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10 Best Personalized Video Platforms For Real Customer Engagement

Personalized video platforms are online tools that allow you to create, edit, and distribute customized videos for each viewer. These software use data such as the viewer's name, location, and browsing history to create videos tailored to their interests and needs. Personalized videos can include product demos, explainer videos, testimonials, and customized messages from the company's CEO.

Personalized videos are more engaging than generic videos. Viewers who see their name and specific information in a video are likelier to pay attention and stay engaged. This can lead to higher retention rates, increased conversions, and a better return on investment.

With a unique video, you also have a higher chance of engagement shared on social media. When viewers receive a video that has been personalized for them, they are more likely to share it with their friends and family. This can help increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website.

Another benefit of using these platforms is that they can help you save time and money. Traditionally, creating customized videos requires a lot of time and resources. However, with these platforms, you can easily create personalized videos at scale without needing a large production team or expensive equipment.

This software can also help you build stronger relationships with your customers. By creating videos tailored to their specific interests, you can show them that you understand their pain points and are committed to providing solutions that meet their needs. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and retention.

In this article, we'll look at the 10 best personalized video platforms on the market. This software offers a wide range of features and functionality to help you create engaging and customized videos for your audience.


sendspark homepage

With Sendspark you can record and share personal videos to improve communication and engagement and speed up the sales cycle. Each viewer gets a unique tailored experience that leads to 2x/3X more results from your existing emails.

This platform allows you to include your videos on fully customizable landing pages, that can also have personalized call-to actions.

Sendspark has a wide selection of pre-made templates, so you don't have to start from scratch to deliver tailored messages at scale.

Sendspark key features

  • Complete analytics suite, including video heatmaps.
  • Custom video pages.
  • Chrome extension to create videos on the fly.
  • Automatic video personalization.

Sendspark pricing

  • Free plan: Record and personalize up to 30 videos, essential features.
  • Video messaging: $12/user/month adds downloads, branding, call-to-action, and analytics.
  • Personalization at scale plan: $39/user/month adds dynamic variables, custom intros, and domains and removes Sendspark branding.
  • Team and management plan: $129/5 users/month adds CRM integration and customer success manager.


idomoo webpage

Idomoo helps create personalized video messages you can share or embed on your website. You can add dynamic assets like name, location, or other data to your videos to increase click-through rates.

This tool is aimed at businesses and enterprise users, with enterprise-grade security and powerful servers to launch thousands of videos quickly.

Idomoo key features

  • Live-data update for video interaction.
  • Only supports the English language.
  • Pre-made video templates.

Idomoo pricing

Not publicly listed on their page, you must contact sales for a license key.


bonjoro homepage

Bonjoro is an excellent alternative that connects with your existing marketing tools to send personalized videos for onboarding, sales, personal messages, and more.

You can use this software to collect video testimonials and personal video messages, customizing specific fields from your CRM data to deliver relevant content to your prospects. Bonjoro supports many languages, an exciting feature uncommon in this type of software.

Bonjoro key features

  • Integrates with Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Slack, Shopify, and many more systems via Zapier.
  • Easy screen recording.
  • Mobile apps are available.
  • 16+ languages supported.
  • Tons of resources to learn and improve your marketing strategy.

Bonjoro pricing

  • Free plan: with 50 videos, unlimited screen recordings, and 3 video testimonials.
  • Starter plan: $19/month with custom branding, CTA buttons, and 25 video testimonials.
  • Pro plan: $33/month with unlimited videos and 250 video testimonials.

Free 14-day trial


loom homepage

Loom uses asynchronous video messages to improve outreach, share team knowledge, accelerate team onboarding, and make every experience personal.

With more than 200,000 clients around the globe, Loom is a well-known name in the video messaging business. This platform offers one of the easiest ways to record screens with a webcam overlay. A Chrome extension helps to start with basic features. However, you will need to install a desktop app for premium features.

Loom key features

  • Up to 4K definition.
  • Fast built-in video editor.
  • Zapier integration.
  • Transcriptions and closed captions.
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS.

Loom pricing

  • Free plan: Up to 5 mins/video, up to 25 videos/person, instant editing, transcriptions.
  • Business plan: $8/month )paid annually) adds unlimited video length, unlimited videos, video uploads, password-protected videos, and engagement insights.
  • Enterprise plan: Contact sales for custom plans.



videoform homepage

Using Videoform, you can send personalized videos, images, or GIFS to your customers or leads with dynamic data. An easy to use video editor lets you add dynamic text layers inside the video with company logos and images. A perfect combo for LinkedIn outreach, onboarding emails, or marketing emails.

With this platform, you don't have to worry about hosting or video management. Videoform provides a sharing link and hosts and plays videos for every user. A unique feature of Videoform is that you can create personalized audio for every user, an exciting element to increase customer engagement.

Videoform pricing is structured on impressions; for video, an impression equals 10 seconds of viewed video.

Videoform key features

  • 100+ pre-made templates (Video, image, and GIF)
  • 30+ integrations with LinkedIn, HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Outlook, Intercom, and more.
  • Team management.
  • Proprietary API

Videoform pricing

  • Starting plan: $49/month with 5000 impressions, image and video personalization, all templates, integrations, and API access.
  • Pro plan: $199/month with 25000 impressions, custom domain,  image and video personalization, all templates, integrations, and API access.
  • Agency plan: Contact sales if you need 25K+ impressions/month


hyperise homepage

Hyperise  helps with image, video, and website personalization. Adding overlays and embedded images to videos on your website allows you to create unique videos for each viewer.

You can record a video directly on the platform using your webcam or upload an existing one, a better option if you need a well edited video. Then add personalization layers with dynamic text and interactive buttons and assets.

Hyperise key features

  • Hundreds of templates and royalty-free images.
  • Unlimited image and video designs.
  • Integrates with Intercom, Mailchip, Drip, and many more via Zapier.
  • Up to 15 active videos.
  • Chat and 1:1 video call support.

Hyperise pricing

The only pricing plan that includes images, websites, and video is $149/month, with a personalization editor, unlimited video designs, and a custom domain.


videoask homepage

Videoask allows users to send video questions and collect responses from their audience. This platform is easy to use and helps create videos for customers in every sales funnel stage.

These videos can have a high level of personalization, and you can even add images, GIFs, and videos for better outreach. A unique feature of Videoask is conditional logic; you can take viewers on a different path depending on their answers.

If you need professional-looking videos, keep in mind that the built-in editor is elementary, and you will need to go for an external video editing tool.

Videoask key features

  • Full feature and intuitive tool to collect video feedback.
  • Conditional logic for great personalization.
  • Human-like GPT-powered chatbot.
  • Tons of native integrations via Zapier.

Videoask pricing

  • Free plan: All core features, 20 mins/month, conditional logic, Zapier integration, up to 3 steps per video, transcription, and captions with watermark.
  • Grow plan: $30/month with 100 mins/month, live calls, unlimited steps by video.
  • Brand plan: $50/month with 200 mins/month, white domain branding, and an AI-powered chatbot.


viewed homepage

Viewed is a video platform that adds individual customer details to videos, so you can deliver better and more relevant experiences. Using Viewed you can send thousands of emails with personalized videos at scale. Still, it can also share videos via SMS, push notifications, and social media.

Viewed claims a fantastic 85% video view rate in email body texts, which is more than sufficient to give it a try.

Viewed key features

  • Integrates with CRMs, email providers, marketing automation platforms, and AdServer platforms.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Global partners network for sales and integration.

Viewed pricing

  • Starter plan: $39/month, including three videos per month with up to 5000 views.
  • Professional plan: $79/month with unlimited videos up to 75000 views, call-to-actions, video embedding, and analytics.
  • Enterprise plan: Contact sales if you need a custom plan



covideo homepage

Covideo is a complete featured platform to create, customize, and engage viewers through granular customization. You can share videos through email. SMS, social media, or your preferred CRM.

With an excellent analytics suite, this platform is a robust and reliable partner for customer engagement through video messaging.

Covideo key features

  • Complete video editor.
  • Screen recorder teleprompter.
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Full video analytics.
  • Unlimited video file hosting and team management.

Covideo pricing

Unique pricing plan: $49/month billed annually with screen recording, call to action, customizable video player, mobile apps, full support, and more features.

File hosting:$10/month

Captions and translations:$20/month.


bombomb homepage

BomBomb focuses on video messaging, and claims to get 81% more replies, an 87% increase in lead conversion, and 90% more effective stay-in-touch.

BombBomb also offers advanced analytics and tracking capabilities, allowing businesses to measure the impact of their personalized video content and optimize their strategies accordingly. The platform provides detailed insights into viewer engagement, including open rates, click-through rates, and video completion rates. This data helps businesses to identify which videos are most effective and adjust the messaging accordingly.

BombBomb key features

  • Powerful analytics.
  • Native email marketing platform.
  • Lots of native integrations and thousands more via Zapier.
  • Team management.

BombBomb pricing

  • Essential plan: $33/month billed annually with unlimited video and screen recording and analytics.
  • Plus plan: $49/month billed annually adds mass email sending, drag-and-drop email editor, and integrations.

Teams plan: $53/month/seat billed annually adds team management and premium onboarding.


The rise of personalized video content has revolutionized the way businesses engage with their customers. These platforms provide companies with the tools to create meaningful connections with their audiences. By leveraging personalized videos, companies can build stronger relationships, increase sales, and enhance engagement.
Choosing a system that offers the features and functionality you need to achieve your business objectives is essential. Whether you're looking for software that offers advanced customization options or a simpler, more straightforward solution, a personalized video platform can help you reach your goals. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage the power of personalized video content to take your business to the next level.

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