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How AI Video Technology Is Changing Video Production

AI video technology is already being used to engage online audiences, increase brand awareness and improve conversion rates for many clients.

Video is a powerful method for engaging, informing, converting, and entertaining audiences. According to Wyzowl, 78% of people say they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand´s video. And in 2022, people are expected to watch an average of 19 hours of online video per week (yes, this is almost a whole day…)

But video production takes time, effort, and a lot of money. Recent stats show that 70% of video marketers say they spend up to $5,000 per video. This is not a rule of thumb but a general estimation of production costs.

And here is where AI video technology significantly changes this business. New video creation tools like Colossyan combine artificial intelligence with real actors and voices. What once required a team of professionals (actors, cameramen, post-production editors, locations) is now an all-in-one production workshop that everyone can manage from a PC.

AI video platforms like Colossyan offer features we couldn´t even imagine a few years ago.

To name a few:

AI Actors

Sure, you can have a voice-over-style video that simply reads the script. But an AI actor can make your videos even more engaging. You have access to actors of all types of ethnicities and ages. You can have them show up in full-body form or just their head, adjusting their size on the canvas.

The platform is powerful enough to adjust sentiments and aging.

These are some of the available avatars , note that there is a suitable avatar for every audience.

ai video technology

Languages & Accents

Chance are you have more than one audience. Now, what if you have audiences that speak different languages? This is not a problem with an AI video platform.

With support in over 60 languages, you’ll be able to communicate globally. Simply translate and paste your text into the script box; the system autodetects the language.

Choose from different accents and even voice styles. Depending on the content you’re presenting, you may want a gentle, engaging, or energetic voice.

Subtitles or captions

You might think you don’t need subtitles, but did you know that many people these days watch their videos on silent? They might be scrolling social media or out in public and don’t want to disturb others.

Subtitles offer a great way to keep viewers engaged and could even help them retain more information. In SEO terms, subtitles also help with your on-page ranking, giving search engines more info about what the video contains and increasing time spent on your website.

Suppose you only consider the cost of hiring different actors and expenses related to language localization, you get an idea of how helpful this technology is.

How does AI video production work?

These AI video platforms create a virtual version of a real actor. With AI technology, the synthetic actor will perform your script and get it perfectly on the first take.

All you need to do is paste your text into the script box, select your actor and their voice, and you’ll have a video for any number of uses. Add personalized backgrounds and music to create compelling, branded videos.


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What are the primary uses of AI video creators?

  • Learning and training videos.
  • Explaining your product or service.
  • Improving corporate communication.
  • Marketing materials and social media content.
  • Personalized videos and campaigns.
  • Converting PDFs or PPTs into engaging video content.


An AI video technology case study with Colossyan

One of Colossyan clients is the State of New Mexico. They produce many educational and instructional content on topics such as tax declaration, driver’s license renewal, or issuing an address change.

The problem was that most of this material was text-based, which made it hard to follow and understand. They discovered that the natives of the state preferred watching a video for learning. Hence, they decided to use Colossyan to create video tutorials.

Here’s what the state of New Mexico said after implementing Colossyan Creator into their educational content:

“The process of generating a video is as easy as selecting an avatar/actor and typing the content. I can add music and a custom background to the video, resulting in a much more engaging learning experience. Colossyan Creator is cutting-edge and a game-changer!”

Check one of the videos created for this client:


How to create your first video with an AI video platform?

It’s straightforward. Just follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Type or paste whatever content you need into the script box.
  2. Select your actor and their voice (you can choose different tones and accents)
  3. Add a background to the video and add more scenes.
  4. When you’re happy with your creation, hit “Generate.”
  5. Once the video is rendered, you can download and share it.



We live in the golden age of video content. And thanks to ever-evolving AI video technology, businesses and institutions can now create high-quality video content saving time and money while engaging your audience like never before.

If you need to create elaborated videos with advanced transitions or motion tracking you should go for another software like Premiere, Filmora, Sony Vegas or a similar option. Still, AI video software like Colossyan is an excellent option to consider in many cases.



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