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Lumen5 Vs. InVideo Comparison-Which Is Better?



Lumen5 is a web-based service aimed at businesses for creating video content for marketing, business, and social media. It has an easy drag-and-drop dashboard that allows anyone without prior experience to make a video in a few minutes.

InVideo is a video editing and creation software aimed at individuals and teams that allow users to create professional-looking videos using ready-made templates.

Main Features

With Lumen5 you can:

  • Use AI to automatically make a video from text input (or even from a url).
  • Use a vast library of images, video footage, and pre-made templates.
  • Quick video cutting and cropping.
  • Create your video in many formats; AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, and more.
  • Video merging.
  • Video compression and resizing.
  • Add audio, voiceovers, and music to video.
  • Add effects, transitions,
  • Video subtitles.
  • Add a watermark to our video.
  • Add text, images, and GIFs to video.

With InVideo you can:

  • Convert your script and blog article into a video using AI.
  • Auto-resize your video to post on any platform.
  • Crop and resize your video.
  • Add unlimited team members and collaborate on your video.
  • Record or upload a voiceover for your video.
  • Record your video in many languages and voices with automated text to speech.
  • Add effects and transitions to your video.
  • Remove background images.
  • Add texts, photos, and GIFs to your video.
  • Edit your video on the go using Android and iOS apps.

Onboarding and Tutorials

  • Lumen5 has a learning hub that redirects you to their blog articles. A standard help center is available but not integrated into their dashboard like InVideo.
  • You can access many InVideo tutorials from the dashboard. Signing up for webinars and InVideo´s Facebook group is also possible. Also, follow their Instagram account for inspiration or their YouTube channel.


  • Lumen5 has a few standard-looking templates.
  • InVideo has 5000+ video templates and tons of premium templates. They frequently add new templates that look unique and different.

Music and Sound Assets

  • Lumen5 has thousands of commercially licensed music files; you can also upload your files. It only supports the Mp3 format. To fix copyright claims from Lumen5 media you must contact them.
  • Invideo offers thousands of free-royalty music tracks of every genre and mood. Supported files are MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, and M4A Anyway, you may get copyright claims from YouTube or another similar social media platform. To fix this InVideo recommends linking your InVideo account to your YouTube account.


  • Within Lumen5 you can only record your own voice.
  • Within InVideo you can record your own voice or upload a file. It also features automated text-to-speech with tons of different voices.

Free Plans

Lumen5 free plan offers:

  • Millions of free-to-use videos and assets.
  • No premium media, custom colors, or fonts
  • No branding.
  • 720p resolution
  • 5 minutes max video duration and three videos per month (only sharing, no export)
  • Automated text-to-speech.
  • 1 team member.

InVideo free plan offers:

  • 5000+ templates
  • 3M+ standard media
  • 8M+ iStock Media with watermark
  • 1M+ Premium Media with watermark.
  • 720p resolution
  • 15 minutes max video duration and 60 videos per month(only sharing, no export)
  • Automated text-to-speech and tons of languages.
  • Branding, intros and outros.
  • 1 GB storage
  • Unlimited team members.
  • Help center and chat support.

Paid Plans

Lumen5 offers 3 paid plans and also enterprise plans:

  • Basic plan: $19/month (billed yearly) with 720p resolution, popular templates and media uploading.
  • Starter plan: $59/month (billed yearly) with 50M stock phots and videos, custom colors and 1080p resolution.
  • Professional plan: $149/month(billed yearly) with 500M photos and videos, custom watermarks, upload your own fonts, multiple brand kits.









InVideo offers 2 paid plans:

  • Business plan: $15/month (billed yearly) with 60 HD exports/month, 10 iStock media/month, 1M Premium media, 20 remove background/month, unlimited team members and no watermark.
  • Unlimited plan: $30/month (billed yearly) with unlimited exports/month, 120 iStock media/month, 1M+ Premium media, 40 remove backgrounds/month and no watermark.






Mobile Apps

  • Lumen5 doesn´t offer mobile apps and doesn´t work on mobile web browsers.


  • InVideo features mobile apps available for Android and iOS. Although these do not offer the full functionality the web version has, you still can do a lot of editing on the go. Up to now, there is no synching with the web platform.

Customer Support

  • Lumen5 offers chat support.


  • Invideo offers live chat 24/7 and email support.


Both platforms are easy to use and beginner-friendly. We couldn´t notice lags or significant delays when creating and rendering videos.

Onboarding and tutorials: You can directly access InVideo tutorials and webinars from the dashboard. Lumen5 has a learning hub that redirects to their blog, and you must search for help on a separate page.

Templates: Both platforms offer templates, but InVideo has many templates and frequently adds new ones. Lumen5 offers fewer templates that look classical and standard.

Voiceovers: A standard feature on InVideo but a beta feature on Lumen5.

Music: Both platforms feature many free tracks, but InVideo supports more file types.

Mobile apps: If you need editing on the go, only InVideo offers this feature.

Pricing: Although both platforms offer free plans, the InVideo free plan is unbeatable, with many features included in paid plans.

Support: InVideo has better support with 24/7 chat and also email support.

Since both provide a free trial, you´d better sign up for a free trial and check which platform better suits your needs.


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