Vidnoz Review: Features, Performance & Alternatives in 2023

In this Vidnoz review, I will go through every feature of this AI-driven platform to see how good it is for creating videos featuring human avatars.

But first, it is essential to know that the Vidnoz website features three different products:

1-Vidnoz AI

This tool is for creating videos with AI-generated realistic human avatars.

A unique feature distinguishing Vidnoz from similar platforms for creating human avatar videos is a complete set of AI-based tools. These are background remover, vocal remover, face-swap, cartoon generator, and headshot generator.

2-Vidnoz Flex

This tool focuses on recording your PC screen and webcam so you can make and share a video, including analytics.

Using Vidnoz Flex you can record and edit videos, add custom and GIF thumbnails, add video interactions, and get analytics insights.

3-Vidnoz AI Headshot Generator

This tool scans your uploaded photos and uses AI to generate dozens of high-quality headshots. You can use them for business purposes at an incredibly low cost.

Since these products must be bought separately, I will focus on Vidnoz AI to check its effectiveness in making videos with human avatars.

What is Vidnoz?

Vidnoz is a cloud-based platform that uses AI and intelligent automation to allow you to create videos and talking photos at a fraction of the cost of a regular video.

You can make a video in five simple steps:

1-Choose an avatar.

2-Choose a pre-made template (or start from scratch)

3-Type your text script.

3-Choose avatar voice.

4-Add your preferred assets.

5-Render the video and download or share it.

Additionally, this platform provides many AI-based free tools for video and image processing:

  • AI Text to Speech: Convert text to speech in eight languages with realistic voices.
  • AI Face Swapper: Swap two faces between photos.
  • AI Avatar Generator: Create profiles from pics.
  • AI Cartoon Generator: Turn your photos into cartoons.
  • AI Background Remover: Remove image backgrounds with AI in seconds.
  • AI Vocal Remover: Take vocals off from audio in multiple formats.

What sets Vidnoz apart from standard video creation

There is no need to hire actors: Forget about finding the right person for the right video. Vidnoz provides 100+ realistic avatars with different genders, ages, aspects, and ethnicities, so finding a suitable character for your video is easy.

Editing videos is fast and inexpensive: Whether you need to change a product specification, modify the text script, or add or delete a scene, this can be done from the app in a few minutes.

Zero localization costs: Vidnoz offers 100+ voices in multiple accents, which is a helpful advantage when making videos for different geos.

No need for expensive equipment: You don't need cameras, microphones, or hire expensive studios. The entire video can be created from the platform.

Lots of royalty-free assets: No more searching for photos, videos, or sound assets on external platforms. Vidnoz has tons of royalty-free assets ready to incorporate into your video.

Cost is fixed beforehand: As this platform works on a fixed monthly payment basis, you know how much you are paying before the video is done. If you make videos regularly, you know unexpected costs always come around.

Check how Vidnoz works in this video

YouTube video


Who is Vidnoz for?

This platform is helpful for everyone who needs to create talking head videos in minutes, with good quality, at a fraction of the cost of a regular video.

Some examples:

  • Sales videos: Making sales videos has never been easy. However, using Vidnoz, creating a sales video is simple (and inexpensive). Once you type the script, select an avatar, and add some graphic assets, branding, and music, you are done.
  • YouTube faceless videos: If you want to create a YouTube channel but don't like to appear on camera, this software can help. You can make any content; adding a human avatar will increase the viewer's engagement. With many avatars and voices to choose from, it is only a matter of selecting the avatar that best suits your audience.
  • News videos: There is no news without presenters. We usually watch a reporter sit behind a desktop or stand in front of a screen talking the news. Vidnoz offers many customizable templates for news videos, and adding content to the video can take only a few minutes.
  • Onboarding and training videos: Nowadays, onboarding makes a difference in business culture. A short video showing the company values and key features of the organization can help with new employees.

Remember that Vidnoz is no replacement for a professional video suite like Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, or the like. These software have many features for color corrections, transitions, special effects, and more options suitable for making a professional video.

I like to consider Vidnoz as a complement, not a replacement, for these platforms.


Vidnoz main features

  • 130+ AI avatars.
  • Custom avatars.
  • 20 mins max duration per video.
  • 300+ video templates.
  • 35+ voices with emotions.
  • PPT to video conversion.
  • Free AI Tools.
  • Up to 5000 characters per scene.
  • 1080p export resolution.
  • Flexible pricing plans.
  • Royalty-free graphic and sound assets.
  • Upload custom images, music, and videos.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Vidnoz at a glance

When I enter the platform, the home dashboard view shows templates, avatars, and talking photos.

On the left sidebar, I click on Templates.

vidnoz dashboard



There are more than 100 templates to choose from, including:

  • How to 31+ templates
  • Explainer 30+ templates
  • Festival 13+ templates
  • Social media 9+ templates
  • Breaking news 12+ templates
  • Advertisement 9+ templates
  • Greetings/Invitations 27+ templates
  • Business 11+ templates
  • Promos 18+ templates
  • E-commerce 11+ templates
  • Health and medical 13+ templates
  • Other 15+ templates

Pre-made templates are helpful since you always have some inspiration at hand, and don't have to start with a new idea and a blank canvas with every video. But don't worry if nothing meets your needs. You can create your video from scratch and design your template.

Now, let's click on avatars.

vidnoz avatars

Here are 137+ stock avatars. These include men and women of diverse ethnicities, outfits, and ages. This wide variety ensures there is always an avatar that fits your target audience.

You can preview how the avatars look and talk by clicking on its image.

Vidnoz offers an exciting feature here that is not available on other platforms. You can edit and save the avatar for future use by changing the view (half-body, circle head, or square head), voice, and voice speed.

This customized avatar will then appear on the personalized avatars tab.

vidnoz avatar preview


You can start creating a video from the avatar screen if you like instead of starting by choosing a template. If you start here, it is mandatory to set screen size (16:9, 9:16, or 1:1)

It is possible to create a talking photo within Vidnoz. Talking photos is a good option if you focus only on the avatar's face. It renders faster than regular videos and adds a lot of value to the platform.

At present, there are 44+ diverse talking photos avatars available:

vidnoz talking photo


There are human-like pics, cartoons, and AI-generated pics. As with the videos, clicking on talking photo avatar lets you preview it and check how good it is for your project.

Talking photo avatars are also editable, and you can save them for later use.

How to create a talking photo with Vidnoz

1-Choose a talking photo avatar:  I click on  Walker.

vidnoz talking photo avatar selection

2-Type script: I need to type something here, maybe like: Hello, I am Walker from Vidnoz. We are creating a talking photo with me to check how good this platform is. What do you think?

3-Select voice

vidnoz talking photo voice selection


4-Add my personal touch by changing the background, shapes, stickers, music, and more.

Vidnoz has a vast library of stickers you can apply to the photo. These can be animated and static, but you can also upload your own.

There are many designs: arrows, buttons, mosaics, dates, and decorations. A big plus to make your photo more engaging and exciting.

vidnoz stickers

Let's apply a thumbs-up sticker to see how it looks.

There are lots of royalty-free assets from Unsplash. After playing around with this, I am sure Vidnoz got you covered since there is no need to exit the platform to get the right image for your video. You can filter them by abstract, landscape, city, education, technology, work from home, etc.


To the right, I find many music options. Once again, Vidnoz offers tons of royalty-free audio assets. Before inserting them in the video, you can preview (or pre-listen) and check how they sound.

vidnoz music

I can filter them by genre: relaxing, inspiring, happy, warm, smooth, and more. Let's choose "Planeteer Reaction."

There are enter and leave animation options by clicking the upper icon.

Subtitles are easy to create; I only have to toggle the subtitle icon, and voila, there we have it. There is no option to change subtitle font, size, or color, a helpful feature I hope Vidnoz include in their roadmap.

Now that I have a draft, click "Preview" on the upper right and check how it is going. As with similar platforms, avatar animation is not at this stage and will be available once you render the video.

5-Render your talking photo.

Click on "Generate" and wait for Vidnoz to render it…a 11-second talking photo took 1 minute to render, a good number based on my experience with similar software.

Once the video is rendered, I will get an email in your inbox. It will show on the "My Creations" tab, and if you look under the talking photo pic, there are options for sharing on X, LinkedIn, Discord, and Facebook. You can also share it by link or email or embed it on a website.

vidnoz talking photo sharing

Check my final result here:


The voice is clear, and lip-synching is very good. This is only a standard example to try how Vidnoz Talking Photo works, of course there is still room for lots of improvements from the creative side.

How to create a video with Vidnoz

I chose the webinar template; it shows a formal young man proposing an invitation to an online webinar. Click on the play button to check how the preview looks. Since I am comfortable with it, I click "Use this template." Notice that some templates show half body while others only show the avatar's face in a square or circle.

vidnoz avatar preview


Now, the template shows in the main dashboard, and to the left, there are five scenes (or slides) that you can modify according to your needs.

Let's type some text in the text box. There is no ChatGPT integration; this is a helpful feature already available on every competitor, and Vidnoz should implement it too.

I type the following in the text box:

Join us for an exclusive webinar on "Crafting the Perfect Video," where creativity meets expertise! Uncover the secrets to compelling storytelling, flawless editing, and impactful visuals that captivate your audience. Our seasoned experts will guide you through the art of scripting, filming techniques, and post-production.

Choose the voice of Thomas (English UK) in normal style.

vidnoz  example video


It is easy to modify every part of the slide because the video editor has lots of options. I changed only the webinar subject.

I can change the size of the text and colors, the background, and the animations, add stickers, music, and more. I can also drag and drop the avatar's position, text, and shapes. It also features some basic transitions.

Notice that in the second slide, the avatar appears rounded. Still, I can change it and customize almost every item of the scene.

vidnoz  slide example


I will only use 3 slides to make this test, so I delete the last two.

vidnoz review video example

I click " Generate " to see how the watch runs…it took five minutes to render a 0.44-second-long video.

The best part?  It took me only 5 minutes to create the video. Once again this is only a regular sample to check how the platform works, but you can add your own resources and creative experience to craft a professional video.

Here is the final video:

YouTube video


The avatar looks natural, and the voice and lip-synching are almost perfect. These are the most important things you must look for in these types of platforms since having a lot of bells and whistles and a poor avatar quality is useless.

Now let me tell you something interesting:  I am on the PRO Plan (Vidnoz gently offered me a plan to test their platform). I created a talking photo (11 seconds long) and a video (0.44 seconds long). The system deducted credits by seconds, not minutes.

vidnoz review


I don't know how this works in the billing cycle, and this is very interesting because creating these videos with other platforms (excepting Hourone that counts credits similarly) would take two minutes. 

How to create a custom avatar with Vidnoz

If you are willing to pay $199/year, your custom avatar is only five minutes away.

You can use your phone camera or PC camera to shoot a selfie video, and in 3 working days your avatar will be available on your dashboard.

It will fully integrate with the existing templates and the other features of the platform.

As usual, when filming your video you must chose a place with bright and stable light, disable camera filters and keep the background clean and solid (a green screen is the best choice)

Once you have the video, all the process including payment is handled inside the platform.

Free Vidnoz AI tools

Vidnoz provides seven AI tools for free on the platform. These are unrelated to video creation or editing but add much value to the platform.

You can access them by clicking on the Tools tab

vidnoz free ai tools


AI Talking Avatar

This is similar to the Talking Photo feature I tried before. You can choose an avatar; type your script in the text box, select language, voice and tone, and you are ready to go.

vidnoz free talking photo

AI Avatar Generator

To generate an AI Avatar, click “AI Generate,” the system will generate four random avatars. You can type a specific prompt, and the AI will do the job.

vidnoz talking avatar generator

Once the avatar is generated, it pops up on the talking photo dashboard, and you can follow the steps to make a talking photo with this avatar. Notice there is an upload option to get an avatar with your selfie. I have played around with this, and the final results are excellent, not to mention that this is a free tool.


AI Background Remover

This tool will erase your photo background. Once you upload your photo, it only takes a few minutes to delete the background. Then, you can download the image in high resolution.

AI Vocal Remover

Do you need to isolate vocals from the music? Instead of going for an external tool (that is frequently paid), this AI-based vocal remover can be made for free. The best part is that it supports MP3, MP4, WAV, and more formats.

AI Face Swapper

vidnoz face swapper

This tool can be used for swapping faces. You only need to upload your base picture, then upload the target picture (where you want the face to show), click the button, and you are done.

AI text-to-speech

This is a simple tool where you can input text, and the system converts it to high-quality audio with a 2000-character limit.

AI Cartoon Generator

This tool creates a cartoonized photo from a simple selfie. The process is simple and quick.

vidnoz cartoon generator


Coming soon tools

Vidnoz shows additional tools as “coming soon.” These are AI script generator, AI video translator, AI text-to-video, AI URL-to-video, and video compressor.

Notice that all these are free tools. This feature is unique to Vidnoz and is a big plus, since you don´t need to search for external software.

Vidnoz support and onboarding

Vidnoz has a helpful support page with many resources, from essential beginner items to more advanced topics. I found helpful articles in the getting started section ranging from templates library, home interface, avatars library, and more.

The How-To index lists topics like creating a video, converting text to video, creating an AI avatar from pictures, voice-over a video, and more resources.

The well-structured support page provides valuable resources for beginners and advanced users. Creating a video with Vidnoz is no rocket science, but guidance is always at a glance.

Support is handled via a web form, where Vidnoz claims you will get a response within 72 hours. It is obvious I don't want to wait 72 hours for my reply. Let's pray I will figure out any issue by myself.

I think a chat window in the dashboard would be helpful to reach a team member if you get stuck with any issues. This is a feature every competitor offers, and I hope Vidnoz implements it soon.

Vidnoz pricing

Vidnoz has 5 pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: 3 mins per day, 100+AI avatars, 35 voices, 200+ video templates, and 720 export resolution. Hint: No other platform gives you 3 free minutes per day!
  • Starter Plan: $22.49/month billed yearly for 15 mins/month. Here, you can choose from 15 minutes to 50 minutes in 10-minute chunks. This plan has no watermarks, 1080p export, 5 mins max duration, 100+ avatars, 200+ templates, 100 voices, and more features.
  • Business Plan: $56.99/month billed yearly for 30 mins/month. This plan starts with 30 minutes per month and adds 20 mins max duration video, 1080p export, voices with emotions, video embedding, and priority video generation.
  • Enterprise: There is no pricing info about this plan on their webpage, just the standard "let's talk" text. So, you must contact their sales department to discuss a specific plan.

vidnoz pricing

Three best Vidnoz alternatives

If you are still unsure about Vidnoz, I suggest signing up for a account and trying it yourself.
But if then you consider it is not a good fit, I am listing below the three best Vidnoz alternatives in the market today.

Elai is a solid Vidnoz alternative for creating videos from text input with human avatars. It offers 65+ languages, 80+ avatars, 50+ video templates, many interesting integrations, ChatGPT integration, and more.
Pricing starts at $23/month with 15 minutes of video per month, and the price/cost relationship is excellent.

Read my review here.


You will find that the HeyGen dashboard has similarities with Vidnoz. However, HeyGen has a timeline editing scheme (like standard video edition suites) that is not slide-based.
You have 300+ templates, 120+ avatars, face swaps, generative outfits, 40 languages in 300+ voices, and more.
The HeyGen application offers an unparalleled quantity of assets.
Pricing starts at $24/month with 15 minutes per month, and you can test it with a one-minute video without inputting your credit card data.

Read my HeyGen review here.


Synthesia is another Vidnoz option to consider. In my opinion, it is the best platform for creating a video with human avatars since avatar quality and lip-synching are unsurpassed by any other.
Add lots of resources, 150+ avatars, voice cloning, 65+ templates, robust security options and compliance, and you have the perfect combo.
Synthesia pricing starts at $22/month with ten minutes of video per month.

Read my Synthesia review here.

Vidnoz Pros: What I like about Vidnoz

Video editor: The video editor is populated with plenty of features, including transitions, and there is no need to use an external tool to edit or publish your video. Unplash integration is a big plus too.

Pricing: Vidnoz's pricing is among the best in the market, and their free plan is unbeatable. No other platform offers three free video minutes per day.

Ease of use: When I tried the platform it worked smoothly and with no glitches. Everything worked as expected, and the rendering time was good. I found price/cost relationship was excellent.

Many Free AI Tools: These make a real difference. Face swapper, cartoon generator, background remover, vocal remover, and text to speech are helpful tools no other similar app offer, and Vidnoz includes them for free.

Vidnoz Cons: What Vidnoz should improve

No ChatGPT integration: ChatGPT is present in every software we use today, and all Vidnoz competitors offer this integration. I guess they are adding this feature shortly.

No team or workspace management: Do you run an agency? If you are looking for a platform that offers team management features, Vidnoz might not be the best option for you at the moment, as these features are not yet implemented.

Standard voice management: There is no option to add pauses and phonemes to the written script to improve pronunciation.

This feature is already present on Synthesia, Colossyan, and similar platforms.

Poor integrations: Vidnoz allows you to share your video on X, Facebook, and Discord, but no YouTube or Vimeo integration exists.

Vidnoz AI Creator: My conclusion

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of resources offered by Vidnoz after trying it out. The inclusion of free AI tools is particularly helpful, as they provide features that are essential for video creation.

For creating a talking photo, there are numerous resources available, including stock avatars and the option to upload your own picture. Vidnoz also offers many templates for creating videos, and its video editor has a wide range of features to help you create a professional-looking video.

However, I think that the lack of ChatGPT and integrations are significant drawbacks for this kind of software.

Despite this, Vidnoz provides great value for money and is definitely worth trying out.

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