Virbo Review 2023: Features, Performance and Alternatives

In this Virbo review, I will share my experience using this tool, covering every feature and checking how it compares with similar software.

As you may already know, this software is intended to create videos that feature human avatars. You must input a text script so the avatar speaks your text synchronously with your text.

As simple as it sounds, this couldn't have been possible some years ago, but with the advances in AI and language models, now you can make a video from your PC that resembles a natural person.

By the end, you will clearly understand what Virbo is and whether it fits your needs well. I will also share the 3 Virbo alternatives I consider the best to compare.

Read on to learn more.

What is Virbo?

Virbo is a recent launch from Wondershare, a company founded in 2003 with a proven track record of software products behind. As we focus only on video products, I am sure you recognize Filmora as Wondershare's flagship. Still, it is worthwhile to mention Democreator and Uniconverter, too.

Now, they have entered the video avatar market. This business is growing fast with companies like Synthesia,  Colossyan, and others. Using Virbo, you can generate AI videos in minutes by converting text into spokesperson videos in 300+ voices and languages.

The process to create a video with Virbo is straightforward.

1-Choose an avatar.

2-Choose a template.

3-Type in a text script on each slide.

4-Add visual effects, backgrounds, music, and more

5-Render the video and get it done in a matter of minutes.

What sets Virbo apart from standard video creation?

No need to hire actors: Virbo has an impressive seet of 111 diverse avatars, so you can find the right character for your video. This helpful feature is valuable when it comes to cutting costs.

Film equipment is unnecessary: You can create a video from your PC without cameras, locations, or microphones. This helps again to lower costs.

Multi-lingual support: Are you targeting multiple geos? Virbo got you covered because it supports xxx languages with diverse accents and clear voices.

Consistent branding: It is easy to add your logo or graphic assets to maintain the brand identity of your video.

Easy editing: Since you can create videos on your computer (or cell phone), you can edit them in just a few minutes.

What videos can you create with Virbo?

Let's put down a few examples:

Training videos: Human avatars help to build rapport with viewers, and using them to create training videos will help to increase engagement.

Onboarding and tutorials: Create a video introducing new hires to your company's culture, values, and mission. You can include interviews with employees, footage of your office, and examples of your company's work.

Product demo videos: Create a video that shows how to use your product or service. You can include screen recordings, voiceovers, and text overlays to explain the different features of your product.

Marketing videos: You can create videos to increase brand awareness and engagement that help boost conversions.

FAQ videos: Create videos that answer frequently asked customer questions. This can help reduce the number of customer support tickets you receive.

You can make almost any kind of video, and Virbo provides many pre-made templates you can customize to your liking.

Virbo doesn't replace professional video editing tools like Filmora, Adobe Premiere, or others. These offer advanced possibilities for video creation, including transitions, color correction, sound edition, and others that Virbo lacks. It would be best to consider this platform a complement of traditional video edition tools, not a replacement.

Virbo main features

  • 300+ avatars. TIP: No other platform offers this massive number of human avatars.
  • Custom avatars (paid add-on)
  • 300+ voices and languages.
  • 300+ video templates.
  • 1080p export resolution.
  • MP4 download.
  • Mobile apps on Android and iOS. TIP: This feature is unique to Virbo.
  • Talking photo.
  • Royalty-free music, graphics, video, and sound assets.
  • Voice cloning (paid add-on)
  • Landscape (16:9) and portrait (9:16)  screens.
  • Chat GPT4 integration.
  • Video translation.
  • Video duration: Up to 5 mins.
  • Auto captions.
  • Commercial rights.

Virbo at a glance

First, it is essential to know that you can use the cloud-based Virbo version, but it is limited to specific features. You must download the software on your PC to get the most out of it.

Once you install the software, you must create an account to log in. This account shares all Wondershare products, so if you are already a Wondershare customer, you can use your existing account.

When you log in, a clean dashboard shows home, avatars, and templates.

virbo dashboard


Avatars are grouped into male, female, marketing, news, lifestyle, and occupation. There are 300+ diverse avatars to choose from, so you will find the right fit for your target audience.

On the left side, when I click on Video templates, the system shows many pre-made templates. These include e-commerce, explainer videos, advertisement, festival, and social media. Templates feature different languages and avatar styles. You can customize them according to your needs.

virbo templates


There are options for creating AI scripts, talking photos, video translator, and transparent backgrounds on the top dashboard. I will review them later.

How I created a video with Virbo

I can create a video from the avatar screen or from a pre-made template. I go to the templates tab and choose the “Business Seminar” template.

virbo templates


The system shows a preview, including the whole avatar movement and speech, so I can check how it looks.


virbo video template


Now I click “Create Video,” and the central dashboard appears. Here, I can change the avatar location and the way it looks. Notice on the right dashboard, there are three options:

virbo avatar setting

Full body view: This option shows almost the entire body of the avatar. This is unique to Virbo since other platforms only show it from the waist up.

Circle view: Classical avatar view into a rounded image.

Half-length view: This is a boxed view.

The avatar’s position can be changed by dragging and dropping it.

Voice can be adjusted by speed, pitch, and volume. Clicking on the voice tab opens a voice selection window where changing a preferred voice and tone is easy.

virbo voice settings


The template has a pre-written script, but in case you are stuck with the video script, Virbo provides ChatGPT integration. There are many options for shortening the text, making it more engaging, professional, and more. I type “Professional,” and the AI does a decent job:

virbo ai script


Clicking on the AI Translation tab opens a dialogue box where you can change your target language. I tried translating the script from English to Spanish, and it worked ok. Still, I don’t know what it results when setting other target languages.

Virbo features royalty-free assets to enhance the video. To change the background, I click the “Background tab,” which is classified as Festival, E-commerce, Basic, Simple, and more. There is a vast number of background pics with lots of variations.

virbo background


Virbo offers tons of options for adjusting text on the video. When I click on any text, the text editor shows on the right and lets me modify fonts, text animation, size, set pre-set fonts, and alignment.

virbo text setting


The platform also provides many standard and animated stickers, classified as festival, atmosphere, decoration, emoji, etc.

virbo stickers


Royalty-free music is also available. It is classified as a festival, happy, business, technology, and more options.

virbo background music


At present, background music can only be applied to the whole video and not to individual slides. If you can’t find the correct tune for your video, uploading your own music is possible.

Regarding the script, there is a pause command that adds 0.5 seconds to the script. Applying phonemes for specific word pronunciation is impossible, a helpful feature you can find in and other platforms.

It is possible to add enter and exit animations for specific video blocks. This is a helpful feature that helps engage viewers, but surprisingly, no transitions are available. This is weird because this is a product from Filmora’s developers, and I hope they add it soon.

virbo animations


Virbo provides a dedicated dashboard for subtitle editing. You can adjust them on a text-by-text basis and a timeline basis. This is a feature you will not find in any similar app because these manage subtitles on the whole slide, with no possibility of text editing. Furthermore, there is no option to change subtitles, fonts, or colors.

virbo subtitle editing

Now, I click on the left plus sign to add a new slide. I changed the avatar view, added some text, and typed a new script: “This Virbo review will help you to know every detail of this innovative platform for creating videos.”

Now I click on “Preview,” and it looks fine. Let´s export the video.

virbo video render

It took 1:30 minutes to render a 22-second video with a few add-ons, a good average score.

Check the final result

YouTube video


The voice and lip-synching seem good, but the hand movements appear somewhat awkward. I guess every avatar has its own movement, and perhaps the one I chose is not the best. Anyway, the overall result is quite good.

Of course, this video can be improved from the creative side, but the most important thing here is that it took me five minutes to create it using only my PC.

How I created a Talking Photo with Virbo

Then, I wanted to check how to create a Talking Photo with Virbo. I click on Talking Photo on the upper dashboard, and a window pops up with many AI and human pics. The quality of the avatars is outstanding, with excellent resolution.

You can upload your own image, but it can not be a cartoon pic, profile pic, or similar. Only a standard face looking at the camera will get the best result.

virbo talking photo

I click "Create Video," and the video dashboard appears with the main character. You can apply the same assets as with the video. I tried to change the background, but it was impossible to change it along with the talking photo's original background. This is an issue that should be fixed to set the entire background.

virbo talking photo

Now I type some example text: Hello, I am your talking photo avatar. My name is Dana, and I hope you like my voice, aspect and lip synching. What do you think?

I choose a female-friendly voice and check how it sounds. There is some delay before you press the play button and the speech arises, but it sounds good.

I should improve this text, so click on AI Script and click on Happier. This is what I get:

virbo review ai script

It was not the best result, but I clicked apply, and now my script has changed.

Now, suppose I want to translate the script into an alternative language. Click on AI Translate, and there are only a few languages to translate from English. These are Arabic, Uzbek, Farsi, Indi, French, German, Italian, Filipino, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Spanish, Myanmar, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

I translated from English to Spanish, and the output was good. Since I only know English and Spanish, I can't tell how other languages look.

virbo talking photo translation

To the right is the option to add background music, but you can also upload your own. Genres are grouped by technology, hot, new arrival, business, etc. I couldn't find how to delete music, so I turned down the volume slider.

virbo talking photo

I turned on the Subtitle button, but there was no chance to edit subtitle fonts.

Now I click on Preview, and the avatar has no lip movement. Like similar platforms, avatar animation is available after rendering the video.

The draft video is 18 seconds long and took 1 minute to render. Not bad.

virbo talking photo render

Check how it resulted:


The voice needs some polishing, but I'm satisfied with lip-synching and avatar movement.

There is currently only a download option available in MP4 format. However, it would be helpful to have additional sharing options such as YouTube and social media sharing, as well as embed and link sharing options.

Virbo AI Tools

Virbo has some additional tools that could be helpful. Let´s take a look at them.


Virbo AI Script

This tool integrates ChatGPT into the platform. It can be accessed when creating a video or talking photo as I did before.

It is also available on the main dashboard as a separate tool.

virbo ai script

Virbo video translator

When I click on the upper video translator tab, a pop-up window appears.

virbo video translator
Target and origin languages are:
Chinese, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Hindi, Russian and French.
The platform can add subtitles, too, and promises lip-synching coming soon. This tool adds much value to the platform since automatic video translation helps reach a multi-lingual audience quickly.

Virbo transparent background

This option lets you create a transparent background video that only features an avatar.
virbo transparent video

Virbo support and tutorials

You can access tutorials from Virbo main dashboard. There are 20+ videos about how to use the platform and many use cases.

virbo tutorials


If your issue isn't described here, there is a chatbot window you can access from the main dashboard

virbo support chat


Furthermore, clicking on the Resources tab takes you to the User Guide page, where you can find bare basic information about how to use the platform. Tutorials are standard, but will give you a hint to start using the platform.

Virbo pricing

Virbo currently offers four pricing plans.

Free trial: 2 minutes/month, 50+ avatars, max 1 min of video duration

Monthly Plan: $9.99/month with 10 minutes/month, 300+ avatars, max 2 mins of video duration, 20 GB storage, 1080p export resolution, unlimited AI script, no watermark, MP4 download.

Yearly Plan: $19.99/month with 22 minutes/year, 300+ avatars, max 5 mins of video duration, 100 GB storage, 1080p export resolution, unlimited AI script, no watermark, MP4 download

Yearly Plan PRO: $199/year with 300 minutes/year, 300+ avatars, max 5 mins of video duration, 100 GB storage, 1080p export resolution, unlimited AI script, no watermark, MP4 download.

virbo pricing

The lowest monthly plan costs $9.99/month, second only to Yepic's £6.98/month plan.

All other platforms charge a minimum of $22 per month for just 15 minutes, making Virbo the clear winner in terms of pricing.

You can use your account on every device, since Virbo account synchronizes on Windows, iOS, and Android. Remaining credits do not roll over to the next period and unused credits are lost.

Three best Virbo alternatives

If you are still unsure about this platform, don't just take my word for it - sign up for a free plan and try it out yourself.

Anyway, I am listing below the three best Virbo alternatives available in the market today:


Vidnoz is a cloud-based platform for creating videos from text input featuring human avatars. It also has talking photos and additional free AI tools like face-swapper, background remover, vocal remover, and more.

With 130+ avatars and 300+ video templates, this is an attractive Virbo alternative to consider. Price starts from $22.50/month with 15 minutes of video per month.

Read my Vidnoz review here. is a reliable Virbo alternative. It offers 80+ diverse avatars, 65 languages in 450 voices, voiceover uploads, selfie avatars, and many exciting options. Additionally, valuable integrations with Thinkific, Descript, and Zapier help you streamline the app into your workflow. If you need a deeper integration, their proprietary API is well-documented and updated regularly. pricing starts at $23/month with 15 minutes/month.

Read my review here.


Synthesia is the best choice for creating professional-looking videos featuring human avatars. With unique onboarding resources you won't find in any similar app and outstanding avatar quality and lip-synching, this platform excels in AI video creation.

Synthesia pricing starts at $22.50/month with 10 minutes of video per month.

You can read my Synthesia review here.

Virbo Pros: What I like about Virbo

Excellent pricing: Pricing plans offer outstanding cost/benefit relationships, although Virbo lacks specific and advanced features.

Avatars and templates: The massive number of avatars and templates set this platform apart because there is always an appropriate fit for your project.

Cross-platform support: You can use Virbo on Android, iOS, and Windows while it supports synchronization between them. You cannot take full advantage of this platform from a mobile device, but it is available anyway.


Virbo cons: What Virbo should improve

Downloadable software: To get the most out of Virbo, you must download it to your PC. This is Virbo's unique approach since all competitors are cloud-based options.

No team management: Since Virbo doesn't have team management, it is not the best choice if you run an agency or work within a team.

No integrations: The lack of integrations makes including Virbo in your current workflow impossible. Virbo should offer at least fundamental options like YouTube integration and social media integration.


Virbo Review: My conclusion

Virbo is a good option if you need to create videos featuring human avatars with many resources, good avatar quality, and lip-synching. I didn't notice glitches or errors while testing Virbo.

Virbo pricing is excellent since it starts at $9.99/month with 10 minutes/month, a number only surpassed by Yepic.

Since this platform lacks team management, it is focused on the consumer market and is not intended for business use.

I noticed Virbo needs to adjust the balance between features. Its subtitle edition screen is excellent, but the subtitle fonts are fixed. Furthermore, the lack of transitions isn't good news if you need to make a professional video.

Anyway, it improves regularly and being a Wondershare product, I am sure Virbo will get better and better.


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