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7 Best Alternatives To Grow Your Audience

There are many attractive alternatives available, and we will cover them in this article. As you may already know, is a leading platform for repurposing content.
The idea behind repurposing is to reach a wider audience with your existing content. Finding and generating content ideas takes work, it is helpful to use these platforms to share content you have already published.
Sharing videos on social media platforms demands lots of time. An excellent approach to an optimal video content strategy is to spend time creating valuable content and automating its sharing across other channels.
Due to video content features, this type of content is easy to repurpose on many platforms.
You can repurpose long videos, webinars, courses, podcasts, live streams, and even zoom calls.

PRO TIP: Always consider video length and aspect ratio when repurposing your video content. key features

  • Easy repurpose video from:

YouTube (videos, lives, shorts), Facebook (Reels, lives, and videos), Zoom recordings, podcasts, TikTok videos, LinkedIn videos, and more into several pieces of content and automatically publish them.

  • Customize multiple connections between content sources and destinations.
  • Create unlimited clips from videos.
  • A vast library of templates to adapt your content to every destination.
  • Manual and automatic publishing through multiple workflows.
  • Burn captions and headlines into videos.
  • Automatically resize videos into vertical and square formats. alternative

A typical workflow for is:
1-Choose where to publish from.
2-Pick format and style.
3-Select where to publish to. pricing

  • Podcaster plan: $15/month for audio creators to convert audio podcasts into videos and publish them to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Connect 1 of each social media platform.
    Content Marketer Plan: $25/month for video creators and live streamers. Repurpose content from your YouTube channel, TikTok, Zoom, or any video to all your social media channels. Connect 5 of each social media platform.
    Agency Plan: $125/month designed for agencies. Connect 20 of each social media platform.

14-day free trial available.

Now check the seven best alternatives available today:

Chopcast alternative


Chopcast is an excellent alternative that helps to turn long videos into short clips to share on social media.
This software promises you will get 10+ auto-generated clips per video, reduce costs by a 6/8x factor, and get back 85% of lost time. Good enough to give it a try.

Chopcast helps automatically find key moments in your videos to make short social media videos 100% editable.  Once you upload your video (from YouTube or PC) the platform takes some minutes to "watch it" and automatically generates shorter video clips. You can take any of these suggested clips, change the size for the destination platform, add colors, texts, and more.

You can also caption videos with 95%+ accuracy and resize your videos to 1:1, 4:5, 16:9, and  9:16 format.

Chopcast key features

  • AI-based tool: It learns from your behavior to provide smarter clip suggestions. The more you use it, the better it gets.
  • Automatic captions generator: Useful for webinars, live streams and video podcasts. You can also edit them with a built-in editor.
  • Content Repurposing Service: you can hire them with a dedicated team to help repurpose your content. For a flat fee of $499/month, they send you back unlimited clips, articles, and podcasts with unlimited revisions and ½ day turnaround.

Check how Chopcast works in this video:

YouTube video

Chopcast pricing

  • 90 mins Plan: $12/month per user with 90 minutes of video and audio upload, 5 GB, unlimited exports, automatic clips, captioning, transcripts, and podcasts.
    180 mins Plan: $19/month per user adds 180 minutes and 8 GB.
    360 mins: $31/month per user, adds 360 upload minutes, 15 GB, and dedicated onboarding.
    7-day free trial available.

Our take

Chopcast is a robust alternative to creating videos, podcasts, articles, and more. The AI does a good job finding key moments to generate clip ideas in a snap, and the option to filter these findings using specific keywords adds a lot of value to this tool. We would like more languages than English captioning, although it is possible to create subtitles with an external tool.

Invideo alternative


Invideo is a alternative that stands out as a powerful all-in-one online video maker.
With this platform, you can create and repurpose your videos by choosing one of the 5000+ templates available and then format it to suit every social sharing platform requirement.
Invideo provides tools such as audio editing, branding, animations, team management, transitions, text to video, stickers and more features to repurpose your content quickly and easily.
A unique feature of InVideo is the mobile app (available on Android and iOS) to quickly edit your videos on the go.

Invideo key features

  • Automated text-to-speech
  • Generous free plan: With lots of features included in paid plans.
  • Mobile App: For editing videos on the go.

Invideo pricing

  • Free Plan: 40 minutes video duration, 5000+ video templates, automated text-to-speech, 3M+ media library.
    Business Plan: $15/month (billed annually) with 60 HD video exports/month, 1M+ Premium Media, no watermark
    Unlimited Plan: $30/month (billed annually) with unlimited HD video exports, 1M+ Premium Media, and no watermark.

Our take

An exciting option to create short clips from video content. Invideo has a clean and easy dashboard with a soft learning curve. However, it doesn´t provide the automation that Chopcast offers.


repurpose alternatives


OpusClip is an AI-based tool for repurposing long videos. This software provides AI video curation, a proprietary system that analyses your video and extracts the best parts to rearrange them to craft short viral videos.

An interesting feature of OpusClip is AI Autopilot. It allows you to select a specific time frame based on certain keywords, and you can even look for the most valuable keywords in your video for better results.

A unique and superb AI emoji generator automatically adds emojis based on relevant content, a step that OpusClip claims to increase views by 42%.

Check how it works in this video

YouTube video


OpusClip key features

  • AI curation: AI checks the virality score of each short clip.
  • AI keyword highlighter: identifies the most valuable keywords.
  • Auto resizing: Auto resizes to a 9:16 ratio with the speaker on full screen.
  • Customized branding kit: Keep consistent branding in all your generated clips.
  • Auto captions: Get automatic captions with 95% accuracy to increase engagement.

OpusClip pricing

  • Essential Plan: $19/month with 200 minutes/month, 1080p, auto reframe, AI curation with virality score.
  • Pro Plan: Not available yet. Adds advanced import, auto-filler word removal, intelligent social media scheduler, and analytics.

Free 120 minutes trial.

Our take

A promising platform for video repurposing with auto-resizing and auto transitions, filler word removal, and many more useful AI-based features. Give it a try with the free 120 minutes trial. alternative

Vidyo is an attractive alternative that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to identify the most engaging moments from your videos.
This platform features auto video subtitling, resizing, clipping, auto video chapters, social media templates (YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Instagram), and 1080p downloads.
Even if you are a video creator, podcaster or run an agency, Vidyo can supercharge your content strategy helping to grow on multiple platforms.

Vidyo key features

  • AI-based tool: Automatic video clipping of long videos.
  • Auto captions and subtitles: A built-in editor allows you to modify colors, fonts, and subtitles.
  • Easy video resizing: Useful for publishing your video with the correct format for every platform.

Vidyo pricing

  • Free: 3 hours of video processing, cloud video rendering, and standard templates.
    Pro Plan: $19.99/month with unlimited video processing, 3X video rendering, custom templates, and custom fonts.

Our take

An AI-specific tool created with video repurposing in mind. Video clipping and resizing work fast and save time and money. They have the best free plan you will ever find.


Type Studio alternative

Type Studio is another excellent alternative. You can create video content in minutes with this online video creator and editor.
You can trim and cut videos, rotate and resize videos, and add subtitles using this tool.
An extensive library of video templates helps build the best video for your audience in minutes.

Type Studio key features

  • 30+ languages: Interesting for localization options.
  • Up to 40 hours of video per month (depending on the plan)
  • Search feature: Search for any spoken word or sentence in the video to make a clip for specific keywords.

Type Studio pricing

  • Free Plan: 10 minutes video per month, edit videos up to 10 minutes long, 1 GB storage, and Type Studio watermark.
    Starter Plan: $12/month with 5 hours per month, edit videos up to 30 minutes long, 50 GB storage, and no watermark.
    Pro Plan: $20/month with 10 hours per month, edit videos up to 2 hours long, 100 GB storage, no watermark, and subtitle translation.

Our take

TypeStudio is a video creator and editor with many features to create engaging videos. With  30+ languages and an acceptable free plan, this is a versatile repurpose tool to consider.

Kapwing alternative

Kapwing is another interesting choice to consider. Within this video creation platform, you can repurpose content following three simple steps:
1-Upload your video from your phone, computer, or even paste the URL of the video if it is already published.
2-Choose the proper format depending on the platform you are publishing to (Instagram, LinkedIn, or more)
3-Export and share your video.

Kapwing key features

  • Add text to video: Useful to repurpose video content.
  • Video converter: Online converter to MP3, GIF, and MP4
  • Easy resizing video: Turn your video into 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, 21:9, 5,4, or custom size format.

Kapwing pricing

  • Free Plan: Unlimited exports with watermark, videos up to 7 minutes long, 720p video quality.
    Basic Plan: $6/month billed annually removes the watermark and video exports shorter than 30 seconds.
    Pro Plan: $16/month billed annually to create videos up to 60 minutes, 1080p, branding, and complete editing tools.

Our take

Kapwing offers an excellent free plan, but you must go for their $16 plan for better features. You can connect Kapwing with different plugins to access tons of assets. Although not a specific repurposing platform, we include it in our list because it is a superb tool for creating and managing video content.


repurpose alternative


Wisecut is an AI video editor that automatically splits long videos into short ones. It works best with talking videos, tutorials, interviews, and the like.

This platform is supported by AI-based algorithms and offers unique features for video editing and repurposing. With automatic audio ducking, the music volume is lowered when someone is speaking and increased when there is no speech.

And “auto punch” scales scenes for a more organic flow of the whole video.

Wisecut key features

  • Automatic facial recognition and auto-reframe.
  • Automatic subtitles: Useful to increase viewer engagement.
  • Smart background music: Wisecut tailors the music to your video.
  • Text-based video editing: To edit video based on keywords.

Check how it works in this video

YouTube video


Wisecut pricing

  • Free plan: 30 min/month, 2 GB storage, 720p, 30 min/video max length, watermark.
  • Starter plan: $10/month (billed yearly), 70 GB storage, 8 hours/month, 1080p, subtitles auto-translation, facial recognition, background noise-canceling.
  • Professional plan: $29/month (billed yearly), 150 GB storage, 30 hours/month, 4K, subtitles auto-translation, facial recognition, background noise-canceling, and priority support.

Our take

A robust AI-based editing software that is easy to use, with text-based editing capability. Pricing is unbeatable; give it a try with the free plan.


Repurposing video plays a crucial role in your video marketing strategy. You can multiply a single piece of content into many small videos to grow your audience on multiple platforms.
The above alternatives have lots of features to help with repurposing. Since many offer free trials it is easy to test which is the best for your specific needs.

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