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9 Shoppable Video Platforms To Skyrocket Your Sales

An e-commerce video is a great way to show your products in action and create a more compelling buying experience for your customers. By using video, you can show viewers how to use your products, set them up, and get the most out of them.

As video consumption grows year by year , the video marketing industry is always looking for ways to create more consumer engagement.

When you mix e-commerce with interactive video content, you can offer a superb experience to the viewer and increase your sales.

This trend has started in China in 2016 and has been improved over the years as technology advances.


What is a shoppable video?

This kind of video allows consumers to purchase a product by clicking on a link embedded in the video. When they click on the link, they are redirected to another page where they can buy the product online.

What are shoppable video benefits?

Increase audience engagement: shoppable video increases engagement and provides real-time feedback and interaction.

Boost your sales: since interactive video creates a new kind of experience for the customer, it also helps create a seamless buying experience.

Real-time analytics: All shoppable video platforms feature full analytics. You can check what part of the video works best and provide personalized offers.


Types of shoppable videos

One-to-many: This is when a person broadcasts the video to many consumers simultaneously.

Best for tutorials and product launches, cosmetic, clothing, and low-ticket products.

One-to-one: This is the ultimate level of the shopping experience and provides the consumer with a unique journey.

Best for luxury products, high ticket products, and selling through Shopify, Magento and e-commerce stores.

Short stories: these are pre-recorded interactive videos that help customers engage and create brand awareness.

Below is our list of the best nine shoppable video platforms.

9 platforms for shoppable videos



shoppable video

Uscreen is a complete platform for video monetization featuring hosting, streaming, built-in billing, live chat, analytics, and everything you need to succeed in shoppable videos.

With hundreds of integrations and powerful apps, this video shoppable platform is one of the best available.

Uscreen pricing: starting at $79/month with 50 hours of video storage, one user, and 1-1 onboarding session. Free-trial available.





shoppable video


Buywith focuses on brands that work with influencers, celebrities, or experts. Using a screen-sharing feature, influencers can engage with their followers via live streaming, with video and text chat. An intelligent screen-sharing technology allows viewers to shop with the host live.

Buywith claims users get a 70% higher average order value, 8X sales conversion rate compared to the industry average, and 67% user engagement during the live stream.

Buywith pricing: only available as per request.

Check Buywith in action:





shoppable video


This shoppable video platform allows you to create a live streaming event and offer your products to your audience. You can schedule a show in advance and showcase your products using only a cell phone. Popshoplive features live conversations and Shopify integration.

This app is currently available only in the U.S. There are no monthly fees, and they only charge a small amount on the items you sell.

Watch how Popshoplive works:





shoppable video


Bambuser is a shoppable video platform that allows customers to add to a cart directly from a stream session. This system enables you to broadcast simultaneously across all your social channels with premium streaming quality.

You can make one-to-one calls with your customers via an Overlay Widget that pops up in the corner of your site.

Integrations include Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, WooCommerce, and many more.

Bambuser pricing: only available as per request.

Check how easy it is to get started with Bambuser: is a platform to manage live video shopping events for e-commerce. You can set users to buy straight from the stream or redirect them to a product page.

This cloud-based software features live chat, moderation, emojis, and broadcasting in 1080p in both portrait and landscape modes. You can stream the video in real time to another platform like Facebook and YouTube and also record your live sessions. pricing: Starts at €990/month for Discovery plan with 480p and up to 1,000 viewers, next Advanced plan €1490/month with 720p video and up to 100,000 viewers.



A well-known social media platform with one  billion monthly users that buy through it weekly.

Shoppable videos and posts on Instagram are only available to business accounts. This means you need to submit your account for review to check if you are eligible for Instagram shopping.

Instagram pricing: the platform is free to use, but there is a selling fee of 5% per shipment.





shoppable video

Livescale is a branded live shopping solution with direct e-commerce integration to engage and recruit customers in real-time. This shoppable video platform works on all devices, but it is focused on mobile.

With gamification, seamless Shopify integration, and live shopping management, this app features monthly webinars and expert chat support to get the most out of the platform.

Watch Livescale in action.

Livescale pricing: Only available as per request.





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Spin focuses on live-stream video shopping. You can create your own event or contact influencers through the Spin Network that can host your streaming. And they can even create content for you. Influencers can also be paid through the platform.

This platform integrates with Shopify, Bigcommerce, and WooCommerce to sync products and make them instantly available in your event.

Spin pricing: Free 90-day trial. After that, they charge a variable commission on each sale.


shoppable video


Clicktivated seamlessly connects viewers with products, items, and information with only a click through live or recorded videos.

This shoppable video platform features patented technology that identifies individual shoppable items to make monetization easy for content creators. The idea behind Clicktivated is to create a non-intrusive shopping experience. This platform allows viewers to like specific categories and provide a personalized feed.

Clicktivated pricing: only available as per request.

Check Cicktivated in action:





Swirl is a live-commerce platform that promises to get a 400% lift in add-to-cart with short videos and live streaming. You can set up your own store and manage recommendations based on real-time analytics.

This platform provides an easy way for creating short videos and live streams with full interactive features such as live chat, voice messages, and more.

As a distinctive characteristic, this shoppable video platform is GPDR compliant, with multi-language and multi-currency support.

Swirl pricing: only available as per request.

This live stream shoppable video platform helps your customers buy products directly from live interactive sessions. You can interact with your fans in real-time, showcase products, and even invite video guests. offers a mix of e-commerce and influencer marketing, where your customers can join live sessions hosted by top influencers straight on your site.

This app has native Shopify integration, so you can connect your audience with a pair of clicks to your e-commerce store.

A “Live Brain” AI assistant chatbot helps to manage sessions by detecting hate messages and using automation to guide customers to the products they really want. pricing:

Free plan: up to 50 concurrent guests per channel, chat, 10 live shopping products, chat, analytics, and paid access to the channel page.

Pro plan: $199/month adds up to 1,000 guests per channel, chat, 25 shopping products, advanced analytics, live party, and live shopping integration on your website.





Whisbi is a complete solution to engage customers through online conversations powered by video. This platform uses live video broadcasts to improve top-of-the-funnel engagement and one-to-one sales solutions for assisted sales.

Whisbi uses an AI algorithm to predict how probable a visitor to your website is likely to convert. This info is provided to your sales agents in real-time to take the right actions with each lead.

An interesting virtual call feature allows customers to contact you without providing any personal information. The system only works when it detects that the internet connection on the client-side is fast enough to deliver a good video experience.

You can also capture and convert web visitors using chatbots. This highly flexible system can forward conversations to live agents to connect with leads in real-time.

Whisbi pricing: only available as per request.





shoppable video platform

Sparkly is a shoppable video platform made for e-commerce. At the time of this writing, Sparkly can stream to YouTube and Facebook while they are working on other integrations.

This software features easy-to-use widgets to create streaming sessions. These include countdown timers, complete polls, comments, product lists, interstitial (displaying any graphic board in a video), timeline, and coming up next.

Most of these widgets are fully customizable and can include links to the products available in your e-commerce store.

Check Sparkly in action:

Sparkly pricing:

Standard plan: $50 per month with up to 2 hours of streaming.

Professional plan: $400 per month with up to 50 hours of streaming, website embedded player and full functionality.



Shoppable videos can take the buyer experience to the next level and provide a real boost in sales. If you own a Shopify store, there are other tools to increase sales, but a shoppable video system is a solid option to consider.

As video consumption steadily grows year by year, this is a solid option to increase sales conversion rate and get better consumer engagement. If you have collected some followers, a shoppable video is the next step.

Are you using this strategy in your business? Let us know and leave a comment below.

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