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Password Protect Video Explained (With Examples)

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Privacy and security are the main concerns when controlling who accesses your video content. To password protect your videos is an easy and secure way to give access only to intended recipients.

This method lets you add a layer of privacy and security to your videos, avoiding unauthorized views and downloads.

Password protect video can be helpful with:

  • Live events and lectures.
  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Google meetings.
  • Courses and webinars.
  • Private company meetings and events.
  • Product and sales presentations.
  • Sales and marketing training videos.

This list is not exhaustive since there are many more cases for video protection.

Password protection in a video is a good option, but many others regarding strong security exist. Two of the most important are:

1-AES Encryption (Acronym for Advanced Encryption Standard) is used by banks, financial institutions, and governments to encrypt digital data and secure information exchange. Today AES is the industry-standard security protocol, and is available only at file-level. This means you have to lock individual video files, and this can not be done on a hosted video.

2-IP Restriction: This method considers the viewer’s geographic location. Modern video hosting platforms allow you to authorize viewers in specific countries or regions. IP restriction is a feature that some private video hosting company offer.

If you need to password protect your videos, the answer lies in the type of video hosting platform you use. Video hosting refers to storing and managing your video content, and the most popular hosting platform is YouTube. This is an excellent platform if you need to build an audience but has many disadvantages regarding privacy and security.

Hosting videos on a paid platform is the only way to protect them from unauthorized access. These are cloud-based and offer several privacy options.

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There are many video hosting platforms that allow you to add a password to protect your videos, and they differ in nature regarding its primary use.

Sprout, Dacast, and Wistia are hosting and video marketing platforms where you can host your videos. All of them are cloud-based and focused on secure video hosting, monetization, live streaming, video on demand and additional features that allow you to manage your content and set your video marketing strategy.

  • Loom: Loom is a video message platform focused on asynchronous video team communication.
  • Wave is one of the best online video creator and editor software. Videos made with Wave are hosted on the platform.
  • Vidyard: provides video tools for sales and prospecting
  • Vyond: A top animation video company, they provide hosting for videos created within the platform.

Let´s check them out in detail.


Loom provides asynchronous video messaging for work teams. You can record videos of your screen and cam, then the system generates a link you can share with your recipients. They don´t even need to login in or create an account.

You can password your video for an extra layer of security and privacy. There is also the option to restrict access to specific people.

Some of these privacy options are available on the free plan, but for complete privacy control, you will have to switch to a Business ($8/month) or Enterprise Plan is an online editor and streaming platform. It features many video editing and production options, including create, edit, cut, trim, subtitle management, streaming, video hosting, and more.

Wave is one of the few online video editors that allows you to set password protection for your videos. You can adjust it from the application dashboard, and as a distinctive feature, this option also works in the free plan.



Vidyard is an online platform that provides online video tools for sales and prospecting. This platform focuses on video creation, video analytics, and video hosting.

Vidyard takes a robust approach to video security, offering not only password protection for your videos but also additional security options:

1-Password protect video in Pro plans ($19/month).

2-Option to restrict access request: require viewers to enter their email address to view your video. (Business Plan)

3-Allow video access requests. (Business Plan)

4-SSO User management and secure playback. (Business Plan)


Vyond is a video animation software company focused on business. This high-end animation tool has solid creator features, certified data security, and excellent customer support.

Setting a video to “Password Protected” allows you to use the “email sharing option” that makes the video available only to specific users.   You can also set permissions to edit the video (a producer who can edit or copy a video shared by another team member) or to review and comment on the video.

After clicking the link, the viewer will be given the option to get a password. Then a second mail that contains the password goes to the viewer, allowing them to watch the video.


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Sprout is a complete platform for video hosting. It includes video marketing, player customization, secure video sharing, analytics, and more.

With Sprout, you can easily password protect videos from your dashboard with a single click. This platform features an interesting “password protection embeds” option to preserve those videos you embed on your website.

They also offer login protection, geo-restriction, single sign-on, and the possibility of password-protecting your entire video site. All protection features are available on plans that start at $59.99 per month or higher.



Dacast is an online video and hosting platform. This B2B (business to business) platform allows broadcast and host live and on-demand video content with free and paid programming options.

A single click on your dashboard is all you need to do to password protect your videos. Then the viewers must enter this password before viewing the content.

This platform also offers Secure Delivery and Domain/Country Restriction for complete control over your video content.



Wistia is a robust video marketing platform to create, host, market, and analyze video performance. To password protect a video, you must sign up for a ProPlan ($79/month) because this feature isn´t available on lower plans.



Are you wondering if you can password protect videos YouTube videos? Well, the answer is no. There is no possibility of adding a password to a video hosted on YouTube. The only way to secure a YouTube video is to set it to “private” or “unlisted.”

Spotlightr has a “hybrid hosting” feature that enables password protection for videos hosted on YouTube. The video will still be hosted on Youtube, but it will be password protected when played on Spotlighr player.



Using any of the above platforms lets you password protect your videos. These are mentioned as examples, as many others are in the market. If you have a WordPress website, specific membership plugins can protect your videos.

Since a web video player can be hacked, you should protect your video player and the video hosting.

As video password protection is based on video hosting platforms, all have paid plans, and there is no possibility to protect a hosted video for free.

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