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AI Text to Video: A Step By Step Guide

AI text to video is a growing topic these days. AI is slowly occupying a lot of space in our lives, and algorithms are managing tasks that were reserved for science fiction a few years ago.

Think about how you get recommendations for articles based on your previous reading history. Or how Google Maps suggests places to go with an affinity ranking based on your past searches and visited sites. Head on to social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar sites offer topics to add to your feed and contacts based on your interests.

After reading this Step-by-Step-Guide, you will know every detail about AI text to video and how you can use it to grow your business.

Let's check it out.


What is AI text to video?

It is a feature of new video platforms that allows you to make a video based on your text input, just simple and impressive like that.

These are online video platforms, and no program needs to be downloaded. You only need a web browser and an internet connection.

AI text video platforms are also known as AI video generation platforms.


How does AI text to video work?

You must input a text script, and the AI algorithm automatically creates the video. It can also add music and backgrounds to your video.

But you can add slides with custom graphics, music, and voiceovers.

It is essential to know that AI algorithms are trained to learn from every action they make, so expect a better outcome if you keep using the tool.

What types of videos can you create with AI text to video?

There are two main types of videos:

1-A standard video created from your text script. Here the AI chooses images and music and makes a video. You can edit it later if you wish.

2-A video featuring a human avatar. This type of video has impressive engagement rates since technology has evolved, and today it is almost impossible to tell a human from a computer-generated human avatar. Facial expressions and lip-synching are polished and of high quality.


How to create a video with human avatars?

First, you must select a template (but you can start with a blank canvas if you wish). Then get an avatar from the application library. Next, choose the voice and tone, past the script into a text box, add any background and music and click on "create the video." A few minutes later, the video is rendered and ready to publish.


What are the uses of AI text to video?

The uses are endless. Just think of:

What are the benefits of AI text to speech video?

  • No need to buy expensive gear, find locations, or the right actors. With tons of royalty-free assets and many human presenters, it is easy to find the right for your video project.
  • You can repurpose content easy and fast.
  • You can produce a video in a few minutes compared with days for regular video editing.
  • Many languages are available for instant translation. You can access world audiences at no extra cost.
  • Multiple voices and tones to choose from. Choose a male or female voice according to an avatar. Select voice tone; formal, friendly, and more.
  • No need to search for music since these platforms provide many royalty-free soundtracks. You can also upload your own.
  • Further content updating is quick and easy.
  • Video editing can be done inside the platform. There is no need to go for external editing software.
  • Beginner-friendly interfaces. You can create a video using video templates or start your own from scratch.
  • Monthly costs are low compared to regular video production.
  • You can create your custom avatar for an extra fee. This is simply amazing.


Why is AI text to video revolutionizing the video industry?

Using an AI video creation platform, agencies and video marketing experts can cut costs and decrease production time by 70%.

If you go for a human avatar platform, there is no need to hire actors. It is only a matter of choosing the right avatar for the intended audience.

And forget about language localization costs. These platforms support many languages; your avatar can speak almost any language with a single click.

What is the drawback of AI text to video?

At present, AI is not perfect, and you may need to review the video before publishing it. Of course, it can´t surpass a video created by a professional video producer with years of experience. It requires the human touch to craft a compelling piece of content.

Still, if you are in video marketing, these tools are an excellent resource.

Which AI text to video platform should you choose?

It depends on your needs and the type of video you need to create.

Regular AI video creators are best for short social media and marketing videos.

Human avatar video generators are great for training, explainer, onboarding, video courses, and all situations where a conversational tone is preferred. Since these are one-to-one videos, you can skyrocket viewers' engagement rates with this type of content.


Can I create a custom avatar of myself?

Yes, many AI text to video platforms offer this possibility for an extra fee. You need written permission from the person, submit the footage, and a few days later, your avatar appears in your avatar library.


Which is the average pricing of an AI text to video platform?

Contrary to what you might think, AI text to video software has affordable plans and an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Synthesia (the most complete platform with human avatars) plans start at $30/month for 10 minutes of video per month. Elai offers a $29/month plan for 15 minutes of video per month.

WaveVideo plans start at $16/month for 15 minutes of video.

Note that video hosting costs are included in pricing plans.


How AI text to video editors compare to offline editors like Filmora, Premiere, or DaVinci Resolve?

A regular video creator is a full-featured solution that allows for making a better quality video and is focused on advanced to professional users.

You can create top-quality videos with effects, transitions, a green screen, motion tracking, full audio options, and many more features. Be prepared to invest many hours learning how to create a video with an offline editor,

Conversely, a text to video editor has a simple drag-and-drop dashboard that allows you to make a video in a matter of minutes. All videos created with these tools have excellent quality and design suitable for many use cases.



AI text to video platforms can help to create videos faster and with lower costs than traditional video production.

Human avatars offer a new way for video marketers to reach wider audiences with excellent engagement rates.

This technology is here to stay; based on actual results, we expect continuous development and improvement over the next years.

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