colossyan vs synthesia comparison

Colossyan Vs Synthesia Comparison. Which Is The Best?



Colossyan Creator is an online AI video generator that makes video creation simple and affordable.  You can create a video with AI actors and presenters that are difficult to distinguish from a real person. An interesting platform to create videos from text input with a low budget.



Synthesia is an online platform for creating videos with AI human avatars and voices. Enjoy fast video productions with excellent results in minutes Professional actors and voiceovers at a fraction of the cost of a regular video production.

Colossyan Vs. Synthesia main features

Colossyan main features:

  • Up to Ultra HD 4K videos (depending on plan)
  • Up to 3,840 minutes per year (depending on plan)
  • Side view avatars.
  • 70+ languages.
  • 30+ avatars.
  • Adjust emotions and ages of avatars (depending on plan)
  • Up to 4 actors in each scene (depending on plan)
  • 30+ templates.
  • Full video editor.
  • Auto-generated subtitles.
  • Chat-GPT integration.
  • Free stock music, videos and images.
  • Voiceover upload (depending on plan)
  • Create video from PowerPoint/PDF
  • Custom music and fonts upload (depending on plan)

Synthesia main features:

  • 65+ pre-designed templates.
  • 1080p Full HD videos.
  • 120+ languages.
  • 130+ avatars.
  • Up to 50 slides per video (depending on plan)
  • Animations and transitions.
  • Chat-GPT integration.
  • Automatic closed captions.
  • Free stock images and videos.
  • Premium Shutterstock videos (depending on plan)
  • Custom background music and custom fonts (depending on plan)
  • Many native integrations and hundred of integrations via Zapier.
  • SSO and SOC compliance.

Colossyan Vs. Synthesia custom avatars

A personal custom avatar is available on Colossyan for a yearly fee of $1,000

A personal custom avatar is available on Synthesia for a yearly fee of $1,000

Colossyan Vs. Synthesia API

Colossyan provides a complete proprietary API only for Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.


Synthesia has a proprietary API only for paid accounts.

The API can be accessed via Zapier integration, an interesting option for non-techies users.

Colossyan Vs. Synthesia integrations

Colossyan has no integrations at this moment.

Synthesia currently integrates with Udemy, Notion, YouTube, Vimeo, Medium, PowerPoint, Userpilot, Tolstoy, Udemy, Thinkific, Lectora, WordPress, Hubspot, Squarespace, Eduflow, Docebo, Shopify, Monday, BigCommerce, Shutterstock, Unsplash, uQualio and more.

Colossyan Vs. Synthesia monthly website traffic

Colossyan has 250K monthly visits according to Similarweb.

Synthesia has 3,1M+ monthly visits according to Similarweb.

Colossyan Vs. Synthesia G2 reviews

Colossyan features 4.8 rating score from 271 reviews on G2.

Synthesia features 4.3 score from 1016 reviews on G2.

Colossyan Vs. Synthesia pricing

Colossyan free plan

  • 5 video minutes to try the app.
  • Watermark videos.
  • Video templates.
  • Auto captions/subtitles.
  • 3 scenes per video.
  • Only English language.

Colossyan basic  plan from $21/month: 

  • 120 minutes of video per year.
  • 70+ languages.
  • Custom music upload.
  • Custom fonts upload.
  • 1080p resolution.
  • 12 human avatars.

Same plan with 240 minutes/year is $42/month.

Same this plan with 2360minutes/year is $63/month.

Same plan with 600 minutes/year is $105/month.

Same plan with 1200 minutes/year is $210/month.

Colossyan Pro plan from $/70 month: 

Adds to the basic plan:

  • 480 minutes of video per year.
  • 25 scenes.
  • AI Premium actors.
  • Upload your own images and videos.
  • Priority user support.
  • Same plan with 960 minutes/year is $140/month.
  • Same this plan with 1920 minutes/year is $280/month.
  • Same plan with 3840 minutes/year is $560/month.

Synthesia basic plan $30/month ($22.50 if you pay annually)

  • 10 videos/minutes per month.
  • Text to video.
  • 60+ languages with male and female voices and tones.
  • 50+ templates.
  • Custom backgrounds.
  • Up to 6 slides per video.
  • Background  music.
  • 1080p MP4 downloads.
  • Import PowerPoint slides as image backgrounds.
  • Free stock images and videos.
  • Import PP as background.

Synthesia corporate plan: Contact sales for pricing.

  • All previous plan features plus:
  • Up to 50 slides per video.
  • 10 Premium avatars.
  • Premium Shutterstock assets.
  • Custom background music.
  • Audio uploads from real voice clips.
  • Custom fonts.
  • Access to Premium services: You can request video editing, motion graphics and more.





Colossyan Vs. Synthesia Terms of Service

You can not publish offensive, adult and harmful content.

You need explicit consent from the person to make a custom avatar.




Video license:

You can share videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, social media, or your website.

Unless you use a custom avatar, you can not share your videos on any paid campaign (Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, paid TV Ads) or any form of paid promotion.

Content Moderation:

Synthesia applies a system of both human and machine moderation to improve efficiency. However content about illegal things, violence, and harmful is forbidden.


  • Both platforms offer excellent value for the money with realistic actors and gestures, Both of them are equally good in terms of quality.
  • Lip-synching and overall avatar behavior in Synthesia are more polished and natural.
  • The integration of Chat GPT in Colossyan is remarkable and superior to Synthesia.
  • Colossyan has a unique feature to adjust the age and emotions of AI actors, only available for Enterprise Plans (You must contact sales for pricing). Avatar´s side view on Colossyan is unique and adds lot of value.
  • Colossyan offers many pricing plans, from 120 minutes/year to 3,840 minutes/year. Synthesia only offers two plans, and the maximum video length is 10 minutes. If you own an agency or make lots of videos, Colossyan might be the way to go, but the lack of integrations is a drawback.
  • Synthesia offers more value for the money for individual users with expanded features and options. Colossyan only offers these features in higher plans.
  • Colossyan offers a  5-minute trial to test the platform. Synthesia does not have a free trial, but to test the platform, you can create a video for free on their webpage.
  • These platforms are intended for many types of videos and deliver what they promise. Considering the cost of a 10-minute video with real actors, production, language localization, and post-production, nothing can beat them both. And don´t forget you can edit the video in just minutes.

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