9 Video Testimonial Software

9 Video Testimonial Software (Free and Paid)

Testimonials and reviews are powerful tools to create trust in your product or service. Video testimonial software are dedicated platforms that help to collect video testimonials.

Many tools allow customers to publish written reviews. Still, video testimonials are a sure shot when it comes to increasing conversion rates by using real people to talk about your product or service.

You can talk a lot about your business, but nothing compares to a happy customer explaining how good your product is.

Online reviews are critical because most customers search for reviews before taking any action, and consumers don't trust businesses without reviews.

Video testimonial tools are easy to use, and you don't need any coding skills. To collect videos, you only must share a link with your customer via email. Then, you can embed the video on your website or publish it on YouTube or a social media platform.

In this article we have compiled 9 video review platforms, check them out:



video testimonial software


Vocalvideo allows you to collect, edit, publish and host your testimonial videos. The platform automatically applies your branding schema, and a big plus is that you can edit the video within the platform itself.

Vocalvideo also provides a library of 45 templates to choose from and a library of soundtracks for your video. Still, there is also the option to upload your own music file. The user can choose to send a video and/or audio review, a good option for those not comfortable showing their face on video.

With automatic caption generation, multiple video formats to choose from, and easy set-up, this is a powerful platform to collect video reviews and build trust in your brand.

Vocalvideo pricing:

Starter plan: $33/month, 60 minutes of video storage, and 3 videos published per month.

Team plan: $99/month with unlimited videos and 120 minutes of video storage.

Pro plan: $299/month with unlimited videos and 240 minutes of storage.


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video testimonial software


Videoask is the testimonial tool from Typeform, and is focused on asynchronous video conversations. This is a kind of video email service; you can send a video to a customer, and they can answer by video, voice, or text.

The idea is good if you need to gather a lot of info from the customer, but perhaps not the best to collect reviews.

A simple analytics dashboard tracks visits, clicks, answers, and completions, so you can measure and test how well viewers engage with your videos. There are no editing options in Videoask, so you will have to go outside the platform if the video needs an edition.

Videoask integrates with hundreds of apps via Zapier and features an intelligent AI speech-to-text transcription in many languages.

Watch Videoask in action:

Videoask pricing:

Free plan: 20 minutes of video or audio processing per month with all core features and up to 3 steps per video.

Grow plan: $30 per month with 100 minutes of video or audio processing per month plus live calls, unlimited steps per video, and respondent tracking.

Brand plan: $50 per month with 200 minutes of video or audio processing per month, white-label and voice-powered chatbot.




video testimonial

Magnfi is a white label video creation software with five different video marketing tools. Using this platform, you can send video email messages, capture and create video testimonials, add video messages to emails, produce story videos and create branded videos for social media.

The tool goes a step beyond from testimonial creation, since this is a complete featured platform that gets you covered in video marketing management.

This software is focused on agencies, and their pricing plan offers a white label reseller program (that allows you to sell video services with your own name and brand) and a private label program (with no reseller rights)

Magnfi features a proprietary API to streamline your workflow's video creation process.

Magnfi pricing:

You must contact them for pricing info since prices are customized based on client needs.

Free trial available.




video testimonial software


Trustmary helps to collect video testimonials and reviews to increase your website's conversion rate. You can set automated testimonial import from Google, Facebook, G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. There is also the possibility to bulk importing from a spreadsheet.

To request a video testimonial from a customer, the tool sends a form asking to record a video testimonial. The user only needs to click "record" and then "send," and you get the review on the platform.

This platform allows the complete editing of reviews published on your website to match your brand. Like many other similar platforms, a single line of code sets the review on your site.

Trustmary features native integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zapier, allowing connecting with hundreds of apps.

Trustmary pricing:

Free plan: unlimited video and text testimonials, one widget.

Business plan: $99 per month adds unlimited widgets, integrations, testimonial collection automation, and up to five users.

Pro plan: $299 per month: adds feedback reporting, SMS automations, NPS,

Free 14-day trial available.




Glimpse is a video testimonial tool with a different approach since it focuses on capturing and simply editing video content.

With this platform you can create video emails, video testimonials, story videos, branded videos, and video messages. Video testimonials can be up to 50 seconds in length, a more than sufficient time for your customer to send a good and concise review.

You can customize logos and call-to-action-buttons and add music from a vast library of music files. Once you download the video, you embed it on your website or publish it on any social platform.

Glimpse pricing: flat pricing $49 per month with unlimited video testimonials,

Free 14-day trial available.






video testimonial software


Boast is a testimonial tool to collect video, text, and star ratings. You only need to share a link by mail with your customer, and they can answer with a video from any device.

Creating a video is fast and easy, with many templates and automated video testimonial requests and reminders.

Boast allows you to create widgets and embed them on your website and landing pages, but you can also download videos to use them in any marketing material or use Zapier to distribute it to additional channels.

This platform does not allow video editing, a helpful feature to look for because chances are that most of the videos you receive will need some kind of polish.

Boast pricing:

Solo plan: $25 per month with 240 responses per year, 480p video quality.

Plus plan: $50 per month with 600 responses per year, 720p video quality.

Team plan: $100 per month with 1,800 responses per year, 1080p video quality.

Free 14-day trial available with no credit card.






video testimonial software


Testimonial is a video testimonial software to collect and display video reviews.

This platform has a complete approach to handling reviews since it allows you to add text reviews from Twitter, Linkedin, or other social media platforms.

You can embed videos on your site with a simple line of code and create your own "wall of love" page. Or publish it on a social media site. A complete set of integrations allow you to embed your video on Webflow, Wix, Carrd, Flurly, Notion, React, Bubble and Potion.

Testimonial pricing:

Free plan: 2 video testimonials, 10 text testimonials, Testimonial branding.

Premium plan: $50/month adds unlimited text and video testimonials, 3-minute video time limit, and Zapier integration.

Ultimate plan: $150 per month adds 5 minute video time limit and 3 users.

7-day free trial available



Trust is a testimonial tool that can include clients' photos and backlinks to their websites or social media accounts, making the feedback trustworth and real.

This platform makes it easy to create testimonial request forms or rating surveys and share links to get customer feedback.

You only have to paste a single line of code to add trust to your site or use a WordPress plugin. Then you need to create a survey, send its link, and check the results on the platform. You can choose the best testimonials and show them on your website as a final step.

And to  avoid  privacy concerns, you can add a predefined contract to e-sign a GDPR compliant agreement.

Trust makes the video recording process easy for your customers with the upcoming "Teleprompter" feature. You can write a script, and the customer can follow it to produce better and more polished videos.

Trust pricing:

Free plan: 1 website, 1,000 visits per month, 10 published testimonials, and one external rating service.

Starter plan: $16 per month, 1 website, 5,000 visits per month, 50 published testimonials, and 50 rating responses per month.

Off-the-ground plan: $41 per month for 3 websites, 20,000 visits per month, 200 testimonials, HD video, 5 external rating services, and 5 e-sign per month.

Free 14-day trial available.






video testimonial software


VideoPeel is a complete solution for video testimonials. Your customer receives a single link, and clicking it allows people to record their video.

A unique feature of this platform is that it shows all the questions on the screen, which maximizes the chances of getting better responses. VideoPeel offers basic editing functionality, but there is no possibility to add music or any other element to the video. There are only three different templates (profile, photo, or video)

This platform offers a native Shopify integration and Amazon syndication for your product listings.

VideoPeel pricing:

Free trial: Elementary plan with watermark. Videos expire after 7 days.

Pro plan: $69 per month, no watermark up to 10 videos per month.

Premium plan: $399 per month, up to 30 videos per month, and advanced video management.







Vidmat is a basic tool to collect video testimonials with no bells and whistles.

Creating a video testimonial campaign is easy and fast. A clean and straightforward dashboard allows you to do this in a pair of minutes. Then you send a link to your customer via email or SMS, and you receive the reply in your inbox. Then you can download it and share it on your website or any social platform.

There is no way to edit the video in-app. You need to go out and use another program.

And at the moment of writing this article, there are no integrations listed on their website.

Vidmat pricing:

Free plan: one campaign, up to 10 testimonial videos, 2 minutes maximum per video.

Premium plan: $19 per month with unlimited videos, up to 200 videos, up to 5 campaigns, and 5 minutes per video.




Since video testimonials are based on social proof, they help increase your brand's trust and credibility.

Video is highly effective when you need to get customer engagement, and video testimonials are way more powerful than written reviews.

Are you using video testimonials on your site? Please let us know in the comments below.

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download linkedin video

How To Download LinkedIn Videos For Free

How To Download LinkedIn Videos For Free in 2022

If you are wondering how to download LinkedIn videos, this post will show you how to do it quick and easily.

Many free platforms allow to download LinkedIn videos and save them on a PC, tablet, or mobile device. This way, you can watch them later for future reference.

And if you need to edit the videos, we recommend Wavevideo (an online platform for editing videos) or Filmora (a beginner-friendly downloadable video editor and creator)

As with many other social media networks, LinkedIn videos are the most shared content. This is a consequence of the exponential growth of video usage in recent years, with an average of 19 hours of online video per week in 2022. Check these stats from Wyzowl:

download LinkedIn videos


We have listed the best LinkedIn video download tools we could find. Check them out.



download linkedin video

With KeepFlick, you can download any LinkedIn video for free.

All you need is to click the three points in the upper corner of the video and click url; copy it and paste it into the downloader box.

Once you paste the url, right-click the download button and choose the "Save link as" option to save the video file to your computer.


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Linkedradar is a free extension for browsers to download LinkedIn videos, available for Chrome and Edge. Once you install it, go to LinkedIn and refresh the page.

This extension adds a small download icon on the top left corner of the video. All you have to do is click on it to begin downloading.

This extension also worked on LinkedIn Learning videos and did an excellent job in our testing.




YMP4 is a free and quick tool to download LinkedIn videos for free. You can do this in three simple steps, copy the video URL, paste it into the YMP4 text box and then download the video in a snap.




download linkedin video

Viddownloader is a free online tool for downloading LinkedIn videos. It supports SD, Full HD, and 4K formats.

This software supports many video platforms, such as LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Dailymotion, and many other sites.

So if you need to download videos regularly, this is a tool to consider.




Downvideo is a free tool for downloading LinkedIn videos. Simply copy the video URL, paste the link, and download the video. With this platform, you can also download videos from more than 40 sites to your PC in SD, HD, 420p, 1080p, and more formats.


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download linkedin video

KEEPOffline is a free tool to download LinkedIn videos. All you need is to open your feed and copy the video URL. Then paste it on the downloader tool and choose your format; MP4, MP3, or MPV.

Once you click the download button, the video will be downloaded in no time. You can save it on your PC to watch later or also do some editing.




linkedin video download

ExpertsPHP is a free online tool for LinkedIn video download. It supports MP4 and 720p video formats.

This page works as similar platforms. You copy and paste the URL of the video. Click the download button, and you are ready to save the video on your PC.


How to post a video on LinkedIn

If you share a video on LinkedIn, you must follow these requirements:

1-Supported video formats are: ASF, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MKV, MP4, WebM, H264/AVC, VP8 and VP9, WMV2 and WMV3. Note that AVI and QuickTime are not supported.

2-Maximun file size: 5GB

3-Minimum file size: 75 Kb.

4-Maximum video duration: 15 minutes when uploading from desktop and 10 minutes when uploading from the LinkedIn mobile app.

5-Minimum video duration: 3 seconds.

6-Resolution range: 256x144 to 4096x2304.

7-Aspect ratio: 1:2.4 - 2.4:1

8-Frame rates: 10fps - 60 fps

9-Bit rates: 192 kbps - 30 Mbps


If you need to download a LinkedIn video, any of the above platforms will help. I have tested them all, and they work, but in my opinion, the Linkeradar extension offers the best functionality.

Please note that downloading videos from LinkedIn may have copyright issues. You should check before downloading not to violate any terms of service or property rights.


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talking avatar creator

Talking Avatar Creator Software

Talking Avatar Creator Software

A talking avatar is a high-engagement resource for videos, presentations, and live streams. Whether you need a video for sales, education, or employee onboarding, adding a human-talking avatar to your video can skyrocket viewers´ interest.

This leads to a better understanding and communication with your audience and provides invaluable feedback to adjust your overall strategy.

Many tools are available to create avatars, from emojis to cartoons, animators, and human avatars. In this article, we focus only on 2D human-talking avatar creators.

Below, we have listed our pick of the best five platforms to create talking avatars. Check them out:



talking avatar creator

SitePal is a talking avatar creator platform for human characters. The avatar can be published on web pages, blogs, emails, and PowerPoint. You can record your voice or use a powerful built-in text-to-speech technology in 25 languages.

SitePal goes a step beyond and offers an extensive lineup of male and female voice professionals. The company manages the whole production based on your instructions with a turnaround time of about three days.

You can choose full-body characters with natural movements matching audio and 3D photo face characters with incredible facial expressions. There are also 2D illustrated characters, premium characters, or custom characters made from a photograph or illustration.

This platform features AIMC, an AI-based tool to teach your character to respond to users´ questions with spoken answers. A text input field in your webpage can get visitors´ queries, and the AI-trained avatar will interact based on previous and automatic AI training.

SitePal pricing:

Bronze plan: $99.50/year with 1,500 audio streams/month and two domains.

Silver plan: $199.50/year with 4,000 audio streams/year with text-to-speech functionality and API.

Gold plan: $399.50/year with 15,000 audio streams/year allows you to create your own photo face and artificial intelligence.

Free 15-day trial available.




Talkingvatar.la is an avatar creator platform where you can build your human character for free in minutes. There are many pre-made human avatars to choose from, and you can create your own by uploading a custom photo.

This free version has basic features, and the cost-benefit relation of the paid version is really good.

The process is straightforward. You choose a character, input your text script (up to 300 characters) or audio file, and then submit the video for rendering. Some minutes later, you get the final video in your inbox.

You can share it, download it, or get the HTML code.

Talkingavatar pricing:

Free plan: unlimited videos up to one minute video time, with watermark.

Subscription plan: $19.90/month with unlimited videos, 5 minutes maximum per human avatar, one-minute maximum per custom avatar, no watermark.



People Builder

talking avatar creator

This platform helps to create lifelike avatars and 2D avatars as well. The software allows selecting gestures and emotions; you can use text to speech or recorded audio from an MP3 file.

You can create content in any language. People Builder has an interesting lip-sync feature that is language-independent, and text-to-speech engines are available in many languages.

Some avatars can be fully customized using a proprietary API. You can change gender and type, hair, eyes, headwear, top, neckwear, over, bottom, and footwear. But suppose you need a particular character. In that case, this company provides a custom character service for building unique avatars. These can be accessed through their dedicated API.

People Builder pricing

Monthly subscription: $10/month

Free one-week trial available.



Elai.io uses AI to build videos with a human avatar using only text. You select an avatar, input a text script, and the software generates your video.

A bare basic plan is available; the next plan is $29/month for 15 minutes of video per month.

If you have a paid plan, Elai allows you to create a custom avatar for a one-time payment of $500. You only have to record the person in front of a green screen, submit the video, and a few days later, the custom avatar is integrated into your library. This platform also allows you to upload your voice recording.

Check this video about creating custom avatars with Elai




AI video generation

A leader company in the human avatar business, Synthesia uses AI to create a video from a text script using human avatars.

This platform features 40+ avatars, and plans start at $30/month. If you are subscribed to a monthly plan, you can create a custom avatar of a real person. Each custom avatar requires the person's explicit consent, and once you submit footage, their team manages the whole creation process. It currently takes ten working days to get your custom avatar, but this service costs $1,000 a year.

Check how Synthesia created Messi´s avatar in this video:




The above are the best options for creating 2D human avatars in videos, web pages, or presentations. These tools have different approaches, starting with Talkingavatar free options to full-featured software like Synthesia.

If you need to create a video with a speaking character, check this article that lists several platforms featuring human presenters.

Are you using any of these platforms? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Private Video Hosting Platforms for Secure Sharing

Private Video Hosting Platforms for Secure Sharing

Private video hosting is a suitable alternative to free online video hosting platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, and others. Free hosting's drawbacks have substantial restrictions when it comes to publishing content, monetization, branding, and limited consumer support,

When you upload a video to YouTube, you give them the right to use your content. Have you ever read YouTube's terms of service?

On the other side, private video hosting platforms give creators complete control over their work. Companies can control access to training videos, message videos, and all types of video stuff.

But if you host videos on your server, it may start to suffer due to high load traffic and lags depending on spikes coming from audience increase. The best option is to use an external platform that manages hosting, security, and provides user´s analytics.


What to consider in a private video hosting platform?

1-Live streaming and VOD support

If you plan to get into live streaming, keep an eye on how many viewers the platform accepts.

2-Video security and privacy

Video security is essential to secure your videos and make them inaccessible to hackers and piracy. Security is a solid point to consider if you intend to generate revenue from your videos.

Video privacy is vital to allow access only to specific viewers, for example, if you own a VOD (video-on-demand) platform and provide access upon payments.

3-Encoding and Transcoding

This is important to support several video formats and distribute the content of any type of video file.

4-Video proprietary API

An API can help to automate specific tasks such as uploading, downloading, and embedding videos.

5-CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is a must-have to assure fast content delivery regardless of the viewer's physical location. This is handled by a server network that detects where the viewer is located and makes a connection with the nearest server available.


Analytics is the core point of any video platform with marketing capabilities. It lets you know how your users interact with video content, how long they watch a video and their engagement level.

7-Mobile video hosting

Many people watch videos on mobile devices. This means that you need two things:

-Adaptive bit rate video player to work in low-quality connection areas and

-HTML5 player for easy video embedding.


Integrations are essential to include the private video hosting platform into your current workflow.


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We have listed below seven private video hosting platforms. Since there are many platforms out there, this list is not exhaustive but pretends to give a general overview of different systems and how useful they can be for your needs.



Vidello is a private video hosting company with a focus on course creators. This software provides tools for collecting leads, social sharing, coupon management, and advanced analytics.

Regarding security, you can password protect your content, a must-have for membership and e-learnings sites.

Vidello is simple to use and includes video marketing tools and a plain pricing model.

Key features

1-Specific built for course creators.

2-Responsive  and fully customizable video player.

3-Animated lower thirds.

4-Automatic SEO improvement for videos.

5-Video GIFs creator.

Vidello pricing

Standard plan: $39/month or $397/year with 200 videos, 200 GB bandwidth, and basic analytics.

Pro plan: $49/month or $497/year with 500 videos, 500 GB monthly bandwidth, and full analytics.

video editor,video recorder


SproutVideo is a private hosting and live streaming platform. This company shares the same philosophy of Wistia because offers a private video hosting platform with additional features for video marketing.

Thus, you will find many features like detailed analytics, engagement viewer tracking, and the option to build a videosite based on your content.

SproutVideo is an easy-to-use platform with many options for a budget pricing suitable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Key features

1-Many security options, including geo-restrictions, SSL embeds, and Single Sig-on options.

2-Full engagement tracking.

3-Lead capture, video SEO, and more marketing tools.

4-Proprietary API.

5-Fully customizable player.

SproutVideo pricing

Seed plan: $24.99/month with core platform features and 500 GB bandwidth, no viewer accounts.

Sprout plan: $59.99/month with 500 GB bandwidth, login protection, 125 viewer accounts, and a video website.

Tree plan: $199.99/month with 500 GB bandwidth with 500 viewer accounts and geo-restriction.

Free 30-day trial available.


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private video hosting

Spotlightr is a private video hosting platform that includes video marketing tools. This platform offers an attractive "Hybrid video hosting" feature that allows streaming videos hosted on other platforms (like YouTube, Vimeo, and more) while removing ads and related content suggestions.

Spotlightr offers affordable pricing plans suitable for those looking for a budget hosting solution.

Key features

1-Advanced player customization.

2-CTAs overlay video templates.

3-Video password protection, domain restriction, and private sharing links.

4-Hybrid hosting for external hosted videos.

5-Heatmaps and advanced analytics.

Spotlightr pricing

Spark plan is $7/month (paid annually) with 25 videos and 50 GB bandwidth/month, player customization, and advanced analytics.

Aurora plan: $16/month (paid annually) with unlimited videos and 200 GB bandwidth/month plus advanced security options and team accounts.

Polaris plan: $40/month (paid annually) with unlimited videos and 600 GB bandwidth/month, adds CRM integration and advanced marketing features.




private video hosting

Dacast is a reliable video hosting company focused on business with plenty of features. The dashboard is clean and intuitive, but you will need to spend some time to know all the features.

A distinctive feature of Dacast is that all pricing plans include unlimited concurrent viewers, Ad-free streaming (to delete all logos and ads from third-party brands), and security features.

Key features

1-Proprietary API for easy integration.

2-Many video monetization options.

3-Strong security, including AES-256.

4-Live streaming and video On Deman capabilities.

5-Excellent value for the money.

Dacast pricing

Starter plan: $39/month with 1.2 TB bandwidth and 50 GB storage.

Event plan: $63/month with 6 TB bandwidth and 50 GB storage.

Scale plan: $118/month with 24 TB bandwidth and 1,000 GB storage.




private video hosting

Vdocipher is a private video hosting platform focused on e-learning and media websites, with technical features to prevent unauthorized downloads. A unique "dynamic watermark" feature prevents screen capture from any device, and videos hosted on Vdocipher can not be downloaded.

This platform has a particular approach to pricing plans since they sell a specific amount of bandwidth that lasts one year. You will be charged an additional fee if you spend your credit before the year ends. Despite this, your credit card is never auto-charged.

Key features

1-Video API to download and upload content.

2-Customizable video players and WordPress plugins.

3-AWS-based CDN servers all over the world.

4-Scalable and flexible infrastructure to handle audience peaks.

5-DRM encrypted streaming.

VdoCipher pricing

Starter plan: $99/year or 500 GB bandwidth (estimated to 1900 hours of streaming on 600 kbps video) and 70 GB storage.

Value plan: $399/year or 2.5 TB bandwidth (estimated to 9900 hours on 600 kbps video) and 200 GB storage.

Express plan: $699/year or 4.5 TB bandwidth (estimated to 17900 hours on 600 kbps video) and 400 GB storage.

There are more plans available depending on bandwidth consumption.




private video hosting

Wistia has been a private video company in the business since 2006. This platform has a different approach since it combines video hosting with video marketing. It allows you to add CTAs into your videos, offers heatmaps to better understand how viewers engage with your content, and a bunch of marketing tools.

If video marketing strategy is one of your business pillars, Wistia is a great platform to try.

Key features

1-Fully customizable player.

2-Analytics, heatmaps, and A/B testing.

3-Generous free plan.

4-Many integrations with CRMs, Google Analytics, and Zapier.

5-Optimized video player for all devices, from mobile to 4K screens.

Wistia pricing:

Free plan comes with 10 videos, 200 GB of bandwidth per month, and basic features.

Plus plan: $19/month with 20 videos, 1 TB bandwidth, no Wistia branding, and basic call to action options.

Pro plan: $79/month with 50 videos/month, 1 TB bandwidth, custom call to action, password protection, and more features.



private video hosting

Brightcove has been in the private video hosting business for many years and is a key player in this business. This platform claims to deliver 675 million video views weekly, which tells about its technical capacity and resources.

A solid and full-featured platform but be prepared to face a steep learning curve to get the most of it.

Brightcove is focused on enterprise clients, and you must contact their sales department to get a quote.

Key features:

1-Live events and 24/7 streaming.

2-OTT and TV streaming.

3-GEO restriction and IP restriction are available.

4-Tons of integrations through Brightcove Marketplace.

5-99.99% uptime and 16 data centers around the world.

DemoCreator is built-in with 16 AI virtual presenter selections, easily turning you into a virtual human with motion capture. You can use it for online teaching, presentation, gaming, and any other situation you want.

Private Video hosting FAQs


The private video hosting universe is populated by many companies with different offers. At first glance, choosing which is right for you may be challenging.

A first approach should divide options with and without video marketing tools, depending on your specific needs.

We recommend going for a free trial to learn the ropes and then advance for a paid plan.

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vhs video effect

How To Add VHS Effects To Videos

How To Add VHS Effects to Videos

VHS was a video reproduction standard created by Philips in 1974. It made it possible to have home recording and replay machines at competitive prices. From the consumer's point of view, it was a real revolution these days, and VHS competed with Sony's standard video player, Betamax.

In the long run, VHS took the market. In 1988 Sony ended up producing Betamax machines, switching their production model towards VHS players. Everyone who lived in those days can remember how amazing it was when you could record and watch a TV show or film later.

Unbelievably, those old tapes' low quality and retro features have become popular these days. Old VHS resolution used to be 320 x 240, while a standard YouTube video has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p

VHS video effect refers to editing videos to add noise, grain, saturation, and more effects to the original footage to downgrade its quality and create an "old-time appearance" to the video.

There are two main ways to add VHS video effects:

1-Using online video editors (Like Veed, Flexclip, and others)

2-Using offline editors (Filmora, Adobe Premiere, FinalCut Pro, Videoproc, DaVinci Resolve, and others). Many plugins and add-ons for these programs offer all kinds of effects and VHS overlays.


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Both online and offline editors work adding an overlay to the original video that simulates a retro video.

Let's check them in detail:




Veed is an online editor that lets you add effects to any video. It is cloud-based, and there is no need to install a program. It runs within a standard browser and an internet connection.

With Veed, you can add VHS effects with noise and glitch. You need to upload a video to the platform and in the effects tab, select "VHS overlay", blur, noise or any other effect you wish. Then the magic is done; your video has traveled back 30 years.

The exciting thing about Veed is that you can add VHS effects to video for free since it is included in the free plan with an acceptable 720p resolution. A paid plan is $12/month, not bad for a complete online video editing platform.



vhs video effect

Flexclip online editor lets you add VHS effects and overlays to videos. You simply need to upload your video and select a VHS overlay from the library.

This platform features a vast library of VHS effects,  and this feature is supported in the free plan. Keep in mind that video export quality in the free plan is only 480p. The next plan starts at $5.99/month with 720p exports.




Filmora is a well-known name in the video editing industry. This is a beginner-friendly downloadable software you must install on your PC or Mac. It is free to download, but videos created with this version show a watermark.

You will have to pay $49.99/year or $79.99 for a perpetual plan to remove it.

Once you upload a video, in the search bar, look for VHS effects. Then drag and drop any of them above your video on the timeline, then drag it on the video's length. Filmora features many VHS video effects; rewind, noise, glitch, distortion, and more.

Watch this short video about VHS effects with Filmora


VideoProc Vlogger

vhs video effect

VideoProc Vlogger is a downloadable video editor with complete color grading and correction, motion presets, motion crop, time-lapses, VHS effect video, and full features to cover many editing needs.

This software is free to download and use, with no watermark or other restrictions. You must upload the video and select VCR filters to turn your video into a vintage version. VideoProc Vlogger offers fewer filter options than similar platforms. Still, it is an excellent option to try as a free tool.


Adobe Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve:

There are many options for adding VHS effects when you create and edit videos with any of these software.

Cinepacks offer a free sample of VHS overlays and TV screen overlays. These are compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, and similar software.

This pack features 20 assets that need no installation. You just drag and drop them to your video timeline.


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Envato Elements is another source for adding VHS effects to videos. This marketplace features 260+ templates for After Effects, Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, FinalCut Pro, and Apple Motion.

There are standard resolution templates, but you can find 4K overlays too.

Shutterstock features a vast library of 25K+ VHS effects to video footage. You can choose resolution, aspect ratio, duration, frame rates, and more items to get the ideal effect you are looking for.

Maxon offers the Universe plugin, intended to add VHS effects to video. This software can add VCR-style text, timecode, record speed, and even function icons such as Play, Fast Forward and Rewind.

This platform features granular control over your video and offers many options to turn your video into VHS style.

Maxon costs €227/year and is available for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut, Apple Motion, Vegas Pro 14 or later, and DaVinci Resolve14 or later.



There are different options to add VHS effects to your videos, from free online software to paid and professional choices. Each of the above mentioned tools has a different approach, the one you choose depends on your actual needs.


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video password protection

Password Protect Video Explained (With Examples)

Password Protect Video Explained (With Examples)

Privacy and security are the main concerns when controlling who accesses your video content. To password protect your videos is an easy and secure way to give access only to intended recipients.

This method lets you add a layer of privacy and security to your videos, avoiding unauthorized views and downloads.

Password protect video can be helpful with:

Live events and lectures.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Google meetings.

Courses and webinars.

Private company meetings and events.

Product and sales presentations.

Sales and marketing training videos.

This list is not exhaustive since there are many more cases for video protection.

Password protection in a video is a good option, but many others regarding strong security exist. Two of the most important are:

1-AES Encryption (Acronym for Advanced Encryption Standard) is used by banks, financial institutions, and governments to encrypt digital data and secure information exchange. Today AES is the industry-standard security protocol, and is available only at file-level. This means you have to lock individual video files, and this can not be done on a hosted video.

2-IP Restriction: This method considers the viewer’s geographic location. Modern video hosting platforms allow you to authorize viewers in specific countries or regions. IP restriction is a feature that some private video hosting company offer.

If you need to password protect your videos, the answer lies in the type of video hosting platform you use. Video hosting refers to storing and managing your video content, and the most popular hosting platform is YouTube. This is an excellent platform if you need to build an audience but has many disadvantages regarding privacy and security.

Hosting videos on a paid platform is the only way to protect them from unauthorized access. These are cloud-based and offer several privacy options.

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There are many video hosting platforms that allow you to add a password to protect your videos, and they differ in nature regarding its primary use.

Sprout, Dacast, and Wistia are hosting and video marketing platforms where you can host your videos. All of them are cloud-based and focused on secure video hosting, monetization, live streaming, video on demand and additional features that allow you to manage your content and set your video marketing strategy.

Loom: Loom is a video message platform focused on asynchronous video team communication.

Wave.video: Wave is one of the best online video creator and editor software. Videos made with Wave are hosted on the platform.

Vidyard: provides video tools for sales and prospecting

Vyond: A top animation video company, they provide hosting for videos created within the platform.

Let´s check them out in detail.


Loom provides asynchronous video messaging for work teams. You can record videos of your screen and cam, then the system generates a link you can share with your recipients. They don´t even need to login in or create an account.

You can password your video for an extra layer of security and privacy. There is also the option to restrict access to specific people.

Some of these privacy options are available on the free plan, but for complete privacy control, you will have to switch to a Business ($8/month) or Enterprise Plan



Wave.video is an online editor and streaming platform. It features many video editing and production options, including create, edit, cut, trim, subtitle management, streaming, video hosting, and more.

Wave is one of the few online video editors that allows you to set password protection for your videos. You can adjust it from the application dashboard, and as a distinctive feature, this option also works in the free plan.



Vidyard is an online platform that provides online video tools for sales and prospecting. This platform focuses on video creation, video analytics, and video hosting.

Vidyard takes a robust approach to video security, offering not only password protection for your videos but also additional security options:

1-Password protect video in Pro plans ($19/month).

2-Option to restrict access request: require viewers to enter their email address to view your video. (Business Plan)

3-Allow video access requests. (Business Plan)

4-SSO User management and secure playback. (Business Plan)

DemoCreator is built-in with 16 AI virtual presenter selections, easily turning you into a virtual human with motion capture. You can use it for online teaching, presentation, gaming, and any other situation you want.


Vyond is a video animation software company focused on business. This high-end animation tool has solid creator features, certified data security, and excellent customer support.

Setting a video to “Password Protected” allows you to use the “email sharing option” that makes the video available only to specific users.   You can also set permissions to edit the video (a producer who can edit or copy a video shared by another team member) or to review and comment on the video.

After clicking the link, the viewer will be given the option to get a password. Then a second mail that contains the password goes to the viewer, allowing them to watch the video.


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Sprout is a complete platform for video hosting. It includes video marketing, player customization, secure video sharing, analytics, and more.

With Sprout, you can easily password protect videos from your dashboard with a single click. This platform features an interesting “password protection embeds” option to preserve those videos you embed on your website.

They also offer login protection, geo-restriction, single sign-on, and the possibility of password-protecting your entire video site. All protection features are available on plans that start at $59.99 per month or higher.



Dacast is an online video and hosting platform. This B2B (business to business) platform allows broadcast and host live and on-demand video content with free and paid programming options.

A single click on your dashboard is all you need to do to password protect your videos. Then the viewers must enter this password before viewing the content.

This platform also offers Secure Delivery and Domain/Country Restriction for complete control over your video content.



Wistia is a robust video marketing platform to create, host, market, and analyze video performance. To password protect a video, you must sign up for a ProPlan ($79/month) because this feature isn´t available on lower plans.



Are you wondering if you can password protect videos YouTube videos? Well, the answer is no. There is no possibility of adding a password to a video hosted on YouTube. The only way to secure a YouTube video is to set it to “private” or “unlisted.”

Spotlightr has a “hybrid hosting” feature that enables password protection for videos hosted on YouTube. The video will still be hosted on Youtube, but it will be password protected when played on Spotlighr player.



Using any of the above platforms lets you password protect your videos. These are mentioned as examples, as many others are in the market. If you have a WordPress website, specific membership plugins can protect your videos.

Since a web video player can be hacked, you should protect your video player and the video hosting.

As video password protection is based on video hosting platforms, all have paid plans, and there is no possibility to protect a hosted video for free.

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12 Explainer Video Makers

12 Explainer Video Makers

An explainer video shows a product or service, how to do something, or a specific concept. Explainer video makers are platforms focused on creating these videos, which are usually short (less than two minutes) and use meaningful content to attract the viewer's attention.

These videos are usually shared on social media sites or embedded on website landing pages to increase engagement and brand awareness.

Since online videos deliver ten times the response rate of static text and graphics, an explainer video is an interesting option to consider in your marketing strategy.

If you need to create an explainer video, there are four options to consider:

1-Get a video editing suite (like Filmora , Premier or Camtasia) and make your own explainer video from scratch.

A regular task if you already own the software and the experience, but not the best way to go in case you are new to video editing.

2-Sign up for a cloud-based dedicated platform to make the whole creation process in minutes.

3-Hire an external agency or freelancer. Lots of options here; Fiverr, Upwork, and others.

4-Create your explainer video using PowerPoint.


If you decide to go for the second option, this article is for you. We have listed 12 best explainer video makers below for creating a professional-looking video with no prior experience.

Although there are plenty of platforms to create videos, we will only list those focused on explainer videos.

When you are done reading, you will know the best options to consider. Check them out:


Biteable is one of the best explainer video makers out there. You can make an explainer video in just minutes: pick an explainer video template, edit it by adding scenes, colors, pictures, and videos, and finally publish it on a website or social media site.


Key features:

1-"Biteable Teams" allows for making branded videos quickly.

2-Vast library of 800K+ videos and animated scenes.

3-Bare basic video editor.

4-Few animate video templates are available.

Check out this explainer video created with Biteable:

explainer video maker


Biteable pricing:

Free plan with unlimited video exports, royalty-free music library, and 2M+ video clips and images from Unsplash. The next plan is $588/year with many features but no branding or voiceover.




Anireel is a product from Wondershare, a well-known name in the video business and the creator of Filmora video editor.

To create an explainer video with this software, you must choose a template, edit it with your own graphic assets and soundtrack, and then export the video to MP4 format.

A useful script to animation tool lets you create your video by just typing your script. Then the platform uses AI to choose best designs, voiceovers, transitions, and music to automatically make a complete video.

This is a downloadable product, available only for Windows.


Key features:

1-Text to speech function with many speakers and genders.

2-Pitch sync and lip sync.

3-Commercial rights included.

4-Hundreds of built-in animation templates, characters, audios and assets.

5-Customizable characters.


Check Anireel in action:


Anireel pricing:

Free plan with basic functionality and 720p export videos. Next plan is $9.99/month billed annually and adds text-to-speech, premium assets and full functionallity.




CrazyTalk Animator3

This is downloadable software, available for Mac and PC. You can download it free and get a 30-day trial with hundreds of resources. This platform is aimed at experienced users, and the quality of video animations is excellent.


Key features:

1-50 characters, 435 motions, 27 perform, and 24 projects included.

2-Animate 2D characters with 3D motions.

3-Facial puppet and audio lip-syncing.

4-Export projects to Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Hitfilm, and Motion5.


CrazyTalkk Animator3 pricing:

Perpetual licenses $159, but be prepared to face several upsells for Head Maker, Facial movements, and other features.

 Watch CrazyTalk Animator in action:



Toonly claims itself to be "the simplest drag and drop explainer video creator." This platform has a distinctive cartoon style and is not cloud-based; you must download it and install it on Mac or PC.

Toonly lacks pre-made templates but has several pre-made scenes to create your video.

You can download this software on as many devices as you like; all the projects are stored in the cloud and synced. The app does not support image or character customization. Still, you can upload your own images or characters and provide them limited animation capabilities.


Key features:

1-No free trial available.

2-Simple drag-and-drop explainer video builder.

3-One single account works on several computers.

4-No stock images. All Toonly images were custom drawn by professional designers.


Toonly pricing:

The standard plan starts at $39/month with 30 character images, 17 character animations, unlimited videos, 20 background audios, 10 pre-made scenes, and 3 text animations. The next plan is $69/month with increased assets.

There is a one-time fee purchase offer at $67.


Watch Toonly in action:


Animaker is a platform for video marketing to create live-action and animation videos. Like other similar tools, there are plenty of video templates to start with, and they are fully editable. You can create your own custom character, an exciting feature also available in the free plan.

Animaker offers excellent animation styles, although only available on higher plans. Lower plans also lack commercial rights and short-time rendering.


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Key features:

1-Multi-user collaboration, great if you work as a team.

2-100 M+ stock assets and 30,000+ animated properties.

3-Instant auto-lip sync, a helpful feature that saves lots of time.

4-Powerful character builder.


Animaker pricing:

Free plan with 5 downloads per month with watermark and HD resolution. The next plan is $10/month with 5 minutes video length, 5 custom characters/month, and 2GB storage.

Watch Animaker in action:





This is one of the most straightforward tools for making explainer videos. With Renderforest, you don't need any design skills to create a professional animation also in 3D.

This platform is not only an explainer video maker. It is a complete suite of tools for creating animations, slideshows, presentations, videos, logos, websites, and social media designs.

In our experience, software products with multiple features trying to cover many niches are not the best option. Still, this platform may be a good fit for many users.

Check Renderforest video:


Key features:

1-1,000+ animation scenes.

2-3D animation templates.

3-Voiceover trimmer tool to align scenes.

4-iOS and Android apps available for creating on the go.


Renderforest pricing:

Free plan with 500Mb storage, 720p videos, and limited stock footage. The next plan is $9.99/month with 10GB storage, unlimited videos, premium templates, and vector SVG.



explainer video maker infographic



Moovly sells itself as "an explainer video software even your grandma can use," so we are keen to think it is very easy to use. A simple drag-and-drop editor lets you create videos in a snap with no video editing knowledge necessary.

With this platform, you can create whiteboard explainer videos, cartoon-style videos, animated illustrations, and motion graphics. An advanced video editor (not standard in this kind of platforms) lets you add transitions, cuts, and scenes to any part of the video. You may need some time to learn the ropes if you are new to video editing, but this product delivers excellent results.


Getting started with Moovly:


Key features:

1-Moovly Video Collaborator speeds up team collaboration and production.

2-Automatic text and subtitles translator.

3-Powerful video editor with PowerPoint import.

4-1.3M+ royalty-free images, photos, and videos.

5-iStock and Getty Images available to buy separately.


Moovly pricing:

Free plan with 1M assets, 20 personal uploads, YouTube and Vimeo video sharing (no downloads within this plan). The next plan is $24.92/month with 1080p quality, unlimited video length, no watermark, team management, and video templates.






This tool has a different approach to explainer video creation.

First, it presents a single hand drawing an illustration on the canvas, and then two hands appear clearing the scene.

Second, the system asks you a few questions with different options to choose from to help you write a good script. The platform automatically illustrates the story, but you can edit it to better suit your needs.

This tool produces clean and simple explainer videos but with few customization options.


Key features:

1-Only whiteboard animations.

2-Commercial rights only on business plans at $129/month.

3-Pricey compared to other options in the market.


 Watch how Simpleshow works:


Simpleshow pricing:

Free plan to create unlimited videos but with limited features and no download. The next $5.99/month plan allows you to record or upload your own voiceover, three voices to choose from, downloads, and subtitles.




Animatron Studio

Animatron Studio is a drag-and-drop explainer video maker. With hundreds of pre-made assets (audio, video, and photos), you can also create HTML5 (offline) presentations and whiteboard animations.

If you are new to animation video, they got you covered with many tutorials ranging from beginners to advanced users.

This platform offers one of the best cost-benefit relation on their pricing plans, with many variations.


Key features:

1-Vast library with 500K video clips.

2-200 pre-sets animations.

3-Whiteboard animation style.

4-Built-in voiceover.

5-Free music, icons, and images.

6-Several formats to import/export media.

7-"Lite mode" for easy animation creation.

Check Animatron in action:


Animatron pricing:

Free plan with 5 projects and 2 GB storage, next plan $15/month with unlimited projects and thousands of royalty-free photos, videoclips, and audio clips.






Visme is a complete platform for creating videos, infographics, printables, banners, maps, mockups, presentations, and charts. You can easily create animated explainer videos with customizable characters using drag and drop functionality.

Visme offers a vast library of video templates for explainer videos, with animated options and standard videos.

A unique feature of this platform is the social media schedule, an interesting option to consider if you post on social media and need to plan your content publishing in advance. This avoids needing other external tools to handle your post schedule.


Key features:

1-Excellent option to consider for creating any kind of graphic and video content.

2-Integrates with YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, One Drive, Loom, Wistia, and more apps.

3-Full tutorials and resources available.

4-Team management is available.

Check this explainer video about Visme:


Visme pricing:

Free plan with unlimited projects, no download, and 100MB storage. The next plan is $12.25/month billed yearly with 250MB storage, premium assets, no Visme watermark, charts and data widgets, and limited format downloads.


Powtoon is a well-known name in the video animation arena, which has improved over the years. This platform works as an excellent explainer video maker, featuring hundreds of animation templates that you can customize with your own icons, music, colors, fonts, and illustrations.

To create an animated explainer video with Powtoon, you need to choose a video template ( or start your own from scratch), edit it with a simple drag and drop dashboard, and then share it via a link or download it in MP4 format.

Powtoon definitely stands out in the number of integrations it supports, making it super easy to adapt Powtoon to your current creative process.

Check Powtoon in this video:

Key features:

1-Extension for Adobe Photoshop CC for transforming your static designs into videos.

2-PowerPoint, MS Teams, Canva, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook Ads Manager, and more integrations are available.

3-Tons of royalty-free music and assets.

4-Video trimmer, editor, GIF maker, screen recorder, YouTube intro maker, and more video tools.


Powtoon pricing:

Free plan up to 3  minutes length in HD resolution, 100 screen and webcams recording, no download, and primary features. The next plan is $8/month with access to PRO content, up to 10 minutes in length, MP4 download, and commercial usage rights.


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Videoscribe is one of the best whiteboard explainer video makers. With a drag-and-drop dashboard, you can turn your ideas into a professional-looking video in just minutes.

To take advantage of all features, you must download and install the program on your PC. A browser-based option enables you to create quick animations on the go.

Videoscribe offers professional services through Sparkol Studio, a team of experienced animators, scriptwriters, and designers that can shift your video idea to the next level.

Check Videoscribe:



Key features:

1-11,000+ images and GIFs.

2-190+ royalty-free tracks and voiceover recordings.

3-HD 1080p render resolution.

4-Royalty-free music collection.

5-Choice of different drawing hands.


Videoscribe pricing:

Starting at $39/month, but you can get it for $14/month by signing up for an annual plan.

Free 7-day trial available.




When you need an explainer video maker, there are lots of options. Since each platform is aimed at a different audience and needs, we hope this article can guide you to the correct choice.

Most of them offer free plans or free trials so you can try and test if the platform meets your needs.

Are you using any of these? leave a comment below and let us know.

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video marketing course

Video Marketing Courses for Beginners

Best Video Marketing Courses for Beginners

There is no doubt that video is a marketing strategy that grows yearly. According to Wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and a considerable proportion of marketers (92%) use it as an essential part of their marketing strategy. From the consumer side, in 2022, people will watch an average of 19 hours of online video per week.

If you want to enter the video market and don´t know where to start, plenty of online video marketing courses can help. These courses usually focus on video marketing strategy but also on the technical side, required equipment, and the best places to share video content.

But before you sign up, there are specific tips for finding the best video marketing course for you:

1-Think about your needs:

Are you a beginner or have previous experience with video marketing?

Maybe you know how to make a video from a technical point of view, but you are not sure about promoting it. Then go for a marketing-focused course, where you can learn about the audience, how to make a content calendar,  and the best places to share your video according to your business.

Since many options are available, it is not easy to get the appropriate one for you. Go ahead and invest some time doing basic research before signing in.

2-Instructor background:

With many sites offering courses, it is crucial to check the instructor's background and qualifications. These sites usually show reviews from previous students and the instructor's bio so you can figure out how experienced they are.


Don't be fooled by the course price. Higher does not mean better, and many free courses provide excellent value. To begin with, we recommend starting with a free course and moving later to a paid one to improve your knowledge.

We have compiled the nine best video marketing courses for beginners and intermediate students.

These are available on online learning platforms like LinkedIn, Udemy, and Skillshare. Check them out:


Make the most of video

Google Digital Garage

This is the first video marketing course for beginners you should take to learn the ropes of video marketing. After all, Google's algorithm will rank your video according to its guidelines. Knowing them to make the right content is always a good idea.

With a simple approach for beginners, Google shows the main principles to follow to succeed in video marketing.

This video marketing course offers an overview of online video and its growing popularity over recent years. You will find many precise tips for learning how to plan, produce and promote videos to reach the right audience.

Check it here.

This course has 6 lessons of 55 minutes.



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Video Marketing Made (Ridiculously) Easy

video marketing course

With a 4.7/5 rating from 226 students,  Michael Clarke teaches how to plan and outline an effective video marketing campaign, including YouTube publishing and promoting.

You will learn what type of video to create according to your business, a crucial point to consider before beginning. There are lessons about video gear (cameras, lights, microphones), video editing, and scripting.

Clarke also covers video publishing and promoting with a unique reference for YouTube.

Check the course here.

At the time of this writing, the course costs $19.99 and includes 12 lectures, one h 44 min total length.



Video Production, YouTube Marketing, & Video Marketing Guide

video marketing course

This video marketing course created by Tomas Moravek is rated 4,4/5 stars by 932 people and marked as Bestseller by Udemy. Moravek is an industry insider who has produced content for leading companies and is a Facebook Ads and SEO expert.

This full-featured course can get you into Video Production, Video Editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Animations, YouTube, and YouTube Rankings. This is one of the most complete courses available, focusing on software, technical gear and marketing.

The course offers deep and precise insights about YouTube video production, video production on smartphones and drones, YouTube marketing strategies, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, easy video animations, Facebook Ads and SEO.

Check the course here.

This course has 14 lectures with 1h 19m in length. At the time of writing this article, it costs $84.99


Online video content strategy

This video marketing course for beginners produced by Roberto Clarke offers a general overview of video marketing. You will learn the content strategy, video creation process, planning, and best resources to craft a video that suits your business.

A whole section is about online video platforms (social networks and content platforms) and live streaming. With a simple but engaging format, Clarke shows proven formulas for creating awesome videos. He also focuses on content strategy, video editing, creating a content calendar, metrics, and analytics.

Clarke goes the extra mile addressing frequent dilemmas in video marketing, how to stand out in a saturated market, build an audience from scratch, and work with discoverability and SEO.

Check the course here.

This course is rated 4.8/5 stars from 119 reviews. The total length is  2h 8 min.


Going Viral: Write, film, and make content people share. A Skillshare original

video marketing course

If you plan to go into social media video marketing, this course by American comedian and social media influencer Matt Bellassai is for you. It is meant for YouTubers, content writers, and everyone who wants to make viral content for social media sharing.

You will learn to develop your style and "voice," how to write better tweets, how to write the best heading lines, how to make successful videos, and more tips for creating and refining your marketing strategy.

Although this is not a specific course about video marketing, Matt's approach to social media makes this course an excellent option to consider. Check it here.

Total length 1 h 9 minutes in 15 classes.

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Essential Video Marketing Course to Grow ANY Business

This video marketing course by Austin Amstrong is an excellent starting point for beginners. The course shows what you need to get started in plain and simple terms, the types of videos that perform well, how to do video keyword research, editing, and more.

Amstrong offers helpful tools for growing a YouTube channel and tracking, measuring, and optimizing results. He also reveals how he has raised many YouTube channels and Facebook pages leveraging video marketing.

Check it here.

This course features 16 lessons with a total length of 1h 8m



Video Marketing Course: Learn How to Get Started with Your Video Marketing Strategy

video marketing course

This free video marketing course will teach you how to get started with online video to attract and engage your audience.

This course features four lessons, including 29 videos and two hour's length.

Hubspot teaches how to create a successful video marketing strategy and the best examples of video content, production, and analytics.

Whether you are a professional or just starting, Hubspot is an excellent reference for marketing. This course provides a lot of value if you plan to get serious about video marketing. Check it here.



2022 Video Marketing & Advertising Via Effective YouTube Ads

This video marketing course by Alex Genadinik focuses on YouTube advertising. You will learn how to create YouTube ads, drive paid and organic traffic, and write a script. There is also a lecture about video lights and video and audio gear for complete beginners.

In this course, Alex explains how to get extra traffic with YouTube Ads and SEO, a crucial strategy to master if you are serious about growing your audience.

This course is for people who sell online products, entrepreneurs and business owners, and anyone who needs to promote on YouTube.

Check it here.

This course is 3h 58m length, with 10 sections and 52 lectures. At the time of this writing, the price is $69.99



Certified Video Marketing Professional | Beginner to Pro!

video marketing course

This video marketing course focuses on those who need to improve their knowledge and beginners with no previous background.

The course has four sections and starts from scratch, explaining what video marketing is, planning, creating, and uploading your video to the right platforms. The following section discusses free and paid video marketing and how to run successful campaigns on Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook. The third section is about advanced video marketing optimization, SEO, and metrics to track your progress on social media and other platforms. The last section contains a helpful "do's and don'ts" lecture and success stories. Check the course here.

This course is 1 h 42 minutes in length. Price: $ 84.99



If you are new to video production, the above video marketing courses for beginners can help. They provide a solid starting point to create a YouTube channel, a product video for your webpage, a social media video, or any other type of video content.

Like any other discipline, video marketing requires work, time, and dedication. A course is only a starting point; you must keep learning and take more advanced techniques to develop your skills. Lots of opportunities are waiting in the evergreen video marketing business.

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19 Best Video to Text Converters

19 Best Video to Text Converters - Paid and Free Options

A video to text converter is a software tool that extracts audio from a video and converts it into text. The conversion process can be made through a proprietary algorithm that is usually AI-based or using some translation service (Google, for example)

The crucial point here is accuracy; a bad transcription is useless and needs much manual editing work. Still, most of this software guarantee to deliver a transcript with a minimum of 80% accuracy.


What are the types of available transcriptions?

Automatic transcription:

You must upload the video file to a server, the software processes it, and some minutes later creates the transcript. The turnaround time varies among platforms, but as a rule of thumb, it will take 25 minutes to transcript a one-hour video.

Automatic transcription advantage is a quick and cheap method, and accuracy levels start at 85% (this depends on the provider)

Manual transcription:

For those looking for a professional outcome, many platforms offer manual transcription. You must send the file, and a real person (usually a freelancer) does the job for hourly pricing. This is the best method if you need a professional result for your transcript.


Keep in mind that the accuracy of transcription depends on audio quality. You cannot expect a good result if the video has poor or noisy audio.

If you have this issue with your video, Uniconverter is a free tool that removes background noise from video and audio files.


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A video to text converter can help with:

Zoom meetings, Skype calls, Microsoft Teams meetings, call recordings.

Live talks, conferences, classrooms, webinars, video courses.

Video testimonials, product reviews, guides, and tutorials.

Videos from YouTube and other platforms.


Key features to consider in a video to text converter:

Automatic transcription:

With automatic transcription, check what accuracy level the app offers.

Available languages:

Check if the converter works with your target languages. Some platforms only work in English, while others are focused on specific languages.

Built-in editor:

You will never get a 100% accurate transcript. A built-in editor is a valuable resource to polish the final text into the platform without needing an external tool.

Speaker identification:

Essential if you plan to transcript interviews, TV shows, or lectures.

Mobile app:

A mobile app allows you to record on the go, which is crucial if you are listening to a conference, for example. This helps to avoid note-taking and improve productivity.

Real-time transcription:

Useful if you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams (or a similar platform) regularly.

Human (or manual) transcription:

Important if your video doesn´t have good audio or background noise.

Team management:

This is a feature to consider if you work with a team.


Benefits of a video to text converter

Helps to reach a wider audience:

Since these platforms support many languages, a single video can be shared among viewers from different countries.

Improved accessibility:

People with hearing difficulties can watch the video and read subtitles in their own language.

Improved SEO:

Subtitles help to boost your video visibility on search engines and get more viewers.

Saves time and costs:

You get an automatic transcript in minutes versus long times for manual transcription.


We are listing below the 19 best video to text transcribers we could find. Check them out:


Happy Scribe

video to text converter

Happy Scribe is the right video to text converter if you are looking for particular languages like Nepali, Zulu, Uzbek, Mongolian, and the like. This platform uses AI technology to obtain 85% accuracy and 5 minutes turnaround for transcribing videos. They also offer manual transcription with 24 hours delivery time and claim 99% accuracy.

Key features

1-60+ languages are available.

2-Free subtitle tools.

3-Automatic and human-made transcriptions.

4-Automatic video translation.

Check Happy Scribe in action:

Happy Scribe pricing

Automatic transcription: €0,20/minute

Human transcription: €2.00/minute




As a distinctive feature, Temi has a proprietary algorithm that can identify every speaker and label them. This robust platform has a simple editing tool to polish the final text and adjust the playback speed.

If you are looking to transcribe a non-English video, you will have to go for another tool since, at the moment of this writing, Temi only supports English.

Key features

1-Speaker identification

2-Mobile apps are available to record memos and meetings on the go.

3-Only supports the English language.

4-Five to ten minutes transcription turnaround.

Temi pricing

$0.25/minute with no subscriptions or additional charges. Free 45-minute trial.


video to text converter

Otter is a must-choice when it comes to real-time transcriptions. If you are into Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, you can capture all conversations and keep them securely stored in Otter. A useful Chrome extension allows you to transcribe and record meeting notes.

Key features

1-iOS and Android apps available.

2-Custom vocabulary on paid plans.

3-Only English speech to text (with accents)

4-Real-time annotation and collaboration.

Check how Otter works with Zoom integration:

Otter pricing

Free plan with basic features, 600 minutes per month and 30 minutes per conversation. The next plan is $8.33/month with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet integration.




Transcribe converts video, audio notes, podcasts, or any recorded speech to text in 80+ languages. You can export your file as .doc, .text, or SRT.

There are three ways to convert video to text. First, you can upload a file and get an instant transcript. In the second one, you only have to speak, and the platform dictates the text. The last mode is a fully manual method within the platform.

This is one of the most complete platforms for video transcribing, with many languages and dialects to choose from.

Key features

1-Less than 1 hour turnaround on average.

2-Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration.

3-Speaker identification.

4-80+ languages and dialects.

Transcribe pricing

Self-transcription is $20/year. 1 week free trial.

Automatic transcription $20/year + $6/hour.




video to text converter

Keevi is an online video to text converter with a powerful text editor to polish your final transcription. This platform uses AI and provides fast transcriptions with 95% accuracy. Keevi also offers online video creation and editing tools.

Key features

1-Full text editor.

2-Fast turnaround.

3-Many free tools are available.

4-No manual transcription is available.

Keevi pricing

Free plan with essential functions. The next plan is $14/month.




video to text converter

Auris is a cloud-based platform for converting video into text. Focused on Asian languages, with this platform, you can customize subtitles fonts for better accessibility. Auris offers the lowest pricing plans in the market.

Key features

1-Add dual subtitles to videos

2-One click audio syncing.

3-Translate video and trim video tools.

4-Automatic and manual transcription.

Auris pricing

Free 30 minutes/month. The next plan is $2.90/month with 180 minutes.




Anthiago is a video transcription software focused on YouTube and TED Talks. You simply paste the video URL, and in just seconds, the platform transcribes the video into text. This software offers superb blazing speed in many languages. You can copy, export, and edit the text with any word processor.

No bells and whistles, no editor, only transcription for free.

In our experience, it was not a 100% accurate outcome, but keeping in mind that the tool is free, you may spend some time fine-tuning the text.

Anthiago pricing

100% Free





Transkriptor is a popular video to text transcriptor. Since it is powered by a robust AI algorithm, this software can reach up to 99% accuracy, depending on the original audio quality.

Key features

1-Dictation tool included.

2-Mobile apps are available for voice recording on the go.

3-Slow turnaround.

4-20+ languages are available.

Transkriptor pricing

The Lite plan is $9.99/month with 5 hours per month, and the next plan is $14.99/month with 20 hours per month. Free 90-minute trial available.




Audext is one of the fastest transcription tools. A built-in editing feature helps to amend accuracy errors with ease. Audest claims that an average hour of video takes 21 minutes to complete.

Key features

1-60+ languages are available.

2-Automatic and human transcript.

3-Speaker identification and time stamping.

4-Fast time turnaround.

Audext pricing

Pay-as-you-go: $12/hour with editing and sharing. Human transcript: $1.2/minute with 99% accuracy. The first 30 minutes are free.


video to text converter

Speak is a video to text converter software that goes a step beyond, providing “Named Entity Recognition,” an exciting feature that automatically identifies keywords, topics, and sentiments. This allows you to unlock meaningful insights from your video files.

Key features

1-Human and automated transcription.

2-Only English and French languages are supported.

3-Hundreds of integrations through Zapier.

4-Chrome extension to analyze video or audio files on a webpage.

Speak pricing

The starter plan is $8/month with basic features.


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With a strong emphasis on security, Sonix is an excellent video to text converter with many options for a professional outcome.

Captions and subtitles are highly customizable, and you can store and organize all your files on the platform. With more than 20 video file formats and built-in editing functionality, Sonix is one of the best software for fast, affordable, accurate transcriptions.

Key features

1-Team collaboration on higher plans.

2-SSL, two-factor authentication, SSO, and more security options.

3-38+ languages and dialects for transcription and 30+ for translation.

4-Custom dictionary.

Sonix pricing

Pay-as-you-go plan for $10/hour. Every account comes with 30 minutes for free.

Students and teacher discounts are available.





video to text converter

Transcribear provides automatic transcription, but they also offer a free online editor if you prefer to do it yourself. This platform features GDPR compliance, and all transcripted files are securely encrypted when saved in your account.

Key features

1-Real-time audio transcription.

2-Spell checker.

3-GDPR compliant.

4-40+ languages and dialects are available.

Transcribear pricing:

£3/hour for 1 to 9 hours. Prices decrease as you buy more hours.





This video to text converter software uses AI to extract text from videos. Amberscript is a cloud-based platform that claims to convert video into text 10X faster than manual labor. They offer a manual transcription option for better transcription accuracy.

Key features

1-Works in 39 languages.

2-Manual professional transcription with 99% accuracy.

3-Built-in text editor for better accuracy with multiple text output formats.

4-MP4, MV4, and MOV input formats.

Amberscript pricing

$8 per hour of video uploaded. $1/minute in manual transcription.

Free trial available.



video to text converter

Veed is a powerful online tool for transcribing video into text, adding subtitles, and more. You can also auto-generate and translate subtitles with a few clicks. You can edit output text files with Microsoft Word or any word processor. This platform also features video creation, screen recording, video compressor, and many tools for video makers.

Key features

1-Supports various format files, Xbox video, Zoom video, and many more.

2-Complete video creation tool.

3-“Clean audio” feature improves audio quality for better accuracy.

4-SRT subtitles download only on higher plans.

Watch Veed.io in action:

Veed pricing:

Free plan with 10 minutes export length, up to 30 minutes/month subtitles, and primary features. The next plan is $18/month with up to 25 minutes of export length and more features.




This video to text converter provides a simple interface where you can upload a video in multiple formats; MP4, AVI, WMV, and more. With 360Converter, you can also convert YouTube video to text, audio to text, and text to speech (only in English)

Key features

1-Offline and online converter.

2-Multiple languages.

3-Standard level and Premium accuracy of transcription.

4-Several input formats are available.

360Converter pricing:

The offline version is a one-time payment of $99. Online version: not listed on their website.



Type Studio

Type Studio is a video editor that converts your video into text automatically. You can share the transcript by email or embed the video with the script on your webpage. A built-in editor lets you adjust words and pauses for better accuracy.

Key features

1-29+ languages supported.

2-Automatically add subtitles.

3-Translate video, add text to video, and more tools available.

4-Mobile apps are available.

Type Studio pricing

Free plan with 10 minutes/month, video editing, and essential functions. The next plan is $12/month, adds 5 hour videos/month up to 30 minutes in length, and export subtitles.




video to text converter

GoTranscribe converts video into text in just minutes. You upload the video to a secure service, and the platform makes the transcription. Then an online editor lets you edit and adjust the transcription for optimal results. You can share or export the file into Word, PDF, or SRT.

Key features

1-25+ video formats supported.

2-Zoom and GoToMeeting integration.

3-31+ languages are available.

4-Unlimited users on higher plans.

GoTranscribe pricing

Pay as you go for $12/hour with unlimited storage and no file upload limit. The next plan is $36/month with 4 hours and $9 per additional hour.




Trint uses AI to transcribe video to text. This platform emphasizes team collaboration, allowing each member to set different access levels for creating, editing, or reading. With Trint, you can add captions to videos in Docx, SRT, txt, CSV, and many other formats.

Key features

1-Individual and team accounts.

2-Great security compliance.

3-iOS App for transcriptions on the go.

4-Premiere, Zoom, and Zapier integration.

Trint pricing

The starter plan is $60/month for 7 files/month, subtitles, and translation up to 54 languages. The next plan is $75/month, which adds unlimited transcription and team editing.




video to text converter

Rev claims to have the mos accurate speech-to-text API in the world. A powerful interactive editor allows you to customize, highlight and share your transcripts. You can upload a file or paste a url, then the platform delivers a transcript in seconds. You can download and share files with other team members.

Key features

1-Free tools: Voice recorder, audio trimmer, caption converter, and more.

2-Manual transcription service available

3-Mobile apps are available.

4-Proprietary API for software development.

Rev pricing

Manual transcription is $1.5/minute. Automatic transcription with 90% accuracy is $0.25/minute. The first 45 minutes are free.


Video to text transcription software FAQs


Any of the above tools can help to transcribe video into text. Each of them has its own features and targets. Since most of them provide free trials, we recommend making your own testing before buying.

Are you using a tool not listed here? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Video Sales Letters: A Complete Guide

Video Sales Letters: A Complete Guide

A video sales letter (also known as a VSL) is a video made to sell a product or service. Think of it as a traditional sales letter but in video form.

Video consumption is growing yearly; most people prefer watching videos to reading text articles. YouTube has 122 million users daily, and social media sites engage millions of users daily through short videos.

Still, the written sales message you send your customer in an email campaign can be turned into a video sales letter. With proper planning, a VSL will boost your conversions.

Video sales letter software helps to craft the best message for your audience. Although creating a VSL is not difficult, there are some key points for obtaining the best results.

This article will provide the best tips and resources to craft a video sales letter to increase leads and conversions. Check it out.

What are the main guidelines for creating a video sales letter?

1-Get the viewer's attention. Point at some problem the viewer suffers and invoke a solution you can provide.

2-Do not show features; show benefits instead.

3-Maintain a friendly but authoritative tone.

4-Show how your product or service can fix that problem and how different it is from other alternatives.

5-Tell success stories from those who previously used your product or service.

6-Include a CTA (Call to action) in the end.


5 steps to create a video sales letter that converts

1-Determine your audience.

You cannot create a single video for all your audience. Demographics, ages, and individual interests are features to consider. People's beliefs and buying processes are different in every culture. They must be evaluated to craft a successful video sales letter.

2-Determine in what part of the sales funnel your VSL will fit.

Are you targeting recurring customers, leads, or viewers that don't even know your product? Ask yourself these questions to understand what key points your message should address.

3-Write your script.

This is the foundation of the whole video sales letter. A script is a written document that considers the message of your video by organizing it into a structured outline. It includes scene descriptions, voiceovers, and text or graphic descriptions.

A script should consider what the video is about, its audience, the main message you want to deliver, and what visual style the video should follow.

4-Create your video sales letter with a video editing tool. 

More about this later.

5-Promote your VSL.

You can embed the VSL on your website, share it on social media, or through an email campaign. Also, creating a dedicated landing page to drive your viewers is a good resource. It will depend on the specific purpose of the VSL.

For example, if you are targeting a B2B business, LinkedIn (and not Facebook) should be your preferred social media site.


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How long should your VSL be?

There is no rule of thumb for video sales letter length. A long VSL can fail to get the viewer's attention, and a short VSL can't showcase the proper message to your audience.

Generally speaking, a VSL for low-cost products can be a pair of minutes long. People don't think a lot when buying a cheap or impulse-driven product. But high-ticket products will need more time to shift the lead through the sales funnel.

You should keep your VSL as short as possible but long enough to deliver your message.

In a video, the human brain decides in the first 30 seconds if it will pay attention to the message on the screen. These first seconds are crucial to engaging the viewer for the full video length.

This graphic from Wistia shows the correlation between engagement and video length:

video sales letter


Which methods are available for creating a video sales letter?

There are many options to make a VSL. To name a few:

1-A video editor software like Filmora, Premiere, Camtasia, DaVinci Resolve, or the like. If you have no prior knowledge of video editing, this is not an easy task, and you may face a steep learning curve.

2-Use a downloadable software like EasyVSL.

3- Use PowerPoint to create a video. Get a subscription to Office 365 to take advantage of the last program version and cloud-storage benefits. Not a difficult task, but you will have to invest a decent amount of time into it.

4-Go for a cloud-based video editor. These platforms feature paid monthly subscriptions that usually offer a basic free plan. This is the cheapest and quickest option to create professional-looking videos.

5-And if you don't have the time and interest, hire a freelancer or an agency to do the job for you. Freelancer.com, Upwork, and Fiverr are the biggest names in the freelancing universe. You can pick a freelancer based on previous customer reviews and qualifications.

Which is the best software to create video sales letters?



video sales letter

Flexlip is one of the most accessible video sales letter software available. You must select a template, upload your videos or graphic assets, add some dynamic text and music, add widgets and transitions and you are done. The process is straightforward and lets you end up with a video sales letter in just minutes.


Key features

1-Free tools like screen recorder, video compressor, and video trimmer.

2-Basic video edition.

3-Millions of royalty-free video, graphic, and music assets.

4-Text animation available.

Flexclip pricing:

Free plan with up to one-minute video length and basic features. The next plan is $5.99/month with three minutes of video length, unlimited video exports, and more.



 Hippo Video

video sales letter

This is a complete video marketing solution focused on turning your viewers into customers. A set of valuable integrations sets this platform apart since this is not a regular feature in this type of software.

Suppose you plan to create sales video letters (and all kinds of video stuff) regularly. In that case, Hippo Video is one of the best solutions in the market.

Key features

1-Generous free plan.

2-Integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more.

3-24x5 Live support worldwide.

4-Mobile app.

Hippo Video pricing

Free plan with unlimited videos up to 15 minutes in length, HD recording, and no editing. The next plan is $15/month and adds standard features.




Sendspark is a screen and webcam recording platform focused on sales and marketing. An interesting "request videos" feature allows getting videos from customers with a simple link. Once they record the video, it is automatically uploaded to your account and ready to download or share.

Within Sendspark, there are no editing options. You will have to go for an external application if you need to make some changes.

Key features:

1-Chrome extension for easy screen and camera recording.

2-Advanced analytics, including heatmaps.

3-Team management.

4-Send personalized and branded video emails.

Sendspark pricing

Free plan up to 30 videos per month with no length limit and essential functions. The next plan is $15/month with unlimited videos, CTA's, branding, and analytics.


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video sales letter

This cloud-based software has a vast library of templates for creating video sales letters. This is a complete tool for video creation and editing, with a bunch of useful tools that allow complete beginners to create an excellent video with no previous experience.

Key features

1-5,000+ templates.

2-Easy drag-and-drop dashboard to create videos in just minutes.

3-Social media platforms integration.

4-Getty images and iStock footage.

Promo pricing

The basic plan is $25/month with unlimited videos, branding, animated text styles, commercial usage rights, HD videos, and more. Free-trial available.




video sales letter

Easyvsl is a downloadable software to create videos using a drag-and-drop dashboard. This tool honors its name. To make a video sales letter, you need to follow four simple steps: paste a script and add slides and transitions, choose a design, add audio, and export or download.

Key features

1-Several voices and tones are available.

2-Kinetic text videos (animations with moving words)

3-Vast library of sounds and images.

4-Can be installed on up to 5 computers.

Easyvsl pricing

$197/year or $97 plus $9.99/month. 30-day money-back guarantee.





Traditional sales letters are an excellent way to sell products or services. Still, a video sales letter can boost your conversions even more. They help to generate more leads and conversions with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Ultimately, it is all about the old known formula "an image is worth a thousand words."

Are you using VSL in your strategy? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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