19 Best Video to Text Converters

19 Best Video to Text Converters - Paid and Free Options

A video to text converter is a software tool that extracts audio from a video and converts it into text. The conversion process can be made through a proprietary algorithm that is usually AI-based or using some translation service (Google, for example)

The crucial point here is accuracy; a bad transcription is useless and needs much manual editing work. Still, most of this software guarantee to deliver a transcript with a minimum of 80% accuracy.


What are the types of available transcriptions?

Automatic transcription:

You must upload the video file to a server, the software processes it, and some minutes later creates the transcript. The turnaround time varies among platforms, but as a rule of thumb, it will take 25 minutes to transcript a one-hour video.

Automatic transcription advantage is a quick and cheap method, and accuracy levels start at 85% (this depends on the provider)

Manual transcription:

For those looking for a professional outcome, many platforms offer manual transcription. You must send the file, and a real person (usually a freelancer) does the job for hourly pricing. This is the best method if you need a professional result for your transcript.


Keep in mind that the accuracy of transcription depends on audio quality. You cannot expect a good result if the video has poor or noisy audio.

If you have this issue with your video, Uniconverter is a free tool that removes background noise from video and audio files.


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A video to text converter can help with:

  • Zoom meetings, Skype calls, Microsoft Teams meetings, call recordings.
  • Live talks, conferences, classrooms, webinars, video courses.
  • Video testimonials, product reviews, guides, and tutorials.
  • Videos from YouTube and other platforms.


Key features to consider in a video to text converter:

Automatic transcription:

With automatic transcription, check what accuracy level the app offers.

Available languages:

Check if the converter works with your target languages. Some platforms only work in English, while others are focused on specific languages.

Built-in editor:

You will never get a 100% accurate transcript. A built-in editor is a valuable resource to polish the final text into the platform without needing an external tool.

Speaker identification:

Essential if you plan to transcript interviews, TV shows, or lectures.

Mobile app:

A mobile app allows you to record on the go, which is crucial if you are listening to a conference, for example. This helps to avoid note-taking and improve productivity.

Real-time transcription:

Useful if you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams (or a similar platform) regularly.

Human (or manual) transcription:

Important if your video doesn´t have good audio or background noise.

Team management:

This is a feature to consider if you work with a team.


Benefits of a video to text converter

Helps to reach a wider audience:

Since these platforms support many languages, a single video can be shared among viewers from different countries.

Improved accessibility:

People with hearing difficulties can watch the video and read subtitles in their own language.

Improved SEO:

Subtitles help to boost your video visibility on search engines and get more viewers.

Saves time and costs:

You get an automatic transcript in minutes versus long times for manual transcription.


We are listing below the 19 best video to text converters we could find. Check them out:


Happy Scribe

video to text converter


Happy Scribe is one of the best video to text converters if you are looking for particular languages like Nepali, Zulu, Uzbek, Mongolian, and the like. This platform uses AI technology to obtain 85% accuracy and 5 minutes turnaround for transcribing videos. They also offer manual transcription with 24 hours delivery time and claim 99% accuracy.

Happy Scribe Key Features

  • 60+ languages are available.
  • Free subtitle tools.
  • Automatic and human-made transcriptions.
  • Automatic video translation.

Check Happy Scribe in action:

Happy Scribe pricing

  • Automatic transcription: €0,20/minute
  • Human transcription: €2.00/minute





As a distinctive feature, Temi has a proprietary algorithm that can identify every speaker and label them. A reliable and unique feature to set Temi as one of the best video to text converters. This robust platform has a simple editing tool to polish the final text and adjust the playback speed.

If you are looking to transcribe a non-English video, you will have to go for another tool since, at the moment of this writing, Temi only supports English.

Temi Key Features

  • Speaker identification.
  • Mobile apps are available to record memos and meetings on the go.
  • Only supports the English language.
  • Five to ten minutes transcription turnaround.

Temi pricing

$0.25/minute with no subscriptions or additional charges. Free 45-minute trial.


video to text converter


Otter is a must-choice when it comes to real-time transcriptions. If you are into Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, you can capture all conversations and keep them securely stored in Otter. A useful Chrome extension allows you to transcribe and record meeting notes.

Otter Key Features

  • iOS and Android apps available.
  • Custom vocabulary on paid plans.
  • Only English speech to text (with accents)
  • Real-time annotation and collaboration.

Check how Otter works with Zoom integration:


Otter pricing

Free plan with basic features, 600 minutes per month and 30 minutes per conversation. The next plan is $8.33/month with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet integration.




Transcribe converts video, audio notes, podcasts, or any recorded speech to text in 80+ languages. You can export your file as .doc, .text, or SRT.

There are three ways to convert video to text. First, you can upload a file and get an instant transcript. In the second one, you only have to speak, and the platform dictates the text. The last mode is a fully manual method within the platform.

This is one of the most complete platforms for video transcribing, with many languages and dialects to choose from.

Transcribe Key Features

  • Less than 1 hour turnaround on average.
  • Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Speaker identification.
  • 80+ languages and dialects.

Transcribe pricing

  • Self-transcription is $20/year. 1 week free trial.
  • Automatic transcription $20/year + $6/hour.




video to text converter


Keevi is an online video to text converter with a powerful text editor to polish your final transcription. This platform uses AI and provides fast transcriptions with 95% accuracy. Keevi also offers online video creation and editing tools.

Keevi Key Features

  • Full text editor.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Many free tools are available.
  • No manual transcription is available.

Keevi pricing

Free plan with essential functions. The next plan is $14/month.




video to text converter

Auris is a cloud-based platform for converting video into text. Focused on Asian languages, with this platform, you can customize subtitles fonts for better accessibility. Auris offers the lowest pricing plans in the market.

Auris Key Features

  • Add dual subtitles to videos
  • One click audio syncing.
  • Translate video and trim video tools.
  • Automatic and manual transcription.

Auris pricing

Free 30 minutes/month. The next plan is $2.90/month with 180 minutes.





Anthiago is a video transcription software focused on YouTube and TED Talks. You simply paste the video URL, and in just seconds, the platform transcribes the video into text. This software offers superb blazing speed in many languages. You can copy, export, and edit the text with any word processor.

No bells and whistles, no editor, only transcription for free.

In our experience, it was not a 100% accurate outcome, but keeping in mind that the tool is free, you may spend some time fine-tuning the text.

Anthiago pricing

100% Free




Transkriptor is a popular video to text transcriptor. Since it is powered by a robust AI algorithm, this software can reach up to 99% accuracy, depending on the original audio quality.

Transkriptor Key Features

  • Dictation tool included.
  • Mobile apps are available for voice recording on the go.
  • Slow turnaround.
  • 20+ languages are available.

Transkriptor pricing

The Lite plan is $9.99/month with 5 hours per month, and the next plan is $14.99/month with 20 hours per month. Free 90-minute trial available.





Audext is one of the fastest transcription tools. A built-in editing feature helps to amend accuracy errors with ease. Audext claims that an average hour of video takes 21 minutes to complete.

Audext Key Features

  • 60+ languages are available.
  • Automatic and human transcript.
  • Speaker identification and time stamping.
  • Fast time turnaround.

Audext pricing

  • Pay-as-you-go: $12/hour with editing and sharing.
  • Human transcript: $1.2/minute with 99% accuracy. The first 30 minutes are free.


video to text converter

Speak is a video to text converter software that goes a step beyond, providing “Named Entity Recognition,” an exciting feature that automatically identifies keywords, topics, and sentiments. This allows you to unlock meaningful insights from your video files.

Speak Key Features

  • Human and automated transcription.
  • Only English and French languages are supported.
  • Hundreds of integrations through Zapier.
  • Chrome extension to analyze video or audio files on a webpage.

Speak pricing

  • Starter plan: $8/month with basic features.
  • Custom plan: You can build your plan based on specific needs.


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With a strong emphasis on security, Sonix is an excellent video to text converter with many options for a professional outcome.

Captions and subtitles are highly customizable, and you can store and organize all your files on the platform. With more than 20 video file formats and built-in editing functionality, Sonix is one of the best software for fast, affordable, accurate transcriptions.

Sonix Key Features

  • Team collaboration on higher plans.
  • SSL, two-factor authentication, SSO, and more security options.
  • 38+ languages and dialects for transcription and 30+ for translation.
  • Custom dictionary.

Sonix pricing

  • Pay-as-you-go plan for $10/hour. Every account comes with 30 minutes for free.
  • Students and teacher discounts are available.





video to text converter

Transcribear provides automatic transcription, but they also offer a free online editor if you prefer to do it yourself. This platform features GDPR compliance, and all transcripted files are securely encrypted when saved in your account.

Transcribear Key Features

  • Real-time audio transcription.
  • Spell checker.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • 40+ languages and dialects are available.

Transcribear pricing

£3/hour for 1 to 9 hours. Prices decrease as you buy more hours.





This video to text converter software uses AI to extract text from videos. Amberscript is a cloud-based platform that claims to convert video into text 10X faster than manual labor. They offer a manual transcription option for better transcription accuracy.

Amberscript Key Features

  • Works in 39 languages.
  • Manual professional transcription with 99% accuracy.
  • Built-in text editor for better accuracy with multiple text output formats.
  • MP4, MV4, and MOV input formats.

Amberscript pricing

  • $8 per hour of video uploaded. $1/minute in manual transcription.
  • Free trial available.



video to text converter

Veed is a powerful online tool for transcribing video into text, adding subtitles, and more. You can also auto-generate and translate subtitles with a few clicks. You can edit output text files with Microsoft Word or any word processor. This platform also features video creation, screen recording, video compressor, and many tools for video makers.

Veed Key Features

  • Supports various format files, Xbox video, Zoom video, and many more.
  • Complete video creation tool.
  • “Clean audio” feature improves audio quality for better accuracy.
  • SRT subtitles download only on higher plans.

Watch Veed.io in action:

Veed pricing

  • Free plan with 10 minutes export length, up to 30 minutes/month subtitles, and primary features.
  • Basic plan: $12/month with 1080p, 720 minutes of auto-subtitles per year and unlimited upload file size.
  • Pro plan: $24/month adds translations, subtitles download, branding and premium stock assets.




This video to text converter provides a simple interface where you can upload a video in multiple formats; MP4, AVI, WMV, and more. With 360Converter, you can also convert YouTube video to text, audio to text, and text to speech (only in English)

360Converter Key Features

  • Offline and online converter.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Standard level and Premium accuracy of transcription.
  • Several input formats are available.

360Converter pricing

The offline version is a one-time payment of $99. Online version: not listed on their website.



Type Studio

Type Studio is a video editor that converts your video into text automatically. You can share the transcript by email or embed the video with the script on your webpage. A built-in editor lets you adjust words and pauses for better accuracy.

Type Studio Key Features

  • 29+ languages supported.
  • Automatically add subtitles.
  • Translate video, add text to video, and more tools available.
  • Mobile apps are available.

Type Studio pricing

  • Free plan: 10 minutes/month, video editing, and essential functions.
  • Starter plan: $12/month, adds 5 hour videos/month up to 30 minutes in length, and export subtitles.
  • Pro plan: $20/month with 10 hours/month, export subtitles and subtitle translation.




video to text converter

GoTranscribe converts video into text in just minutes. You upload the video to a secure service, and the platform makes the transcription. Then an online editor lets you edit and adjust the transcription for optimal results. You can share or export the file into Word, PDF, or SRT.

GoTranscribe Key Features

  • 25+ video formats supported.
  • Zoom and GoToMeeting integration.
  • 31+ languages are available.
  • Unlimited users on higher plans.

GoTranscribe pricing

Pay as you go for $12/hour with unlimited storage and no file upload limit. The next plan is $36/month with 4 hours and $9 per additional hour.




Trint uses AI to transcribe video to text. This platform emphasizes team collaboration, allowing each member to set different access levels for creating, editing, or reading. With Trint, you can add captions to videos in Docx, SRT, txt, CSV, and many other formats.

Trint Key Features

  • Individual and team accounts.
  • Great security compliance.
  • iOS App for transcriptions on the go.
  • Premiere, Zoom, and Zapier integration.

Trint pricing

The starter plan is $60/month for 7 files/month, subtitles, and translation up to 54 languages. The next plan is $75/month, which adds unlimited transcription and team editing.




video to text converter

Rev claims to have the most accurate speech-to-text API in the world. A powerful interactive editor allows you to customize, highlight and share your transcripts. You can upload a file or paste a url, then the platform delivers a transcript in seconds. You can download and share files with other team members.

Rev Key Features

  • Free tools: Voice recorder, audio trimmer, caption converter, and more.
  • Manual transcription service available
  • Mobile apps are available.
  • Proprietary API for software development.

Rev pricing

Manual transcription is $1.5/minute. Automatic transcription with 90% accuracy is $0.25/minute. The first 45 minutes are free.


Video to text transcription software FAQs


Any of the above tools can help to transcribe video into text. Each of them has its own features and targets. Since most of them provide free trials, we recommend making your own testing before buying.


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