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CapCut Vs InShot Which Is Better?

With video content becoming more popular, the demand for appealing, high-quality, and curiosity-sparking videos grows. As a result, there is a widespread need for powerful and robust video editing tools that can meet your diverse requirements.

With their intelligent features, CapCut and InShot have gained enormous popularity among various video-editing applications. Nonetheless, people frequently wonder which of the two best meets their needs, so this CapCut VS InShot comparison is here to help you find an answer.

CapCut VS InShot | Which Is Better?

Before delving into the various features, functions, and benefits CapCut and InShot offer, let us briefly examine their history and other pertinent information.

CapCut first appeared in China in 2017 under the name JianYiang. However, the app's owner, ByteDance, rebranded it as CapCut in 2020 and made it available worldwide.

This video-editing software has attracted much attention because of its ability to dramatically transform videos with its array of intelligent and simple-to-use features. Paul from the Spotifyverse highlights the seamless accessibility of our app for both Android and iOS users, empowering them to effortlessly produce videos for popular platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

InShot is a popular video and photo editing application created by SHANTANU PTE. and owned by InShot Inc. It was released in 2014 and amassed over 500 million downloads. Its user-friendly features have made it popular among content creators and social media influencers.

However, due to its simple interface and controls, people without prior knowledge or experience can also easily use this application. InShot, like CapCut, is available for Android and iOS users and assists in creating incredible videos at the expense of a few ads, except for a few premium features that require purchase.

CapCut VS InShot | Comparing Different Parameters


User Interface

The user interface (UI) is a critical factor that significantly impacts the success of applications. A well-designed interface allows simple navigation, saving time and efficiently meeting users' needs.

CapCut has a clean, simple, and well-organized user interface that allows you to search for and find different elements quickly. It also provides a simple, color-coded video timeline, making it visually appealing.

InShot's interface, like CapCut's, is straightforward to facilitate easy and quick editing. All of its tools are organized in a row so that even a novice can easily navigate and use them.

Despite their similarities, many users agree that CapCut has a simple and minimal interface. In contrast, InShot's interface is comprehensive due to its advanced and rich features, which can sometimes make navigation and editing slightly confusing.


You'll notice numerous similarities if you list and compare the features offered by CapCut and InShot. Both facilitate powerful elements for producing high-quality videos, such as -

  • Video Trimming, Cropping, Splitting, and Merging
  • Vast Library of Music
  • Adding Subtitles
  • Stickers and Effects
  • Adding Filters, Sound Effects, and Transitions

Nonetheless, what distinguishes both applications is that CapCut primarily facilitates video editing for applications such as Tik Tok (as the same company owns both). InShot, on the other hand, has more advanced features and options for adding effects, allowing users to channel their creativity freely.

Platform Availability

CapCut is marketed as a free editing app and is closely associated with Tik Tok. Downloading it from the app stores of Android and iOS smartphones allows you to use a host of its features. Furthermore, ByteDance made CapCut available on desktop computers such as Windows and Mac in August 2022, allowing users to work conveniently.

InShot is also available for Android on the Google Play Store and for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users on the App Store. However, it is not officially available for use on PC. Still, there are a few methods for downloading and using InShot on your computer, such as using an Android emulator, downloading the InShot APK file, or using the InShot online tools.

Pricing Options

CapCut and InShot are primarily marketed as free editing applications. While you can use many of their features for free, depending on your needs, you might have to make some in-app purchases to use their premium features.

You can upgrade to CapCut's Pro version to gain access to more advanced features and effects and free up an additional 100 GB of cloud storage space. You can also subscribe to this application for a single month or annually. These upgrades could cost you anywhere from $7 to $55.

You can use InShot's basic features for free for your editing projects. Nonetheless, this app allows you to upgrade to its Pro version with three pricing options. You can purchase a monthly subscription, an annual subscription (which includes a three-day trial), or a one-time fee to gain lifetime access to all its features. You could spend anywhere from $3 to $35, depending on your choices.

CapCut VS InShot | Make-Or-Break Factors

Best Use-Case

CapCut: CapCut is a video-editing software best suited for making quick edits and creating short-form videos for social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. It predominantly grants features for creating short videos, such as putting text overlays, adjusting speed, adding songs, filters, stickers, etc.

InShot: Besides video editing, InShot can help you create video effects, edit photos, make collages, and produce slideshows with music, captions, and transitions. Because of the variety of use cases, InShot has extensive and comprehensive features to help you easily create professional-quality videos.


CapCut: This application provides users with numerous powerful editing features for free. However, to access premium features, users must upgrade to the Pro version, which can be costly depending on your purchase.

InShot: Like CapCut, you can use InShot's features for free or upgrade to its Pro version. However, InShot's pricing options are significantly less expensive than CapCut's. Furthermore, you can gain lifetime access to all its features for a one-time fee, typically less than $35.


CapCut: CapCut is available for download and use on Android and iOS smartphones. Thanks to the owner, CapCut is now officially available on PCs, allowing you to safely, ethically, and leisurely use all its features.

InShot: InShot is also available for iOS and Android users. However, it is not officially available for use on PCs, so you may have to look for alternative ways to install and use it on your computer, which will take time and effort.


CapCut: CapCut's free version adds a watermark to your edited videos, which you can avoid by upgrading to the premium version. This mark appears automatically at the end of videos for two seconds. You can easily remove it in the free version by removing the watermark-containing segment from the end of your videos.

InShot: InShot, like CapCut, will include a watermark in all videos, photos, and collages you create. However, you can only get rid of it if you buy the Pro version, which means it will ruin the look of your professional videos and cost you money.


You must consider your convenience, requirements, and expectations to determine the winner of this CapCut VS InShot combat. Both apps are robust, with a plethora of helpful editing tools. Still, they each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

To summarise this comparison, CapCut, with its limited but functional features, can assist you in creating social media content, whereas InShot, with its feature-rich nature, will facilitate multiple use cases.

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