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Colossyan Review: Features, Performance and Alternatives

This Colossyan review explores this cutting-edge text-to-video solution's features, functionalities, and performance, examining its potential to revolutionize content creation for professionals and novices alike.

We tested all Colossyan features, including avatars, customizable templates, and media library. Furthermore, we analyzed its ability to generate visually appealing and dynamic videos to ensure that the final product captivates and resonates with the target audience.

This analysis will give you a detailed and accurate review, user opinions, and our final take on this platform. Read on to learn more.

What is Colossyan?

This UK-based company was created in 2018 to detect AI-generated content. Soon the development team noticed that their technology could be used for video content creation.

With a text-to-video solution that could also help to localize content with low costs, they focused on improving engineering and AI research to offer one of the best products in its class. They recently raised a $5M Series A round to enhance further development.

Colossyan claims 1000+ customers around the globe and features on its webpage many first-class clients, like BMW, Festo, Basf, Procter & Gamble, Hewlett Packard, and more.

Check how Colossyan works in this video:

YouTube video


The core objective of Colossyan is to empower users to transform written content, such as articles, blog posts, or scripts, into engaging video content using human avatars. By leveraging state-of-the-art AI models and deep learning techniques, the platform endeavors to automate the video creation process, eliminating the need for complex editing software, expensive equipment, and extensive video production knowledge.

You can get Colossyan for personal use, but it is aimed at businesses and enterprise users. Most features are only available on Enterprise Plan only.


What sets Colossyan apart from traditional video creation?

Turn text into videos automatically: Make a video from a PowerPoint presentation, PDF file, or text script.

Create realistic content with a low budget: You can create videos with multiple actors and tweak facial expressions, tone of voice, and aging.

Make professional-looking videos in minutes: Colossyan has complete features to create full-quality videos in minutes, not months.

Excellent avatar quality and lip-synching: Colossyan avatars are one of the best you can find, and in our testing, lip-synching was awesome.

Full collaboration features: You can create a team and allow members to access a branding kit, share, edit, view, and comment on your videos. Colossyan is the only platform that offers this feature. Otherwise, you must go out and use a video review tool.

Getting started with Colossyan

Since Colossyan is a cloud-based platform, there is no need to download any program or file to your PC.  Like many similar apps, their business model is SaaS-based. This means "Software as a Service," you must pay a monthly fee to use the system.

Using Colossyan, you can create videos for

  • Learning and courses videos
  • Video presentations.
  • Corporate communications.
  • Product demos and reviews
  • Training videos.
  • How-to guides.
  • Onboarding videos.
  • Marketing videos.
  • Explainer videos.

This is a simple list, but you can make any video you wish.

Colossyan main features

  • 70+ languages.
  • 30+ diverse human avatars.
  • 10+ pre-made customizable video templates.
  • Free-royalty music, graphic, and video assets.
  • Aging, emotions, and avatar expressions.
  • Auto-translations.
  • ChatGPT integration to create outlines, scripts, and video ideas.
  • Branding kit.
  • PPT, PDF and URL to video.
  • In-app screen recorder.
  • Proprietary API.
  • Full video editor.
  • Up to 50 scenes per video.
  • 16:9, 9:16 and 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Up to 4K video download.
  • Commercial rights: You own the copyright of videos for commercial purposes.

Please note that some of these features are only available on higher plans.

How to create a video with Colossyan

Once logged into the platform, a welcome video from Colossyan founder Dominik Kovacs offers a 6-step guided tour.

colossyan review

First of all, you must select a pre-made template. Colossyan only has 12 templates, far behind the 120+ templates that Synthesia or HeyGen offer.

colossyan review

It is time to choose a virtual actor from a stock library of 30+ diverse avatars. Here you can show full body or head only, position (left, center, or right), emotion, and size.

colossyan review

There is no option for a video without an avatar, an exciting possibility that other platforms like Elai offer.

Suppose you are not comfortable with the template background. In that case, you can change it by choosing a royalty-free image or video from Pexels or uploading your own.

Adding shapes, text and music to any slide is also possible. There are no GIFs or stickers in the editor, a feature already present in Synthesia and Elai.

colossyan review

Colossyan also has a screen recorder in case you need to record your own screen and add it to the video, a valuable feature not every platform offers.

When entering a script, it may be a narration, a conversation (a unique Colossyan feature that needs at least two avatars on the screen), or you can upload your own audio file.

The system provides an engaging AI assistant to correct grammar, shorten the script, change the narrator's tone, or brainstorm ideas. This Chat-GPT integration is one of the best we have seen, and the AI does a good job.

colossyan review


Despite being available today for all customers, they plan to restrict it later depending on the plan.

Colossyan stands out in language and voice management. There are 170+ voices; you can filter them by accent, tone, age, scenario, and emotion. You can even choose what scene to add the voice, which adds lots of customization to the video creation process.

colossyan review


A crucial feature of Colossyan is automatic translation, which works in 29 languages. This characteristic is unavailable in multi-avatar scenes and only for enterprise users.

Colossyan lets you resize the screen aspect ratio after you choose the template, an exciting feature to avoid a new start for each video.

colossyan review

When you are done, click preview to check the video before rendering. Like other similar platforms, you can preview the video in this stage, but the avatar will stay fixed and with no lip-synching.

Some minutes later, the final video will show on your dashboard in the "generated videos" tab. While our tests, a 1-minute video took 7 minutes to render, a below-average ratio for this kind of software.

What sets Colossyan apart from its competitors

Up to 4 actors in a scene

Currently, Colossyan is the only platform offering this feature, adding many possibilities for video creation.

Avatars emotions

With Colossyan, you can make actors look older or younger, make them feel sad, happy, serious, neutral, and even smile. This is a unique feature of Colossyan, although Synthesia offers some minor gesture capabilities.

Excellent AI integration

Chat-GPT integration in Colossyan is fantastic, and adds lots of value to the platform.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Colossyan offers many pricing plans, from free options to 320 monthly video minutes. Enterprise plans are available for big companies and agencies with specific needs.

Colossyan pricing

Colossyan has many pricing plans to choose from. You can try the platform for free with 5 minutes of video per month using 2 avatars, 70+ languages, 3 scenes per video, and 720p resolution.

colossyan review

Their basic plan costs $21/month, billed annually. It includes 10 monthly video minutes, 12+ human avatars, up to 6 scenes per video, and full HD resolution. This is not the best pricing out there since, for $23/month, Elai offers 35+ avatars and 15 minutes of video per month. This difference also reflects in higher plans.

What we would like Colossyan to improve

Onboarding and tutorials

Colossyan provides a support page where you can find primary onboarding articles. There are few video tutorials, a crucial feature of this kind of software. Regarding onboarding, no platform surpasses Synthesia, with many video tutorials, academy and an extensive partner network.

colossyan review


At the time of this writing, Colossyan only provides access to a proprietary API, but there are no integrations. This is a significant drawback if you must embody this tool into your current workflow.

Similar tools like Synthesia, Hourone, and Elai feature many native integrations to help streamline your video creation process.


As a platform aimed at enterprise users, there is no support for SSO (Single Sign On) and SOC compliance.

Avatars and templates

Colossyan should improve the number of stock avatars and pre-made templates to match competitors' offers.

Colossyan reviews and support

We found 187 reviews with 4,7/5 rating on G2, an excellent score from the client side.

Colossyan has a Discord community of 670+ members, but we couldn't test how active it is. You can access a chat window in the dashboard with pre-made questions to read.

But if you need real help, you'd better put your anxiety aside. Our chat window showed a nice "We will be back online tomorrow" message.

colossyan review


Colossyan review: Our verdict

Colossyan should work to improve stock avatars and templates and the overall balance of most features. They have top-quality avatars and lip-synching and is the only platform featuring avatars' gestures, aging, and emotions. But conversely only offer 30 avatars and 10 templates. Rendering times could be better too.

Auto-translation  makes translating and converting text to speech easy, and is a superb add-on for video creation.

Anyway, you must sign in for an Enterprise Plan to access all the best features Colossyan offers, but it is worth the money.

Colossyan has excellent potential, we are confident we will see continuous improvement in the near future.

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