How Does Video Support the Customer Journey?

How Does Video Support the Customer Journey?

The rise of digital media has changed the way business organizations and customers interact. In this digital journey, videos are emerging as a pathbreaker for businesses. Unlike print media, which has limitations in reaching customers, videos prepared as digital media offer unprecedented opportunities by reaching a wider audience.

Statista says the number of digital video viewers worldwide is estimated to reach 3.5 billion by 2023, and it will keep rising yearly. Videos are evolving as an essential tool for businesses to enhance customer experience at every touch point of their life cycle. Marketing, sales, or customer support- videos make team members more innovative and impactful in their operations.

Organizations not including videos in the customer life cycle are losing huge opportunities in converting leads into customers. It is the most cost-effective way to capture customers' attention and drive business ahead. In the past, video creation was expensive. It required trained professionals, but with technological advancements and tools like video-making software, it is easy for anybody to create videos.

Business owners can create numerous types of videos, such as promotional, demo, marketing campaigns, etc., but strategically using them in the customer-life cycle is critical. This article sheds light on how videos can optimize each customer journey stage.


How Videos Can Deliver Value to Customer Journey Stages

1)    Awareness:

In this stage, customers know their problems and look for ways to solve them but do not know the right product or service. Educational and explainer videos showcasing the services or products are an ideal way to familiarize customers with the product. In this stage, the brands try to establish trust and a positive image with customers. Videos offer multiple options for brands to build bonds with customers emotionally and bring brand awareness. Business owners can create documentaries, Vlogs, storytelling, etc., to attract customer attention.

Users can include a call to action at the end of the video for customers that take customers to the company's website or related educational videos. Remember, the goal here is to educate the customers, so CTA should be strictly a knowledge-base guide or learning resource. In short, low-commitment videos are perfect for the awareness stage. A great video editing tool can be pretty helpful in curating videos and including elements that alleviate the video's visuals.

2)    Consideration:

In the consideration stage, the prospects consider the company's product but still evaluates the product for its reliability and deliverables. Buyers look for more information, like why they should buy the product, does it align with business needs, and whether it is worth investing in. In such circumstances, an informative video about the product and how the product is different from others could be pretty helpful. Business owners can post videos about product-review, testimonials, comparison charts, podcast interviews with customers, case studies, social proof, etc. Business owners can mention links in videos about the how-to guide, whitepapers, industry reports, etc., to help customers dig deeper into the product. All these approaches reduce the burden of support staff and save costs. At this stage, business owners need to be careful not to become pushy in offering their products.

3)    Purchase/decision:

This is the stage where the buyer shows readiness to convert into customers. At this stage, buyers look for a small product tour or a quick demonstration of how the product would behave in the natural environment. Business owners can include live demo videos or FAQ videos explaining all essential features, sub-features, and installation processes. To make the video more interesting, users can use a screencast video. Business owners can even consider sharing videos about the company's journey, leadership, and mission. It helps to convince users that they are buying a genuine product. In videos, users can include CTAs like a free trial, buy now, pricing plan, etc.

4)    Retention/ post-purchase:

Customer retention is a significant segment of the customer journey. Brands must establish long-term relationships with customers as they make the purchase decision. Business owners can use personalized videos, share brand announcements, or even thank you videos for subscribing to the service. Along with the thank you message, let them know how to reach customer support if there are any issues. Business owners can also share self-learning guide videos to help customers use products or services conveniently.

5)    Advocacy:

Customer advocacy works as a magnet and influences other buyers to buy products. Undoubtedly, video has enormous engagement potential. Both, when combined, could do magic for businesses. Business owners can create short user experience videos covering customers' success stories, case studies, or customers' views about the company. Business owners can post these videos on their social media sites and other online channels. Business organizations can even ask customers to post it on their social media handles.


Tips for creating compelling customer journey videos

  • Consider the video length. Business owners should be strategic on video length for each stage. For instance, in the awareness stage, customers don't want a detailed product overview; they skim the content. Business owners can include more content in the consideration or purchase stage.
  • Communicate in a way that is easy to conceive. Include analogies or examples to explain industry challenges and how products solve them.
  • Research the target audience before creating videos. It helps business owners to make instant connections with customers.
  • Use the right call to action in each stage of the customer journey.
  • Posting videos is just one part of augmenting the customer journey. Still, it is equally essential to track the performance metric of these videos. It allows business owners to create more result-oriented videos.


In the digital world, businesses capable of optimizing customer experience throughout the customer life cycle can enhance business prospects. With the rising popularity of video marketing, it has become the most preferred way to drive customers. Videos allow customers to decipher product information in the most comprehensive way and connect with brands emotionally. Videos embedded in the customer's journey echo brand messages succinctly and exhibit a high conversion rate. Businesses investing and using video technology mindfully can help them to nurture long-term relationships with their customers.

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A Better Alternative For YouTube Interactive Videos

A Better Alternative For YouTube Interactive Videos

YouTube video publishing is growing year by year. It is a perfect platform for casual users and content creators who need to grow their audience for free.

With 2.2 billion monthly active users, 38 active million channels, and 122 million daily users according to Invideo , this platform is undoubtedly an excellent channel to grow your audience.

As you may already know, interactive video is a powerful tool for increasing viewer engagement. The switch from a passive to an active role makes the viewer an active protagonist, and the possibility to choose between branching options adds additional value to the viewer´s experience. Keep in mind that the click-through rate in interactive videos is 10x higher than in standard passive videos. Needless to say, a formidable marketing tool.

On the other hand, YouTube videos are not fully interactive. YouTube doesn´t want users to exit their platform and puts a firm limit on third-party options. This is why interactive videos on YouTube are limited and offer a poor experience to the viewer. The same applies to Vimeo.

That is the main reason you should consider using an interactive video platform. These offer tons of options that allow engaging viewers within a sales funnel, an onboarding session, or a learning experience.


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How interactive video works

To fully understand the difference between passive and interactive video, you need to know how these video works. To turn a regular video into an interactive one, you first need to create a video (or get it from YouTube, Vimeo, or your PC) and upload it to an interactive video platform.

Once the video is uploaded to the platform, you can add a content layer. This layer can have hotspots, quizzes, forms, branching options, questions, and more assets.

These assets will depend on your marketing strategy and the kind of video you are creating. For example, dynamic or static hotspots on featured products in a sales video can guide the viewer into the sales funnel. Or if you are making an interactive video for education, quizzes and forms might be the right choice.

Here is when the magic happens. The final video will have a set of interactive elements designed to engage the viewer throughout its duration. These interactive assets are not fully functional on a YouTube interactive video.

YouTube interactive video Vs. native interactive video platform

If you Google for "Best interactive YouTube videos" the search result will show you the following video:

YouTube video


Not bad , but interactive options are basic and with no pretentions.

Now check how an interactive video platform works with this example from Vudoo:

As you can notice, the difference between the experience a viewer gets from a video created with a native interactive video platform is lightyears away from the experience YouTube can provide.

For example, Hihaho features more than 20 interaction types, like questions, forms, tables of contents, ratings, buttons, hotspots, images, iframes, and more. This is a fantastic set of tools for creating interactive video content.

And what about analytics? An interactive video platform gathers valuable analytics to track how your viewer interacts, such as views, devices, clicks, answers, response time, and more data.

Furthermore, some platforms like Stornaway have developed a hybrid integration within YouTube. However, these are not fully functional. makes a different approach by trying to include interactivity through YouTube cards. Still, the final result is not a full-featured interactive video.

YouTube interactive videos in education

When creating an interactive video for education, YouTube is not again the best option.

YouTube suggestions are always active and add distractions that can shift students from their focus. Within an interactive video platform, students are in a controlled environment and not subject to information overload.

Furthermore, analytics data collected about every student can help the teacher to improve individual learning. Also, some platforms like Hihaho provide direct integration with LMS (Learn Management Systems)

Notice that none of these options are available on an interactive video published on YouTube.

Check this video created with Hihaho:


YouTube interactive videos in e-commerce

YouTube has rolled out shoppable video features in a strategic move to face Facebook´s, Instagram and TikTok competition and to attract brands to Google´s ecosystem. But the overall user´s experience is far away from the quality and engagement rates you can get with a dedicated platform.

Check this shoppable video created with Spott


Although you can create an interactive video and publish it on YouTube, the option to create an interactive video with dedicated software is still better.

You will have complete control over your content, with the possibility to add your own branding with customizable video players, privacy, manage monetization options and maintain the intellectual property of your video.

But the best part is how interactive videos help to improve your video marketing strategy. With the granular analytics an interactive video platform can provide, you know who watched the video, when it was paused or forwarded, and more data that can help to fine-tune your video marketing strategy to get the best results.

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6 Types of Interactive Videos For Better Engagement

6 Types of Interactive Videos For Better Engagement

In this post we will cover six type of interactive videos to boost viewer´s engagement. Whether you are in the HR and recruitment area, onboarding, sales or education, an interactive video can help to get better conversions and results.

Interactive video is changing the relationship between retailers and consumers, teachers and students, companies and employees. By the end of 2022, online videos will represent more than 82% of consumer traffic.

One of the interactive video's most significant advantages is increased engagement ratios. They convey a unique experience and improve the viewer's journey using items like hotspots, buttons,  overlays, questions, and quizzes.

We have listed below the main six types and uses for interactive videos. Check them out:


Interactive recruitment videos

Recruitment has dramatically changed since 2020, and remote working has shifted job searching and talent recruitment to a new standard.

Now recruiters must work to build personalized communication and trust from people looking for professional opportunities. A company may have exciting job openings, salaries, and excellent work/life balance. Still, these are pointless if they can't attract the right talent.

This type of interactive videos can play a central role in your effort to hire the best talent.

Interactive videos are an attention-grabbing tool for candidates to get a better glimpse of your company. The video should describe your company values, career opportunities, employee benefits, and specific position-related benefits. At the end of the video, include an option to encourage viewers to share the video with their contacts.

You can add interactive questions and branching options to better understand if your candidate is a good fit. Adding questions and quizzes will help collect specific information and data to hire the better candidate.

A recruitment video can be posted on your website, your social media platform (here Linkedin is a must), or a job listing website


Interactive e-commerce videos

Interactive videos or "shoppable videos" are redefining the retail and e-commerce business. These videos add hotspots, buttons, and call-to-action items to improve the customer journey with a fully customized experience.

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There is a growing number of brands using shoppable videos. These can also produce a live stream to an audience of few viewers or thousands of people. Viewers can add products to their shopping cart and make payments without leaving the stream.

Considering the robust analytics that interactive video platforms usually offer, it is easy to explain why shoppable videos and eCommerce are a perfect match.

Taobao Live is Alibaba´s live e-commerce channel. They managed to build a simple app to help small merchants and big brands live stream. Last year 430M+ people entered the platform, and 36% of them made a purchase.

YouTube video


Interactive onboarding videos

The onboarding process must provide new employees with the tools they need for a good start. This includes job training, and knowledge of  company policies and values.

A good onboarding process is vital to increase employee retention and cut recruiting costs.

Using interactive video for employee onboarding can accelerate the time for people to know your company and gives them essential clues about values and inner company processes. Adding forms, tutorials, and multiple-choice questions with interactive videos can improve the onboarding process, with benefits for both companies and employees.

All feedback you can collect from the onboarding process can also be applied to improve the recruitment process.

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Interactive education videos

Interactive videos can turn a passive education environment into an interactive one. Using this type of interactive videos, you can give students an active role by participating in quizzes and answering open and multiple-choice questions through highly-personalized experiences.

To use these platforms you first need to find a related video on YouTube, Vimeo, or make your own from scratch. Edpuzzle also offers a vast library of teacher´s generated content to use, but you can eve modify it to suit your needs. Then an easy drag and drop dashboard lets you add questions, forms, pauses and more interactive items. The final video can be shared with students through a LMS or other integration to watch later or in live mode.

A crucial contrast with a regular passive video is that these software offers granular analytics, and educators can track every student's effort and progress as they answer with text or audio.

There are many  specific platforms for creating interactive videos in education, and most of them integrate with popular tools like Zoom, Google Classroom, Blackboard, Canvas and other LMS.

Watch this interactive lesson about the solar system created with Hihaho:

types of interactive video


Interactive training videos

Training can get enormous benefits from interactive videos. Suppose you need to train employees, technical personnel, health assistants, and many others. In that case, an interactive video offers the correct information and evaluates the viewer in a friendly and engaging way.

And since videos are responsive, viewers can watch them on any device and sometimes with their own schedule.

People do not feel intimidated or observed because they get into the story and can even change the course of the video. You can add many interactive items to the video, like quizzes, questions, timed activities, and more, to give the viewer the best experience.

Viewers' individual progress and performance are trackable; this feedback is a crucial metric to know how well they are doing.

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Watch this video made with Hihaho about employee training:

interactive video type


Interactive marketing videos

80% of marketers are using videos for their campaigns. Interactive videos can boost customer engagement and offer viewers a personalized experience that no other marketing tool provides.

You can create content by adding buttons, quizzes, forms, questions, overlays, and more items. These tools turn viewers into customers, boost response rates, grow consumer loyalty and get valuable analytics data.

Like any other marketing strategy, you must create, customize, publish your video, and measure results to optimize video performance. But the big plus is the granular analytics that interactive video platforms provide since you can track how the viewer responds to every second of the video.




The different types of interactive videos listed above can make the difference in your marketing results.

Nowadays, passive video plays a crucial role in communication, as video consumption grows yearly. But interactive video goes a step further with distinctive advantages for both the viewer and the publisher.

It offers the viewer a unique and personalized experience, with the possibility to change the course of the video and the final outcome based on previous actions.

From the publisher's point of view, interactive video is an invaluable tool to boost engagement and build loyalty.

Are you using any of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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6 Video Popup Builders To Boost Conversions

6 Video Popup Builders To Boost Conversions

Since video marketing is a powerful tool to engage consumers, a video popup builder is a perfect add-on to grow your business.


If you own an e-commerce site and need to increase sales, a video popup builder is an excellent option to consider. These popups differ from standard exit popups because they are highly customizable, and allow to record your own video message.


A video popup builder is a platform where you can upload your video and get more conversions. The platform manages streaming, hosting, and provide tools to create sales funnels. Once you have made your video popup, the platform shows a few lines of code that you must copy and paste on your website.


Please note that these platforms are not intended to create or edit videos. You must have previously made it with any video editor (we recommend Filmora or Wave )


Some benefits of using a video popup player are:

Increase sales: You can record a set of videos to guide your leads to a funnel based on their previous answers.

Grow your online store: Showing a popup video when the customer is looking for specific information can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Lead generation: Through pre-recorded videos, you can engage visitors and take them through a sales funnel.

Get feedback: Request feedback from your customers.

Boost consumer engagement: Record a video to welcome visitors or announce a flash sale.

We have listed below the six best platforms, so read on and make your choice.



vidpopup homepage

Vidpopup is a video popup builder that allows embedding audio, video, or text popups on your website. This is a funnel builder that uses video as the main feature. You can set up this tool in 3 simple steps: record yourself (or use any stock video), customize the popup widget to match your brand and embed it on your website by copying and pasting a single line of code.

When a visitor reaches your site, your video popup appears, and the viewer has the option to respond by text,  audio, or video.

A complete and straightforward dashboard allows for tracking views, video replays, average view rates, vidpops plays, and more data.

Vidpopup integrates with Mailchimp, GetResponse, and Zapier.

See Vidpopup in action:

YouTube video

Vidpopup pricing:

Free trial plan: Only two steps per popup, 100 popup plays per month, save leads to CSV file, and Vidpopup branding.

Starter plan: $39/month adds unlimited popups and video recording, 10,000 popups plays per month, three steps maximum per popup, vidpopup branding, and ten video templates.

Pro plan: $59/month with unlimited popup plays per month.

Free 7-day trial with no credit card required.





video popup player


This platform creates popups videos that generate and track conversions on your website. You can segment videos on specific pages and trigger them on the best moment of the customer journey.

Using Vidjet is fast and easy; you can upload, configure, and launch a campaign in a few minutes. Videos can be triggered based on viewers' actions, and a clean dashboard provides data to analyze results.

To make your video available on your website, you have to copy and paste a few lines of code into your websites' code.

Vidjet offers native integrations with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, and Drupal.

Vidjet pricing:

Free plan: Unlimited videos and 1,000 videos played per month.

Enterprise: Unlimited videos and custom number of videos played. Available on request.

Free 14-day trial available with no credit card required.


popusmart homepage

This is a complete tool that includes a popup video player. With a vast library of GDPR-ready popup templates and excellent pricing, this is a solid platform that connects with your website with a simple line of code.

Popupsmart claims to convert 25% more traffic into sales and offers more than 18 targeting options to target the right audience at the right time. You only need a few minutes to have your video popup up and running.

Popupsmart integrates with GetResponse, Mailchimp, MailerLite, and hundreds of apps via Zapier.

Popupsmart pricing:

Free plan: 5,000 pageviews/month, 1 website and 1 popup. No analytics.

Basic plan: $24/month with 100,000 pageviews/month, unlimited websites and popups.

Pro plan: $66/month with 500,000 pageviews/month, unlimited websites and popups.

Expert plan: $108/month with 1,000,000 pageviews/month, unlimited websites and popups.


This is a simple platform to embed a video to any website in minutes. You only need to create it, and they manage hosting and streaming.

With a simple copy and paste of a few lines of code, you can embed the video at the bottom corner of your website

Embed currently integrates with MailChimp, Converkit, and Calendly pricing:

Free plan: three videos, 3 minutes max per video, unlimited pageviews, and white label branding.

Pro plan: $20/month with five videos, 5 min max per video, and unlimited pageviews.

Growth plan: $35/month with ten videos and 10 min max per video, and unlimited pageviews.


sleeknote homepage

Sleeknote is a full set of popups tools that features a video popup builder. With 120+ templates that can be customized via a drag-and-drop dashboard, this platform has a complete set of powerful features, including advanced analytics, split testing, interactive elements, popup videos, and more.

You can embed YouTube videos (sharing directly from YouTube) or a video created with any other platform using a custom code in a simple copy and paste step.

To make your first steps as smooth as possible,  the Sleeknote team offers to create a free popup for your site. If you decide this tool is not for you after seven days, leads and data collected during that period are yours.

This tool integrates with MailChimp, HubSpot, Klaviyo, and hundreds of other platforms.

Sleeknote pricing:

Lite plan: $$49/month with 25,000 visitors/month including all features.

Basic plan: $$59/month with 50,000 visitors/month including all features.

Plus plan: $$114/month with 125,000 visitors/month including all features.

Pro plan: $$369/month with 500,000 visitors/month including all features.

Free 7-day trial






Convertful is a complete video popup player platform for getting leads and turning them into customers. This software offers unlimited screens and sequences for an ultra-personalized funnel as a distinctive feature.

There are more than 100 pre-made templates, quiz funnels, gamification, cart abandonment, and more. With a drag-and-drop editor, you can customize any template, adding forms, buttons, timers, social optins, videos, etc.

Convertful integrates natively with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, and hundreds of tools.

Convertful pricing:

Free plan: 3,000 pageviews/month with watermark, all widgets and elements.

Blogger plan: $19/month with 10,000 pageviews/month, CRM sync and A/B testing.

Growth plan: $79/month with 125,000 views/month, 5 sites, 5 sub-accounts.

Agency plan: $199/month with 500,000 pageviews, 15 sites, and white label.




Today video consumption is growing fast, and people are more willing to watch videos than reading text.

All the options listed here are excellent tools to increase sales and revenue.

Most of them provide free trials and even free plans, and also Sleeknote offers to create a video popup for free.

Are you using a video popup builder on your website? Let us know in the comments below

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4 Best Alternatives For Video Collaboration

4 Best Alternatives For Video Collaboration

Are you looking for the best alternative? In this post, we will cover the best four options we could find.

Like other Adobe products, offers one of the most complete video review suites with many features and functionality. But as full as it goes, this can also be a drawback when you need a simple video review system with affordable pricing. webpage


Main features of (depending on Plan):

  • Real-time comments and annotations.
  • Version management.
  • Unlimited free sharing.
  • 4K Ultra HD playback.
  • Camera to cloud.
  • Private projects.
  • Share link expiration.
  • Custom-branded presentations.
  • Single Sign-On.
  • Mobile App.
  • Apple TV App.
  • Integration with Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro. There is a huge list of integrations, including Slack, Salesforce, Monday, Paymo, and Zapier. pricing:

Free Plan: Unlimited shares, apps and integrations, 2 projects, and 1080p playback.

Pro Plan: $15/month/user with custom branded presentations, password-protect shares, and 4K playback.

Team plan: $25/user/month adds private projects, share link expiration, and custom-branded emails.


Now let's do some math about pricing:

Their free Plan accepts up to two users and 2 GB of active cloud storage, plus version management.

Not bad, but only suitable for a freelancer with a few small projects.

Paid plans start at $15/user/month with 250 GB storage. You cannot access all features with this Plan, and you can have up to 15 users with no possibility of getting more storage.

If you require more storage, you must move to the next Plan for $25/user/month to get 500 GB of storage. So, let's say you have 5 users; you will be spending $125/month

Keep in mind that a user refers to both collaborators and team members. Every collaborator or team member you invite is a paid user. If specific users only need to view clips and leave their comments, you'd better send them a review page rather than add them as collaborators to the project.

There are many platforms offering similar video review features, and we have selected the best alternatives focused on small to mid-sized businesses.

Check them out:



ziflow homepage


Ziflow is an excellent alternative you can use for video review.

Main Ziflow features (depending on Plan):

  • Unlimited reviewers.
  • Review any asset (images, videos, audio, snapshots, banners, and also live websites)
  • Version management.
  • Two-stage workflow.
  • Compare versions.
  • Proof brief.
  • Adobe CS and Final Cut Pro X extensions.
  • Advanced commenting and branding.

Ziflow pricing:

Free Plan with 30 proofs/month/per user and 1 GB per user. Needless to say, with low activity, you will run out of storage in the short term.

Business Plan: $40/month/seat (minimum 5 seats) with 50 GB per user and 200 proofs per month per user.

So, for 5 users, you will pay $200/month with 50 GB available per user. You will have unlimited projects but with only 200 proofs per month.

From Business Plan, you only can shift to Enterprise Plan. There is no intermediate option.


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Filestage homepage


Filestage is another alternative to consider. This platform can review video files, documents, images, and audio files.

Main Filestage features (depending on Plan):

  • Unlimited reviewers.
  • Annotations.
  • Side-by-side version comparison.
  • Video, PowerPoint, Excel, image, audio, and PDF review.
  • Projects with unlimited files.
  • Timestamped video comments.
  • Custom branding.
  • Strong security compliance.
  • Integration with Asana, ClickUp, Adobe, Microsoft Teams, and many more.

Filestage pricing:

Advanced Plan: $95/month, including 5 seats, 10 active projects, 75 GB storage, and 2 review steps.

Professional Plan: $195/month, including 5 seats, 25 active projects, 250 GB storage, and 3 review steps.

As their pricing plan starts with 5 users, you don't have a cheaper option. But $95/month for 5 users and 75 GB is a good deal.


govisually homepage


We consider GoVisually an excellent alternative. With hundreds of integrations available (natively and via Zapier) and a straightforward review process, this platform is a solid contender.

Main GoVisually features:

  • Video, image, and PDF review.
  • Clients can comment without registration.
  • Team-only private comments.
  • Password protect proofs.
  • Mobile App available.
  • Side-by-side version comparison.
  • Zapier integration.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration.
  • Up to 1,000 projects.

GoVisually pricing:

Solo Plan: $20/month (billed annually) for only one user, 10 projects, and unlimited reviewers.

Team Plan: $50/month with 5 users, 1,000 projects, video file support, automated reminders, custom branding, full features, and Zapier integration.

Free 7-day trial available.

You can add extra users on Team Plan for $10/month. There's no app offering 5 users Plan for $50/month with similar features. In our opinion, the cost/benefit relation is excellent.


RELATED READING: 15 Best AI Video Generator Platforms – Text To Video 2022



quickreviewer homepage


Quickreviewer is another alternative you can try.

Main Quickreviewer features (depending on Plan):

  • Integrates with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dropbox. Premiere, After Effects, and Gdrive integrations coming soon.
  • Unlimited reviewers.
  • Guest commenting.
  • Versioning side-by-side comparison.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Controlled sharing.
  • Custom branding.
  • Slow-motion video review.
  • Custom integrations.

Quickreviewer pricing:

Free Plan for one user with 100 MB storage, unlimited files, real-time collaboration, no integrations, and essential features but good enough to test the software.

Pro Plan: $29/month with 10 team members and 25 GB storage.

Premium Plan: $84/month with 20 team members and 250 GB storage.

If you run out of storage on Premium Plan, you can buy 250 GB storage for $500/year (that is approx. $48/month). This is still an exciting price considering you can add up to 20 users to your workflow.




Any of the above platforms can be eligible as a valid alternative. Since many provide free trials, you can sign up and test which is the best to suit your needs.

You are covered in video and file reviews with prices ranging from $50 to $250 monthly. These apps take you out of endless email chains and help with the daily work, so paying an average of $100/month to speed up feedback with a better workflow will always be a good deal.

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Video SEO: 7 Ways To Optimize Your Video For Search

Video SEO: 7 Ways To Optimize Your Video For Search

With around 500 hours of video content posted every minute on YouTube, how can you make your videos stand out? What will you have to do so that YouTube or any other search engine shows your video at the top of its search results? And how can you attract viewers to click on your video and watch at least half of it?

Well, we are here to put all your questions to rest and help you master the art of optimizing your videos for the search engine. So, continue reading to find the best SEO practices to help you ace Google and YouTube's algorithms.


1-Build backlinks

Video backlinks are links for your video on other websites or videos, bringing traffic from another site to it. Besides referral traffic, backlinks optimize your video for search engines like Google. Videos with backlinks generally rank better in search engine results and appear on the top. Thus, the more inbound links your video has, the higher its chance of ranking among the top videos.

Finding suitable sites to build your backlinks on can be tricky. How do you figure out which ones will bring in the most traffic? How do you find writers to write the perfect blogs to backlink your videos? This is where professional digital marketing agencies like Link Building HQ step in. They conduct thorough research to develop a comprehensive strategy for placing your backlinks. This includes selecting the right anchor texts, placement, and websites. Moreover, they also have real-time data displayed on a database. It lets you know the progress of your link building, the number of ordered links, and the number of links placed on guest sites.


2-Optimize YouTube search

Like Google's search engine, YouTube displays relevant videos based on the user's keyword queries. It ranks them based on various factors, such as the title and description, views, etc. It also considers the content of the video. YouTube also considers the watch time and engagement on videos that match the query. Thus, the number of views is not the popular streaming platform's judgment criteria. It is how often and for how long users watch your video.

You will need YouTube keyword tools to determine the right keywords and search terms for video SEO. This includes tools like YouTube Analytics, which displays the search terms people use to discover your video, and TubeBuddy, which gives you long-tail search terms and auto-translation into multiple languages. Optimize YouTube video descriptions, titles, and closed captions with the right content to ensure they're also crawlable by regular search engines.


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3-Suggested videos collection

YouTube monitors users' previous activity and displays a personalized video collection that viewers may like to watch next. It is displayed on the watch page's right side under 'up next' in the desktop version. Alternatively, the mobile version shows the video collection below the video. If autoplay is enabled, YouTube also picks out the next best video for the viewer to watch based on his current video and plays it automatically after the first one ends.

The video collection consists of videos ranked based on maximum viewer engagement. These recommendations are based on the videos they generally watch, along with the current one. Moreover, it also displays those videos related to the current one. They could be from a different channel or the same one.

You may want to know the type of videos that make it to recommendations and bring in traffic. This information is available in YouTube Analytics under the Traffic sources. You can be a part of the first couple of suggestions by following the steps given below.

  • Give viewers an encouraging push to watch another video of yours.
  • Cute short endings will attract more viewers to your channel than long ones.
  • Use playlists and end screens and share video links in the description to suggest to viewers the next video to watch.
  • Create video series. Viewers are more likely to watch several videos from your channel if they are organically linked.
  • Keep up with trending videos. You should know about the latest challenges and make videos related to them.

4-Create appropriate titles

Viewers select videos based on the titles while browsing video search results on search engines and social media platforms. So ensure your title depicts the actual content of your video. Suppose a user clicks on your video to find the title misleading. In that case, they will immediately go back and choose another one, which will negatively affect your content's SEO. Relevancy ensures viewers watch videos for longer, and the longer people watch them, the higher search engines rank them.

You can optimize your title by following the tips mentioned below.

  • Ensure your title has the correct keywords.
  • Make it exciting. Users love titles that tease their curiosity.
  • Keep titles concise (60 characters)
  • Place episode numbers and branding at the end of a title
  • Ensure your full title is displayed in search results, the video suggests, and YouTube's mobile version.


5-Use compelling thumbnails

An exciting thumbnail reels people and makes them want to watch your video. Instead of going with a regular thumbnail, customize it and make it interesting to attract more people. According to research, 90% of popular videos have custom thumbnails.

While customizing a thumbnail, try to opt for a bright and vibrant image that is attractive and also conveys information related to your video. You can also add your branding text to the thumbnail. Alternatively, you could add emojis or concise, descriptive text. Make sure the text is easy to read and eye-catching.

Mentioned below are a few tips to optimize your thumbnails.

  • Plan your thumbnail before shooting your video. Then, you can take a couple of shots and ensure you have a picture-perfect one.
  • Make your thumbnail of high resolution. However, do not exceed a file size greater than 2 MB. This helps to load web pages faster.
  • Consider these specs for your thumbnail size; 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9 ratio) as a .PNG, .GIF, .JPG and .BMP.
  • Use the zoom feature and check if the thumbnail looks better zoomed in or out.
  • Compare your thumbnail to those of other similar videos. Does it stand out? If not, make it stand out.


6-Use well-written descriptions

The description box plays a significant role for viewers, who'll only watch a video if the description spikes their interest. It consists of two parts; a small paragraph that viewers can see before clicking 'show more' and the longer text they see after clicking it.

Give each video on your channel a unique description. Viewers will not be attracted if you write the same general information for each one. Moreover, it will make your video stand out and rank better. Explain the video's content in the first few lines. Use search-friendly keywords for this. You can mention a general overview of your video's content and add social media links towards the end. Add time stamps for the different topics that you cover in the video. This will allow viewers to skip to the part they are interested in.


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7-Add hashtags

Viewers can search for videos on social media using hashtags. So add hashtags related to your videos in the title and description box. This will make it easier for people to discover your video.

Use appropriate hashtags. Do not add unrelated hashtags to your title and falsely attract people. Remember that if you mislead viewers, they will leave your video without staying for long. Don't fill your description box with hashtags. Keep in mind that YouTube ignores all hashtags if your video has over fifteen of them. Use hashtags with trending content, as you will be able to attract viewers searching for challenges or upcoming events.



These tips will give you positive results and make reaching your goals easier. However, these tips will only work if you post quality content. Remember, viewers will not watch your content if you post garbage content, no matter how many tips you follow and backlinks you generate. Hence, YouTube, Google, and Bing will give no importance to it.

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5 Unique Tools To Convert Audio To Video

5 Unique Tools To Convert Audio To Video

Audio to video converters play a significant role when sharing audio files on social media. Since most social sites do not allow to upload audio or sound files, these tools convert your audio into some sort of video to take advantage of the fantastic engagement rates that video offers.

These platforms are intended to create short "videos" to share on social media. Those are not regular videos since you can only set an image or graphics assets and add a waveform for better engagement. If you need a regular video, you´d better go for  Flexclip or a similar platform. Anyway, audio to video converters are excellent options if you are looking to increase your audience with little effort and low budget.

We all know content creation demands lots of time, and audio to video converters are valuable tools to repurpose content. Sharing your audio on your website, or social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or others will help you reach wider audiences without additional effort.

Check the best five tools we recommend to convert audio to video:




wavve homepage


Wavve is an excellent online platform for converting audio to video. This tool helps to repurpose your content, turning your podcast into shareable video clips for social media.

First, you need to upload your audio file. A clean drag-and-drop design editor allows the upload of custom images, logos, text, and animations. The platform provides an easy way to add waveform animations, progress timer animations, and more effects.

A crucial feature of Wavve is the ability to generate a transcription of your audio files in more than 60 languages and add captions for better viewer engagement.

Check this video created with Wavve and shared on Twitter:

Another exciting feature of Wavve is the minute rollover system that allows you to rollover unused minutes to the next month. You can also earn minutes by using Wavve branding on your videos.

Wavve key features:

  • Clean drag-and-drop video editor.
  • "Smart Highlight AI" tool to find and summarize audio highlights.
  • 1080p HD videos with multiple formats for social media.
  • Zapier integration.

Wavve pricing:

  • Free Plan: to test the tool with 2 minutes of video per month.
  • Creator Plan: $10.99/month  (billed annually) with 30 minutes of created videos per month, rollover up to 60 minutes of unused time per month, stored files, and fully editable Wavves for 3 months.
  • Influencer Plan: $16.00/month (billed annually) with 60 minutes of video per month, rollover up to 120 minutes of unused time per month, stored files, and fully editable Wavves for 9 months.
  • Agency Plan: $27.99/month (billed annually) for 300 minutes of created videos per month, rollover up to 600 minutes of unused time per month, stored files, and editable Wavves for 12 months.


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subly homepage

Subly is a tool to convert audio to video to get the most out of your audio content and reach a wider audience.

This platform also features subtitles and captions, a subtitle translator, and audio-to-text.

The process of creating a video from audio in Subly is quite straightforward:

1-Upload the file.

2-Edit subtitles and timestamps.

3-Add images, branding, soundwaves, or headlines to your video.

4-Download and share.

Subly key features:

  • Automatic transcription.
  • Over 67 languages.
  • Pay-as-you-go plan.
  • No direct sharing on social platforms at the moment.

Subly pricing:

  • Pro Plan: $17/month with 100 minutes/month, 10GB storage and 1 GB per file.
  • Premium Plan: $39/month adds subtitle translator, HD files, and up to three users.
  • Business Plan: $218/month adds up to 10 team members, account manager, and video/audio comment.
  • Pay-as-you-go: from $0.60/minute.

Free 7-day trial available.



recast homepage

Recast is an online platform to easily convert audio to video. Once you upload your audio file and select the most relevant part, you must choose a template (or create your own from scratch). A simple and intuitive dashboard allows you to change waveforms, animations, colors, fonts, and images and edit subtitles.

The process is straightforward, and you can create a video in minutes. Recast features one of the best video editors in this type of software, including animated text, emojis, GIFs, shapes, and waveform animations.

Recast key features:

  • Pre-made templates for quick creation.
  • Video format selection to match social media.
  • Automatic subtitle generator.

Recast pricing:

  • Professional Plan: $22/month with 45 minutes export per month of videos up to 20 minutes long. 1080p videos.
  • Premium Plan: $49/month with 120 minutes export per month of videos up to 60 minutes long.
  • Business Plan: $149/month with 600 minutes export per month of videos up to 60 minutes long.


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reel homepage

Reel is an online platform that helps to convert audio to video. This software features pre-made customizable templates, and the video creation process only takes a few minutes.

Reel key features:

  • Very affordable pricing plans.
  • Automatic subtitle creation.
  • HD videos with custom design.

Reel pricing:

  • Free Plan: Up to 2 videos/month in HD and watermark.
  • Basic Plan: $10/month up to 10 videos /month, custom design and no watermarks.
  • Pro Plan: $20/month adds unlimited videos.




convert audio to video

Headliner is a superb audio to video converter that you can use to level up viewers on social media, YouTube, or your website.

This software optimizes your video for every social media platform by choosing the correct aspect ratio of your video.

Hedliner offers a unique "Disco widget" you can embed on your website to turn your readers into listeners. This widget automatically takes your last 5 podcasts and puts them into the widget content carousel so your visitors can always access your new episodes.

Headliner key features:

  • Audiogram wizard to create videos in four easy steps.
  • Custom templates to speed up the creation process.
  • Video customization with images, texts, and effects.
  • Amazing disco widget.
  • Generous free Plan.

Headliner pricing:

  • Free Plan: Up to 5 videos per month, HD, 10 minutes of transcription per month.
  • Basic Plan: $7.99/month adds 10 videos/month, unlimited transcriptions, and custom intro and outro videos.
  • Pro Plan: $19.99/month with unlimited videos and unlimited transcriptions.




When you need to convert audio to video, any of the above tools can help. You have many options to choose from the simplest to more advanced tools, including transcriptions and video editing. Most of them include free trials, so you can test the tool and check if it suits your needs.


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5 Best Video Repair Tools to Fix Broken Files

5 Best Video Repair Tools to Fix Broken Files

A video repair tool is a must if you work with videos regularly. A video file can be broken, unplayable, or corrupted for many reasons, such as:

Battery issues or power failure.

A virus attack may ruin your file.

Flash or USB memories malfunction.

You accidentally sent a video file to the recycle bin and then emptied it.

Video repair tools are intended to fix all kinds of broken files. Although they are not perfect, you can expect an average 95% recovery rate.

We have listed below the best 5 tools we could find for fixing broken and corrupted video files. Many of them help repair a large variety of file formats.

Check them out.



EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard   

easeus homepage


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a complete recovery software for PC and Mac that features an excellent video repair tool.

EaseUS is a long-time player in the data recovery business that has 75M+ users all over the world and claims a 99.99% success rate.

The software not only fixes corrupted video files but graphic, documents, audio, email, and others file supporting more than 1,000 file types. It also can recover files from recycle bin, flash drives, hard drives, SD cards, cameras ( even from GoPro cameras), and almost any device.

Like similar software in this category, it only can repair MP4 and MOV files recorded from cameras. So if you have a corrupted MP4 file created with a video editor, this tool will not work.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pricing:  $69.95/month for single PC license, or $149.95 lifetime use. 30-day money-back guarantee.


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Wondershare Recoverit   

wondershare recoverit homepage


Recoverit is a video repair tool from Wondershare, the company behind the popular Filmora video editor. Recoverit not only fixes video files but is also an excellent resource for fixing more than 1000 file formats, including videos, photos, audio, emails, and more, with a 95% recovery rate.

This software helps to fix ultra HD, 4K, 8K, and 360 videos from any device in standard mode but also provides an advanced mode to fix hard-broken or damaged files.

Recovering damaged or broken files using this tool is straightforward and only requires 3 clicks and no technical expertise.

1-First you must select the video files to fix.

2-Chose which the video format you need to scan.

3-Press "start" to get a video preview and select a location to save the recovered video files. Saving them to another secure location is recommended, not in their original place.

Check how it works:

YouTube video


Recoverit pricing starts at $69.99/year.  They also offer a perpetual license for a one-time fee of $119.99

A free version is available, but the file size is limited to 100 MB.



Kernel Video Repair   

kernel video repair homepage

Kernel Video Repair is another top video repair tool to consider. This software repairs all kinds of video files; MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, MTS, DIVX, 3GP, and more. And if you have a corrupted 4K, 8K, VR, or 360 video, this software will fix it with no issues about file size.

The repair process takes only three clicks, and the dashboard is simple and intuitive. There is also the possibility of repairing multiple files at once in batch mode.

There are two versions of this software:

Video Repair; for repairing video files and Video Suite; for improving photos that also works as a video converter. Both versions only work on Windows but repair files from any device.

Kernel Video Repair pricing: $49/1 year license. Kernel Video Suite $79/1 year license. A free trial version allows you to repair only the first 30 seconds of the video.


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VLC Media Player    

vlc media player homepage

VLC is a free, open-source multimedia player that can also work as a video repair tool. This popular software can play video from files, cameras, streams, webcams, and more. It is free to download and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android with no need for codec packs.

This is an excellent video player that also features a video repair tool. The downside is it only repairs AVI files at present.




Stellar Video Repair Tool

stellar video repair homepage

Stellar Video Repair Tool is an easy-to-use tool that fixes corrupted or unplayable video files covering 17+ video formats. This tool features a batch mode for repairing various videos simultaneously to speed up times.

This is downloadable software that you must install on your PC and runs on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 (There is a Mac version available). It works in three simple steps;

1-You add the file(s) you need to repair.

2- Next, click "repair" to start the process (which may last several minutes depending on the quantity and size of the videos).

3-Preview the repaired video and save them to your desired location.

The software provides an advanced mode for severely damaged files and fixes QuickTime movies.

Check this software in action:

YouTube video


Stellar Video Repair Tool pricing: Starts at $49.99, allowing the repair of corrupt or broken videos. The next plan is 69.99 and adds the possibility of repairing photos. The premium plan also allows repairing audio files.




Any of the above video repair tools can help when it comes to recovering a broken video. They allow fixing hundreds of file formats and are easy to use.

And a 95% recovery rate is a strong indicator that you can recover almost any  file.

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9 Best Video Testimonial Software To Boost Conversions

9 Best Video Testimonial Software To Boost Conversions

Testimonials and reviews are powerful tools to create trust in your product or service. Video testimonial software is a dedicated platform that helps to collect video testimonials.

Many tools allow customers to publish written reviews. Still, video testimonials are a sure shot for increasing conversion rates by using real people to talk about your product or service.

You can talk a lot about your business. Still, nothing compares to a happy customer explaining how good your product is.

Online reviews are critical because most customers search for reviews before taking action, and consumers don’t trust businesses without reviews.

Video testimonial tools are easy to use, and you don’t need coding skills. You only must share a link with your customer to collect videos via email. Then, you can embed the video on your website or publish it on YouTube or a social media platform.

In this article, we have compiled the best nine video testimonial software. Check them out:


vocalvideo homepage

Vocalvideo allows you to collect, edit, publish, and host testimonial videos. This video testimonial software automatically applies your branding schema, and a big plus is that you can edit the video within the platform itself.

Vocalvideo also provides a library of 45 templates to choose from and a library of soundtracks for your video. Still, there is also the option to upload your own music file. The user can send a video and/or audio review, a good choice for those uncomfortable showing their face on video.

With automatic caption generation, multiple video formats, and easy set-up, this is a powerful platform to collect video reviews and build trust in your brand. Zapier integration adds a superb feature to integrate this platform into your current workflow.

Check how Vocalvideo works in this video:

YouTube video

Vocalvideo key features

  • Auto-generated subtitles.
  • Straightforward in-app video editor.
  • Horizontal, vertical, and square format.
  • Multi-person testimonial videos.
  • Automatic transcript and multi-language video collection.

Vocalvideo pricing:

  • Free Plan: 3 first videos for free.
  • Solo Plan: $33/month, publish 3 videos per month and unlimited downloads.
  • Team Plan: $99/month/user minimum 3 users, unlimited videos, and 300 minutes of video storage.
  • Pro Plan: $39/month/user minimum 5 users, unlimited videos, and 240 minutes of storage.

Check the full pricing here.

vocalvideo pricing

Our take on Vocalvideo

Best for agencies and teams, Vocalvideo has all the features to manage video testimonials with ease.


videoask homepage

Videoask is the video testimonial tool from Typeform, focused on asynchronous video conversations. In this kind of video email service, you can send a video to a customer, who can answer by video, voice, or text.

Videoask goes beyond video testimonials with an exciting feature for lead management. You can use a pre-recorded video funnel to qualify leads and allow them to start a video call. If you can´t pick up the call, you can reply later or schedule a call later in your calendar.

A simple analytics dashboard tracks visits, clicks, answers, and completions, so you can measure and test how well viewers engage with your videos. There are no editing options in Videoask, so you will have to go outside the platform if the video needs an edition.

Videoask integrates with hundreds of apps via Zapier and features an intelligent AI speech-to-text transcription in many languages. Videoask rating on G2 is 4.5/5 from 12 reviews.

Watch Videoask in action:

YouTube video


Videoask key features

  • AI video embeddable chatbot.
  • Customizable video funnels.
  • Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • Multi-language support.

Videoask pricing:

  • Free Plan: 20 minutes of video or audio processing per month with all core features and up to 3 steps per video.
  • Grow Plan: $24 per month with 100 minutes of video or audio processing per month plus live calls, unlimited steps per video, and respondent tracking.
  • Brand Plan: $50 per month with 200 minutes of video or audio processing per month, white-label and voice-powered chatbot.

Check Videoask pricing

videoask pricing


Our take on Videoask

Easy and intuitive to use, Videoask sets apart with the possibility to create customizable video funnels for lead generation.


socialjuice homepage

I must confess I love the name of this app because it is meant for what it does. SocialJuice is a video testimonial app that helps to boost trust, sales, and conversions by collecting and sharing video testimonials.

You can embed testimonials in a website with a carousel type, single form, and wall of love. Of course, there is the option to embed in social media sites.

This tool collects testimonials by sending a link (by email, social media, SMS, or link in bio). Then the customer receives the link and can give feedback without signing, password, or any other requirement. You can request an email address, job title, and company name at this stage.

There is the option to write a testimonial for customers uncomfortable with the video.

The process is straightforward; SocialJuice has no bells and whistles but does its job: you get a video of a real customer talking about real experiences.

SocialJuice key features

  • Many widgets for collecting testimonials.
  • GDPR compliant.
  • Excellent cost-benefit pricing.

SocialJuice pricing

  • Starter Plan: $39/month with one space, unlimited testimonials, and a custom domain.
  • Pro Plan: $89/month adds 3 spaces, 3 seats/space, premium widgets, and custom SEO settings.
  • Custom Plan: $119/month adds 10 seats/space and custom widgets.

Check SocialJuice pricing

socialjuice pricing

Our take on SocialJuice

SocialJuice is a simple platform to collect and share video testimonials. Good price-benefit ratio.


trustmary homepage


Trustmary helps to collect video testimonials and reviews to increase your website’s conversion rate. You can set automated testimonial import from Google, Facebook, G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. There is also the possibility to bulk importing from a spreadsheet.

To request a video testimonial from a customer, the tool sends a form asking to record a video testimonial. The user only needs to click “record” and then “send,” and you get the review on the platform.

This platform allows the complete editing of reviews published on your website to match your brand. Like many similar platforms, a single line of code sets the review on your site.

Trustmary features native integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zapier, allowing connecting with hundreds of apps. Trustmary rating on G2 is 4.6/5 from 11 reviews.

Trustmary key features

  • Integration with Google, Facebook, and more. Also, via Zapier.
  • AI integration to find the best reviews automatically.
  • Simple analytics for analyzing customer feedback.
  • Pre-made forms for collecting testimonials from Google, G2, Tripadvisor, and more.

Trustmary pricing

  • Free Plan: up to 5 video responses.
  • Starter Plan: $29/month for up to 25 video responses with automations and Zapier integration.
  • Business Plan: $79/month for up to 100 video responses with HubSpot and Pipedrive integration.
  • Scale Plan: $249 per month: adds feedback reporting, SMS automations, NPS,
  • Free 14-day trial available.

trustmary pricing


Our take on Trustmary

A solid platform that includes editing and the option to easily import testimonials from Facebook, Google, Trustpilot and more. Trustmary is the way to go if you need to collect lots of testimonials.


glimpse homepage

Glimpse is a video testimonial software with a different approach since it focuses on capturing and editing video content.

With this platform, you can create video emails, testimonials, story videos, branded videos, and messages. Video testimonials can be up to 50 seconds long, more than sufficient time for your customer to send a good and concise review.

You can customize logos and call-to-action buttons and add music from a vast library of music files. Once you download the video, you can embed it on your website or publish it on any social platform.

Glimpse key features

  • GDPR, SOC2, and PCI compliance.
  • YouTube integration.
  • Music, logo, and font customization.
  • Call to action integration.
  • Unlimited cloud storage.

Glimpse pricing:

Flat pricing: $49 per month with unlimited video testimonials, emails, branded videos, story videos, and messages.

Free 14-day trial available.

Our take on Glimpse

Excellent testimonial platform that includes many customization options. Pricing is unbeatable, give it a try.


boast homepage

Boast is a complete video testimonial tool to collect video, text, and star ratings. You only need to share a link by mail with your customer, and they can answer with a video from any device.

Creating a video is fast and easy, with many templates and automated video testimonial requests and reminders.

Boast allows you to create widgets and embed them on your website and landing pages. Still, you can also download videos to use in any marketing material or use Zapier to distribute them to additional channels.

Boast key features

  • Team management.
  • Basic video editing
  • Zapier integration.
  • Video automations.

Boast pricing

  • Basic Plan: $50 per month (billed annually) with 600 responses per year, 720p video quality, and a max video length of 5 minutes.
  • Team Plan: $100 per month with 600 responses per year, 720p video quality.
  • Team Plan: $100 per month with 1,800 responses per year, 1080p video quality.
  • Free 14-day trial available with no credit card.

boast pricing


Our take on Boast

Boast makes it easy to collect testimonials, includes integrations and automatic reminders.

video testimonial software

Testimonial is a video testimonial platform to collect and display video reviews.

This software has a complete approach to handling reviews since it allows you to add text reviews from Twitter, Linkedin, or other social media platforms.

You can embed videos on your site with a simple line of code and create your own “wall of love” page. Or publish it on a social media site. A complete set of integrations allow you to embed your video on Webflow, Wix, Carrd, Flurly, Notion, React, Bubble, and Potion. key features

  • Automatic transcription.
  • English, Deutsch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Nederland languages.
  • Zapier and Make integration.
  • Basic video metrics and analytics.
  • Chrome extension to manage testimonials from LinkedIn, TikTok, Capterra, and more social media and hosting platforms. pricing

  • Free Plan: One space, 2 video testimonials, 10 text testimonials, Testimonial branding.
  • Starter Plan: $20/month adds unlimited text, two video testimonials, and a 3-minute video time limit.
  • Premium Plan: $50/month adds a 3-minute video time limit, unlimited testimonials, and 2 users.
  • Ultimate Plan: $70/month adds unlimited spaces, unlimited testimonials, and 5 minutes time limit.

A 7-day free trial is available

testimonial pricing


Our take on is a useful tool to collect testimonials from social media and hosting sites with one of the best pricing plans.


trust homepage

Trust is a video testimonial software that can include clients’ photos and backlinks to their websites or social media accounts, making the feedback trustworthy and authentic.

This platform makes it easy to create testimonial request forms or rating surveys and share links to get customer feedback.

You only have to paste a single line of code to add trust to your site or use a WordPress plugin. Then you need to create a survey, send its link, and check the results on the platform. You can choose the best testimonials and show them on your website as a final step.

And to avoid privacy concerns, you can add a predefined contract to e-sign a GDPR-compliant agreement.

Trust makes the video recording easy for your customers with the upcoming “Teleprompter” feature. You can write a script, and the customer can follow it to produce better and more polished videos.

Trust key features

  • Transcription and subtitles.
  • Video editor.
  • Widgets and popups
  • Propietary API and Zapier integration.

Trust pricing

  • Starter Plan: $19 per month, 1 website, 5,000 visits per month, 50 published testimonials, and 50 rating responses per month.
  • Off-the-ground Plan: $49 per month for 3 websites, 20,000 visits per month, 200 testimonials, HD video, 5 external rating services, AI-generated testimonials, and 5 e-sign per month.
  • Business Plan: $99/month with 100,000 visits/month, 500 testimonials, AI-generated testimonials, and 5 users.
  • Free 14-day trial available.

trust pricing


Our take on Trust

Trust is a good option for collecting and sharing video testimonials, widgets and popups add lots of value.


videopeel homepage

VideoPeel is a complete solution for video testimonials. Your customer receives a single link, and clicking it allows people to record their video.

A unique feature of this platform is that it shows all the questions on the screen, which maximizes the chances of getting better responses. VideoPeel offers basic editing functionality, but there is no possibility to add music or any other element to the video. There are only three different templates (profile, photo, or video)

This platform offers a native Shopify integration and Amazon syndication for your product listings. VideoPeel rating on G2 is 4.5/5 from 20 reviews.

VideoPeel key features

  • Zapier integration.
  • Unlimited videos submission and hosting.
  • 40+ campaign templates.
  • QR code for easy testimonials collection.

VideoPeel pricing

  • Basic Plan: $4.99/month up to 30 videos/month and 40+ templates.
  • Pro Plan: $49/month, unlimited videos/month, QR codes, and Zapier integration.
  • Premium Plan: $249/month adds video transcription, analytics, and signature request.

videopeel pricing


Our take on VideoPeel

VideoPeel has one of the best pricing plans you can find with many solid features and QR code option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can video testimonials benefit my business?

Video testimonials benefit your business by building credibility, increasing conversion rates, improving SEO performance, enhancing social proof, and providing an engaging user experience.

Are these video testimonial software options suitable for small businesses?

Many of the listed software options cater to businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises.

Can I customize the look of my video testimonials?

Yes, the best video testimonial software allows you to customize the appearance of your testimonials to align with your brand’s visual identity.

Can I track the performance of my video testimonials?

Yes, video testimonial software typically offers analytics and reporting features that allow you to track metrics such as views, engagement, and conversion rates.

How can I encourage customers to provide video testimonials?

Offering incentives, providing clear guidelines, and showcasing the value of video testimonials can motivate customers to provide feedback.

Are these software options compatible with popular CRM platforms?

Several software options integrate seamlessly with popular CRM platforms, enabling a smooth workflow.

Do these software options offer analytics to measure the performance of video testimonials?

Yes, many of the software options provide analytics and insights to assess the effectiveness of your video testimonials.


In conclusion, testimonials are a powerful tool for businesses, providing invaluable insights and boosting their credibility. By showcasing positive feedback and success stories, testimonials help establish a strong reputation, attract new clients, and build customer loyalty. Moreover, these testimonials provide valuable feedback and insights, enabling businesses to identify areas of improvement and refine their products or services accordingly.

By leveraging the power of testimonials, companies can effectively showcase their strengths, differentiate themselves from competitors, and ultimately drive growth and success.

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Private Video Hosting Platforms for Secure Sharing

Private Video Hosting Platforms for Secure Sharing

Private video hosting is a suitable alternative to free online video hosting platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, and others. Free hosting's drawbacks have substantial restrictions when it comes to publishing content, monetization, branding, and limited consumer support.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you give them the right to use your content. Have you ever read YouTube's terms of service?

On the other side, private video hosting platforms give creators complete control over their work. Companies can control access to training videos, message videos, and all types of video stuff.

But if you host videos on your server, it may start to suffer due to high load traffic and lags depending on spikes coming from audience increase. The best option is to use an external platform that manages hosting, security, and provides user´s analytics.


What to consider in a private video hosting platform?

1-Live streaming and VOD support

If you plan to get into live streaming, keep an eye on how many viewers the platform accepts.

2-Video security and privacy

Video security is essential to secure your videos and make them inaccessible to hackers and piracy. Security is a solid point to consider if you intend to generate revenue from your videos.

Video privacy is vital to allow access only to specific viewers, for example, if you own a VOD (video-on-demand) platform and provide access upon payments.

3-Encoding and Transcoding

This is important to support several video formats and distribute the content of any type of video file.

4-Video proprietary API

An API can help to automate specific tasks such as uploading, downloading, and embedding videos.

5-CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is a must-have to assure fast content delivery regardless of the viewer's physical location. This is handled by a server network that detects where the viewer is located and makes a connection with the nearest server available.


Analytics is the core point of any video platform with marketing capabilities. It lets you know how your users interact with video content, how long they watch a video and their engagement level.

7-Mobile video hosting

Many people watch videos on mobile devices. This means that you need two things:

-Adaptive bit rate video player to work in low-quality connection areas and

-HTML5 player for easy video embedding.


Integrations are essential to include the private video hosting platform into your current workflow.


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We have listed below seven private video hosting platforms. Since there are many platforms out there, this list is not exhaustive but pretends to give a general overview of different systems and how useful they can be for your needs.



Vidello is a private video hosting company with a focus on course creators. This software provides tools for collecting leads, social sharing, coupon management, and advanced analytics.

Regarding security, you can password protect your content, a must-have for membership and e-learnings sites.

Vidello is simple to use and includes video marketing tools and a plain pricing model.

Vidello key features

  • Specific built for course creators.
  • Responsive  and fully customizable video player.
  • Animated lower thirds.
  • Automatic SEO improvement for videos.
  • Video GIFs creator.

Vidello pricing

Standard plan: $39/month or $397/year with 200 videos, 200 GB bandwidth, and basic analytics.

Pro plan: $49/month or $497/year with 500 videos, 500 GB monthly bandwidth, and full analytics.

video editor,video recorder


sproutvideo homepage

SproutVideo is a private hosting and live streaming platform. This company shares the same philosophy of Wistia because offers a private video hosting platform with additional features for video marketing.

Thus, you will find many features like detailed analytics, engagement viewer tracking, and the option to build a videosite based on your content.

SproutVideo is an easy-to-use platform with many options for a budget pricing suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

SproutVideo key features

  • Many security options, including geo-restrictions, SSL embeds, and Single Sig-on options.
  • Full engagement tracking.
  • Lead capture, video SEO, and more marketing tools.
  • Proprietary API.
  • Fully customizable player.

SproutVideo pricing

Seed plan: $24.99/month with core platform features and 500 GB bandwidth, no viewer accounts.

Sprout plan: $59.99/month with 500 GB bandwidth, login protection, 125 viewer accounts, and a video website.

Tree plan: $199.99/month with 500 GB bandwidth with 500 viewer accounts and geo-restriction.

Free 30-day trial available.


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spotlightr homepage

Spotlightr is a private video hosting platform that includes video marketing tools. This platform offers an attractive "Hybrid video hosting" feature that allows streaming videos hosted on other platforms (like YouTube, Vimeo, and more) while removing ads and related content suggestions.

Spotlightr offers affordable pricing plans suitable for those looking for a budget hosting solution.

Spotlightr key features

  • Advanced player customization.
  • CTAs overlay video templates.
  • Video password protection, domain restriction, and private sharing links.
  • Hybrid hosting for external hosted videos.
  • Heatmaps and advanced analytics.

Spotlightr pricing

Spark plan: $7/month (paid annually) with 25 videos and 50 GB bandwidth/month, player customization, and advanced analytics.

Aurora plan: $16/month (paid annually) with unlimited videos and 200 GB bandwidth/month plus advanced security options and team accounts.

Polaris plan: $40/month (paid annually) with unlimited videos and 600 GB bandwidth/month, adds CRM integration and advanced marketing features.




dacast homepage

Dacast is a reliable video hosting company focused on business with plenty of features. The dashboard is clean and intuitive, but you will need to spend some time to know all the features.

A distinctive feature of Dacast is that all pricing plans include unlimited concurrent viewers, Ad-free streaming (to delete all logos and ads from third-party brands), and security features.

Dacast key features

  • Proprietary API for easy integration.
  • Many video monetization options.
  • Strong security, including AES-256.
  • Live streaming and video On Deman capabilities.
  • Excellent value for the money.

Dacast pricing

Starter plan: $39/month with 1.2 TB bandwidth and 50 GB storage.

Event plan: $63/month with 6 TB bandwidth and 50 GB storage.

Scale plan: $118/month with 24 TB bandwidth and 1,000 GB storage.




vdo cipher homepage

VdoCipher is a private video hosting platform focused on e-learning and media websites, with technical features to prevent unauthorized downloads. A unique "dynamic watermark" feature prevents screen capture from any device, and videos hosted on Vdocipher can not be downloaded.

This platform has a particular approach to pricing plans since they sell a specific amount of bandwidth that lasts one year. You will be charged an additional fee if you spend your credit before the year ends. Despite this, your credit card is never auto-charged.

VdoCipher Key features

  • Video API to download and upload content.
  • Customizable video players and WordPress plugins.
  • AWS-based CDN servers all over the world.
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure to handle audience peaks.
  • DRM encrypted streaming.

VdoCipher pricing

  • Starter plan: $99/year or 500 GB bandwidth (estimated to 1900 hours of streaming on 600 kbps video) and 70 GB storage.
  • Value plan: $399/year or 2.5 TB bandwidth (estimated to 9900 hours on 600 kbps video) and 200 GB storage.
  • Express plan: $699/year or 4.5 TB bandwidth (estimated to 17900 hours on 600 kbps video) and 400 GB storage.

There are more plans available depending on bandwidth consumption.




wistia homepage

Wistia has been a private video company in the business since 2006. This platform has a different approach since it combines video hosting with video marketing. It allows you to add CTAs into your videos, offers heatmaps to better understand how viewers engage with your content, and a bunch of marketing tools.

If video marketing strategy is one of your business pillars, Wistia is a great platform to try.

Wistia key features

  • Fully customizable player.
  • Analytics, heatmaps, and A/B testing.
  • Generous free plan.
  • Many integrations with CRMs, Google Analytics, and Zapier.
  • Optimized video player for all devices, from mobile to 4K screens.

Wistia pricing:

  • Free plan: 10 videos, 200 GB of bandwidth per month, and basic features.
  • Plus plan: $19/month with 20 videos, 1 TB bandwidth, no Wistia branding, and basic call to action options.
  • Pro plan: $79/month with 50 videos/month, 1 TB bandwidth, custom call to action, password protection, and more features.



brightcove homepage

Brightcove has been in the private video hosting business for many years and is a key player in this business. This platform claims to deliver 675 million video views weekly, which tells about its technical capacity and resources.

A solid and full-featured platform but be prepared to face a steep learning curve to get the most of it.

Brightcove is focused on enterprise clients, and you must contact their sales department to get a quote.

Brightcove key features:

  • Live events and 24/7 streaming.
  • OTT and TV streaming.
  • GEO restriction and IP restriction are available.
  • Tons of integrations through Brightcove Marketplace.
  • 99.99% uptime and 16 data centers around the world.

 Brightcove pricing

Only available per request.

DemoCreator is built-in with 16 AI virtual presenter selections, easily turning you into a virtual human with motion capture. You can use it for online teaching, presentation, gaming, and any other situation you want.

Private Video hosting FAQs


The private video hosting universe is populated by many companies with different offers. At first glance, choosing which is right for you may be challenging.

A first approach should divide options with and without video marketing tools, depending on your specific needs.

We recommend going for a free trial to learn the ropes and then advance for a paid plan.

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