How to get a logo for $5

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How to get a logo for $5

If you are starting your own business a personal brand is mandatory. Once you have decided your business’s name, a natural step ahead is to have a custom logo.

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Design is not a simple task and if you are not a professional, chances are to spend countless hours trying to build a nice design. Believe me, this is a never-ending process because you are never satisfied with it. Does this color match with the other? Should that line be thicker? and so on…

But help is ready and cheap:  Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace with thousands of designers with prices starting as low as $5. The name comes because every service cost $5 when this platform started in 2010, although things have changed a lot in these recent years.

How to buy on Fiverr:

First, you know that most of the people working on Fiverr are freelancers, and this means that their costs are really low because they don’t have an office to rent, a secretary to hire, and a lot of fixed costs like the like. So they can provide an expert job with good pricing.


Each designer gets a star review and comments from previous customers, this is an essential check to do because you don’t want to receive low-quality services for your money.

Check also other seller details and do not focus only on the price. See service options and try to contact the seller prior to placing an order; in design stuff, it is very important to review the original proposal several times until you are pleased with the result.

Keep in mind that if you are in a hurry and need a quick response, a designer from a different time zone will answer in his/her time frame and this can delay your requests.

Take your time to carefully review offers and proposals, then choose the one that best suits your needs and go ahead.

Once you are satisfied with the job, you must review and accept it ( or not), the payment is released to the freelancer only when the customer approves it.

Fiverr also has a Pro section, with a handful of freelancers chosen by their staff who offer premium services.

Try it, Fiverr hosts thousands of offers and surely many of them can be your choice.

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