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10 Best Video Review Software To Speed Up Feedback

Best Video Review Software To Speed Up Feedback

Video review software is essential for anyone in the video marketing business. Whether you are a freelancer who needs feedback from a customer about your video creation or an agency that produces hundreds of videos per month, video review software is a must-have.

These are online websites where you can upload a video project, share it among customers and teammates, and get reviews and comments from them. This makes the review and approval process quicker, helps to reduce costs, avoids deadlines, and allows you to offer a better service.

Video review software is an excellent solution for teams and agencies because you can share and get feedback in real-time. There is no need to go after email threads or countless downloads. Email threads can be a headache when many people are involved; if you forget to copy somebody, it is a sure mess. And don't forget you must save every download for future reference.

Most of these software support video and all types of content, making these tools more useful. Currently supported file types are JPGs, PDFs, MP4s, txt files, live websites, and audio files.

While team management tools with many features (like ClickUp, Monday, Asana and others) can provide specific structure to get feedback and streamline processes, video review software are specific tools designed with video in mind.

We are listing here the best ten platforms for video review. Check them out.



video review software

Screenlight is a video review platform that works with video, audio, images, and text files. With this software, you can watermark your videos and add your viewer's IP to track who is viewing your video.

You get an email notification each time someone adds a comment to a video. You can turn notifications off, but there is no way of choosing a custom notification scheme.

Screenlight offers a free plan with basic features. The next plan is $9/user/month, including custom branding, which is excellent for showing your customers your own platform.



VideoReview by TechSmith

techsmith 1

VideoReview is a product from TechSmith, a solid player in the video creation business that features Camtasia as their flagship. This tool allows users to review videos by adding comments to streamline your approval process.

You can review videos in MP4 format, JPG, and PNG files. As with similar tools, you can set shared links to public and private and block any user. This software offers direct integration with Camtasia, although you can work with files created with different editors.

A unique advantage of VideoReview by Techsmith is their pricing plan. It includes unlimited bandwidth, up to 15 reviewers by project, and up to 25 projects. There is only a yearly plan at $179.99/year with a 30-day money-back option.

Check how Video Review by TechSmith works:


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filestage 1

Filestage is a video review software that claims to get your files approved 3X faster and 92% of files approved in two review rounds (compared to an industry average of 18%)

This is a solid platform that features real-time comments, timestamped comments, annotations,

Filestage supports video review, document review(Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDFs), image review, website review, and audio review.

All data is hosted on European servers, with secure file encryption and password protection.

Filestage pricing is $95/month for 5 users and 75 GB of storage. Free-trial available.



Frame io

frameio 1 is a video review software from Adobe. Featuring real-time comments (frame-accurate), annotations, and version management, this is a platform for keeping a team together, no matter where they physically are.

Following Adobe standards, is one of the most complete video review software available.

An email notification system keeps you informed when a user gives feedback. Active storage is 500 GB in the higher plan, and although you can add additional 250 GB chunks at $15/month, you can quickly run out of storage.

From the video side, this tool integrates with Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. There is a huge list of integrations, including Slack, Salesforce, Monday, Paymo, and Zapier. offers a free plan with 2GB of active storage. The next plan is $15/month/user with 250 GB of active storage.




quickreviewer 1

Quickreviewer is a video review software that claims to be the easiest real-time video proofing system. Collaborators can add comments with attached files, annotations, and tag people. You can compare versions side by side to check changes and related comments.

You can set email notifications hourly or daily, and there is the option to download a PDF with the videoframes and annotations.

This platform has flexible pricing plans, with many options to craft a custom plan on demand. Using Quickreviewer you can also review banner ads, HTML pages and even live websites.

Check Quickreviewer in action:


Quickreviewer pricing starts with a free limited plan. The next plan is $20/month

Hit play on your imagination


shotgrid 1

ShotGrid (formerly ShotGun Software) is a product from Autodesk. It allows real-time tracking, where teammates can review, approve and manage all project instances.

This tool also offers scheduling and resource planning, production insights, and many features suitable for professional producers and filmmakers.

A Pipeline Toolkit allows you to build and set up a custom pipeline. This is a unique plus of ShotGrid, valuable when managing large teams and complex workflows.

ShotGrid pricing starts at $345/year ( or $45/month) with 30-day money-back guarantee.


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markup 1

Markup (formerly Oroson) is a video review platform that accepts videos, PDFs, images, and more files. Once you upload the file to the web, the system renders the file and shows a link for sharing with your customers or collaborators. They don't even need an account, but they can stick comments in any specific file for more accurate feedback.

Video and audio files can receive comments on specific timestamps. This platform is visually appealing with a clean design.

You can revert sharing anytime and make the link private in case you missed something.

At this time, they only offer integration with Loom videos.

Markup offers a limited free plan with 10 GB of storage. The next plan is $49/month for unlimited users.




govisually 1

GoVisually   is a video review software that promises "blazing fast video review without chaos."

A three-step process is all you need to get a video reviewed in record time; upload the file to the platform, review and approve and then deliver the final assets.

Reviewers you sent the sharing link can leave comments without needing account creation, an exciting feature to reduce friction and increase feedback.

This platform supports MP4, MOV, PSD, PDF, PNG, GIF, and JPG files.

GoVisually integrates with ClickUp, Trello, Airtable, Asana, and Zapier. Based on our experience, we guess that integrating GoVisually with ClickUp can craft a perfect match.

An iOS mobile app is available for review on the go.

Pricing starts at $20/month for one single user.




wipster 1

With Wipster, you can access media and reviews from any device. You send collaborators a private or public URL so they can add their feedback. Feedback turns into tasks that can be checked and completed. It is easy to track review progress through feedback cycles, approvals, and delivery.

This platform integrates with PremierePro, After Effects, Slack, Box, Vimeo, and other platforms you might be using.

Wipster pricing starts with a limited Free Plan. The next plan is $19.99/month/user.

Check Wipster in action in this video:




ziflow 1

Ziflow is a video review software that streamlines video reviews and collaboration at every process step. It helps to centralize comments and markups directly on your video, avoiding thus email chains. The platform is easy to use and supports reviewing video files, websites, and document files.

This software offers unique integration with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. This helpful feature allows you to get feedback without leaving the apps. Dropbox, Monday, Slack, Trello, and many more integrations are available.

Regarding security, this software is SOC2 certified, a member of the Privacy Shield Framework, and GDPR compliant.

Ziflow offers an attractive free plan with basic features but is good enough for solo users. Paid plans start at $20/month per user per month.


If you are into video production, video review software is an excellent resource. The above tools have common features, but each offers a different approach. You can use the free trial to test and choose the right tool for your specific needs.

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