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10 Best AI Video Upscaling Software

AI video upscaling is a process to improve the quality of a low-resolution video using trained algorithms and models.

With the rapid advancement of technology, video content has witnessed a remarkable enhancement in its overall quality. Among the noteworthy breakthroughs of recent times, the emergence of AI video upscaling software stands out prominently. These remarkable tools leverage the power of artificial intelligence to augment the resolution, clarity, and overall quality of video content. In this article we will delve into a comprehensive exploration of the top 10 AI video upscaling software available today.

The upscaling process is not new for video editors and can be done manually using commercial software. But in recent years, several companies focused on AI  have developed software that upscales videos with a few clicks. They reduce video noise and motion blur and can also color old black and white films.

There are two types of platforms for video upscaling: Cloud-based systems and downloadable software.

Downloadable upscaling software:

These usually require a high-end PC with a top processor, memory, and video card. The good news is that they offer a one-time payment option, offering some additional free tools, like screen recorders and video trimmers.

Cloud-based upscaling software:

Here you only need a browser and good internet connection. The bad news is that the pricing model is based on credits, and you never know beforehand how much you will pay. Some platforms offer a "ten seconds preview" feature so you can evaluate the final result before the upscaling process (and the payment) starts.

Although there are several video upscaling software, in this article we will only focus on AI-based platforms.

Let's check them out:


DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

ai video upscaling


This AI-based video upscaling software uses highly trained models and neural networks to improve low-resolution videos. Since this is not a cloud-based platform, you will have to check technical PC requirements before buying.

DVDFab Key features:

  • Upscaling up to 4K resolution.
  • Requires a minimum of 16 GB RAM, Nvidia 750 Ti video card, and i7 processor.
  • Many input and output video formats are available.
  • Simple 3 clicks upscaling process.

Check how DVDFab Video Enhancer works:

YouTube video

DVDFab Video Enhancer pricing:

Lifetime license $59.99


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Topaz is one of the best AI video upscaling software. It can convert SD to HD and HD to 4K or 8K while adding more detail to the video.

This software predicts the best intermediate frame between existing ones to increase the frame rate. This process is called "Video Enhance AI" or VEAI and gets excellent results because AI is trained only on videos instead of still images.

Topaz Key features:

  • Available for Mac and PC.
  • Batch video processing.
  • Not a good fit for low specs computers.
  • Up to 8K upscaling.

Topaz pricing:

Lifetime license $199.99. Free trial available.



ANYMP4 Video Converter


This is a full-featured downloadable set of advanced video tools. ANYMP4 Video Converter can enhance the video quality from SD to HD, optimizing brightness and contrast. It also removes video noise and reduces video shaking.

AnyMP4 Key features:

  • Free video converter and video compressor.
  • Many video editing tools included.
  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Up to 8K upscaling.

ANYMP4 Video Converter pricing:

Lifetime license $66.75 One-month license $33.75

ai video upscaling is an AI video upscaling software that can increase video resolution up to 4X. This software uses a trained algorithm that uses thousand of hours of video footage to improve your video. Key features:

  • Pricing model based on credits. Unused credits roll over to the next month.
  • "Render Preview" option to check the final result before spending credits.
  • Custom colorization for old films.
  • Excellent output quality. pricing:

The free plan is only for 5 images (not videos). The next plan is $30/month and covers around 5 minutes of 720p video upscaling to 4K.


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ai video upscaling


Vidmore is AI video upscaling software that enhances low-resolution videos. With this platform, you can also adjust brightness and contrast, reduce motion blur and denoise your video.

Vidmore Key features:

  • Downloadable software.
  • Free screen recorder, video converter, and audio converter.
  • Simple 3 steps process.
  • Upscales resolution up to 4K

Vidmore pricing:

Lifetime license $49.95 for 3 PCs. One month license $19.95/month.

30-day money-back guarantee.






Pixop is a cloud-based AI video upscaling software. This platform can remaster your videos from SD to 8K using AI and ML filters. There are additional apps available (denoiser, deinterlacer, and more) that you can use to get a superb, polished video.

Pixop Key features:

  • No subscription fees; you only pay as per use. For long videos, a desktop solution may be a better alternative.
  • At the time of this writing, there is no support for slow-motion video upscaling.
  • MP4, MXF, M2TS, and MOV output file formats are available.
  • Easy dashboard and general use.

Pixop pricing:

The pricing model is a pay-as-you-use. You pay per gigapixel per processing used and per gigabyte of storage and downloads.





ai video upscaling


Aiseesoft is a video enhancer tool to upscale SD and HD videos to 4K. This software features an interesting reverse mode (downscaling), which allows to convert a high-resolution video to low resolution. Aiseesoft claims to convert videos 30X that other video converters.

Aiseesoft Key features:

  • Upscale up to 4K videos.
  • Converts 4K videos to HD, SD, and 720p.
  • Batch processing for converting two or more videos at the same time.
  • Free video tools included.

Aiseesoft pricing:

Lifetime license $47.20 for 1 PC. The monthly license is $16/month





ai video upscaling


Tipard is an AI video upscaling platform that you must download and install. This is a full set of tools for clip videos, adjust subtitles and audio tracks, video metadata editor, video speed controller and more.

Tipard Key features:

  • Mac and PC versions are available.
  • Many video formats supported.
  • Mid to long time turnaround.
  • Free video editing tools.

Tipard pricing:

Lifetime license $55.20. One month's license is $28. 90 days money-back guarantee.






iSIZE motto is "Making unwatchable video watchable." This is one of the fastest video upscaling tools in the market due to an intelligent serverless cloud encoding solution.

iSIZE Key features:

  • Works with MP4, MKV, AVI, VOB, WMV, M2TS, and more file formats.
  • Useful for videos and photos.
  • Available for PC and Mac
  • Batch video conversion is available.

Check iSIZE quality in this video:

YouTube video

iSIZE pricing:

Price is based on credits. You must upload the video and then the dashboard shows the final pricing.






Aimages is a cloud-based AI video enhancer. This tool applies several AI filters to the video, like film cleaner, color restorer, and noise reduction. Since Aimages uses AWS servers to process video at ultra-speed, you do not need a powerful PC for video upscaling.

Check Aimages in action:

YouTube video

Aimages Key features:

  • Clear pricing model.
  • Fast and secure video processing on AWS servers.
  • Automatic video enhancement filters.

Aimages pricing:

Based on a credit system: $5/5 credits to upscale a 2 minutes SD video. $25/30 credits to upscale 14 minutes of SD video.




These AI video upscaling tools offer exciting results. Some years ago, it would be impossible to imagine that you could improve a video only with three clicks.

As these platforms process more and more videos, their algorithms are continually improving and getting better results every year.

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