20 Best AI Video Generator Platforms in 2023 - Text To Video Free and Paid

An AI video generator platform is a cloud-based software that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to create videos from text input. You provide the system with some lines of text, and the system adds music, animation, and effects to create a professional-looking video.

There are two types of video generators. Some platforms feature realistic human-like avatars with lip-syncing and gestures, and others only provide standard video output.

The avatar is usually a human-like presenter that you can choose and is provided by the system. Many platforms feature a high level of personalization and even let you add your own avatar, music, and images to your videos.

Check how this works within Synthesia platform:

You can create videos for sales, training, automated daily news, presentations, product descriptions, education, or personal use. Then publish it on YouTube, Vimeo, social media sites or embed it on your own website.

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AI video generators are an exciting option for creating videos quickly and easily at a fraction of what a regular video costs. But note that they lack the quality and features that a dedicated editor such as Filmora,  Camtasia, or Adobe can provide.

Check below our handpicked list of the best AI video generators to know features and prices.




video generator platform

Synthesia is an excellent web-based AI video generator application with an intuitive interface suitable for total beginners to make a professional-looking video in five minutes. You can use this platform as an article to video converter, and the content of the video can be updated anytime later.

This platform works with 60+ languages, a crucial feature if you need to reach multilingual viewers. There are 50+ templates available that are also customizable to create your video, and all the process is handled through a simple and intuitive dashboard.

To test the tool, you can make a video for free on their webpage.

Synthesia Key Features

  • You can share videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, social media, or your website. If you need to share your video on any paid ads campaign, you must use a custom avatar license.
  • Incredible 65+ realistic and diverse avatars. Custom avatars (this is a $1,000/year add-on price that also needs a paid Synthesia Studio account)
  • Add custom music, shapes, and backgrounds.
  • 60+ languages and accents or upload your own voice (only corporate plans)
  • Video length is 10 minutes maximum in the personal plan and 2.5 hours in corporate.
  • Many integrations available.

Synthesia pricing

  • Personal plan: $30/month with 10 minutes video, text to video, 60+ languages, 40+ built-in templates, and customization.
  • Corporate plan: not listed on their page. This plan adds audio uploads, premium built-in avatars, and branded video share page.


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ai video generator

Pictory is an AI video generator platform that allows turning scripts into videos in just minutes. You have to paste your script, and an AI-powered algorithm searches a vast database of 3M+ royalty-free images, videos, and music to automatically create a video.

This platform features a fantastic video text editor. You upload your video, and then Pictory transcribes it into text, making it easy to edit this text like a word processor. When you are done with the corrections, the software automatically modifies the video.

Pictory Key Features

  • AI can create a short video from long-form content like webinars or podcasts.
  • Add captions to videos automatically.
  • Transform blog posts into videos just pasting the blog url.
  • Many voices are available to choose from or upload your own.

Pictory pricing

  • Standard plan: $19/user/month (annually billed)up to 10 minutes text to video, 10 hours of video transcription per month, 5,000 music tracks, 25 text-to-speech voices, and 720p output.
  • Premium plan:$39/user/month  (annually billed) up to 20 minutes text to video, 50 hours video transciption per month, 15,000 music tracks, 42 text-to-speech voices, automatic voice-over synchronization and 720p/1080p output.
  • Enterprise plan: contact sales.

Free trial available. No credit card required.





AI video generation

Wisecut uses AI and voice recognition to edit videos. This tool uses AI to remove pauses, add music that actually fits your video, generate subtitles and trim your video for a polished outcome.

Wisecut features automatic auto-translating videos into five languages. This is a big plus when you have to reach wider audiences.

The auto punch option can be a big plus if you publish videos on YouTube. It can scale some shots to create the illusion of an additional camera within closer range. In the following scene, Wisecut scales back the shot to its original dimension giving the impression that you returned back to the wide-range camera. So you can use a single camera and produce an organic flow of cuts in the video.

Wisecut Key Features

  • Smart YouTube integration.
  • Generous free plan.
  • Excellent AI features.
  • Automatic dialog editing.

Wisecut pricing

  • Basic plan: $0 with 47 minutes/month, 720p resolution, 30 minutes/file,
  • Professional plan: $47/month with 300 minutes/month, 1080p resolution, 60 minutes/file, and subtiltes auto translation.

Free 14-day trial available.



ai video generator

HourOne is an AI video generation platform that uses AI to create videos from text input featuring human avatars. With this software, you do not need previous experience in video production, since it is easy to make a video in just minutes.

There is a vast library of video templates for many use cases, and 100+ characters to choose from depending on your audience. All templates are customizable for branding.

Hour One Key Features

  • Integration with TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.
  • Managed services to outsource your video production process.
  • Script Wizard to improve your script using GPT3 technology with a single click.
  • 60+ languages.

Hour One pricing

  • Free plan: 3 minutes of video sharing only.
  • Basic plan: $30/month with  10 minutes video/month, 24+ human presenters,30+ languages, and up to 10 scenes per video.
  • Business plan: $229/month with 20 minutes of video/month, branding, and one custom character.

Colossyan Creator

ai video generator

Colossyan is another AI tool to consider when you need to create a video with human presenters using a text script.

As with similar software, it offers a huge library of stock images and videos, but you can also upload your own graphic assets. This platform features three aspect ratios for your videos; 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1

This is the only AI video generator platform where you can adjust the emotions and aging of the virtual presenters, although this feature is only available on the enterprise plan.

At present, Colossyan does not offer integrations.

Colossyan Key Features

  • You can upload your own voiceover.
  • 70+ languages are available.
  • Custom avatars are available for an annual fee of $1,000.
  • Many pricing plans to choose from.

Colossyan pricing

  • Free plan: 5 minutes of video (lifetime) to test the platform, 2 characters, only English language, and watermark.
  • Basic plan: From $21/month with 120 minutes/year, 6 scenes per video, 12 characters, 70+ languages, video templates, and full commercial license. You can choose this plan with up to 1200 minutes/year.
  • Pro plan: $70/month with 480 minutes/year, adds to the basic plan 25 scenes per video and all premium actors. You can choose this plan with up to 3840 minutes/year.
  • Enterprise plan available.


talking avatar creator


HeyGen  (Formerly Movio) is an AI video generation platform with a unique approach to avatars. While they have 100+ human avatars, this software also features 20+ computer-generated avatars and 3D as well.

HeyGen includes in their platform “Talking Photos”. This is like normal digital avatars, but only showing faces and with better lip-synching and quicker rendering.

Another interesting point is the “Face Swap” feature. Check how it works in this video:


HeyGen Key Features

  • 80+ human avatars with diverse ethnicities and ages.
  • Computer-generated avatars and 3D avatars.
  • Talking Photos for creating your own talking avatar.
  • The most complete offer of avatars in the market.

HeyGen pricing

  • Free plan with 1 minute video per month, with a watermark but with almost all features of paid plans.
  • Essential plan: from $30/month with 10 minutes/month, 100+ avatars, 20 languages, and 200+ templates.
  • Pro plan: from $225/month with 90 minutes/month, 100+ avatars, 20 languages, and 200+ templates.

Deepbrain AI STUDIOS

ai video generation

Deepbrain AI STUDIOS is an AI video generator from Deepbrain, a South Korean company that has been in business since 2016 with three related products; AI STUDIOS (Text to video production), AI HUMAN ( an omnichannel experience to interact with virtual humans), and AI KIOSK (a platform aimed at user support)

Like similar tools, you choose a template, enter your script, select your avatar, and render the video. Deepbrain has recently added an interesting ChatGPT integration to help with writing scripts.

While testing Deepbrain, the video creation process was smooth and intuitive, with no glitches and an excellent two-minute rendering time for a 1,5 minute video. Lip-synching is good, although we would like to see more avatar options.

Deepbrain Key Features

  • Outfit, hairstyles, and gestures available.
  • Many Japanese, Korean and Chinese avatars
  • ChatGPT integration.
  • Unlimited-length videos (depending on the plan)
  • No copyright issues.

Deepbrain pricing

Starter plan: $29/month with 20 minutes of video credits per month, 11 AI avatars, 80+ languages, and outfit and hairstyle changes.

Enterprise plan: You must contact sales for unlimited video credits, more avatars, custom avatars, and more professional features.


ai video generator

Fliki is a video generator platform with an intuitive dashboard that will help you to start creating videos in just minutes. It has a strong emphasis on voices; there are 800+ voices available and 100+ dialects.

A unique add-on of Fliki is the voice cloning feature. You can clone your voice using AI, so you don´t need to speak your videos or podcasts. This feature is currently only available in the English language.

Using this software, you can turn a Tweet or blog post into a video in a snap by simply copying and pasting the url. Then choose short, medium, or long video content along with voices, background, and text colors. The whole process is quick, and the platform runs smoothly without glitches. Some minutes later, you have your video ready for download.

Check how it works in this video


Fliki Key Features

  • Clone your own voice (currently only US English)
  • 75+ languages and 100+ dialects.
  • 800+ male, female, and child voices with tones.
  • Auto translation and auto subtitles.
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Fliki pricing

  • Free plan with up to 5 minutes of audio and video content per month, text to video, thousands of graphic and music assets, 720p, AI image generation, 75 languages, 100+ dialects, 400+ voices, create voiceover with AI, Fliki watermark.
  • Basic plan: (Audio only) $6/month billed annually with up to 120 min of audio per month, audio translation, up to 15 minutes audios, commercial rights, and thousands of music assets.
  • Standard plan: (Audio and video) $21/month billed annually with up to 180 minutes of content per month, videos up to 15 minutes, millions of premium assets, no watermark.
  • Premium plan: $66/month billed annually with up to 600 minutes of content per month, videos up to 30 min, and voice cloning.



ai text to video


Ssemble is a cloud-based video editor with many editing features and video tools. You can convert text to video easily by using an included ChatGPT integration that allows you to generate a video script from a given prompt.

The resulting script is fully editable, and once you are happy with it, you must click on the “generate video” button. The software will create a video that you can later customize to your liking.

Converting text to video with Ssemble can significantly enhance engagement, widen audience reach, improve SEO, and simplify the communication of complex information through dynamic visual presentations.

Ssemble key features

  • AI-generated voiceovers: You can customize AI voiceovers with a script-to-video plugin.
  • ChatGPT Script Writer: Generates comprehensive video scripts by inputting desired topics.
  •  Script to Video Plugin: Converts written scripts into polished video projects with stock visuals, subtitles, and AI-generated voiceovers.
  • Many video tools: Crop, trim, transitions, rotate, speed change, background remover, and more.

Ssemble pricing

  • Free Plan: 1 project, 5 minutes export length with 720p quality and 2 GB storage.
  • Pro Plan: $30/month, 20 minutes export length with 1080p quality and 100GB storage.


AI video generator

GliaCloud is an  AI video generator platform that transforms your articles into videos in minutes. Gliacloud provides many features to make automatic video transitions and editing, but it lacks human avatars.

To convert an article into a video, you only need to provide the url link, and the system handles the work.

This is a robust platform, but the basic plan starts at $300/month, which can be pricey for eventual users. And since it runs on the Google Cloud Platform, it is impossible to know beforehand what your final costs will result.

Text to voice is also available in five languages with different tones and gender.

GiaCloud Key Features

  • Hundreds of royalty-free soundtracks-Only five voices are available: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese.
  • Video editing capability.
  • Create GIFs from video.

GliaCloud pricing

  • Pro Plan: $300/month with up to 50 videos, 20GB storage, 720p resolution, and custom theme.
  • Business Plan: $550/month with 100 videos, 60GB storage, 1080p resolution, unlimited media assets, and a custom theme.
  • Enterprise: Contact sales.

Free 14-day trial available.


Yepic Studio


Yepic Studio is an AI video generator that can turn text into a professional video using human avatars. You can create onboarding videos, courses, explainer videos, and more using a simple drag-and-drop dashboard that offers a smooth learning curve.

This platform includes Talking Photos with 40+ avatars to choose from. You can upload your photo to create your own avatar and combine it with your voiceover. Yepic offers the exciting possibility of creating a custom avatar using built-in AI, a unique feature not common in this type of platforms.

Check Yepic in action

Yepic Key Features

  • Excellent lip-sync output.
  • Talking photos feature with 40+ avatars and AI-generated.
  • Commercial rights for monthly plans and custom avatar videos.
  • Proprietary API to integrate your workflow with the platform.
  • Custom avatars are available for a one-time fee of €999.

Yepic pricing

  • Standard plan: €29/month/user with 20 minutes/month, unlimited video storage, 500+ voices, premium voices, 65+ languages, voiceover upload, 10 slides per video, talking photos presenters.
  • Plus plan: €79/month/user with 100 minutes/month, unlimited video storage, 500+ voices, premium voices, 65+ languages, voiceover upload, 10 slides per video, talking photo presenters, custom-generated AI presenters.
  • Premium plan: €/month/user with 500 minutes/month, unlimited video storage, 500+ voices, premium voices, 65+ languages, voiceover upload, 10 slides per video, talking photo presenters, custom-generated AI presenters.

14 day free trial.





AI video generator


Typecast provides AI-powered virtual actors for video creation. These can be cartoon-like characters or human-like avatars.

This video generator platform generates a video from text input, with awesome facial expressions and gestures. You can change size and position of the avatar and add custom backgrounds.

There are several characters available, each with different features like emotions and tones. Some characters specialize in a specific type of speech delivery, such as news broadcasting, reviews, and games.

Check Typecast in action:



Typecast Key Features

  • Human avatars with awesome facial gestures.
  • Many virtual characters available.
  • Editor with transitions and effects for video editing.
  • More than 150 voices.

Typecast pricing

  • Basic plan: $9.99/month with 30 minutes of monthly download time and 5 minutes of virtual human monthly download time.
  • Pro plan: $35.59/month with up to 2 hours download /month and 20 minutes of virtual human monthly download time.
  • Pro+ plan: $80.99/month with up to 6 hours/month download and 60 minutes of virtual human monthly download time.



Article Video Robot


AI video generator


Article Video Robot can turn blog posts and articles into live talking videos automatically. But this platform goes a step further because it can turn a certain keyword into an engaging video in just minutes.

Once the platform creates the video, you can download it, publish on YouTube or embed it on your website or blog. And through Zapier integration you can share and distribute your video to hundreds of social and video sharing sites.

This is by far one of the best AI text to video converters available due to its keyword research feature and the integrated full featured editor.

Article Video Robot Key Features

  • Built-in search tool to find articles about your topic.
  • Full featured video editor
  • Millions of stock images and tons of animated texts and templates.
  • Lifelike voice-overs in many languages.

Article Video Robot pricing

  • Free plan: 60 seconds video length and 10 videos/month.
  • Power plan: $27.5/month with 10 minutes video length, 720p, premium voices, 50 videos/month.
  • Business plan: $49/month with 20 minutes video length, 1080p, 125 videos/month, WordPress plugin and Zapier integration


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AI video generator

Wave.video is a superb cloud-based tool for video production. With lots of tools for video editing, audio editing, video marketing tools and video hosting it also includes an AI video generator tool for creating video from text input.

You must select aspect ratio and a generic template, then paste text (up to 50,000 characters), click continue and after rendering you are done with a high-quality video.

It is also possible to paste an url to convert a complete article into a video. This platform is easy to use and requires no editing knowledge, but if you have no experience a complete resources section will guide you to get the most of it.

Wave.video Key Features

  • Generous free plan.
  • Tons of royalty-free assets.
  • Tons of video templates.
  • Live streaming capability.

Wave.video pricing

  • Free plan: Basic video editor with thumbnail maker and videos up to 15 seconds, live streaming with watermark. No download.
  • Streamer plan: $16/month adds download and full live streaming.
  • Creator plan: $24/month adds text to speech and background removal.



AI video generator

This is one interesting AI video generator platform to convert text to video and text to speech. Synthesys has a huge library of "humatars" (also known as avatars). Each has four variants changing looks and outfits.

A vast library of voices with different accents lets you find the perfect one for your audience. The whole platform is designed for inexperienced users, and you can produce a video in minutes.

You can create a video in 5 simple steps; choose your avatar, choose the voice, add your script, select your background and click "create."

Synthesys Key Features

  • A large library of voices: 35 female and 30 male.
  • Vast library of avatars: 38 female and 35 male.
  • Custom avatar additional $497/year
  • Maximum video length of 6 minutes or 12 minutes, depending on the plan.

Synthesys pricing

  • Video synthesis: $39/month with unlimited videos, 73 avatars, 66 languages, and 254 voices. Upload your own voice and full video customization.
  • Audio synthesis: $29/month with unlimited voiceovers download, 30 authentic human voices, 66 languages, and 254 voices.
  • Video and audio synthesis: $59/month with unlimited videos and voiceovers with all features included.





AI video generator

Rephrase is a powerful platform for creating quality videos quickly in just minutes. First, you select video aspect ratio, pick a male or female avatar, choose a voice, add background, select music from custom soundtracks or upload your own.

This platform presents a dual pricing schema: Rephrase Studio and Rephrase Personalized Videos.

Studio is presented as a virtual studio with actors and cameras to produce a high-level product.

Personalized Videos are aimed at content creators and marketers.

See how easy is to create a video from text with Rephrase:

Rephrase Key Features

  • Awesome video quality and avatar's gestures.
  • 43 voices available.
  • Can make scenes without narrators.
  • Price model is not transparent.

Rephrase Studio pricing

  • Starter plan: $25 for 10 credits per month (1 credit = 1 minute of video), 20 stock avatars, and 20 stock voices.
  • Enterprise Plan: Available per request.


ai video generator


Vidon can create videos from a text script or URL. This platform integrates with Chat-GPT to create videos from a single prompt.

All you need is to enter a topic and click on the “create video” button, then the platform uses Chat-GPT to make a video in a snap. Then you can edit it by adding fonts, colors, or music.

This is one of the simplest platforms to create videos from text input, and in our testing, it worked fast and without glitches.

You can use most features without registration and only need to pay before exporting your videos.

Vidon Key Features

  • Automatic video translation into 20 languages.
  • 100+ realistic voices.
  • Automatic subtitles.
  • Voiceovers and automatic subtitles.
  • Proprietary API.

Vidon pricing

  • Starter Plan: $12/month with 3 video credits and full HD downloads.
  • Growth Plan: $38/month with 15 video credits, API and batch creating.
  • Bulk Plan: $120/month with 60 video credits and full features.


This is an AI video generator platform from the creators of Animaker, a proven video creation tool. This platform focuses on creating videos from articles or blog posts, so you only need to provide the url link to your article. The system uses AI to turn your article into a video clip.

Once you paste the url, the platform auto-generates the script and adds additional scenes. You can then customize your branding, render the video and save the final result. The AI is quick, and the process takes no more than some minutes.

An interesting feature about Steve.ai pricing is that each additional video download costs only $5, so there is no need to upgrade your plan.

Steve.ai Key Features

  • Millions of royalty-free images, videos, animated characters, and backgrounds.
  • Animated design templates.
  • No human avatars.
  • Generous free plan.

Steve.ai pricing

  • Free plan: $0/month with 3 video downloads/month.
  • Basic plan: $9/month with 720p resolution, 5 videos download/month and no branding.
  • Starter plan: $30/month with 15 videos download/month, 1080p resolution and 10 voiceover accents in English.
  • Pro plan: $40/month with 40 videos download/month, 1080p resolution.



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Invideo is an AI video generator platform that allows you to convert text into videos using AI. Creating a video from text is easy, with more than 50 themes. Once you choose the video size and add branding colors, a simple drag and drop dashboard allows you to upload media to the scenes.

You can paste a script text or even paste a url link. This last method is not 100% precise, and maybe you need to paste text manually.

Invideo Key Features

  • Automated text to speech.
  • 8M+.iStock media library, 1M+ Premium media, 3M+ standard media available.
  • Create 1080p videos up to 40 minutes duration.
  • Generous free plan with many features.

Invideo pricing

  • Free plan: 40 minutes video duration, Invideo watermark, 60 video exports/month, 3M+ standard media library, automated text to speech and 5,000+ video templates, no reseller rights.
  • Business plan: $15/month with 40 minutes video duration, Imvideo watermark, 60 HD video exports/month, 1M+ premium media library, automated text to speech, 10 iStock media7month, and 5,000+ video templates.
  • Unlimited plan: $30/month with 40 minutes video duration, Imvideo watermark, unlimited video exports/month, 1M+ premium media library, automated text to speech, 120 iStock media7month, and 5,000+ video templates.

Note that yearly plans are 50% cheaper than monthly plans.





AI video generation

Designs.ai is an AI-driven content platform for creating logos, videos, voiceovers, and banners. This company tries to cover various needs with a single product. Still, if you only need video production, there are best options in the market.

You can create professional-looking videos from text input, selecting a related industry, language, and voiceover. After a few seconds, the AI will generate a video you can preview and make some basic editing.

Designs.ai Key Features

  • No human avatars.
  • Video downloads are only available on higher plans.
  • Resize tool for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • 20+ languages are available.

Designs.ai pricing

  • Basic plan: $29/month, 10 voiceover types, 10 premium images/month, 15M+ media assets, unlimited video generation.
  • Pro plan: $697month, 20 premium images/month, 30 voiceover types, 15M+ media assets, unlimited video generation, and video download.

Free trial available.





AI video generation

Lumen5 is a complete AI video generation platform for creating videos using AI. This software is focused on creating social media videos. Like similar options, it allows you to choose your branding, customizing fonts, colors, and logos.

You can copy and paste a script from a text file, and Lumen5's AI will select the main texts and images to include in the video. This feature works very well, and the final result is a video that extracts relevant points from your text and speeds up your content creation process.

Lumen5 Key Features

  • No human avatars are available.
  • Complete video editor to compress, resize, trim, crop, and adjust videos.
  • Can not change the position of text in videos.
  • Excellent AI performance.

Lumen5 pricing

  • Community plan: free with unlimited videos, Lumen5 watermark, and 720p resolution.
  • Creator plan: $15/month removes the watermark.
  • Premium plan: $79/month adds 15M photos and videos, custom colors and fonts, and 1080p resolution.
  • Business plan: $199/month adds Shutterstock libraries, multiple templates, and the ability to create teams.




Elai.io uses AI to build customized videos with a human-like avatar using only text. You select a virtual presenter, add slides and text, and the system generates your video. This is one of the few platforms with a custom API that includes rendering.

You can add your images and background to match your branding. If you need a cartoon avatar, their support team can provide one for an additional payment. Elai.io works as an article-to-video converter, and allows users to repurpose content to reach wider audiences.

Once you render your video, it enters an automated moderation stage but can take some minutes. If everything is according to Elai's terms of service, they will email a link to your video. This process is manual and can take more time to finish in free accounts.

See how easy it is to get started with Elai.io:


Elai.io Key Features

  • 65 languages available including 450+ voices.
  • 35+ avatars.
  • Custom avatar available for a one-time payment of $500.
  • All plans with 1080p resolution and 4K on higher plans.
  • Thinkific, Zapier and many more integrations.

Elai.io pricing

  • Basic plan: $29/month with 15 minutes of video/month, no watermark, upload your own voice.
  • Advanced plan: $99/month with 50 minutes of video/month, custom music, fonts, and advanced features.

Both plans offer 8 free minutes during 14 day trial. There are many more plans available depending on your needs, up to 200 minutes/month.




AI video generation

This platform is an AI video generation platform focused on publishing content on YouTube. You provide the system with an url, and after automatic production and rendering, the system optimizes the video for YouTube and manages automatic uploading.

It is not intended for casual use since the basic plan costs $400 per month. Still, it is a suitable option to consider if you usually publish content on YouTube.

Synths.video Key Features

  • 40+ human-like avatars.
  • 40+ languages available.
  • YouTube video upload integration.
  • Excellent lip-sync in avatars

Synths.video pricing

YouTube start plan: $400/month with 10 videos, 40+ human avatars, 30+ languages, HD video output.

You can contact support if you need a custom plan with more content.

AI video generation platforms FAQs


Despite the fact that AI is changing the video industry, AI video generator platforms are a great resource for making short videos for many uses. One of the best is to repurpose content from blog posts, since these tools work as article to video converters.

As regular video editing tools are usually difficult to master, you will save time and money using these AI video software. Many of them provide free trials, so give them a try to find which is your best fit.

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