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Best Video Marketing Courses for Beginners

There is no doubt that video is a marketing strategy that grows yearly. According to Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and a considerable proportion of marketers (92%) use it as an essential part of their marketing strategy. From the consumer side, in 2022, people will watch an average of 19 hours of online video per week.

If you want to enter the video market and don´t know where to start, plenty of online video marketing courses can help. These courses usually focus on video marketing strategy but also on the technical side, required equipment, and the best places to share video content.

But before you sign up, there are specific tips for finding the best video marketing course for you:

1-Think about your needs:

Are you a beginner or have previous experience with video marketing?

Maybe you know how to make a video from a technical point of view, but you are not sure about promoting it. Then go for a marketing-focused course, where you can learn about the audience, how to make a content calendar,  and the best places to share your video according to your business.

Since many options are available, it is not easy to get the appropriate one for you. Go ahead and invest some time doing basic research before signing in.

2-Instructor background:

With many sites offering courses, it is crucial to check the instructor's background and qualifications. These sites usually show reviews from previous students and the instructor's bio so you can figure out how experienced they are.


Don't be fooled by the course price. Higher does not mean better, and many free courses provide excellent value. To begin with, we recommend starting with a free course and moving later to a paid one to improve your knowledge.

We have compiled the nine best video marketing courses for beginners and intermediate students.

These are available on online learning platforms like LinkedIn, Udemy, and Skillshare. Check them out:


Make the most of video

Google Digital Garage

This is the first video marketing course for beginners you should take to learn the ropes of video marketing. After all, Google's algorithm will rank your video according to its guidelines. Knowing them to make the right content is always a good idea.

With a simple approach for beginners, Google shows the main principles to follow to succeed in video marketing.

This video marketing course offers an overview of online video and its growing popularity over recent years. You will find many precise tips for learning how to plan, produce and promote videos to reach the right audience.

Check it here.

This course has 6 lessons of 55 minutes.

YouTube video






Video Marketing Made (Ridiculously) Easy

video marketing course

With a 4.7/5 rating from 226 students,  Michael Clarke teaches how to plan and outline an effective video marketing campaign, including YouTube publishing and promoting.

You will learn what type of video to create according to your business, a crucial point to consider before beginning. There are lessons about video gear (cameras, lights, microphones), video editing, and scripting.

Clarke also covers video publishing and promoting with a unique reference for YouTube.

Check the course here.

At the time of this writing, the course costs $19.99 and includes 12 lectures, one h 44 min total length.



Video Production, YouTube Marketing, & Video Marketing Guide

video marketing course

This video marketing course created by Tomas Moravek is rated 4,4/5 stars by 932 people and marked as Bestseller by Udemy. Moravek is an industry insider who has produced content for leading companies and is a Facebook Ads and SEO expert.

This full-featured course can get you into Video Production, Video Editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Animations, YouTube, and YouTube Rankings. This is one of the most complete courses available, focusing on software, technical gear and marketing.

The course offers deep and precise insights about YouTube video production, video production on smartphones and drones, YouTube marketing strategies, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, easy video animations, Facebook Ads and SEO.

Check the course here.

This course has 14 lectures with 1h 19m in length. At the time of writing this article, it costs $84.99


Online video content strategy

This video marketing course for beginners produced by Roberto Clarke offers a general overview of video marketing. You will learn the content strategy, video creation process, planning, and best resources to craft a video that suits your business.

A whole section is about online video platforms (social networks and content platforms) and live streaming. With a simple but engaging format, Clarke shows proven formulas for creating awesome videos. He also focuses on content strategy, video editing, creating a content calendar, metrics, and analytics.

Clarke goes the extra mile addressing frequent dilemmas in video marketing, how to stand out in a saturated market, build an audience from scratch, and work with discoverability and SEO.

Check the course here.

This course is rated 4.8/5 stars from 119 reviews. The total length is  2h 8 min.


Going Viral: Write, film, and make content people share. A Skillshare original

video marketing course

If you plan to go into social media video marketing, this course by American comedian and social media influencer Matt Bellassai is for you. It is meant for YouTubers, content writers, and everyone who wants to make viral content for social media sharing.

You will learn to develop your style and "voice," how to write better tweets, how to write the best heading lines, how to make successful videos, and more tips for creating and refining your marketing strategy.

Although this is not a specific course about video marketing, Matt's approach to social media makes this course an excellent option to consider. Check it here.

Total length 1 h 9 minutes in 15 classes.

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Essential Video Marketing Course to Grow ANY Business

This video marketing course by Austin Amstrong is an excellent starting point for beginners. The course shows what you need to get started in plain and simple terms, the types of videos that perform well, how to do video keyword research, editing, and more.

Amstrong offers helpful tools for growing a YouTube channel and tracking, measuring, and optimizing results. He also reveals how he has raised many YouTube channels and Facebook pages leveraging video marketing.

Check it here.

This course features 16 lessons with a total length of 1h 8m



Video Marketing Course: Learn How to Get Started with Your Video Marketing Strategy

video marketing course

This free video marketing course will teach you how to get started with online video to attract and engage your audience.

This course features four lessons, including 29 videos and two hour's length.

Hubspot teaches how to create a successful video marketing strategy and the best examples of video content, production, and analytics.

Whether you are a professional or just starting, Hubspot is an excellent reference for marketing. This course provides a lot of value if you plan to get serious about video marketing. Check it here.



2022 Video Marketing & Advertising Via Effective YouTube Ads

This video marketing course by Alex Genadinik focuses on YouTube advertising. You will learn how to create YouTube ads, drive paid and organic traffic, and write a script. There is also a lecture about video lights and video and audio gear for complete beginners.

In this course, Alex explains how to get extra traffic with YouTube Ads and SEO, a crucial strategy to master if you are serious about growing your audience.

This course is for people who sell online products, entrepreneurs and business owners, and anyone who needs to promote on YouTube.

Check it here.

This course is 3h 58m length, with 10 sections and 52 lectures. At the time of this writing, the price is $69.99



Certified Video Marketing Professional | Beginner to Pro!

video marketing course

This video marketing course focuses on those who need to improve their knowledge and beginners with no previous background.

The course has four sections and starts from scratch, explaining what video marketing is, planning, creating, and uploading your video to the right platforms. The following section discusses free and paid video marketing and how to run successful campaigns on Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook. The third section is about advanced video marketing optimization, SEO, and metrics to track your progress on social media and other platforms. The last section contains a helpful "do's and don'ts" lecture and success stories. Check the course here.

This course is 1 h 42 minutes in length. Price: $ 84.99



If you are new to video production, the above video marketing courses for beginners can help. They provide a solid starting point to create a YouTube channel, a product video for your webpage, a social media video, or any other type of video content.

Like any other discipline, video marketing requires work, time, and dedication. A course is only a starting point; you must keep learning and take more advanced techniques to develop your skills. Lots of opportunities are waiting in the evergreen video marketing business.

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