4 Best Frame.io Alternatives For Video Collaboration

Are you looking for the best Frame.io alternative? In this post, we will cover the best four options we could find.

Like other Adobe products, Frame.io offers one of the most complete video review suites with many features and functionality. But as full as it goes, this can also be a drawback when you need a simple video review system with affordable pricing.

frame.io webpage


Main features of Frame.io (depending on Plan):

  • Real-time comments and annotations.
  • Version management.
  • Unlimited free sharing.
  • 4K Ultra HD playback.
  • Camera to cloud.
  • Private projects.
  • Share link expiration.
  • Custom-branded presentations.
  • Single Sign-On.
  • Mobile App.
  • Apple TV App.
  • Integration with Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. There is a huge list of integrations, including Slack, Salesforce, Monday, Paymo, and Zapier.

Frame.io pricing:

Free Plan: Unlimited shares, apps and integrations, 2 projects, and 1080p playback.

Pro Plan: $15/month/user with custom branded presentations, password-protect shares, and 4K playback.

Team plan: $25/user/month adds private projects, share link expiration, and custom-branded emails.


Now let's do some math about Frame.io pricing:

Their free Plan accepts up to two users and 2 GB of active cloud storage, plus version management.

Not bad, but only suitable for a freelancer with a few small projects.

Paid plans start at $15/user/month with 250 GB storage. You cannot access all features with this Plan, and you can have up to 15 users with no possibility of getting more storage.

If you require more storage, you must move to the next Plan for $25/user/month to get 500 GB of storage. So, let's say you have 5 users; you will be spending $125/month

Keep in mind that a user refers to both collaborators and team members. Every collaborator or team member you invite is a paid user. If specific users only need to view clips and leave their comments, you'd better send them a review page rather than add them as collaborators to the project.

There are many platforms offering similar video review features, and we have selected the best Frame.io alternatives focused on small to mid-sized businesses.

Check them out:



ziflow homepage


Ziflow is an excellent Frame.io alternative you can use for video review.

Main Ziflow features (depending on Plan):

  • Unlimited reviewers.
  • Review any asset (images, videos, audio, snapshots, banners, and also live websites)
  • Version management.
  • Two-stage workflow.
  • Compare versions.
  • Proof brief.
  • Adobe CS and Final Cut Pro X extensions.
  • Advanced commenting and branding.

Ziflow pricing:

Free Plan with 30 proofs/month/per user and 1 GB per user. Needless to say, with low activity, you will run out of storage in the short term.

Business Plan: $40/month/seat (minimum 5 seats) with 50 GB per user and 200 proofs per month per user.

So, for 5 users, you will pay $200/month with 50 GB available per user. You will have unlimited projects but with only 200 proofs per month.

From Business Plan, you only can shift to Enterprise Plan. There is no intermediate option.


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filestage.io homepage


Filestage is another Frame.io alternative to consider. This platform can review video files, documents, images, and audio files.

Main Filestage features (depending on Plan):

  • Unlimited reviewers.
  • Annotations.
  • Side-by-side version comparison.
  • Video, PowerPoint, Excel, image, audio, and PDF review.
  • Projects with unlimited files.
  • Timestamped video comments.
  • Custom branding.
  • Strong security compliance.
  • Integration with Asana, ClickUp, Adobe, Microsoft Teams, and many more.

Filestage pricing:

Advanced Plan: $95/month, including 5 seats, 10 active projects, 75 GB storage, and 2 review steps.

Professional Plan: $195/month, including 5 seats, 25 active projects, 250 GB storage, and 3 review steps.

As their pricing plan starts with 5 users, you don't have a cheaper option. But $95/month for 5 users and 75 GB is a good deal.


govisually homepage


We consider GoVisually an excellent Frame.io alternative. With hundreds of integrations available (natively and via Zapier) and a straightforward review process, this platform is a solid Frame.io contender.

Main GoVisually features:

  • Video, image, and PDF review.
  • Clients can comment without registration.
  • Team-only private comments.
  • Password protect proofs.
  • Mobile App available.
  • Side-by-side version comparison.
  • Zapier integration.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration.
  • Up to 1,000 projects.

GoVisually pricing:

Solo Plan: $20/month (billed annually) for only one user, 10 projects, and unlimited reviewers.

Team Plan: $50/month with 5 users, 1,000 projects, video file support, automated reminders, custom branding, full features, and Zapier integration.

Free 7-day trial available.

You can add extra users on Team Plan for $10/month. There's no app offering 5 users Plan for $50/month with similar features. In our opinion, the cost/benefit relation is excellent.


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quickreviewer homepage


Quickreviewer is another Frame.io alternative you can try.

Main Quickreviewer features (depending on Plan):

  • Integrates with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dropbox. Premiere, After Effects, and Gdrive integrations coming soon.
  • Unlimited reviewers.
  • Guest commenting.
  • Versioning side-by-side comparison.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Controlled sharing.
  • Custom branding.
  • Slow-motion video review.
  • Custom integrations.

Quickreviewer pricing:

Free Plan for one user with 100 MB storage, unlimited files, real-time collaboration, no integrations, and essential features but good enough to test the software.

Pro Plan: $29/month with 10 team members and 25 GB storage.

Premium Plan: $84/month with 20 team members and 250 GB storage.

If you run out of storage on Premium Plan, you can buy 250 GB storage for $500/year (that is approx. $48/month). This is still an exciting price considering you can add up to 20 users to your workflow.




Any of the above platforms can be eligible as a valid Frame.io alternative. Since many provide free trials, you can sign up and test which is the best to suit your needs.

You are covered in video and file reviews with prices ranging from $50 to $250 monthly. These apps take you out of endless email chains and help with the daily work, so paying an average of $100/month to speed up feedback with a better workflow will always be a good deal.

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