Video Testimonial Software


Vocalvideo is a solid platform for collecting, editing, publishing, and hosting video testimonials and reviews. You can also add soundtracks, subtitles, and branding for the best engagement experience.


Videoask software is focused on collecting testimonials with asynchronous videos, which you can request the user.


SocialJuice is video testimonial software to boost engagement using social proof.


Trustmary is software to collect unlimited customer feedback and convert it into text reviews and video testimonials. It also allows to generate leads with led gen forms and widgets.


Boast is software to capture and share video testimonials to build trust with prospects and increase sales.


Testimonial is a video platform to collect customers' testimonials with ease. No need for a developer or website hosting since the whole process is managed through the platform.


Glimpse makes capturing your customer experience easy and quickly collecting video testimonials—an effective tool to build trustworthy relationships and use existing clients' experiences to boost sales.

video testimonial software


Magnfi is software for digital marketing agencies that collects video testimonials, sends emails, creates messages, branded videos, and story videos. It is a fully complete solution in one package.


Vidmonials is remote video recording software to collect, manage and share video replies in no time. The platform also converts text reviews into video testimonials to increase SEO and traffic.

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