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8 Essential Features Of Video Review Tools

The video review process can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when trying to keep track of feedback and comments from many clients. Sending emails with written timecodes and multiple attachments isn´t the more efficient way to manage feedback.

Collaboration is vital in a video review, and having a tool that allows for seamless collaboration can save you time and improve the quality of your review process.

Today several tools help streamline the video review process, cut costs, avoid deadlines, and offer a better service to your customers.

This article will dive into the eight essential features of video review tools that every person in the video creation business should consider.

Let´s check them out:


1-User-friendly interface and navigation

Since you will need to share revisions with clients and stakeholders, a user-friendly interface is a crucial feature to look for. Keep in mind that clients are not always techies and will appreciate a simple feedback system.

The ideal video review tool must offer comprehensive proofing functionality so reviewers can give feedback with a pair of clicks.

The idea is not to overload people with many non-essential features but to work with a simple and efficient system.


2-Compatibility with multiple video formats and files

It is essential to know beforehand if you will work with other file formats than video. Video review tools usually support numerous video file formats, but many allow to review of other files too.

For example, in live website reviews, clients and team members can give feedback about menus, banners, and animations.

Specific platforms also allow you to review images and PDFs, a crucial feature to consider if you are into graphic design.


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3-Advanced marking and annotation tools

Annotation tools are essential when it comes to reviewing visuals. Certain software allows freehand annotations; with others, you can insert pre-defined forms (like arrows and globes) to point at a part of the image. Check how easy it is to mark and leave comments on any portion of a video file and how the system keeps track of users´ comments.

The side-by-side comparison is a valuable feature of a video review. The system splits the screen showing the original video and reviewed video, so you don´t have to guess where the changes are.


4-Real-time collaboration and commenting

This is the foundation feature of a video review tool. Many platforms offer email notifications when someone leaves a comment on your design and/or real-time editing. You also can get notifications via integrations with other software like Slack.

It is always possible to download all comments in PDF format; and some systems also allow audio comments.


5-Integration with other workflow tools

Video review tools offer two main types of integrations:

  • Integration with productivity software like Trello, ClickUp, Airtable, Asana, and Zapier. Zapier integration assures you that you can connect with the video review tool no matter which other software you use in your workflow.
  • Integration with video editors, like Adobe Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and similar software. This kind of integration is mandatory, and you should check before buying if your video suite is on their list.


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6-Storage and max file size

Storage is a key factor to take into account. It is always considered against users and increases as you level up your plan adding more users.

You should carefully check storage and file size specs before choosing a pricing plan because running out of space on specific plans is not difficult.


7-Mobile apps

If you need to review video files on the go, it is important to go for a platform that works with mobile browsers or offers native mobile apps.

Remember that screen size will limit video file review, and mobile apps are not as functional as web versions.


8-Security and data protection

Check for two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your passwords.

You can find SSO, Digital Rights Management, and 3rd party audits on specific platforms only on higher plans.



The above points are the essential features of video review tools. This quick overview guides you through the main features to consider before choosing this kind of software.

It is important to notice that most of these platforms offer free plans and trials, so you can test them and check which is the best to fit your needs.


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