What is Builderall?

Builderall is a cloud based marketing platform packed with more than 30 tools that help to create and improve business online.

Who is Builderall for?

Builderall is an all-in-all tool for those who need to manage their online business. Aimed at small businesses and entrepreneurs, one of its main strengths is that you do not need to have technical programming knowledge to use it.

Of course, digital agencies, web developers, and application creators can take advantage of this extremely versatile tool.


Main Builderall features:

1-Website builder:

If you need to build a website or a blog from scratch, an integrated drag and drop builder is intuitive and offers tons of settings and features to try and get awesome results on PC and mobile. It is packed with several templates but you can build your own too.

As sites and blogs are responsive, you do not need to build another version for mobile devices.

2-App builder:

Builderall App Creation Tool is a set of tools to create, edit, and publish mobile Android and iOS apps to engage a growing number of audiences through mobile devices.

3-Email marketing:

Once you have built your website the MailingBoss autoresponder tool will help to keep in touch with your leads and customers. There is an unlimited number of emails that you can send to unlimited recipients and track them too.

4-Mock up Studio:

Builderall has a full Design Studio to design mock-up images and gifts.

5-Funnel builder:

The Canvas Funnel Builder offers a way to design your funnel with the click of a button, you can edit to add or delete as per your requirement and supports all kinds of paths and complexity. There are pre-made templates for e-books, webinars, and more. Once you have the final layout,  Builderall creates the funnel and all the links and pages into each section, this is (another) awesome time saving Builderall feature.

6-eCommerce Store Builder:

The e-commerce Store Builder provides tools to list and sell products on your web page, again you don’t need to buy another external service to implement an online store. Here Builderall partners with Magento (one of the most popular e-commerce platforms) and you will have all the powerful features of Magento to build a superb online marketplace.

7-SEO Tools:

The SEO Tool will help to optimize your site, the only parameter it needs is the url of the site and the keyword that you want to rank to improve visibility on web search engines. You can also type in the urls of your competitors and see who are they facing up and how.

8-Membership sites:

Membership sites are available to create with Builderall, and they can be free or paid so the possibility to monetize your subscribers is available here almost at the click of a button.

9-Browser notifications:

Connect with your audience anytime through their internet browser.

10-Builderall Webinar Builder:

Create, run, and track webinars and reach your audience in minutes.

11-Video Wrapper:

Customize your videos with text and images.

12-Script Generator :

Create any script in minutes.


Create a professional chatbot to engage website visitors.

14-SMS Messaging:

Reach your leads by text messages.

15-WordPress integration:

Create, build, and publish your own WordPress web pages.

16-CRM App:

Manage your business data and information in one place.


Build Telegram funnels with Builderall.

18-DNS Manager:

Manage your domains connected to Builderall.

19-Magazine Builder:

Build your own digital magazine.

20-Video Tag Tool: 

Add actions to your videos in a matter of minutes.

21-Video Funnel Builder:

Create and share your own video funnels online.

22-3D Photo Editor Studio:

Design and edit your photos and graphics.

23-Animated VSL Video Builder:

Get creative with this animated video tool.

24-Transparent Floating Videos:

Create a unique floating video for your site.

25-Click Map:

Find out where your visitors have been clicking on your pages.

26-Social Auto Post App:

Manage multiple social networks.

27-New e-learning:

Your platform to teach and create online courses.

28-Professional Messenger Chatbot:

Take advantage of Facebook to engage your leads.

29-Social Proof Pop-Up:

Display your conversions for all of your website visitors to see.

30-Instagram Auto Responder:

Engage your Instagram followers.

31-VA Access:

Allow restricted access to Builderall account and tools.

32-Professional Website Boot:

An alternative way to create chatbots without using Facebook.

33-Professional emails:

Create professional email accounts for your domains.

34-Pixel Perfect Site Builder:

A complete and professional web page and site builder.


Builderall Pricing:

Builderall has 5 pricing plans to choose from, and also a free plan to start, here is a pic of their website page:


If you need to grow your business online Builderall is a good starting point. Otherwise, you will have to buy a SEO tool, a mailing list tool, some design software, CRM, and so on with each of these having their own prices and learning curves.

Builderall is an integrated tool and the pricing vs benefits relation is amazing, so a good choice is to try the Builder plan to start.

Keep in mind that hosting is included in every plan (according to price) so you do not have to worry about hosting your sites elsewhere.