

  • Starter Plan: From $30/month, suitable for individuals with 10 minutes per month and up to 6 scenes per video. 100+ AI avatars, 80+ languages with 100+ voices.
  • Pro Plan: From $225/month, ideal for teams and SMBs offering 90 minutes per month, up to 25 scenes per video, 100+ AI avatars, 80+ languages with 100+ voices, priority video processing, and API access.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing, designed for enterprises, includes all Pro plan features with additional benefits such as up to 50 scenes per video, custom AI avatars, and 24/7 priority support.

Free 1-minute video trial.

See full Deepbrain pricing here


With the power of AI news video generators, you can break down language barriers, reach global audiences, and craft visually captivating news reports that resonate deeply.

Whether you choose DeepBrain AI's diverse avatars and multilingual capabilities, HeyGen's expansive content templates and face swap features, or Vidnoz's instant reports and budget-friendly freemium plan, remember: the best platform is the one that empowers your unique vision.

AI video generators are powerful tools that don't replace the human touch. Inject your own creativity, integrity, and storytelling expertise to craft truly impactful content that resonates with your audience.

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