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5 Best AI Video Cartoonizers - From Video To Vibrant Cartoons

Online AI video cartoonizers are one of the most recent developments in digital art.

This cutting-edge technology combines artificial intelligence and artistic expression in a way that has never been done before, opening up a world of limitless possibilities.

The days of static images and traditional animations are long gone; today, you can quickly turn any video into a captivating cartoon masterpiece.

These tools are excellent options, whether you're a skilled animator looking to speed up your creative process or an eager beginner looking to explore the world of digital art.

An online AI video cartoonizer is your key to unleashing your creativity and enthralling your audience like never before, whether you're dreaming of turning a wedding video into a charming fairytale or adding a playful twist to your marketing campaign.


How to Cartoonize a Video

Technology advancements have made it incredibly simple to cartoonize a video. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for using an online AI video cartoonizer:

Step 1: Select a cartoonizer for AI videos online. Choose a reliable and robust online AI video software. There are many choices available. Discover the top options by reading on

Step 2: After deciding on your preferred cartoonizer, upload the video for cartooning. Most platforms let you upload videos from your computer or provide a direct link to an online video.

Step 3: Alter the settings to make the cartoonization process unique. You might be able to change aspects like the overall style, line thickness, and color intensity. To get the desired cartoon effect, play around with these settings.

Step 4: View the modified video after applying the cartoonization settings. Use this stage to improve the result by adding more adjustments, if necessary. A few cartoonizers provide sophisticated editing tools to improve the cartoon effect even more.

Step 5: Start processing your video once you are happy with the preview. This could take some time, depending on the length and complexity of the video. Download the cartoonized video to your computer or save it in a preferred location after processing.

Step 6: A cartoonized version of the video is now available for viewing and sharing. Share it on social media, use it as a centerpiece in presentations, or creatively use it however best serves your needs.

5 Best AI Video Cartoonizers


AI Video Cartoonizer by Image Upscaler

ai video cartoonizer homepage

A cutting-edge platform like AI Video Cartoonizer by Image Upscaler can turn your videos into engaging animations that resemble cartoons.

It provides a hassle-free experience without the need for downloads, thanks to its user-friendly interface and online accessibility.

First, the software uses AI to split the video into the face and the background. In the following steps, this segmentation enables a more accurate cartoonization.

The software then uses two independently trained Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), one for the background and the other for the face.

These networks have been created specially to produce cartoon versions of the face and background.

AI Video Cartoonizer by Image Upscaler uses sophisticated algorithms and techniques to ensure that the cartoonized elements retain the facial expressions, objects, gestures, and motions from the original video.

In the next step, the platform seamlessly blends the cartoonized face and background, maintaining the natural view of the video. In this step, the cartoon bodies, faces, and background are all combined to create a fun cartoon-style video.

AI Image Upscaler uses an advanced algorithm to quickly analyze each video frame and turn it into visually appealing cartoon-like images to increase efficiency.

The software can process multiple frames at once, leading to quicker results, by taking advantage of a GPU server's processing power and running the cartoonization process in multiple threads.

Using the AI Video Cartoonize by Image Upscaler is as simple as uploading your video to the website. You can pick the one that best fits your creative vision out of seven styles.

Following your selection, the software takes care of the rest, quickly converting your video into a unique and enjoyable cartoon animation.

The video cartoonizer tool is an excellent choice whether you're an expert looking to inject some humor into your work or a novice trying to find a creative way to produce engaging videos. Try it out to unleash your creativity's limitless potential.


  • Users of all skill levels can easily navigate the AI Video Cartoonizer thanks to its straightforward user interface.
  • The software starts the cartoonization process with just one click, eliminating the need for laborious manual adjustments and streamlining the user experience.
  • The software ensures quick processing times, typically converting your videos into cartoon animations in 1 to 3 minutes, thanks to the strength of GPU servers and efficient algorithms.
  • The AI Video Cartoonizer offers a wide range of seven AI-powered cartoon styles to choose from and personalize your video.
  • You can take advantage of the software's free offering, which allows you to cartoonize up to two videos per month without registering, enabling a speedy and hassle-free trial of its capabilities.


  • The AI Video Cartoonizer has a restriction on video length, only allowing cartoonization of 60-second or shorter videos. For processing, longer videos would need to be divided into segments.
  • A more extensive video file may need to be compressed or shrunk before being successfully processed because the software has a 20 MB file size limit.
  • Although the software allows for automatic cartoonization, the resulting videos cannot be manually edited. You may need to use alternative editing tools if precise adjustments or modifications are needed.

AI Video Cartoonizer Pricing

  • Free Plan: Includes cartoonization of 2 videos per month.
  • Paid Plans: Range from $6 to $29 per month, offering additional benefits such as higher video limits, faster processing times, and priority support.

AILab Video Cartoonizer

ailab video cartoonizer

With the help of the cutting-edge online tool AILab Video Cartoonizer, users can easily turn their videos into captivating cartoons.

Thanks to this free application's support for many video formats, including MOV, MP4, AVI, M4V, MP3, and WAV, you can convert videos without hassle.

The software's user-friendly interface guarantees a fluid and understandable experience and is a standout feature.

It's essential to remember that some users might find it slightly tricky to navigate the website.

Since the upload button doesn't become available until after the processing of the video example, it might not be immediately clear where to put the video.

However, users can easily continue turning their videos into delightful cartoons once they find the upload option.

Overall, AILab Video Cartoonizer is a practical and effective tool for converting common videos into eye-catching cartoon creations.

This online tool creates a world of possibilities by seamlessly fusing technology and creativity, enabling users to add a little artistic flair to their videos and let their imaginations run wild.


  • Users of AILab Video Cartoonizer can download the video for free and view a release preview, allowing them to test its functionality without committing any money.
  • Without having to register, users can access the video cartoonization service right away, saving time and avoiding the hassle of doing so.


  • With AILab Video Cartoonizer, the processing time for turning videos into cartoons can be more than 7 minutes long. Users looking for instant results might find this delay to be inconvenient.
  • To cartoonize videos, the software only offers one style option, which limits user customization and cartoon style variety.
  • AILab Video Cartoonizer has a size limit of 50 MB for video uploads, requiring larger video files to be compressed or reduced before processing.

AILab Video Cartoonizer Pricing

AILab Video Cartoonizer is available free of charge.



video cartoonizer homepage

With the help of the online tool VideoCartoonizer, you can create fascinating cartoons from their videos. You don't have to download or install software because of its user-friendly interface, which offers a seamless experience.

To ensure working in a secure environment, registration is necessary before beginning. However, you can upload a video and select a preferred cartoon style before creating an account.

Once the user is registered, the convert button is active. It allows for the free conversion of up to two videos per day. The highest quality of the converted videos is 256 pixels.

VideoCartoonizer provides a free trial version for those who want to try it out before buying. As a result, you can investigate the tool's capabilities and determine whether it meets your needs before purchasing.

Although VideoCartoonizer offers a variety of customization options, it's important to remember that flawless results might not always be obtained. It might take some trial and error to get the desired result.

It's also important to note that the logo on the website's free version takes up about 1/6 of the screen. This might cause some users to become distracted.

However, VideoCartoonizer offers a preview of the final product, allowing users to evaluate the outcome before downloading the cartoonized video for free.


  • Eight different cartoon styles are available in VideoCartoonizer. This allows you to select the one that best suits your preferences for video content.
  • The release preview is provided by VideoCartoonizer before the cartoonization is complete. Before downloading the finished cartoonized video, you can review the output and make any necessary modifications or adjustments using this feature.
  • You have the option to save and share your creation for no additional charge by downloading the cartoonized video for free.

Cons :

  • You must create an account to access and use VideoCartoonizer. This adds a step for users who prefer quick and anonymous access while still ensuring a secure environment.
  • The logo of the VideoCartoonizer website takes up a sizable portion of the screen when processing videos in the free plan. Ifyou prefer a cleaner interface, this may be distracting.
  • The highest video conversion quality allowed by VideoCartoonizer's free plan is 256 pixels.
  • There isn't a separate paid plan offered by VideoCartoonizer just for the Video Cartoonizer feature. Instead, you can pick between the free plan, which offers few features, and a monthly subscription, which offers more advantages.

VideoCartoonizer Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Allows users to convert up to two daily videos for free.
  • Monthly Subscription: Users can choose from monthly subscription plans ranging from $5 to $15, unlocking additional features and benefits based on the selected plan.


Video2Cartoon by

video2cartoon homepage

A cutting-edge software program called Video2Cartoon, provided by, enables users to turn their video clips into fascinating animated cartoon-style videos.

The procedure starts with signing up on the straightforward Video2Cartoon website, which gives access to various artistic possibilities.

No matter how long the original footage is, the output video is only allowed to be 5 seconds long. However, the video conversion time can range from 120 to 300 seconds.

Additionally, it's essential to remember that the 50 MB upload limit ensures convenience and effectiveness.

While there's no denying that Video2Cartoon is entertaining and creative, it's important to keep your expectations for the caliber of the final product in check. Some users may experience significant distortion in the resulting cartoon image.

Despite these issues, Video2Cartoon presents a singular chance for people to discover their creative side and give their videos a playful twist.


  • Video2Cartoon is easy to use, even for individuals without technical expertise.
  • The software has a relatively short processing time of 120 to 300 seconds, allowing for efficient video conversion.


  • Users must register on the website, which may be an inconvenience for those who prefer not to disclose personal information.
  • The free version restricts the output video to only 5 seconds, which may be insufficient for longer video clips.
  • The output video quality may not be the best, and distortions or imperfections in the cartoon image can occur.
  • Some functions may not work correctly or have limited functionality, potentially leading to frustration or technical difficulties.

Video2Cartoon  Pricing:

  • Free Version: Basic functionalities are available at no cost.
  • Additional Functions: Advanced features can be purchased from $10 to $50.


ziggeo homepage

An array of features on the flexible video platform Ziggeo are aimed at developers and businesses alike.

The "Cartoon Effect," a unique filter that gives video recordings a touch of charm and a visually appealing style, is among its impressive offerings.

Also, the platform offers transcoding functions that make converting videos into different resolutions easier and boasts a wide range of filters to improve visual appeal.

But it's essential to take into account the platform's shortcomings. Currently, Ziggeo does not use AI software. Instead, it uses Instagram-like filters to produce cartoonish effects.

Additionally, you must provide a lot of personal information during the Ziggeo registration process, including your country, phone number, and company information.


  • Ziggeo offers a simple and convenient way to make video content by enabling users to quickly record and upload videos using webcams and smartphone cameras.
  • Ziggeo offers control over the thumbnail image that represents their video by selecting the cover shot they prefer.
  • Users of Ziggeo have access to a wide variety of filters that they can use to creatively customize and improve the appearance of their videos.
  • You can transcode their videos with Ziggeo to various resolutions, guaranteeing compatibility with different platforms and devices.
  • Ziggeo simplifies sharing videos by enabling users to automatically upload their videos to popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo directly from their dashboards.


  • Ziggeo, unlike other platforms, does not use AI software to create its filters; instead, it relies on Instagram-style filters to produce effects.
  • Ziggeo's registration procedure can be time-consuming, which might put off users reluctant to divulge a lot of personal information.
  • Users must link a payment card to access the trial version of Ziggeo, which may be uncomfortable or undesirable for some people.
  • Since Ziggeo's pricing starts at $99 per month, professional users who need all-encompassing video solutions are likelier to use it than casual users.

Ziggeo pricing

  • $99 per month.

Ziggeo offers a free trial version, It is mandatory to link a payment card in order to access it.


Videos can be cartoonized using various online tools, each with different capabilities and restrictions.

The AI Video Cartoonizer by Image Upscaler has a simple user interface, quick processing, and various AI cartoon styles.

Although processing times might be longer and the style options are limited, AILab Video Cartoonizer offers a straightforward and free online application. Even though VideoCartoonizer offers customization options, the best results might require trial and error.

Furthermore, Video2Cartoon is a simple tool. It has some functionality and output quality restrictions.

The Cartoon Effect is one of the features offered by the video platform Ziggeo, along with others like embedded video recording and customization options. Still, it is not AI-enabled and has a drawn-out registration process.

Whether you're a professional or a beginner, these tools offer a fun and creative way to transform your videos into captivating cartoon animations.

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