Best Interactive Video Platforms

This article will guide you through the leading software for interactive videos, in order to improve customer engagement and retention, get better HR results, and make learning and training a genuinely vivid experience for the user.

What is interactive video?

This is a form of video that allows user interaction in real-time with different tools. With interactive video software, you can add buttons, links, ads, forms, and more options to guide the viewer to your preferred outcome: more conversions or a better interaction. Interactive video companies are growing and offer excellent tools for interactive content.

How to create an interactive video?

First, you need to create a video using any video editing software (we prefer Filmora) and then upload it to an interactive platform where you can edit and add tags, branching, forms, images, and more items.

These platforms usually have a drag-and-drop interface to add several types of call-to-actions.

Once you have added these items, you can embed them on your website . Keep in mind that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube don´t support third party interactive video technology but you can still share a link to the site where the video is allocated.

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Interactive videos are mainly used for:

Marketing and lead generation: Interactive marketing is the key to customer engagement and retention. Increase viewers´ time on your video by adding interactive elements to make the video more exciting and fun. And real-time analytics give invaluable results about what people think and like.


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HR and recruiting: Get better results in onboarding and recruiting. Attract the right talent with innovative tools and streamline onboarding, giving a personalized welcome to better understand  your teams and relations.

Learning and training: Interactive videos can help to turn a passive experience into a dynamic journey. Measure training results in real-time, adding quizzes and questions to a video with the possibility to repeat or skip specific scenes.

Check this interactive video from Wirewax to see how an interactive experience can change viewer´s interaction:


YouTube video


interactive video platforms


Best interactive video software:


Eko Studio  

interactive video platforms


Eko Studio is an interactive video platform you can use to make premium interactive content. It is easy to learn and customize if you know a bit of code through EKO developer API. Once published, your project can be watched on any website, social media networks, and

This interactive video tool offers advanced branching and an easy and clean drag-and-drop dashboard. However it is somehow limited, but maybe an excellent choice for some users.

Watch cheff Danile Holzman sharing his expertise on making a great meatball dinner in this video made with Eko:

Eko provides scalable hosting and delivery using AWS cloud and CDN (content delivery networks) to ensure optimal response time and worldwide availability. Videos work reliable across modern desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. At the time of this writing OTT TV platforms, game consoles, and VR is in development.

Eko studio pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $229/month up to 50 videos, branding and analytics.
  • Pro Plan: $749/month up to 250 videos, branding, analytics, up to 10 users.
  • Enterprise Plan: On request.



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Adobe Captivate

interactive video platforms


As a big player in the image processing business, Adobe offers a unique product for making interactive videos focused on education.

With this software, you can create “Responsive Projects” that allow showing your video on various platforms, and there are hundreds of slides available to build a project in minutes. These slides can be used for branching videos with simple or complex logic.

Adobe supports 360 images and videos to engage the viewer with the environment and Virtual Reality using VR headsets. You can also convert PowerPoint slides to interactive videos with ease.

You can import your own video (also from YouTube or Vimeo), add multiple overlays slides, and customize feedback options for answers and interactions.

This is a proven product with tons of features, but be prepared to face a steep learning curve if you are new to video production.

Watch this video to see Adobe Captivate in action:

interactive video


Adobe Captivate pricing:

Annual plan: $33.99/month, including all features.

Adobe also offers a one-time purchase license.

Free 30-day trial available.



This interactive video platform can create amazing videos with a drag and drop system. Like other similar apps, you can upload a video from YouTube Vimeo or upload your own.

This software also integrates with learning management systems (LMS), a feature you will love if you need it for educational purposes. But suppose you are in the e-commerce business. In that case, it is easy to enable customers to purchase products showcased in your videos with a simple click.

Cinema8's website features tons of podcasts, guides, tutorials, webinars, e-books, and guides to help you master interactive video production. There are solutions for gamification, marketing and sales, e-learning, and more in many industries.

Watch this football video created with Cinema8 for the entertainment industry

Cinema8 pricing:

  • Starter plan: $59/month with commercial content, three interactive projects, and 100MB bandwidth.
  • Growth plan: $249/month with 10 projects included (add more for$20/month/each) and 1TB bandwidth.
  • Professional plan: $449/month with 25 projects included (add more for$20/month/each) and 2TB bandwidth.




interactive video platforms


Thinglink allows adding hotspots to images, videos, 360, and 3D models to boost engagement and conversions. This platform has an intuitive editor that will put you in control in a few minutes with a drag-and-drop builder to create hotspots and branching scenarios with ease.

Once you have the final content, you can embed it on your website and get measurable data to adjust your marketing strategy.

This video platform focuses on solutions for marketing and communications, employee training and development, and education.

Check Thinglink in action:

YouTube video

Thinglink pricing:

  • Professional individual: $25/month to publish unlimited images and videos, branding removal, 50,000 views per year, and statistics.
  • Premium Team: $125/month with 360 images and 250,000 views/year.







Stornaway is a no-code interactive video platform designed for interactive storytelling with video, 360 videos, and slides.

Interactive video stories can be created with template-based tools. A superb “real-time playback” feature allows you to preview your videos before upload.

Stornaway provides a unique method for producing branching videos. You need to create and link “story islands” to make links between pages. And the 360 video feature sets this platform apart from many competitors.

You can add links to videos with buttons and hotspots and make your video clickable with text and image buttons to offer your viewer the best experience.

Watch this Interactive Christmas Adventure made with Stornaway.

Stornaway pricing:

  • Personal plan: Free for private creation but basic functionality, up to 2 projects.
  • Plus plan: $10/month allows publishing on YouTube, social media, and websites, up to 3 projects.
  • Pro plan: $29/month with collaborative editing and analytics, unlimited projects.
  • Premium plan: From $75/month, adds account manager, white-labeled player, and third-party platforms.





interactive video


This is a platform to create interactive videos and images focused on simplicity that allows creating interactive content with images, catalogs, and ads.

The software works with images of any size and 360° photos. An easy drag-and-drop dashboard allows you to create beautiful interactive content with ease.

With  Spott  you can add tags to certain elements within your videos, such as a cart button when a product appears, an interesting feature that will help to increase your conversion rates.

The process is quite simple: upload your content to the platform, select interactive spots from the library, customize the content adding interactive layers, and publish the result. Spott provides real-time analytics in your dashboard about user experience.

A remarkable feature of Spott is the plenty of resources they provide to master the platform and weekly live lessons with all you need to get started.

Watch this video to check what type of content you can create with Spott:

Spott pricing:

  • Essential plan: €99/month evaluate the platform with basic functionality.
  • Professional plan: €499/month with essential features to create interactive content.
  • Enterprise plan: €1499/month with all commercial features and integrations.



Hihaho is a Netherlands-based interactive video company. They got you covered with support for many video platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Qumu, Mediasite, Panopto, BlueBilliywig and Kaltura.

These integrations make it easy to create interactive videos for education, health, e-commerce, entertainment, or marketing.

This platform features an impressive amount of interactive assets. You can add interactive questions, a table of content, pop-up menus, buttons, hotspots, pauses, text, highlights, ratings, forms, and branching.

Once the video is ready, you can easily share it by pasting a url, embed it on your website via SCORM or their proprietary API. A unique feature of Hihaho is that you can register for free and create as many videos as you want, you only have to pay for published videos. This is an exciting feature if you want to learn the ropes about creating interactive videos and experiment adding hotspots, overlays and more elements.

Check this video created with Hihao:

Hihaho pricing:

Hihaho offers a unique pricing model. It only charges €97 per video, max upload 500MB, 25,000 views, all interactions, and statistics. You only pay once you publish your video.




Adventr is an interactive video software with powerful creation tools for all types of videos about marketing, learning, HR, e-commerce, and more.

The platform´s editor is simple and powerful. Once you upload your video, you can change buttons or  change the buttons into custom images. Add links, Facebook, and Twitter shares.

See how simple is to create an interactive video with Adventr:

Analytics in Adventr depends on the plan you choose and is provided with a chart featuring the count of unique viewers, the number of visitors to the page where you embed the video, and the average number of seconds that each person spends watching.

Adventr pricing:

  • Free plan: Up to 10 min video with 1080p, social sharing, launch external links (text, emails, calls, video), custom thumbnail graphics, up to two projects, Adventr watermark.
  • Pro plan: $29/month: Add creative features, custom sharing, advanced analytics, up to 60 min. Of video, publish up to four projects, remove Adventr watermark.
  • Business plan: $99/month up to five hours of video, player API access, sharing on social paid ads, publish up to ten projects.




interactive video


Smartzer is an interactive video platform that transforms your videos and live streams into purposeful , shoppable content. Thus, you can boost your live stream results through likes and comments, setup add to cart functions, and guide viewers through an exciting and rich experience.

This platform focuses on shopping videos and provides a unique live stream option with powerful and interesting features.

Smartzer integrates with Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and SAP.

Smartzer pricing:

This product aims at enterprising usage, and you must ask for a demo for pricing information.





Wootag focuses on marketing and e-commerce, helping to turn your viewers into customers with interactive videos. This video platform provides excellent value related to pricing plans and a simple editor for making a professional-looking interactive video.

Check Wootag in action:

Wootag editor is straightforward to use. You will be adding interactive items to your content in a matter of minutes. Published videos will perform on any screen and any video player at any orientation across websites, Facebook, Twitter, and SmartTV´s.

Wootag pricing:

  • Startup plan: $25/month, with unlimited videos, 150 GB usage per month, 1,000 interactions, basic interactivity and distribution.
  • Business plan: $99/month, with unlimited videos, unlimited views, unlimited interactions, pro interactions and distribution, no watermark and custom branding.

Free 15-day trial available.



interactive video


Mindstamp claims to be "the simplest and most powerful interactive video solution available” to help marketing drive engagement and actions through video with realistic interactive experiences.

Mindstamp allows to:

Use an existing video from Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, and more.

Create dynamic experiences with interactive content.

Add buttons and hotspots with context or additional information.

Ask interactive questions, pause the video, and ask questions depending on previous answers.

Add multimedia such as audio, video, and drawings.

Get analytics and reports with insights about your audience.

Integrate your data with Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce and API available.

Mindstamp pricing:

  • Starter plan: $19/month includes ten videos, 5,000 monthly views, all interactions, and video branching. The maximum video length is 30 minutes, more than sufficient. No integrations.
  • Core plan: $99/month includes fifty videos, 1000,000 monthly views, all interactions, 120 minutes video length, and priority support. Zapier integration is available.
  • Enterprise plan: $499/month with 250 videos, 600,000 monthly views, and full integrations.

Free-trial available.




interactive video


This is a cloud-based solution to create interactive videos with custom calls to action, publish on several platforms and get customer analytics.

Vudoo data is protected with full encryption two-factor authentication and hosted on Amazon Web Services considering geo-localization. This is a crucial feature not present in other related products, which can make the difference in some cases. Note that for video access you need high broadband and availability.

A distinctive feature of Vudoo video player is WCAG 2.1 AA  certified. This means videos can be understood by those vision and hearing impaired, with access to automatic transcriptions, audio descriptions, accessible images, and more.

There are no integrations listed on Vudoo webpage

Vudoo pricing:

It is not available on their site. You must request a demo to try it.

Check this amazing interactive video created with Vudoo:






Morphcast is an "Emotional AI interactive video platform" to create videos triggered by viewers' emotions. In addition to interaction options offered by other solutions (like hotspots, call to action, overlays), this software adds facial recognition AI to create interactions.

This interactive video software allows adjusting the narrative to the viewer's appearance and interactions, just like an actor might change performance according to his audience. This is for sure a mind-blowing opportunity for brands to capture users' attention, an excellent way to verify the mood and attendance of students, and a superb tool for recruiters to make a better personnel selection process.

You can create interactive videos without AI facial expression technology, adding buttons, call to action, hotspots, and more items to boost user interaction within your video content.

Morphcast pricing:

Downloading the software is free. The cost is based on pay-per-time view, and the price is calculated by minute of played video. The First 2,000 views per month are free, and if you sum up 3,000 minutes, for example, you will pay $35.





Bluebillywig is a platform for creating interactive videos, 360 videos, shoppable, and more. It can also be used for video hosting, live streaming, and monetization.

With many templates to choose from and an improved analytics dashboard, branching, and a continuous product update policy, this is a solid product to fit many video producers´ needs.

Check out this interactive video created with Bluebillywig:

interactive video

Suppose you need to create customized Netflix-like experiences. In that case, Channels is an interesting feature of this platform that allows the creation of customized experiences. You can group similar videos and playlists to display relevant content to your viewers.

This interactive video software is not intended for casual users. Be prepared to face a steep learning curve and a medium to high budget.

Bluebillywig pricing:

Not provided on their website. You must contact sales for info.


This platform allows you to create, publish, manage, and track your interactive content. offers all kinds of interactive marketing assets, such as videos, quizzes, calculators, Ebooks, infographics, and more.

The website features many pre-made templates you can customize to suit your needs. If you need professional advice, their “Agency Service” can help with video production, copywriting, visual design, and even website design.

An exciting number of analytics, social, and marketing integrations are available to automate your current workflow with interactive video content.

This software is focused on agencies, mid-sized and enterprise businesses. There are no monthly plans, and annual plans start at $6,895/year.

Check in action:

interactive video platform pricing:

  • Starter plan: $6,895/year for 50,000 yearly visitors and unlimited templates.
  • Advanced plan: $11,395/year for 250,000 yearly visitors, 3 users, and unlimited templates.
  • Pro plan: $18,195/year for 5,000,000 yearly visitors, 5 users and unlimited templates.


VIXY Video      

interactive video


VIXY provides all the tools you need to upload, manage, stream, monetize and analyze video on your website. With this platform, you can add quizzes and multiple-choice forms into videos, to collect data, test knowledge, and retention.

VIXY allows you to send back all metrics to your Google Analytics console to get a complete picture of your viewer´s behavior.

VIXY Pricing:

Pricing starts at €349/month for 3 users, unlimited uploads and plays, basic platform features and basic interactive module. One time platform setup €1.250


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interactive video


Pirsonal focuses on personalized videos and video marketing automation. As a distinctive feature, this platform hosts videos on their cloud servers and allows you to host them.

Since Pirsonal has 3,000+ integrations with your business apps, you can personalize a video for each lead you capture on a landing page, for instance getting data from a CSV google sheet. This makes a superlative difference with other similar apps, and in our opinion, this is one of the best interactive video platforms available.

And suppose you don´t have time to master the Pirsonal platform. In that case, they offer a video production and video marketing professional service on demand.

Pirsonal pricing:

  • Plus Player: $16/month with unlimited CTA´s and custom HTML CTA´s, full video hosting, in-video forms, and unlimited campaigns and integrations.
  • Professional Player: $75/month, adding full analytics, branding removal.

Custom personalized plans are available.

Free-trial available




Interactive video platforms play a key role in offering the viewer a richer experience that always helps reach your marketing goals. A well-designed video is an immersive experience that takes the user one step beyond and adds value to your original offer.

As you may know, video is a superb tool in the marketing arena, and turning it interactive will deliver powerful results.

But it is not all about marketing, HR professionals, teachers, and educators can use these apps to get better results and provide the viewer with unique experiences.

If you plan to make your video, check our beginner´s article  How to Make an Interactive Video in 6 Simple Steps

Are you using some other tool not listed here? Please comment below and let us know.

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