KreadoAI Review 2024: Features, Performance & Alternatives

What is KreadoAI?

KreadoAI is an AI Video Generator platform that enables the creation of professional videos using human-like avatars and voices. This platform goes the extra mile by providing tools unavailable in similar software.

AI Video Creation:

  • Create digital human videos, talking photos and videos from PPT files.

AI Tools:

  • AI Text dubbing: Convert your text into natural multilingual speech.
  • AI Copywriting: Create advertising and marketing written assets.
  • AI Smart Cutout: Remove the image background.

AI Model:

  • AI-generated models: Generate human-like models.
  • Wig mannequin generator: Generate a wig human mannequin
  • Bundle generated models: Hair generation for digital humans.
  • Virtual Wigs Try-on: Scan your face and try wig products virtually.

Clone Service:

  • Avatar Clone: For creating your own digital human.
  • Voice clone: Clone your own voice.

I will review various features of KreadoAI so you can determine if it is the right platform for you.

Read on to know more.

How to create a video with KreadoAI

Once I log into the platform, I click on “Digital human video” in the upper left.

kreadoai video creation dashboard


The next screen is the main dashboard for video creation. Here I can set the aspect ratio on the upper center: 16:9, 9:16, or 1:1.

kreadoai avatar and screen selection


At the bottom, I can choose my avatar. These are classified as Male/Female, Asian, Indian and more geos, business, sexy, cute, host, doctor, child, sports, festival, elder, and chef.

The filter doesn’t work well, so I click “All” and choose a businessman avatar. Let’s preview it: a window shows the avatar moving his lips, but there is no voice sound.

kreadoai avatar selection

On the right side, I can set language and voice. There is no hint about voice tones, so I guess avatar pics are related to voice tones. I click on Christopher-Male.

kreadoai voice selection

Now I click on the “Select now” button.

I need to enter text for the avatar to speak. Since I am not inspired, let’s try an AI text generator. It is necessary to input some keywords for the system to craft an output text. Suppose we want to create a video about a webinar to learn how to use Kreadoai for marketing videos, I enter this text in the AI text box:

kreadoai chatgpt script window


The text output has many word options, ranging from 400 to 1200 words. I set it to 400 words, and the platform offers 3 possible scripts. There is no chance to rephrase or ask for any ChatGPT variation. Take it or leave it.


kreadoai chatgpt integration


The final output is not bad, and clicking on the "Use text" button will add the text to the script.

Now, I click “Use Text” and “Audition” to test how the voice sounds. It sounds pretty clear. It is also possible to adjust speech rate and tone with the two sliders.

If you have your own voice file, there is the option to upload it with a maximum of 50MB and 10 minutes duration.

Now, let´s explore background options. KreadoAI offers some 20+ images and 20+ background videos. The video editor is bare basic; there are no transitions, animations, text options, stickers, or subtitles.

kreadoai video background selection


I hope they add the missing features soon. Otherwise, it will be complicated to get a place in the growing and populated human avatar video business.

Regarding avatars, I can drag and drop them, but they always show the entire body. As this can be an advantage for specific uses, the option for a circle or a box view would be attractive.

I couldn’t find a way to add a new slide or preview the video. The only option now is to click on “Generate video.” Now a popup window appears telling me the video is 26 seconds long and will get 26 K-coins (something similar to 26 credits in other platforms), and since I am on a Premium Plan, rendering will speed up by 30%.

kreadoai video credits


Now let´s click on "Generate video"

kreadoai background selection


My projects dashboard shows it will be ready in 4 minutes, a more than average time compared with other platforms. But the video was still rendering as time passed, and I had to wait for…10 minutes.

kreadoai render time

Once the video is rendered, it appears on My Project folder. I can now share it by mail, on Facebook, X, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, or embed it. I downloaded it in MP4 format.

kreadoai final video dashboard


Here is how the video looks: voice and lip-synching are good, but there is no chance to edit the video. You can copy it and begin a new project instead.

YouTube video

How to create a talking photo with KreadoAI

I click on the talking photo section in the upper dashboard.

kreadoai talking photo creation


Now the main screen appears; there are 70+ diverse avatars to choose from, and they look good quality.


kreadoai talking photo selection


If none fits your taste, you can upload your photo and even generate it with AI.

Let’s do it with AI; a popup appears where you must input keywords for the system to generate the avatar. I type in: A young man with dark long hair, blue eyes, business suit and press enter.

It took 30 seconds to generate four avatars, and they look good. Check in this pic the generated avatars;

kreadoai ai generated talking photo


You can download or save the avatars. I chose one of these to make the talking photo, and now I can set the photo frame as a circle, boxed, or with no frame. For some strange reason, this option is only available in talking photos and not in videos.

As I did in the previous video, I choose a voice, a voice tone and input some text in the text content box: Hi, I am Ryan and in this Kreado review, I will be showcasing all the features of this platform to help you determine whether it is suitable for your video making needs.

Here is the final talking photo. It took one minute to render

How to create an AI model with KreadoAI

Using KreadoAI, you can make AI models for commercial purposes. You must upload a real model photo, which the system uses to make commercial shoots. You can also use pre-made templates to tell the IA which features to include.

There are more exciting features coming soon:

  • Wig model lets you upload a photo and add different hair models.
  • The glasses model helps add glasses to a model photo.

They also offer an advanced custom mode with rich characters and hairstyles. This feature is only available on demand; you must contact support to enable it.

kreadoai advanced models

These are unique to KreadoAI, and if you are in the fashion business, it will help you to save a lot of money. No more countless hours at the studio, now a few minutes at your PC without breaking the bank.

Background image remover

Another exciting feature, “Smart cutout,” removes any image background. This feature is self-explanatory and works like similar tools.

kreadoai background image remover

How to create a custom avatar with KreadoAI

To make a custom avatar, you must record a 5-minute video following KreadoAI’s guidelines and submit it for processing. It will be currently available on your dashboard library in two working days.

Custom avatar has a one-time fee of $599, and if you want to add voice cloning, you can get both for $999.

AI Copywriting

This ChatGPT integration is already available on the video and talking photo dashboard. Still, you can access it as a standalone application too.

You must set the target language, keywords, and text and set the generated text length to 200, 400, 800, or 1200 words.

I typed in some text and set the output to 200 words, and got this result:

kreadoai copywriting


It is possible to re-generate the output if you are not satisfied, but you cannot ask the AI to make specific tweaks.

KreadoAI Pricing

KreadoAI currently offers four pricing plans.

  • Free Plan: 2 minutes/month with up to one minute duration per video, 140+ languages, 3 avatars.
  • Premium Plan: $8/month with 10 minutes/month, up to 3 minutes video length, 150+ avatars, 140+ languages and voices.
  • Pro Plan: $63/month with 70 minutes/month, up to 10 minutes video length, 150+ avatars, 140+ languages and voices.
  • Enterprise Plan: Available upon request.

Notice that you can choose different minutes in any plan according to your needs.

kreadoai pricing


KreadoAI pricing is based on “K-coins.” These are virtual currencies that equal one second of video. For example, a 60-second video will consume 60 K-coins.

Depending on the plan, they gift you many K-coins that expire 30 days after registration. Unused K-coins don’t roll over to the next period, and if you run out of coins, you can make a one-time purchase to recharge them or wait until the next month.

Your price for additional K-coins will depend on your current pricing plan.

KreadoAI support and onboarding

You can access support via a chat window in the dashboard. There is no real-time support as you must enter name, email, and message and wait for a reply.

A help center button on the lower left dashboard also takes you to an external help page. Here are essential topics and video tutorials in different languages that may help.

kreadoai support

Anyway, I would like a more integral approach like Synthesia’s onboarding and tutorials to get the most out of the platform.

KreadoAI Pros: What I like

Pricing: KreadoAI´s pricing starts at $8/month, a cheap price for this kind of software.

AI Model: This unique feature of KreadoAI makes it an exciting option if you are in the fashion business and need to create graphics and videos with human or AI-generated models.


Kreadoai Cons: What I would like KreadoAI to improve

There is a lot of room for improvement in this platform. To name a few:

Pre-made templates: KreadoAI lacks pre-made templates, a standard feature you will find in any similar app that helps you to start with some inspiration,

Video editor: The video editor is bare basic; there is no possibility to add slides, animations, transitions, GIFs and overlay text.

Avatar view: KreadoAI is the only platform that shows entire-body avatars; however, it doesn´t allow you to choose a boxed or circle view of the avatar.

Subtitles: Adding subtitles, closed captions, or translating a video is impossible.

No video editing: You cannot edit the video once you render it. This is a significant drawback and a feature every competitor offers.

Three best KreadoAI alternatives

If you are still unsure about KreadoAI, you´d better sign up for a free plan and try it yourself.

But if you still consider it not a good fit, I am listing below the three best KreadoAI alternatives in the market today.

Elai is a solid KreadoAI alternative for creating videos from text input with human avatars. It offers 65+ languages, 80+ avatars, 50+ video templates, many interesting integrations, ChatGPT integration, and more.

Pricing starts at $23/month with 15 minutes of video per month, and the price/cost relationship is excellent.

Read my review here.


HeyGen has lots of options to craft a video featuring human avatars, including talking photos and custom avatars.

HeyGen offers  300+ templates, 120+ avatars, face swaps, generative outfits, 40 languages in 300+ voices, and more.

The number of assets that HeyGen offers is not on any other application, and they regularly add new features.

Pricing starts at $24/month with 15 minutes per month, and you can test it with a one-minute video without inputting your credit card data.

Read my HeyGen review here.


In my opinion, Synthesia it is the best platform for creating a video with human avatars since avatar quality and lip-synching are unsurpassed by any other.

Add lots of resources, 150+ avatars, voice cloning, 65+ templates, robust security options and compliance, and you have the perfect combo.

Synthesia pricing starts at $22/month with ten minutes of video per month.

Read my Synthesia review here.

KreadoAI: My conclusion

KreadoAI promotes itself as a Digital Platform for Marketing Content Creation. The idea of gathering several related resources under the same website is excellent. Still, after testing the platform, I feel it got stuck in the middle of the road.

The AI copywriting tool does a decent average job but doesn’t offer options to adjust the final text.

The video editor lacks standard resources every competitor offers, like pre-made templates, subtitles, text fonts, background music, and more. Furthermore, there is no chance to add slides to the video, so the creation possibilities are tight and limited.

Adding the AI Model feature to the platform is a unique and valuable KreadoAI feature. If you are into the fashion business, this is a superb feature for getting KreadoAI. But if you are looking for a platform to create videos featuring AI human avatars, there are better options out there.

In my opinion, the platform has a lot of potential because the overall idea behind it is excellent. I hope we can see improvements soon.


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