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A talking avatar creator is a high-engagement resource for videos, presentations, and live streams. Whether you need a video for sales, education, or employee onboarding, adding a human-talking avatar to your video can skyrocket viewers´ interest.

This leads to a better understanding and communication with your audience and provides invaluable feedback to adjust your overall strategy.

Many tools are available to create avatars, from emojis to cartoons, animators, and human avatars. In this article, we focus only on 2D talking avatar creators. With this avatar builder software, you can create an avatar for free or using low-price subscriptions.

Below, we have listed the best ten platforms to create talking avatars. Check them out:


talking avatar creator

SitePal is a talking avatar creator platform for human characters. The avatar can be published on web pages, blogs, emails, and PowerPoint. You can record your voice or use a powerful built-in text-to-speech technology in 25 languages.

SitePal goes beyond and offers an extensive lineup of male and female voice professionals. The company manages the whole production based on your instructions with a turnaround time of about three days.

You can choose full-body characters with natural movements matching audio and 3D photo face characters with incredible facial expressions. There are also 2D illustrated characters, premium characters, or custom characters made from a photograph or illustration.

This platform features AIMC, an AI-based tool to teach your character to respond to users´ questions with spoken answers. A text input field in your webpage can get visitors´ queries, and the AI-trained avatar will interact based on previous and automatic AI training.

SitePal pricing:

  • Bronze plan: $99.50/year with 1,500 audio streams/month and two domains.
  • Silver plan: $199.50/year with 4,000 audio streams/year with text-to-speech functionality and API.
  • Gold plan: $399.50/year with 15,000 audio streams/year allows you to create your photo face and artificial intelligence.

Free 15-day trial available.


talking avatar

Democreator is a video editor and screen recorder that can be used as a AI avatar maker featuring AI virtual humans. This software tracks your jaw, ears, and eyes with machine learning.

When you talk into your mic, the talking avatar lip-syncs in real-time. There are 16 virtual humans available that you can use for teaching, gaming, product presentation, tutorials, and more.

Democreator is a complete tool that includes a screen recorder, video editing, background scenes, voice-changing effects, and more features that help create a genuinely original video.

Check how this software works in this video:

YouTube video

Democreator pricing:

You can download Democreator for free with limited functionality. Otherwise, it costs $3.47 with a yearly plan or a $75 perpetual license.

Yepic Talking Photos

talking avatar creator


Yepic Talking Photos is a talking avatar creator with outstanding lip-synching quality. You can create a talking avatar from photos by uploading your pic to generate a unique avatar. Furthermore, the platform offers a library of  40+ avatars.

Yepic takes an intelligent approach to prevent another person's unauthorized use of your photo. You must upload a video to verify your identity, a simple and effective step to protect your privacy.

This platform works with 65+ languages and 450+ voices, but you can go further by uploading your voiceover.

Creating a talking avatar is relatively straightforward; choose an avatar, input your text script (up to 4,000 characters), customize it with music, text, transitions, and backgrounds, click "generate," and some minutes later, you get the video file.

Check how you can create a talking avatar with Yepic.

YouTube video

Yepic pricing

  • Standard plan: €29/month/user with 20 minutes/month, unlimited video storage, 500+ voices, premium voices, 65+ languages, voiceover upload, ten slides per video, talking photos presenters.
  • Plus plan: €79/month/user with 100 minutes/month, unlimited video storage, 500+ voices, premium voices, 65+ languages, voiceover upload, ten slides per video, talking photo presenters, custom-generated AI presenters.
  • Premium plan: €299/month/user with 500 minutes/month, unlimited video storage, 500+ voices, premium voices, 65+ languages, voiceover upload, ten slides per video, talking photo presenters, custom-generated AI presenters.

14-day free trial.

Creative Reality Studio

talking avatar creator

Creative Reality Studio is a talking avatar creator that uses AI to produce excellent videos. This platform goes the extra mile because you can generate an AI presenter from text input. You type "portrait of a female writer" (or whatever you wish), and the AI generates it in a snap.

There is also an exciting selection of photorealistic faces that you can use to make your avatar. You can upload an image of your face, a friend, or a relative's. Although this is interesting from the creative side, ethics play a substantial role here, and we would like to see some necessary agreement from the person (like Synthesia's explicit consent requirement, for example)

To make your avatar talk, you must input a script up to 4,000 characters long and choose your language (there are hundreds available), voice, and voice style. Once you are done, you click on "generate video," and a few minutes later, the video is available for sharing or downloading.

Check how it works in this video:

YouTube video

Creative Reality Studio pricing:

  • Trial Plan: Free with 5 minutes to test the platform, premium, and standard presenters with watermark.
  • Lite Plan: $5.99/month with 10 minutes, standard presenters, 100 AI presenter generations with watermark.
  • Pro Plan: $49.99/month with 15 minutes, premium, and standard presenters with watermark.
  • Enterprise Plan available.

HeyGen (Formerly Movio)

talking avatar creator


HeyGen (Formerly Movio) is a talking avatar video creator that uses AI to create videos from text.

There are more than 80 avatars to choose from, with many styles, ages, and demographic features. These avatars can speak 20+ languages and accents. Still, you can also record and upload your own voice for a personalized experience.

A unique feature of this platform is its “Talking Photo” feature. You can take any photo and bring it to life by creating a video from text input.

Check it out:

YouTube video

HeyGen pricing:

  • Free Plan: 1-minute free credit to test the platform.
  • Essential Plan: Ranging from $30/month with 10 minutes video credit/month to $180/month with 90 minutes video credit/month.
  • Pro Plan: Ranging from $225/month with 90 minutes video credits/month to $600/month with 240 video credits/month.


AI video generation

A leading company in the human avatar business, Synthesia uses AI to create a video from a text script using human avatars.

This platform features 90+ avatars, and plans start at $30/month. If you are subscribed to a monthly plan, you can create a custom avatar of a natural person. Each custom avatar requires the person's explicit consent, and once you submit footage, their team manages the whole creation process. Getting your custom avatar currently takes ten working daysseven, but this service costs $1,000 a year.

Check how Synthesia created Messi´s avatar in this video:

YouTube video


Synthesia pricing

Personal plan: $30/month with 10 video credits/month, 90+ avatars, ten scenes per video, and 120+ languages and voices.

Enterprise plan: Contact sales for a custom plan. uses AI to build videos with a human avatar using only text. You select an avatar, input a text script, and the software generates your video.

But Elai goes beyond similar solutions, offering three exciting options for creating your custom talking avatar. You can create a selfie avatar using your phone and get your avatar in 3-5 business days. Then you can use it with any template available on the platform. This service costs $259 per year.

You can also create your cartoon talking avatar from a single photo, and the last option is a Studio avatar. This is a professional-looking talking avatar; you will need professional equipment to record it and get up to 4K quality. This costs $500 per year.

Elai also offers voice cloning for an annual fee of $400. This feature integrates with Descript overdub.

Check this video to see how easy it is to create a selfie avatar:

YouTube video pricing:

  • Basic plan: $29/month with 15 mins/month and 23 avatars.
  • Advanced plan: $99/month with 50 mins/month and 23 avatars.
  • More plans available depending on monthly minutes.

People Builder

talking avatar creator

This platform helps to create lifelike avatars and 2D avatars as well. The software allows selecting gestures and emotions; you can use text-to-speech or recorded audio from an MP3 file.

You can create content in any language. People Builder has an interesting lip-sync feature that is language-independent, and text-to-speech engines are available in many languages.

Some avatars can be fully customized using a proprietary API. You can change gender, type, hair, eyes, headwear, top, neck, over, bottom, and footwear. But suppose you need a particular character. In that case, this company provides a custom character service for building unique avatars. These can be accessed through their dedicated API.

People Builder pricing

Monthly subscription: $10/month

Free one-week trial available.


talking avatar creator

Voki is an online platform allowing users to create talking avatars for non-commercial use. There are dozens of avatars to choose from, and the platform works with a simple and clean drag-and-drop dashboard.

This software can read text input from students and even add their own voice to animations.

Voki pricing:

  • Free plan: offers a basic character set of presenters.
  • Level1 plan: $4.99/month for 30 studesnts, 1 teacher and 1 class.
  • Level2 plan: $7.99/month for 60 students, 1 teacher and 2 classes
  • Level3 plan: $9.99/month for 90 students, 1 teacher and 6 classes.


The above are the best options for creating 2D human avatars in videos, web pages, or presentations. These tools have different approaches, from HeyGen free options to full-featured software like Synthesia.

If you need to create a video with a speaking character, you can check this article that lists several platforms featuring human presenters.

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