Best Telemarketing Auto Dialers

A telemarketing auto dialer is a software system that dials telephone numbers automatically. When the recipient answers a call, it connects with a human agent or plays a pre-recorded message.

An auto dialer helps maximize the agent's productivity to connect with more people per hour. This is done by sequentially dialing a list of numbers while the agent is working on voicemails or  other calls.

These tools are the right option when managing an outbound campaign with a high volume of calls. Today, a telemarketing auto dialer is present in every call center.

At present, the call center industry runs on cloud-based systems. This allows you to start small and grow as you need since resources are available from your provider on-demand.

Benefits of auto dialers for telemarketing:

The ultimate goal of an auto dialer is to boost agent productivity and therefore close more sales. But the main cost in this business is the human resource, so any option you can take to improve efficiency will positively impact the final equation.

Predictive dialer, progressive dialer, and preview dialer have specific benefits depending on the campaign you run

Main features of auto dialers:

When considering an auto dialer, it is essential to choose which dialing mode you need. Most platforms offer the following dialing modes:

Predictive dialer:

Predictive dialers dial multiple numbers ahead of time simultaneously. This system only connects agents with answered calls using an algorithm based on availability, call length, wait time, and other metrics.

The idea behind this system is to have an available agent as soon as a contact answer the phone. This way, the agent doesn't spend time hanging up on unanswered calls or waiting for the system to connect.

The predictive dialer may face times when an agent is not immediately available (it waits for an answer before connecting the call with an agent). To get better results, you should work with as many agents as possible, ideally a minimum of six to ten.

This isn't the best approach for telemarketing since it focuses on the volume of calls.


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Progressive dialer (also known as power dialer):

Progressive dialer dials only one contact per agent, ensuring that an agent is always available when connecting to the following contact. It dials numbers from a previous list but is based on a certain number of dials per agent.

This is the best system for a team to connect with sales leads since it is not focused on call volume as the predictive dialer.

Preview auto dialer:

In this system, the agent can review contact details before the call. This allows the agent to get into context and build a personal relationship with every lead.

Robo dialer:

A robo dialer can call thousands of people simultaneously. when the contact picks up the phone plays a pre-recorded message or either connects the call with an available agent. Not the best system, they are illegal in many countries unless you have prior consent from the customer to receive a pre-recorded message.

TCPA auto dialer:

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a federal regulation signed into law to control unwanted telemarketing calls to customers.

This regulation marks that client consent is fundamental and should be addressed for call center compliance.

In simple words, this regulation prohibits contact with the consumer unless you have prior consent. This not only applies to telephone calls but SMS, robocalls, and pre-recorded calls.

For instance, you can not call anyone on the Do Not Call Registry, no recording calls without prior consent, no calls to cell phones when the customer has to pay for the ring, and more.

Check the complete law here.

Below you can find a list of telemarketing auto dialer systems so you can check which is the best for your business:


Five 9 

five9 auto dialer


If you need a telemarketing auto dialer system to close sales, Five9  is a proven solution you must consider. With a clean interface and dashboard, it is easy to set up so you can focus on running your business.

This platform offers a predictive dialer, power dialer, progressive dialer, and preview dialing. It also features Manual touch Mode, which is hosted on another server allowing agents to start a call but making it possible to dial from a previous list.

Seamless integration with major CRMs allows agents to dial directly from the CRM suite, a crucial feature to improve productivity.

Key features of Five9:

1-CRM integration with Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.

2-Certified caller mode with high standards to ensure outbound calls FCC compliance.

3-Flexible price structure to grow as you need.

4-Very intuitive and easy to operate.

Five9 pricing: Not provided on their website. You must contact sales for a quote.



callhub auto dialer


CallHub is one of the best auto dialers for telemarketing you may find. You can automate your sales process with many dialing modes available; Auto dialer, predictive dialer, power dialer, fastclick dialer (a TCPA compliant cellphone dialer), and preview dialer.

Key features of CallHub:

1-Salesforce integration.

2-Potent analytics.

3-Agents can make calls from a browser or mobile phone.

4-SMS follow-up.

CallHub pricing: Lite plan or "pay as you go" $3 up to 38 minutes or 19 texts. Next plan $199/month up to 2,532 minutes or 1,266 texts. Call starting at $0,079/min

Prices vary if agents call using a web browser or telephone.



ring central auto dialer


EngageVoice is the RingCentral platform that provides auto dialer services. With TCPA compliance and predictive and progressive auto dialer, this cloud-based software also offers preview dialer. This dialing mode allows the agent to choose when to make the call.

Key features of RingCentral:

1-Three TCPA dialing modes; safe dial, manual dial, and do not call mode.

2-99.999% uptime

3-Hundreds of integrations are available.

4-Open API with flexible integrations.

RingCentral pricing: Essential plan starts at $19.99/month with up to 20 users and unlimited calls within US and Canada. The next plan is$27.99/month, which adds unlimited users, phone numbers in over 100 countries, and integrations. Premium plan $34.99/month

You can add toll-free, local, and international numbers to all plans.



phone burner auto dialer


PhoneBurner claims itself as "the best dialing solution for sales teams." Their power dialer can boost productivity by 4X with no additional delay in connections. A "pause and preview" mode allows you to view contact records before initiating each call. Still, with the "power" mode you can dial up to 80 contacts per hour.

This is a robust platform that focuses on sales agents' productivity.

Key features of PhoneBurner:

1-Only works in USA and Canada.

2-Built-in CRM to manage contacts and campaigns.

3-Easy to escalate from one agent to hundreds of agents.

4-Hundreds of integrations are available.

PhoneBurner pricing: Standard plan $124/month with unlimited dialing minutes, call tracking, and 30-day call recording storage. The next $149/month plan adds open API, live call listen-in, and 90 days of call storage. Free trial available.


auto dialer infographic


What to consider before buying an auto dialer for telemarketing:

1-Do you need a CRM? Specific platforms provide integrations with a current system, while others offer a  built-in CRM system.

2-Do you need specific integrations? Although most auto dialers for telemarketing offer many integrations, check it before buying.

3-Which country are you setting up your telemarketing campaign in? Some systems (like PhoneBurner) only work in USA and Canada.

4-Do you need local numbers? This usually means an extra cost and is not a standard option (CallHub for example, provides local numbers in 150+ countries)

4-Make a proper cost evaluation. Check carefully plans pricing and options; these usually vary depending on minutes and number of agents.

5-Ask for a free trial if possible, so you have the chance to test and evaluate the system

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