9 Video Testimonial Software

9 Video Testimonial Software (Free and Paid)

Testimonials and reviews are powerful tools to create trust in your product or service. Video testimonial software are dedicated platforms that help to collect video testimonials.

Many tools allow customers to publish written reviews. Still, video testimonials are a sure shot when it comes to increasing conversion rates by using real people to talk about your product or service.

You can talk a lot about your business, but nothing compares to a happy customer explaining how good your product is.

Online reviews are critical because most customers search for reviews before taking any action, and consumers don't trust businesses without reviews.

Video testimonial tools are easy to use, and you don't need any coding skills. To collect videos, you only must share a link with your customer via email. Then, you can embed the video on your website or publish it on YouTube or a social media platform.

In this article we have compiled 9 video review platforms, check them out:



video testimonial software


Vocalvideo allows you to collect, edit, publish and host your testimonial videos. The platform automatically applies your branding schema, and a big plus is that you can edit the video within the platform itself.

Vocalvideo also provides a library of 45 templates to choose from and a library of soundtracks for your video. Still, there is also the option to upload your own music file. The user can choose to send a video and/or audio review, a good option for those not comfortable showing their face on video.

With automatic caption generation, multiple video formats to choose from, and easy set-up, this is a powerful platform to collect video reviews and build trust in your brand.

Vocalvideo pricing:

Starter plan: $33/month, 60 minutes of video storage, and 3 videos published per month.

Team plan: $99/month with unlimited videos and 120 minutes of video storage.

Pro plan: $299/month with unlimited videos and 240 minutes of storage.


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video testimonial software


Videoask is the testimonial tool from Typeform, and is focused on asynchronous video conversations. This is a kind of video email service; you can send a video to a customer, and they can answer by video, voice, or text.

The idea is good if you need to gather a lot of info from the customer, but perhaps not the best to collect reviews.

A simple analytics dashboard tracks visits, clicks, answers, and completions, so you can measure and test how well viewers engage with your videos. There are no editing options in Videoask, so you will have to go outside the platform if the video needs an edition.

Videoask integrates with hundreds of apps via Zapier and features an intelligent AI speech-to-text transcription in many languages.

Watch Videoask in action:

Videoask pricing:

Free plan: 20 minutes of video or audio processing per month with all core features and up to 3 steps per video.

Grow plan: $30 per month with 100 minutes of video or audio processing per month plus live calls, unlimited steps per video, and respondent tracking.

Brand plan: $50 per month with 200 minutes of video or audio processing per month, white-label and voice-powered chatbot.






video testimonial software


Trustmary helps to collect video testimonials and reviews to increase your website's conversion rate. You can set automated testimonial import from Google, Facebook, G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. There is also the possibility to bulk importing from a spreadsheet.

To request a video testimonial from a customer, the tool sends a form asking to record a video testimonial. The user only needs to click "record" and then "send," and you get the review on the platform.

This platform allows the complete editing of reviews published on your website to match your brand. Like many other similar platforms, a single line of code sets the review on your site.

This platform features native integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zapier, allowing connecting with hundreds of apps.

Trustmary pricing:

Free plan: unlimited video and text testimonials, one widget.

Business plan: $99 per month adds unlimited widgets, integrations, testimonial collection automation, and up to five users.

Pro plan: $299 per month: adds feedback reporting, SMS automations, NPS,

Free 14-day trial available.




Glimpse is a video testimonial tool with a different approach since it focuses on capturing and simply editing video content.

With this platform you can create video emails, video testimonials, story videos, branded videos, and video messages. Video testimonials can be up to 50 seconds in length, a more than sufficient time for your customer to send a good and concise review.

You can customize logos and call-to-action-buttons and add music from a vast library of music files. Once you download the video, you embed it on your website or publish it on any social platform.

Glimpse pricing: flat pricing $49 per month with unlimited video testimonials,

Free 14-day trial available.






video testimonial software


Boast is a testimonial tool to collect video, text, and star ratings. You only need to share a link by mail with your customer, and they can answer with a video from any device.

Creating a video is fast and easy, with many templates and automated video testimonial requests and reminders.

Boast allows you to create widgets and embed them on your website and landing pages, but you can also download videos to use them in any marketing material or use Zapier to distribute it to additional channels.

This platform does not allow video editing, a helpful feature to look for because chances are that most of the videos you receive will need some kind of polish.

Boast pricing:

Solo plan: $25 per month with 240 responses per year, 480p video quality.

Plus plan: $50 per month with 600 responses per year, 720p video quality.

Team plan: $100 per month with 1,800 responses per year, 1080p video quality.

Free 14-day trial available with no credit card.






video testimonial software


Testimonial is a video testimonial software to collect and display video reviews.

This platform has a complete approach to handling reviews since it allows you to add text reviews from Twitter, Linkedin, or other social media platforms.

You can embed videos on your site with a simple line of code and create your own "wall of love" page. Or publish it on a social media site. A complete set of integrations allow you to embed your video on Webflow, Wix, Carrd, Flurly, Notion, React, Bubble and Potion.

Testimonial pricing:

Free plan: 2 video testimonials, 10 text testimonials, Testimonial branding.

Premium plan: $50/month adds unlimited text and video testimonials, 3-minute video time limit, and Zapier integration.

Ultimate plan: $150 per month adds 5 minute video time limit and 3 users.

7-day free trial available



Trust is a testimonial tool that can include clients' photos and backlinks to their websites or social media accounts, making the feedback trustworth and real.

This platform makes it easy to create testimonial request forms or rating surveys and share links to get customer feedback.

You only have to paste a single line of code to add trust to your site or use a WordPress plugin. Then you need to create a survey, send its link, and check the results on the platform. You can choose the best testimonials and show them on your website as a final step.

And to  avoid  privacy concerns, you can add a predefined contract to e-sign a GDPR compliant agreement.

Trust makes the video recording process easy for your customers with the upcoming "Teleprompter" feature. You can write a script, and the customer can follow it to produce better and more polished videos.

Trust pricing:

Free plan: 1 website, 1,000 visits per month, 10 published testimonials, and one external rating service.

Starter plan: $16 per month, 1 website, 5,000 visits per month, 50 published testimonials, and 50 rating responses per month.

Off-the-ground plan: $41 per month for 3 websites, 20,000 visits per month, 200 testimonials, HD video, 5 external rating services, and 5 e-sign per month.

Free 14-day trial available.






video testimonial software


VideoPeel is a complete solution for video testimonials. Your customer receives a single link, and clicking it allows people to record their video.

A unique feature of this platform is that it shows all the questions on the screen, which maximizes the chances of getting better responses. VideoPeel offers basic editing functionality, but there is no possibility to add music or any other element to the video. There are only three different templates (profile, photo, or video)

This platform offers a native Shopify integration and Amazon syndication for your product listings.

VideoPeel pricing:

Free trial: Elementary plan with watermark. Videos expire after 7 days.

Pro plan: $69 per month, no watermark up to 10 videos per month.

Premium plan: $399 per month, up to 30 videos per month, and advanced video management.







Vidmat is a basic tool to collect video testimonials with no bells and whistles.

Creating a video testimonial campaign is easy and fast. A clean and straightforward dashboard allows you to do this in a pair of minutes. Then you send a link to your customer via email or SMS, and you receive the reply in your inbox. Then you can download it and share it on your website or any social platform.

There is no way to edit the video in-app. You need to go out and use another program.

And at the moment of writing this article, there are no integrations listed on their website.

Vidmat pricing:

Free plan: one campaign, up to 10 testimonial videos, 2 minutes maximum per video.

Premium plan: $19 per month with unlimited videos, up to 200 videos, up to 5 campaigns, and 5 minutes per video.




Since video testimonials are based on social proof, they help increase your brand's trust and credibility.

Video is highly effective when you need to get customer engagement, and video testimonials are way more powerful than written reviews.

Are you using video testimonials on your site? Please let us know in the comments below.

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6 Video Popups Builders

6 Video Popup Builders- Free and Paid

Since video marketing is a powerful tool to engage consumers, a video popup builder is a perfect add-on to grow your business.


If you own an e-commerce site and need to increase sales, a video popup builder is an excellent option to consider. These popups differ from standard exit popups because they are highly customizable, and allow to record your own video message.


A video popup builder is a platform where you can upload your video and get more conversions. The platform manages streaming, hosting, and provide tools to create sales funnels. Once you have made your video popup, the platform shows a few lines of code that you must copy and paste on your website.


Please note that these platforms are not intended to create or edit videos. You must have previously made it with any video editor (we recommend Filmora or Wave )


Some benefits of using a video popup player are:

Increase sales: You can record a set of videos to guide your leads to a funnel based on their previous answers.

Grow your online store: Showing a popup video when the customer is looking for specific information can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Lead generation: Through pre-recorded videos, you can engage visitors and take them through a sales funnel.

Get feedback: Request feedback from your customers.

Boost consumer engagement: Record a video to welcome visitors or announce a flash sale.

We have listed below the six best video popup builders, so read on and make your choice.



video popup player

Vidpopup is a video popup builder that allows embedding audio, video, or text popups on your website. This is a funnel builder that uses video as the main feature. You can set up this tool in 3 simple steps: record yourself (or use any stock video), customize the popup widget to match your brand and embed it on your website by copying and pasting a single line of code.

When a visitor reaches your site, your video popup appears, and the viewer has the option to respond by text,  audio, or video.

A complete and straightforward dashboard allows for tracking views, video replays, average view rates, vidpops plays, and more data.

Vidpopup integrates with Mailchimp, GetResponse, and Zapier.

See Vidpopup in action:

Vidpopup pricing:

Free trial plan: Only two steps per popup, 100 popup plays per month, save leads to CSV file, and Vidpopup branding.

Starter plan: $39/month adds unlimited popups and video recording, 10,000 popups plays per month, three steps maximum per popup, vidpopup branding, and ten video templates.

Pro plan: $59/month with unlimited popup plays per month.

Free 7-day trial with no credit card required.





video popup player


This platform creates popups videos that generate and track conversions on your website. You can segment videos on specific pages and trigger them on the best moment of the customer journey.

Using Vidjet is fast and easy; you can upload, configure, and launch a campaign in a few minutes. Videos can be triggered based on viewers' actions, and a clean dashboard provides data to analyze results.

To make your video available on your website, you have to copy and paste a few lines of code into your websites' code.

Vidjet offers native integrations with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, and Drupal.

Vidjet pricing:

Free plan: Unlimited videos and 1,000 videos played per month.

Enterprise: Unlimited videos and custom number of videos played. Available on request.

Free 14-day trial available with no credit card required.


video popup player

This is a complete tool that includes a popup video player. With a vast library of GDPR-ready popup templates and excellent pricing, this is a solid platform that connects with your website with a simple line of code.

Popupsmart claims to convert 25% more traffic into sales and offers more than 18 targeting options to target the right audience at the right time. You only need a few minutes to have your video popup up and running.

Popupsmart integrates with GetResponse, Mailchimp, MailerLite, and hundreds of apps via Zapier.

Popupsmart pricing:

Free plan: 5,000 pageviews/month, 1 website and 1 popup. No analytics.

Basic plan: $24/month with 100,000 pageviews/month, unlimited websites and popups.

Pro plan: $66/month with 500,000 pageviews/month, unlimited websites and popups.

Expert plan: $108/month with 1,000,000 pageviews/month, unlimited websites and popups.





This is a simple platform to embed a video to any website in minutes. You only need to create it, and they manage hosting and streaming.

With a simple copy and paste of a few lines of code, you can embed the video at the bottom corner of your website

Embed currently integrates with MailChimp, Converkit, and Calendly

Embed.so pricing:

Free plan: three videos, 3 minutes max per video, unlimited pageviews, and white label branding.

Pro plan: $20/month with five videos, 5 min max per video, and unlimited pageviews.

Growth plan: $35/month with ten videos and 10 min max per video, and unlimited pageviews.


video popup player

Sleeknote is a full set of popups tools that features a video popup builder. With 120+ templates that can be customized via a drag-and-drop dashboard, this platform has a complete set of powerful features, including advanced analytics, split testing, interactive elements, popup videos, and more.

You can embed YouTube videos (sharing directly from YouTube) or a video created with any other platform using a custom code in a simple copy and paste step.

To make your first steps as smooth as possible,  the Sleeknote team offers to create a free popup for your site. If you decide this tool is not for you after seven days, leads and data collected during that period are yours.

This tool integrates with MailChimp, HubSpot, Klaviyo, and hundreds of other platforms.

Sleeknote pricing:

Lite plan: $$49/month with 25,000 visitors/month including all features.

Basic plan: $$59/month with 50,000 visitors/month including all features.

Plus plan: $$114/month with 125,000 visitors/month including all features.

Pro plan: $$369/month with 500,000 visitors/month including all features.

Free 7-day trial






Convertful is a complete video popup player platform for getting leads and turning them into customers. This software offers unlimited screens and sequences for an ultra-personalized funnel as a distinctive feature.

There are more than 100 pre-made templates, quiz funnels, gamification, cart abandonment, and more. With a drag-and-drop editor, you can customize any template, adding forms, buttons, timers, social optins, videos, etc.

Convertful integrates natively with WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, and hundreds of tools.

Convertful pricing:

Free plan: 3,000 pageviews/month with watermark, all widgets and elements.

Blogger plan: $19/month with 10,000 pageviews/month, CRM sync and A/B testing.

Growth plan: $79/month with 125,000 views/month, 5 sites, 5 sub-accounts.

Agency plan: $199/month with 500,000 pageviews, 15 sites, and white label.




Today video consumption is growing fast, and people are more willing to watch videos than reading text.

All the options listed here are excellent tools to increase sales and revenue.

Most of them provide free trials and even free plans, and also Sleeknote offers to create a video popup for free.

Are you using a video popup builder on your website? Let us know in the comments below

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9 Shoppable Video Platforms

9 Shoppable Video Platforms

An e-commerce video is a great way to show your products in action and create a more compelling buying experience for your customers. By using video, you can show viewers how to use your products, set them up, and get the most out of them.

As video consumption grows year by year , the video marketing industry is always looking for ways to create more consumer engagement.

When you mix e-commerce with interactive video content, you can offer a superb experience to the viewer and increase your sales.

This trend has started in China in 2016 and has been improved over the years as technology advances.


What is a shoppable video?

This kind of video allows consumers to purchase a product by clicking on a link embedded in the video. When they click on the link, they are redirected to another page where they can buy the product online.

What are shoppable video benefits?

Increase audience engagement: shoppable video increases engagement and provides real-time feedback and interaction.

Boost your sales: since interactive video creates a new kind of experience for the customer, it also helps create a seamless buying experience.

Real-time analytics: All shoppable video platforms feature full analytics. You can check what part of the video works best and provide personalized offers.


Types of shoppable videos

One-to-many: This is when a person broadcasts the video to many consumers simultaneously.

Best for tutorials and product launches, cosmetic, clothing, and low-ticket products.

One-to-one: This is the ultimate level of the shopping experience and provides the consumer with a unique journey.

Best for luxury products, high ticket products, and selling through Shopify, Magento and e-commerce stores.

Short stories: these are pre-recorded interactive videos that help customers engage and create brand awareness.

Below is our list of the best nine shoppable video platforms.

9 platforms for shoppable videos



shoppable video

Uscreen is a complete platform for video monetization featuring hosting, streaming, built-in billing, live chat, analytics, and everything you need to succeed in shoppable videos.

With hundreds of integrations and powerful apps, this video shoppable platform is one of the best available.

Uscreen pricing: starting at $79/month with 50 hours of video storage, one user, and 1-1 onboarding session. Free-trial available.





shoppable video


Buywith focuses on brands that work with influencers, celebrities, or experts. Using a screen-sharing feature, influencers can engage with their followers via live streaming, with video and text chat. An intelligent screen-sharing technology allows viewers to shop with the host live.

Buywith claims users get a 70% higher average order value, 8X sales conversion rate compared to the industry average, and 67% user engagement during the live stream.

Buywith pricing: only available as per request.

Check Buywith in action:





shoppable video


This shoppable video platform allows you to create a live streaming event and offer your products to your audience. You can schedule a show in advance and showcase your products using only a cell phone. Popshoplive features live conversations and Shopify integration.

This app is currently available only in the U.S. There are no monthly fees, and they only charge a small amount on the items you sell.

Watch how Popshoplive works:





shoppable video


Bambuser is a shoppable video platform that allows customers to add to a cart directly from a stream session. This system enables you to broadcast simultaneously across all your social channels with premium streaming quality.

You can make one-to-one calls with your customers via an Overlay Widget that pops up in the corner of your site.

Integrations include Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, WooCommerce, and many more.

Bambuser pricing: only available as per request.

Check how easy it is to get started with Bambuser:





Stageme.live is a platform to manage live video shopping events for e-commerce. You can set users to buy straight from the stream or redirect them to a product page.

This cloud-based software features live chat, moderation, emojis, and broadcasting in 1080p in both portrait and landscape modes. You can stream the video in real time to another platform like Facebook and YouTube and also record your live sessions.

Stageme.live pricing: Starts at €990/month for Discovery plan with 480p and up to 1,000 viewers, next Advanced plan €1490/month with 720p video and up to 100,000 viewers.



A well-known social media platform with one  billion monthly users that buy through it weekly.

Shoppable videos and posts on Instagram are only available to business accounts. This means you need to submit your account for review to check if you are eligible for Instagram shopping.

Instagram pricing: the platform is free to use, but there is a selling fee of 5% per shipment.





shoppable video

Livescale is a branded live shopping solution with direct e-commerce integration to engage and recruit customers in real-time. This shoppable video platform works on all devices, but it is focused on mobile.

With gamification, seamless Shopify integration, and live shopping management, this app features monthly webinars and expert chat support to get the most out of the platform.

Watch Livescale in action.

Livescale pricing: Only available as per request.





shoppable video


Spin focuses on live-stream video shopping. You can create your own event or contact influencers through the Spin Network that can host your streaming. And they can even create content for you. Influencers can also be paid through the platform.

This platform integrates with Shopify, Bigcommerce, and WooCommerce to sync products and make them instantly available in your event.

Spin pricing: Free 90-day trial. After that, they charge a variable commission on each sale.


shoppable video


Clicktivated seamlessly connects viewers with products, items, and information with only a click through live or recorded videos.

This shoppable video platform features patented technology that identifies individual shoppable items to make monetization easy for content creators. The idea behind Clicktivated is to create a non-intrusive shopping experience. This platform allows viewers to like specific categories and provide a personalized feed.

Clicktivated pricing: only available as per request.

Check Cicktivated in action:





Swirl is a live-commerce platform that promises to get a 400% lift in add-to-cart with short videos and live streaming. You can set up your own store and manage recommendations based on real-time analytics.

This platform provides an easy way for creating short videos and live streams with full interactive features such as live chat, voice messages, and more.

As a distinctive characteristic, this shoppable video platform is GPDR compliant, with multi-language and multi-currency support.

Swirl pricing: only available as per request.




This live stream shoppable video platform helps your customers buy products directly from live interactive sessions. You can interact with your fans in real-time, showcase products, and even invite video guests.

Stream.live offers a mix of e-commerce and influencer marketing, where your customers can join live sessions hosted by top influencers straight on your site.

This app has native Shopify integration, so you can connect your audience with a pair of clicks to your e-commerce store.

A “Live Brain” AI assistant chatbot helps to manage sessions by detecting hate messages and using automation to guide customers to the products they really want.

Stream.live pricing:

Free plan: up to 50 concurrent guests per channel, chat, 10 live shopping products, chat, analytics, and paid access to the channel page.

Pro plan: $199/month adds up to 1,000 guests per channel, chat, 25 shopping products, advanced analytics, live party, and live shopping integration on your website.





Whisbi is a complete solution to engage customers through online conversations powered by video. This platform uses live video broadcasts to improve top-of-the-funnel engagement and one-to-one sales solutions for assisted sales.

Whisbi uses an AI algorithm to predict how probable a visitor to your website is likely to convert. This info is provided to your sales agents in real-time to take the right actions with each lead.

An interesting virtual call feature allows customers to contact you without providing any personal information. The system only works when it detects that the internet connection on the client-side is fast enough to deliver a good video experience.

You can also capture and convert web visitors using chatbots. This highly flexible system can forward conversations to live agents to connect with leads in real-time.

Whisbi pricing: only available as per request.





shoppable video platform

Sparkly is a shoppable video platform made for e-commerce. At the time of this writing, Sparkly can stream to YouTube and Facebook while they are working on other integrations.

This software features easy-to-use widgets to create streaming sessions. These include countdown timers, complete polls, comments, product lists, interstitial (displaying any graphic board in a video), timeline, and coming up next.

Most of these widgets are fully customizable and can include links to the products available in your e-commerce store.

Check Sparkly in action:

Sparkly pricing:

Standard plan: $50 per month with up to 2 hours of streaming.

Professional plan: $400 per month with up to 50 hours of streaming, website embedded player and full functionality.



Shoppable videos can take the buyer experience to the next level and provide a real boost in sales. If you own a Shopify store, there are other tools to increase sales, but a shoppable video system is a solid option to consider.

As video consumption steadily grows year by year, this is a solid option to increase sales conversion rate and get better consumer engagement. If you have collected some followers, a shoppable video is the next step.

Are you using this strategy in your business? Let us know and leave a comment below.

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4 Best Interactive Video Platforms for Education

4 Best Interactive Video Platforms for Education

Videos are a proven way to engage students. Today, many interactive video platforms for education allow teachers to drive students one step ahead with interactive content.

Just think about uploading a video from any platform (or a new video you built from scratch) and adding questions, multiple-choice options, pauses, and more items to turn a passive experience into an immersive opportunity.

Add to this a complete control dashboard, and you end up with a whole new system to improve your student's journey and get personalized feedback for every student.

Although many platforms offer interactive video capabilities, we have listed the best three apps that focus exclusively on education.


interactive video education


Nearpod is a solid interactive video platform focused on education. You can upload videos, PowerPoint slides, and PDFs and then add quizzes, polls, questions, and pauses to turn a passive experience into an interactive and engaging one.

With a vast content library of 15,000+ pre-made and customizable videos and activities, it is easy to create interactive lessons from scratch or use available assets. You can search in the Nearpod library for the video to fit your curriculum, customize a pre-made video or upload your video and make it interactive.

Nearpod provides collaboration boards and drawing tools. It allows students to follow up on activities at their own pace or live mode.

Since students can follow up on live lessons from any device, the teacher can receive instant feedback and adjust future goals and objectives.

This software features several integrations (according to plans); Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, LMS integration, and SSO sign-in.

If you want to learn more about Nearpod, this 1-hour free course on Coursera will help.

Nearpod pricing

Silver Plan: Free with basic features, 100 MB storage, 40 student joins per lesson.

Gold Plan: $159/year with 1 GB storage, 75 student joins per lesson, drag and drop, and Google slides add-on.

Platinum Plan: $397/year with 5GB storage, 100 student joins per lesson.


interactive video education


Edpuzzle is an interactive video platform for education. You can upload videos from many sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, TED Talks, Khan Academy, and more. There is no need to spend hours looking for the perfect video since Edpuzzle provide interesting editing features to modify imported videos; teachers can remove parts of the video and also overwrite any part of the video narration (or the whole narration)

Once videos are uploaded, teachers can add interactive elements such as quizzes, multiple-choice questions, pauses, voice-overs, forms, and more items and create an engaging experience for students. You can choose videos from a library of teacher-generated content or Edpuzzle originals and modify them to suit your needs. 

A teacher can follow up on their dashboard student's activity and progress as they answer by text or audio. The platform provides excellent data that helps educators understand how students engage and work with the assigned content.

An exciting feature of this platform is that videos can be watched in live mode, allowing students to answer in real-time from their devices or watch at their own pace.

Edpuzzle integrates with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard, Canvas, and more LMS platforms. Video lessons can be embedded into any of these platforms and students can access videos directly from the LMS without the need to have an Edpuzzle account.

Check this video about Edpuzzle 


 Edpuzzle pricing

Basic Free Plan with basic functionality and storage space for up to 20 lessons.

Pro Teacher Plan: $12.50 per month with unlimited storage space, unlimited screen recording, unlimited Edpuzzle originals, and unlimited students projects.

For schools and districts, there are custom plans available.

If you wish to learn more, this 1-hour free course on Coursera will help.



interactive video education


PlayPosit is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. Teachers can transform any online video into an better experience with this interactive video platform for education.

First, you must upload a video from YouTube or any other online platform. Then you can add interactions, including polls, pauses for discussion, multiple-choice questions, and more items to create an interactive video (or bulb).

There are hundreds of bulbs to choose from, and most of them are fully customizable.

The crucial point here is selecting high-quality videos and only allowing for a few interruptions in the video to avoid distractions. You can monitor performance data via a clean dashboard to address concepts and errors.


PlayPosit integrates seamlessly with many platforms, such as Edmodo, TEDEd, Kaltura, Vimeo, Khan Academy, Google Classroom, OneNote, Canvas, Blackboard, and more.

Get a glimpse of Playposit in this video


PlayPosit pricing:

Free Classroom Basic Plan for a limited number of learners and assignments per month. This plan has no direct video upload and can only use YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Classroom Pro Plan: $144/year for individual instructors and a more dynamic learning experience.

Playposit also offers institutional and Enterprise licenses.





Feedbackfruits is a set of teaching tools for higher education. This platform focuses on creating synchronous and asynchronous experiences for student engagement using interactive assets like quizzes, slides, online discussions, and videos.

This platform provides precise student analytics and features seamless LMS integration. According to their website, they provide a better learning experience for students where 82% improved their final work, 80% got enhanced teamwork skills, 70% resulted more engaged in the course, and 80% improved overall user satisfaction.


Watch in this video how Feedbackfruits interactive video works:

When it comes to interactive video, the teacher uploads a video and can add questions or discussion threads, attach documents or images, or even voice notes. Teachers can grade students on any criteria and synchronize the results with their preferred LMS. Once students watch the video, they answer questions and can contribute to discussions started by teachers or peers.

Feedbackfruits integrates with Canvas, blackboard, Moodle, Brightsp.CE and Microsoft Teams.


Feedbackfruits pricing:

Not listed on their website.



These platforms share many features in common, and all of them provide free plans to start with. It's easy to register and start with any of them, and if you decide to move to a paid plan, prices are pretty accessible.


Let us know your opinion if you have used one of these interactive video tools or a different one in the comments below.


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Best Interactive Video Platforms

Best interactive video platforms

This article will guide you through the leading apps available to make interactive videos to improve customer engagement and retention, get better HR results, and make learning and training a genuinely vivid experience for the user.

What is interactive video?

This is a form of video that allows user interaction in real-time with different tools. With interactive video software, you can add buttons, links, ads, forms, and more options to guide the viewer to your preferred outcome: more conversions or a better interaction. Interactive video companies are growing and offer excellent tools for interactive content.

How to create an interactive video?

First, you need to create a video using any video editing software (we prefer Filmora) and then upload it to an interactive platform where you can edit and add tags, branching, forms, images, and more items.

These platforms usually have a drag-and-drop interface to add several types of call-to-actions.

Once you have added these items, you can embed them on your website . Keep in mind that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube don´t support third party interactive video technology but you can still share a link to the site where the video is allocated.

A video editor for all creators.

Interactive videos are mainly used for:

Marketing and lead generation: Interactive marketing is the key to customer engagement and retention. Increase viewers´ time on your video by adding interactive elements to make the video more exciting and fun. And real-time analytics give invaluable results about what people think and like.


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HR and recruiting: Get better results in onboarding and recruiting. Attract the right talent with innovative tools and streamline onboarding, giving a personalized welcome to better understand  your teams and relations.

Learning and training: Interactive videos can help to turn a passive experience into a dynamic journey. Measure training results in real-time, adding quizzes and questions to a video with the possibility to repeat or skip specific scenes.

Check this interactive video from Wirewax to see how an interactive experience can change viewer´s interaction:




Best interactive video platforms:


Eko Studio  


Eko Studio is an interactive video platform you can use to make premium interactive content. It is easy to learn and customize if you know a bit of code through EKO developer API. Once published, your project can be watched on any website, social media networks, and eko.com.

This platform offers advanced branching and an easy and clean drag-and-drop dashboard. However it is somehow limited, but maybe an excellent choice for some users.

Watch cheff Danile Holzman sharing his expertise on making a great meatball dinner in this video made with Eko:

Eko provides scalable hosting and delivery using AWS cloud and CDN (content delivery networks) to ensure optimal response time and worldwide availability. Videos work reliable across modern desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. At the time of this writing OTT TV platforms, game consoles, and VR is in development.

Eko studio pricing: Free


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Adobe Captivate


As a big player in the image processing business, Adobe offers a unique product for making interactive videos focused on education.

With this software, you can create “Responsive Projects” that allow showing your video on various platforms, and there are hundreds of slides available to build a project in minutes. These slides can be used for branching videos with simple or complex logic.

Adobe supports 360 images and videos to engage the viewer with the environment and Virtual Reality using VR headsets. You can also convert PowerPoint slides to interactive videos with ease.

You can import your own video (also from YouTube or Vimeo), add multiple overlays slides, and customize feedback options for answers and interactions.

This is a proven product with tons of features, but be prepared to face a steep learning curve if you are new to video production.

Watch this video to see Adobe Captivate in action:

interactive video


Adobe Captivate pricing:

Annual plan: $33.99/month, including all features.

Adobe also offers a one-time purchase license.

Free 30-day trial available.



This interactive video platform can create amazing videos with a drag and drop system. Like other similar apps, you can upload a video from YouTube Vimeo or upload your own.

This software also integrates with learning management systems (LMS), a feature you will love if you need it for educational purposes. But suppose you are in the e-commerce business. In that case, it is easy to enable customers to purchase products showcased in your videos with a simple click.

Cinema8's website features tons of podcasts, guides, tutorials, webinars, e-books, and guides to help you master interactive video production. There are solutions for gamification, marketing and sales, e-learning, and more in many industries.

Watch this football video created with Cinema8 for the entertainment industry

Cinema8 pricing:

Starter plan: $59/month with commercial content, three interactive projects, and 100MB bandwidth.

Growth plan: $249/month with 10 projects included (add more for$20/month/each) and 1TB bandwidth.

Professional plan: $449/month with 25 projects included (add more for$20/month/each) and 2TB bandwidth.

Adobe also offers a one-time purchase license.

Free 30-day trial available.




interactive video


Thinglink allows adding hotspots to images, videos, 360, and 3D models to boost engagement and conversions. This platform has an intuitive editor that will put you in control in a few minutes with a drag-and-drop builder to create hotspots and branching scenarios with ease.

Once you have the final content, you can embed it on your website and get measurable data to adjust your marketing strategy.

This video platform focuses on solutions for marketing and communications, employee training and development, and education.

Check Thinglink in action:

Thinglink pricing:

Professional individual: $25/month to publish unlimited images and videos, branding removal, 50,000 views per year, and statistics.






Stornaway is a no-code interactive video platform designed for interactive storytelling with video, 360 videos, and slides.

Interactive video stories can be created with template-based tools. A superb “real-time playback” feature allows you to preview your videos before upload.

Stornaway provides a unique method for producing branching videos. You need to create and link “story islands” to make links between pages. And the 360 video feature sets this platform apart from many competitors.

You can add links to videos with buttons and hotspots and make your video clickable with text and image buttons to offer your viewer the best experience.

Watch this Interactive Christmas Adventure made with Stornaway.

Stornaway pricing:

Personal plan: Free for private creation but basic functionality, up to 2 projects.

Plus plan: $10/month allows publishing on YouTube, social media, and websites, up to 3 projects.

Pro plan: $29/month with collaborative editing and analytics, unlimited projects.

Premium plan: From $75/month, adds account manager, white-labeled player, and third-party platforms.





interactive video


This is a platform to create interactive videos and images focused on simplicity that allows creating interactive content with images, catalogs, and ads.

The software works with images of any size and 360° photos. An easy drag-and-drop dashboard allows you to create beautiful interactive content with ease.

With  Spott  you can add tags to certain elements within your videos, such as a cart button when a product appears, an interesting feature that will help to increase your conversion rates.

The process is quite simple: upload your content to the platform, select interactive spots from the library, customize the content adding interactive layers, and publish the result. Spott provides real-time analytics in your dashboard about user experience.

A remarkable feature of Spott is the plenty of resources they provide to master the platform and weekly live lessons with all you need to get started.

Watch this video to check what type of content you can create with Spott:

Spott pricing:

Free plan: to evaluate the platform with basic functionality.

Standard plan: $29/month with essential features to create interactive content.

Corporate plan: $149/month with all commercial features and integrations.

Corporate: $499/month for enterprises and ready to scale.



Hihaho is a Netherlands-based interactive video company. They got you covered with support for many video platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Qumu, Mediasite, Panopto, BlueBilliywig and Kaltura.

Still, these integrations make it easy to create interactive videos for education, health, e-commerce, entertainment, or marketing.

This platform features an impressive amount of interactive assets. You can add interactive questions, a table of content, pop-up menus, buttons, hotspots, pauses, text, highlights, ratings, forms, and branching.

Once the video is ready, you can easily share it by pasting a url, embed it on your website via SCORM or their proprietary API.

Check this video created with Hihao:

Hihaho pricing:

Hihaho offers a unique pricing model. It only charges €97 per video, max upload 500MB, 25,000 views, all interactions, and statistics. You only pay once you publish your video.




Adventr is an interactive video software with powerful creation tools for all types of videos about marketing, learning, HR, e-commerce, and more.

The platform´s editor is simple and powerful. Once you upload your video, you can change buttons or  change the buttons into custom images. Add links, Facebook, and Twitter shares.

See how simple is to create an interactive video with Adventr:

Analytics in Adventr depends on the plan you choose and is provided with a chart featuring the count of unique viewers, the number of visitors to the page where you embed the video, and the average number of seconds that each person spends watching.

Adventr pricing:

Free plan: Up to 10 min video with 1080p, social sharing, launch external links (text, emails, calls, video), custom thumbnail graphics, up to two projects, Adventr watermark.

Pro plan: $29/month: Add creative features, custom sharing, advanced analytics, up to 60 min. Of video, publish up to four projects, remove Adventr watermark.

Business plan: up to five hours of video, player API access, sharing on social paid ads, publish up to ten projects.




interactive video


Smartzer is an interactive video platform that transforms your videos and live streams into purposeful , shoppable content. Thus, you can boost your live stream results through likes and comments, setup add to cart functions, and guide viewers through an exciting and rich experience.

This platform focuses on shopping videos and provides a unique live stream option with powerful and interesting features.

Smartzer integrates with Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and SAP.

Smartzer pricing: This product aims at enterprising usage, and you must ask for a demo for pricing information.





Wootag focuses on marketing and e-commerce, helping to turn your viewers into customers with interactive videos. This video platform provides excellent value related to pricing plans and a simple editor for making a professional-looking interactive video.

Check Wootag in action:

Wootag editor is straightforward to use. You will be adding interactive items to your content in a matter of minutes. Published videos will perform on any screen and any video player at any orientation across websites, Facebook, Twitter, and SmartTV´s.

Wootag pricing:

Startup plan: $25/month, with unlimited videos, 150 GB usage per month, 1,000 interactions, basic interactivity and distribution.

Business plan: $99/month, with unlimited videos, unlimited views, unlimited interactions, pro interactions and distribution, no watermark and custom branding.

Free 15-day trial available.




interactive video


This interactive video software allows you to add many features to your video, publish it across many platforms and devices and monitor views and reactions. Videotier offers a generous freemium plan to create free interactive videos, so you can try the system and move on to a paid plan later.

Videotier pricing:

Free plan: Up to three videos and five hundred views per month, all standard features and Videotier branding.

Premium plan: $99 per month up to one hundred videos and 10,000 views per month, no branding and advanced video analytics.

Enterprise plan: for a large number of videos and millions of views.




interactive video


Wirewax, one well-known name in this business with thousands of users, is a platform to create and publish interactive videos with hundreds of different options.

Wirewax provides dozens of hotspots and overlays templates to customize any video. And with branching hotspots, viewers can choose their path as the video advances. You can easily embed any video on your website with a pair of lines of code and publish it on Facebook.

This platform claims to be the only one with partnerships such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

Watch this interactive video created with Wirewax for the All-Electrical Jaguar:

Wirewax pricing:

This app is aimed at medium to enterprise users, and prices start at $7,999 for a single video to $999/month with basic features.




interactive video


Mindstamp claims to be "the simplest and most powerful interactive video solution available” to help marketing drive engagement and actions through video with realistic interactive experiences.

Mindstamp allows to:

Use an existing video from Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, and more.

Create dynamic experiences with interactive content.

Add buttons and hotspots with context or additional information.

Ask interactive questions, pause the video, and ask questions depending on previous answers.

Add multimedia such as audio, video, and drawings.

Get analytics and reports with insights about your audience.

Integrate your data with Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce and API available.

Mindstamp pricing:

Starter plan $19/month includes ten videos, 5,000 monthly views, all interactions, and video branching. The maximum video length is 30 minutes, more than sufficient. No integrations.

Core plan: $99/month includes fifty videos, 1000,000 monthly views, all interactions, 120 minutes video length, and priority support. Zapier integration is available.

Enterprise plan: $499/month with 250 videos, 600,000 monthly views, and full integrations.

Free-trial available.




interactive video


This is a cloud-based solution to create interactive videos with custom calls to action, publish on several platforms and get customer analytics.

Vudoo data is protected with full encryption two-factor authentication and hosted on Amazon Web Services considering geo-localization. This is a crucial feature not present in other related products, which can make the difference in some cases. Note that for video access you need high broadband and availability.

A distinctive feature of Vudoo video player is WCAG 2.1 AA  certified. This means videos can be understood by those vision and hearing impaired, with access to automatic transcriptions, audio descriptions, accessible images, and more.

There are no integrations listed on Vudoo webpage

Vudoo pricing is not available on their site. You must request a demo to try it.




Morphcast is an "Emotional AI interactive video platform" to create videos triggered by viewers' emotions. In addition to interaction options offered by other solutions (like hotspots, call to action, overlays), this software adds facial recognition AI to create interactions.

This interactive video software allows adjusting the narrative to the viewer's appearance and interactions, just like an actor might change performance according to his audience. This is for sure a mind-blowing opportunity for brands to capture users' attention, an excellent way to verify the mood and attendance of students, and a superb tool for recruiters to make a better personnel selection process.

You can create interactive videos without AI facial expression technology, adding buttons, call to action, hotspots, and more items to boost user interaction within your video content.

Morphcast pricing: Downloading the software is free. The cost is based on pay-per-time view, and the price is calculated by minute of played video. The First 2,000 views per month are free, and if you sum up 3,000 minutes, for example, you will pay $35.






Bluebillywig is a platform for creating interactive videos, 360 videos, shoppable, and more. It can also be used for video hosting, live streaming, and monetization.

With many templates to choose from and an improved analytics dashboard, branching, and a continuous product update policy, this is a solid product to fit many video producers´ needs.

Check out this interactive video created with Bluebillywig:

interactive video

Suppose you need to create customized Netflix-like experiences. In that case, Channels is an interesting feature of this platform that allows the creation of customized experiences. You can group similar videos and playlists to display relevant content to your viewers.

This video platform is not intended for casual users. Be prepared to face a steep learning curve and a medium to high budget.

Bluebillywig pricing:

Not provided on their website. You must contact sales for info.


VIXY Video      

interactive video


VIXY provides all the tools you need to upload, manage, stream, monetize and analyze video on your website. With this platform, you can add quizzes and multiple-choice forms into videos, to collect data, test knowledge, and retention.

VIXY allows you to send back all metrics to your Google Analytics console to get a complete picture of your viewer´s behavior.

VIXY Pricing:

Pricing starts at $997month, but there is no detailed info on the page.


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interactive video


Pirsonal focuses on personalized videos and video marketing automation. As a distinctive feature, this platform hosts videos on their cloud servers and allows you to host them.

Since Pirsonal has 3,000+ integrations with your business apps, you can personalize a video for each lead you capture on a landing page, for instance getting data from a CSV google sheet. This makes a superlative difference with other similar apps, and in our opinion, this is one of the best interactive video platforms available.

And suppose you don´t have time to master the Pirsonal platform. In that case, they offer a video production and video marketing professional service on demand.

Pirsonal pricing:

Plus Player: $16/month with unlimited CTA´s and custom HTML CTA´s, full video hosting, in-video forms, and unlimited campaigns and integrations.

Professional Player: $75/month, adding full analytics, branding removal.

Custom personalized plans are available.

Free-trial available




Interactive video platforms play a key role in offering the viewer a richer experience that always helps reach your marketing goals. A well-designed video is an immersive experience that takes the user one step beyond and adds value to your original offer.

As you may know, video is a superb tool in the marketing arena, and turning it interactive will deliver powerful results.

But it is not all about marketing, HR professionals, teachers, and educators can use these apps to get better results and provide the viewer with unique experiences.

If you plan to make your video, check our beginner´s article  How to Make an Interactive Video in 6 Simple Steps

Are you using some other tool not listed here? Please comment below and let us know.

A video editor for all creators.

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Best Video Marketing Software

Best Video Marketing Software and Tools

This article is about the best video marketing software, its benefits, video marketing ideas, and strategy. We will also know the best video software platforms to make, edit and publish videos.

Did you know that 75% of video traffic is on mobile devices?

Read on if you’ve been thinking about adding videos to your marketing plan. You will know and understand why this marketing strategy is being adopted by more and more companies each year.

Today we can consider video marketing as one of the top content strategies. More consumers show a preference for video over reading.

And if you are on a budget, there are plenty of affordable apps to build a visually attractive video in minutes. We will discuss some of them later on.


What is video marketing?

Video marketing uses videos in your marketing strategy, just simple like that.

This strategy can help to create brand awareness, build trust, promote products and services, boost your online presence, and generate revenue.

The goal is to engage the consumer and grab their attention. Today the mix of social media and mobile devices makes it possible for a video to go viral, which can help your product or service.

And if your video goes viral or gets many views, further comments, shares, and likes will contribute to building trust from your social followers. These reactions may amplify your reach because when we get information from someone we know, we are likely to interact with it.

A video editor for all creators.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

The benefits of video marketing are enormous. You will notice increased consumer engagement by adding video into email marketing, social media, website, and blogs. In the end, this will reflect more sales and better customer response.



But numbers rule the world. Just take a look at these impressive stats that show how video marketing can help you:

Videos attach 300% more traffic and nurture leads. ( Marketing Sherpa  )

A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video. (Insivia)

Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. ( Unbounce )

Nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. ( Hubspot )

Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%. (Conversion XL)

25% of companies publish videos every week. (Buffer)

85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. (HubSpot)

97% of marketers say video has helped users better understand their products and services. (Hubspot)

52% of marketers say video is the type of content with the best ROI. (HubSpot)

Adding video to your emails can increase click rates by 300%. (  Hubspot )

50% of viewers aged 18-34 said they would stop what they were doing to watch a video from their favorite creator. (Google)

People spend 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. (  Wistia  )


Video marketing can help you to:

Increase online presence:

Today every business needs to be online. With suitable content, videos can boost your online presence making your content more engaging.

Videos can also encourage viewers to perform specific actions, like subscribing to a news list or downloading giveaway content.

Increase brand awareness:

Video is a crucial factor in connecting with people, and if the viewer likes your content, they will share it and spread your brand among their connections.

Boost social media engagement

Many reactions and engagement will follow if you post a good video on social media. This will grow your followers and subscribers, and more and more people will be attentive to your posts and updates.

Build trust:

Most of your marketing efforts must be towards building trust. People are open to buying from businesses and brands they trust.

Generate sales

A good marketing strategy ends up generating sales and growing revenue. If you can increase your online presence, level up brand awareness, boost your social media engagement and build trust, be sure that your sales will increase consistently.




How can you promote your video?

You can promote your video by publishing it on social media sites, email campaigns, and of course, on your website.

Facebook video marketing:

Video is one cornerstone of Facebook. With 8 billion daily views and more than 100 million hours of video watched every month, this is a proven marketing strategy that gets results.

To begin with, you can add a video in the Video tab of your page and upload a Facebook video cover to increase visitor engagement.

Posting organically on Facebook is an intelligent way to engage your audience and grow a relationship with your customers. Think about sharing news about product launches, promotions, and general updates about your business with short Facebook videos.

You can also start a campaign with Facebook video ads.  Facebook allows to segment audiences into age, demographics, and personal interests.  Running targeted video ads will put your brand just in front of your target audience with a low budget. And this combination will end up boosting your sales.

Instagram video marketing:

If publishing videos on Facebook is essential, publishing on Instagram is a must.

Instagram stories provide an exciting business opportunity. They are a way to grab consumers´ attention about news and updates.

For Instagram stories, consider product updates, sharing promotional offers, or creating content with a behind-the-scenes video.

Twitter video marketing:

Tweets with video are six times more likely to be retweeted than tweets with photos. This remarkable difference in viewer behavior is a significant advantage in your marketing strategy.

With the right hashtag, video tweets may get a lot of views and get viral in no time.

LinkedIn video marketing:

This social network is focused on B2B (Business to Business) relations. You can promote your product or service with your post or run an ad campaign. Unlike Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads are more expensive, and this is due to the customer they are targeting.

According to LinkedIn, videos get 20X more views than any other type of content.

YouTube video marketing:

YouTube is the second search engine, only behind Google Search. Today YouTube is where people look for answers to almost any question, from repairing a car to improving their relationship.

This is a unique platform to post videos about your brand and business. These may include product updates, how-to videos, tips, tricks, and more.

Snapchat video marketing:

With 249 million active users, Snapchat is the preferred social media network for teenagers. According to Visualcapitalist.com, it ranks #1 among U.S. teens.

Suppose your product or service is focused on this demographic segment. In that case, this is the social media network where your brand must publish.

Website video marketing:

Videos can complement your website articles, product descriptions, and blogs. Including short videos on your website can increase CTR by 34%.

Google has recently launched Web Stories, a webmaster tool to include videos on websites. Easy to share and connect, this feature boosts web visitor engagement.

Email video marketing:

You can increase your email marketing campaign´s open rates by adding video content.

Also, the mere fact of including the word “video” in the subject line can reduce unsubscribes by 28%.

Almost every mail you send to your customer can be enhanced with video content.


Video marketing ideas:

You can use video marketing in several ways, to name a few:

Product video:

A product video is intended to highlight the product’s benefits. If a prospect is thinking about buying a product but is unsure, providing the correct content value can turn an opportunity into a customer. A product video can complement a product page and engage the viewer since you can show the product up and running.

It would help if you always focused on benefits rather than characteristics.

Educational video:

An educational video is intended to teach the audience something related to the company history, how it began, and the founders—this kind of video help to forge confidence and trust.

Customer testimonial video:

This kind of video help to build trust because people tend to rely on actual personal experiences and stories from people with similar needs.

To make a customer testimonial video, you should ideally find a genuine customer using his own words to deliver a credible and effective testimonial.

Another option is to show positive reviews consumers have left on your website.

Instructional video:

Also known as how-to videos, tutorials, or Do It Yourself (DIY), the goal is to assist your audience using your product. Instructional videos are more important for products rather than services. But a good video about how to use a service can also be valuable (how to use a software platform or how to book an appointment, for example)

Almost 70% of YouTube users watch YouTube to learn about something they are interested in. And this is an excellent platform to publish instructional videos.

Tips and tricks video:

Providing tips and tricks is a unique way to build trust. With this kind of video, you build authority in your field and become a reference for your customer.


Video marketing platforms to create and publish videos:

We list below 13 of the best video marketing platforms that we consider the best and easier to start with. Although the universe of video marketing platforms is endless, these are beginner-friendly. Most of them are packed with powerful and professional features.


Wavevideo is a user-friendly platform and professional online video editor. With Wave, you can create videos in any format and for any platform.

This platform also includes a video hosting service that makes it simple to publish, embed and share videos as soon as you upload them.

A distinctive feature of Wave is the social calendar to help you develop engaging ideas and curated suggestions.

Wavevideo pricing: Free for basic editing, featuring 2,000,000+ royalty-free video clips and images with watermark, 600+ templates, an audio library of 300,000+ free audio tracks, and more. You must move to the Creator plan to remove the watermark at $20/month.


Filmora is a well-known video marketing tool in the video arena. Filmora offers tons of filters, stock photos and videos, overlays, green screens, and more with a friendly dashboard.

Despite its learning curve, there are hundreds of tutorials available. The good part is that you will always end up with a polished and professional video.

Filmora pricing: Free to try with watermark. Then you have the option to pay $39.99 per year or make a single payment of $69.99 for a perpetual plan.


FlexClip provides easy online video editing and creation with no registration required. With thousands of templates at your disposal, 3M+ animated texts and elements, and 4M+ stock assets, you will never run out of ideas to craft your perfect video. But if you have a storyline, it´s easy to start from scratch.

FlexClip pricing: Free for 480p downloads, max 12 projects, and video length up to one min. Next plan, $5.99/month, allows 720: downloads, 3 min videos, and 10 GB of cloud storage.


Vidyard is an online video platform for businesses. This software offers a full-featured tool for creation, hosting, personalization, and analytics.

Vidyard pricing: Free plan with unlimited videos, unlimited uploads, and email and social sharing. This plan also includes basic analytics. For more features, plans start at $15/month.


Biteable is an online video maker for social videos, ads, and more. This is an excellent product, and their web page claims that you can create content in minutes.

Biteable pricing: Free plan available with watermark. Plus plan starting at $19/month removes watermarks 1080p resolution and gives commercial usage rights.


A solid platform for creating and sharing videos with a drag-and-drop interface. Animoto lets you create powerful professional videos with no video editing experience needed.

Animoto has partnered with Getty Images to offer over one million stock photos and videos (this feature is available on Professional and Business Plan only)

Animoto pricing: Free with watermark for unlimited videos. To remove branding and add your logo, you’ll have to pay $15 per month, a low price for a full-featured suite like this.


Motionbox is an excellent platform that helps creators and teams make awesome videos in minutes with thousands of templates for any occasion.

This is a full-featured software with professional elements to merge videos, GIF editor, meme maker, subtitles and subtitle translator, YouTube video editor, podcast to video, photo video maker, and more.

Motionbox pricing: Free plan with five videos per month, watermark, 1 GB storage, and standard videos. Next plan is $15/month with no watermark, 5 GB storage, HD videos, and 20 per month.


One of the best video marketing software for creating professional videos in a snap. WeVideo allows making and publishing videos in any format for any social media platform. It also features 1,000,000+ images, videos, and music clips for commercially licensed purposes.

WeVideo pricing: Free plan with 420p resolution and basic features. With the Power plan at $4.99/month, you can publish up to 30 minutes per month with a resolution of 720p. Move to the Unlimited plan for $7.99/month for more advanced features.

A video editor for all creators.


Currently in beta, this app allows you to create videos with animations and effects in just a few clicks. This video software integrates with Unsplash, Giphy, Pexels, Pixabay, and more platforms for a full-packed media library with tons of HD photos and videos.

Glitterly features a unique tweet-to-story mode, where you can turn a tweet into a movie just with a pair of clicks.

Glitterly pricing: Currently free.


Veed makes video production simple and easy to get started. This online platform has many editing tools, transcription, recording, a toolkit to resize and crop videos, a GIF editor, a video compressor, and more.

Veed pricing: Free plan: 10 min video length, 250 MB file size, unlimited projects, 2 GB storage, 720p quality, unlimited downloads, and no support. Basic plan $12/month with 25 min video length, unlimited file size, unlimited projects, 20 GB storage, 1080p quality, unlimited downloads, and chat support.


Vidds is a complete video creation toolkit that uses scene-based video editing instead of timelines. You build a video scene by scene from your browser; you can make a video in a matter of minutes. With powerful editing features and a library of millions of stock videos, images, and music, this cloud-based software is a must-try.

Vidds pricing: Free plan with 250 Mb, no watermark, and unlimited projects. Next plan, $15/month, adds 5 GB storage, 1080p downloads, and premium support.


Wideo uses templates for creating professional videos for marketing, internal communications, social media, and more. You choose a template, choose from thousands of stock footage from a free library, and export or share it on your website or social media. This tool is easy to use, and you can produce a professional-looking video in minutes.

Wideo pricing: Free plan with 50 Mb storage, 1-minute video length, and ten video templates. Next plan is $19/month with ten downloads per month, 1.5-minute videos, and 33 video templates. Pro plan $39/month with unlimited downloads, 10-minute videos, and a full template gallery.


This social media editor provides several templates and an accessible dashboard to edit and make videos in a pair of minutes.

This app features automatic subtitles, animated text, and premium content from Unsplash and Pexels.

Storycreator pricing: Free with watermark, 1GB storage, and five videos per month. The next plan is $15/month and allows to remove watermark, HD videos, 20 videos per month, and 5GB storage.



What are video marketing best practices?

Using video to empower your marketing strategy is an excellent option. However, there are some tips to keep in mind before making your video ads:

Videos under two minutes long get the most engagement. (Wistia)

Make sure your video can play without sound; people watch 85% of Facebook videos without sound, while 60% of Instagram Stories are watched with the sound on. (Instagram)

Avoid making videos longer than one minute; 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% by one minute, and 60% by two minutes. (Ad Age)

Don’t be too salesly; 65% of viewers skip online video ads as soon as possible. (CNBC)


Video marketing allows you to tell a story in a differently and uniquely. Before you start, it is essential to think about your customers, their needs, and how you can fulfill them.

So think about:

Which is your audience?

What kind of video is relevant for them?

What should you communicate?

What channels could be the best to publish your videos?

The answers to these questions will be the starting point of your video strategy. Go ahead!


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