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In this article, we will review the 6 best alternatives and competitors for video repurposing. is a robust AI tool for video making that works automatically turning long video into short ones.

Using  automatic video repurpose software, you can engage your audience on many platforms and use valuable time to create content instead of editing and managing video publishing. These platforms help to convert long form videos into shorter shareable clips for TikTok, Facebook and many social media sites.

This platform selects, edits, and captions critical moments from your videos. You must upload your video (or paste a YouTube link), set your preferences (platforms, formats, and templates), and the software makes short clips in minutes. key features

  • Auto captioning: Useful to get more views.
  • Video resizing: No need to go for an external software.
  • Many video formats: Square (1:1), Portrait (9:16) and Landscape (16:9)
  • Quality export: 720p on the free plan and 1080p on paid plans.
  • Tons of social media templates:  Pre-made templates for Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • Built-in video editor: Useful for changing subtitle fonts and colors. Also to add texts, elements and backgrounds.
  • Automatic video chapters: Use AI to get automatic video chapters.
  • Scene change detection: Get scene changes in a snap.
  • Language support: Only English. pricing starts with a free plan that includes 75 free minutes per month, but if you need more minutes (or a complete set of features), you will have to go for a paid plan starting at $29.99/month.

Let's check the 6 best Vidyo alternatives available in 2023;

Opus Clip alternative


OpusClip uses AI to turn long videos into short ones in one click. This Vidyo alternative analyzes your video and identifies highlights and interesting parts of the video to craft shorter clips. A proprietary algorithm calculates the "Virality Score" and chooses the best part of the video.

Opus Clip also uses AI to highlight the most valuable keywords, so you know which part of the video has more potential to engage viewers.

An exciting feature is the AI emoji generator. The software automatically adds emojis to add relevance to specific content. alternatives
OpusClip lets you choose your preferred clip length.

OpusClip key features

  • Multi-language support: German, French, English, and Spanish.
  • Auto transitions: Auto visual and audio transitions for smoother jump-cuts.
  • Auto captions: Helps to increase viewer engagement.
  • Pre-made templates: Speed up your creation workflow.

Opusclip pricing

  • Essential Plan: $13/month with 200 minutes and 1080p
  • Pro Plan: not defined yet.



Repurpose alternative

We can affirm that is the best Vidyo alternative on the market. It is a complete cloud-based platform for publishing videos into any social media website.

Using Repurpose, you can turn YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram lives into many pieces of content and automatically publish them to your social media platforms.

This platform has tons of resources for onboarding and getting started, including written and video guides and tutorials. You can also create workflows to automatically publish your content to multiple platforms and set your repurposing strategy on autopilot to save time and cut costs. alternatives
Using you can create content publishing workflows easily.

Repurpose key features

  • Integration with Facebook, Linkedin, and social sites: Useful features to streamline your content workflow.
  • Automatic captions: To increase viewer engagement.
  • Automatic workflows: Set your workflow on autopilot.

Repurpose pricing

  • Podcaster Plan: $12.427month for podcasters.
  • Content Marketer Plan: $20.75/month for video creators and live streamers.
  • Agency Plan: $104.08/month for agencies needing to manage client content.

14-day free-trial.

Chopcast alternative


Chopcast is a reliable Vidyo alternative for processing any type of video content, including YouTube videos, live streams, meetings, webinars, online courses, and more. This platform uses AI technology to identify which key moments from long videos are the best to be shared.

The resulting videos are fully editable on a built-in text-based editor, adding or suppressing text, images, and more. You can use this editor to search for specific keywords, speakers, or topics and choose those scenes for sharing.

A distinctive feature of Chopcast is its on-demand service. A specialized creative team helps to create short-form videos on a monthly basis. alternatives
Chopcast allows to download MP3, MP4, txt and srt files.

Chopcast key features

  • Auto subtitles: To increase viewer engagement.
  • Automatic transcriptions and podcasts: Useful to repurpose into written content.
  • Customizable template library:  Intros, mains, outros, images, animations, and audiograms.
  • On-demand services: Hire tailored content repurposing services.

Chopcast pricing

  • 90 mins Plan: $12/month with 90 minutes upload, no watermark, and unlimited exports.
  • 180 mins Plan: $19/month with 180 minutes upload, no watermark, unlimited exports, and priority support.
  • 360 mins Plan: $31/ month with 360 minutes upload, no watermark, unlimited exports, content strategy calls, and priority support.

The first 60 minutes are free.

Contentfries alternative


Contentfries is a robust Vidyo alternative that helps to repurpose content. This unique platform includes many useful tools for content creators, like silence remover, progress bar, and text to video.

The context editor creates short videos for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or any other site. This tool has powerful features like an auto-captions generator, a progress bar, advanced cutting mode, intros, and outros.

This is a significant benefit since you don't need additional tools or programs for post-editing.

You can choose different target platforms within Contentfries.

Contentfries key features

  • Stock royalty-free media library: Pexels'free images.
  • Silence remover: Cut silences from speaking videos.
  • Automatic captions: For better engagement.
  • 120+ languages: For easy content localization.
  • Customizable video templates: Create and customize your own templates.

Contentfries pricing

  • Junior Plan: $9/month with 30 minutes of auto-captions/month and 5 hours of video exports/month.
  • Cook Plan: $18/month with 75 minutes of auto-captions, 15 hours of video exports/month, and unlimited templates.
  • Masterchef Plan: $27/month with 120 minutes of auto-captions, 25 hours of video exports/month, and unlimited custom templates.
  • Superb Plan: $49/month with 720 minutes of auto-captions, unlimited video exports, and unlimited custom templates.
  • Platinum Plan: $79/month with 1500 minutes of auto-captions, unlimited video exports, and unlimited custom templates.

Video Tap alternative


Our list of alternatives wouldn't be complete without mentioning Video Tap. This tool can turn a long video into a short clip, a tweet, a blog post, or other content.

This platform uses AI-based algorithms to identify, categorize, and timestamp your videos into exciting chapters. This way, you can engage more viewers and also improve YouTube SEO. Although YouTube offers automated chapters, these don't work as a standard feature, and using Video Tap is a reliable way to make chapters. You can try this feature for free with a 25 minutes limit. alternatives
VideoTap converts your video into an editable blog post in minutes.

Video Tap key features

  • Automatic transcriptions: Turn your video content into articles or tweets.
  • Automatic subtitles: Great to increase video engagement.
  • Automatic chapters: Create short clips from YouTube videos.
  • Supports 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese.

Video Tap pricing

  • Creator Plan: $25/month with 100 minutes, 25 mins video limit, and 1 team member.
  • Crew Plan: $80/month with 400 minutes, 1-hour video limit, and 5 team members.
  • Studio Plan: $150/month with 1000 minutes, 1-hour video limit, and unlimited team members.

3 video free trial.

Wisecut alternative


Wisecut is another  Vidyo alternative for turning long-form talking videos into shorter clips. Wisecut transcribes your video and connects the video with the text. Since it uses a text-based editor (not timeline-based), you can search for relevant keywords and select related scenes.

A remarkable feature of this platform is the auto-reframe. It will detect and keep your face centered in the video.

The "Auto punch" feature automatically scales some shots to create the illusion of another camera with a closer range. The next scene scales back the shot to the original dimension.

Furthermore, Wisecut pricing offers an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

Wisecut key features

  • Text-based video editing: Easily look for keywords and specific phrases.
  • Generous free plan: Try it before you buy.
  • Silence remover: Automatically identifies and cuts silences.
  • Auto subtitles and translations: Great to increase engagement.
  • Automatic audio ducking: Save lots of time in post-production.

Wisecut pricing

  • Free Plan: 30 mins/month, 30 mins max length and 720p
  • Starter Plan: $10/month with 8 hours/month, 1080p, and 60 mins/file.
  • Professional Plan: $29/month with 30 hours/month, 4K, and 90 minutes/month.

Our take about alternatives

Overall, the mentioned alternatives to present various options catering to diverse demands. While has its merits, exploring these alternatives reveals many features, pricing plans, and integrations that suit various use cases.

Whether you are a small team, a large enterprise, or an individual user, these options will help you to increase viewer engagement with videos.

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