Interactive Video Software

Eko Studio

Eko Studio is an interactive platform that started creating interactive music videos. Now it focuses on shoppable videos to help companies increase product purchases through interactive content. EkoStudio claims their platform provides 18.3X average interactions by product and 7X CTR vs traditional videos.

Cinema 8

Cinema8 is a London-based company that provides a platform to deliver interactive experiences in marketing, gamification, film-making, E-commerce, and E-learning.  360 videos are also available for a fully immersive experience.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is software to create E-learning content such as software simulations and demonstrations and branched scenarios. Furthermore, this platform provides tools for creating interactive content.


HiHaHo is a Netherlands-based interactive video company. Their software supports many video platforms and SCORM output for easy LMS integration. HiHaHo features clickable buttons, menus, questions, and many more interactive assets to improve viewer engagement.


Wootag provides interactive videos and interactive display ads on a single platform. Interactive polls and quizzes are available to get leads and convert viewers into customers.

Blue Billywig

Blue Billywig is a german company founded in 2006 that provides tools for creating interactive videos with many interactivity options. They also offer complete outsourcing of your interactive video project.


Mindstamp is a simple and powerful interactive video solution. Video branching and quizzes provide viewers with rich experiences and publishers with leads and data to increase engagement rates.


Vixyvideo is an online platform with all the tools you need to upload, manage, stream, monetize and analyze on-demand and live videos on your website. is an all-in-all online video platform to manage, publish, convert, sell and analyze your video content.


Smartzer helps companies to sell through shoppable interactive videos. This software offers video tools to boost engagement and sales while providing in-depth analytics.

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