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Private Video Hosting Platforms for Secure Sharing

Private video hosting is a suitable alternative to free online video hosting platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, and others. Free hosting's drawbacks have substantial restrictions when it comes to publishing content, monetization, branding, and limited consumer support.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you give them the right to use your content. Have you ever read YouTube's terms of service?

On the other side, private video hosting platforms give creators complete control over their work. Companies can control access to training videos, message videos, and all types of video stuff.

But if you host videos on your server, it may start to suffer due to high load traffic and lags depending on spikes coming from audience increase. The best option is to use an external platform that manages hosting, security, and provides user´s analytics.


What to consider in a private video hosting platform?

1-Live streaming and VOD support

If you plan to get into live streaming, keep an eye on how many viewers the platform accepts.

2-Video security and privacy

Video security is essential to secure your videos and make them inaccessible to hackers and piracy. Security is a solid point to consider if you intend to generate revenue from your videos.

Video privacy is vital to allow access only to specific viewers, for example, if you own a VOD (video-on-demand) platform and provide access upon payments.

3-Encoding and Transcoding

This is important to support several video formats and distribute the content of any type of video file.

4-Video proprietary API

An API can help to automate specific tasks such as uploading, downloading, and embedding videos.

5-CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is a must-have to assure fast content delivery regardless of the viewer's physical location. This is handled by a server network that detects where the viewer is located and makes a connection with the nearest server available.


Analytics is the core point of any video platform with marketing capabilities. It lets you know how your users interact with video content, how long they watch a video and their engagement level.

7-Mobile video hosting

Many people watch videos on mobile devices. This means that you need two things:

-Adaptive bit rate video player to work in low-quality connection areas and

-HTML5 player for easy video embedding.


Integrations are essential to include the private video hosting platform into your current workflow.


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We have listed below seven private video hosting platforms. Since there are many platforms out there, this list is not exhaustive but pretends to give a general overview of different systems and how useful they can be for your needs.



Vidello is a private video hosting company with a focus on course creators. This software provides tools for collecting leads, social sharing, coupon management, and advanced analytics.

Regarding security, you can password protect your content, a must-have for membership and e-learnings sites.

Vidello is simple to use and includes video marketing tools and a plain pricing model.

Vidello key features

  • Specific built for course creators.
  • Responsive  and fully customizable video player.
  • Animated lower thirds.
  • Automatic SEO improvement for videos.
  • Video GIFs creator.

Vidello pricing

Standard plan: $39/month or $397/year with 200 videos, 200 GB bandwidth, and basic analytics.

Pro plan: $49/month or $497/year with 500 videos, 500 GB monthly bandwidth, and full analytics.

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sproutvideo homepage

SproutVideo is a private hosting and live streaming platform. This company shares the same philosophy of Wistia because offers a private video hosting platform with additional features for video marketing.

Thus, you will find many features like detailed analytics, engagement viewer tracking, and the option to build a videosite based on your content.

SproutVideo is an easy-to-use platform with many options for a budget pricing suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

SproutVideo key features

  • Many security options, including geo-restrictions, SSL embeds, and Single Sig-on options.
  • Full engagement tracking.
  • Lead capture, video SEO, and more marketing tools.
  • Proprietary API.
  • Fully customizable player.

SproutVideo pricing

Seed plan: $24.99/month with core platform features and 500 GB bandwidth, no viewer accounts.

Sprout plan: $59.99/month with 500 GB bandwidth, login protection, 125 viewer accounts, and a video website.

Tree plan: $199.99/month with 500 GB bandwidth with 500 viewer accounts and geo-restriction.

Free 30-day trial available.


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spotlightr homepage

Spotlightr is a private video hosting platform that includes video marketing tools. This platform offers an attractive "Hybrid video hosting" feature that allows streaming videos hosted on other platforms (like YouTube, Vimeo, and more) while removing ads and related content suggestions.

Spotlightr offers affordable pricing plans suitable for those looking for a budget hosting solution.

Spotlightr key features

  • Advanced player customization.
  • CTAs overlay video templates.
  • Video password protection, domain restriction, and private sharing links.
  • Hybrid hosting for external hosted videos.
  • Heatmaps and advanced analytics.

Spotlightr pricing

Spark plan: $7/month (paid annually) with 25 videos and 50 GB bandwidth/month, player customization, and advanced analytics.

Aurora plan: $16/month (paid annually) with unlimited videos and 200 GB bandwidth/month plus advanced security options and team accounts.

Polaris plan: $40/month (paid annually) with unlimited videos and 600 GB bandwidth/month, adds CRM integration and advanced marketing features.




dacast homepage

Dacast is a reliable video hosting company focused on business with plenty of features. The dashboard is clean and intuitive, but you will need to spend some time to know all the features.

A distinctive feature of Dacast is that all pricing plans include unlimited concurrent viewers, Ad-free streaming (to delete all logos and ads from third-party brands), and security features.

Dacast key features

  • Proprietary API for easy integration.
  • Many video monetization options.
  • Strong security, including AES-256.
  • Live streaming and video On Deman capabilities.
  • Excellent value for the money.

Dacast pricing

Starter plan: $39/month with 1.2 TB bandwidth and 50 GB storage.

Event plan: $63/month with 6 TB bandwidth and 50 GB storage.

Scale plan: $118/month with 24 TB bandwidth and 1,000 GB storage.




vdo cipher homepage

VdoCipher is a private video hosting platform focused on e-learning and media websites, with technical features to prevent unauthorized downloads. A unique "dynamic watermark" feature prevents screen capture from any device, and videos hosted on Vdocipher can not be downloaded.

This platform has a particular approach to pricing plans since they sell a specific amount of bandwidth that lasts one year. You will be charged an additional fee if you spend your credit before the year ends. Despite this, your credit card is never auto-charged.

VdoCipher Key features

  • Video API to download and upload content.
  • Customizable video players and WordPress plugins.
  • AWS-based CDN servers all over the world.
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure to handle audience peaks.
  • DRM encrypted streaming.

VdoCipher pricing

  • Starter plan: $99/year or 500 GB bandwidth (estimated to 1900 hours of streaming on 600 kbps video) and 70 GB storage.
  • Value plan: $399/year or 2.5 TB bandwidth (estimated to 9900 hours on 600 kbps video) and 200 GB storage.
  • Express plan: $699/year or 4.5 TB bandwidth (estimated to 17900 hours on 600 kbps video) and 400 GB storage.

There are more plans available depending on bandwidth consumption.




wistia homepage

Wistia has been a private video company in the business since 2006. This platform has a different approach since it combines video hosting with video marketing. It allows you to add CTAs into your videos, offers heatmaps to better understand how viewers engage with your content, and a bunch of marketing tools.

If video marketing strategy is one of your business pillars, Wistia is a great platform to try.

Wistia key features

  • Fully customizable player.
  • Analytics, heatmaps, and A/B testing.
  • Generous free plan.
  • Many integrations with CRMs, Google Analytics, and Zapier.
  • Optimized video player for all devices, from mobile to 4K screens.

Wistia pricing:

  • Free plan: 10 videos, 200 GB of bandwidth per month, and basic features.
  • Plus plan: $19/month with 20 videos, 1 TB bandwidth, no Wistia branding, and basic call to action options.
  • Pro plan: $79/month with 50 videos/month, 1 TB bandwidth, custom call to action, password protection, and more features.



brightcove homepage

Brightcove has been in the private video hosting business for many years and is a key player in this business. This platform claims to deliver 675 million video views weekly, which tells about its technical capacity and resources.

A solid and full-featured platform but be prepared to face a steep learning curve to get the most of it.

Brightcove is focused on enterprise clients, and you must contact their sales department to get a quote.

Brightcove key features:

  • Live events and 24/7 streaming.
  • OTT and TV streaming.
  • GEO restriction and IP restriction are available.
  • Tons of integrations through Brightcove Marketplace.
  • 99.99% uptime and 16 data centers around the world.

 Brightcove pricing

Only available per request.

DemoCreator is built-in with 16 AI virtual presenter selections, easily turning you into a virtual human with motion capture. You can use it for online teaching, presentation, gaming, and any other situation you want.

Private Video hosting FAQs


The private video hosting universe is populated by many companies with different offers. At first glance, choosing which is right for you may be challenging.

A first approach should divide options with and without video marketing tools, depending on your specific needs.

We recommend going for a free trial to learn the ropes and then advance for a paid plan.

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