14 Best Telemarketing Software (Free and Paid) 2022

What is telemarketing software?

Telemarketing software automates customer outreach functions for sales, marketing, and customer service call centers.

These platforms offer several features beyond phone calls providing; Automatic dialing, CRM integrations, virtual phone numbers, text messaging, analytics and reporting, email management, and more. If you need a cold calling solution or a complete omnichannel strategy, there are plenty of options to choose from.

All these systems are cloud-based, so you don’t need any physical infrastructure or installation. Add the possibility for operators to work remotely (from a PC or mobile app), and you end up with a powerful system with excellent cost-benefit relation.


What are the benefits of telemarketing software?

1-Provides an automated system to reach prospects and customers. The only data you need is a telephone number, and you can change your pitch on the go.

2-Offers an integral communication system containing phone calls, SMS, emails, voicemail, and video calls.

3-Allows to work from anywhere. An agent with an internet connection and a desktop or mobile device can deliver results.

4-Using local numbers for calling increases the chance for lead generation.

5-Generates mensurable reports and insights to track your prospects, leads, and agent’s performance.


Eight core features to consider when choosing telemarketing software:

1-Pricing per user and free trial:

Check pricing schema and make sure there are no hidden costs. You will usually pay a monthly fee per agent plus usage per minute tariffs.

2-CRM (Customer Relationship Integration):

A CRM allows tracking and maintaining customer details, contact information, and history. This helps you manage sales and marketing activity, your sales pipeline, and leads. A good telemarketing solution must have a CRM or the possibility to integrate an external one.

3-Dialing mode:

There are three central dialer systems:

Predictive dialer: The system dials from a list of telephone numbers and predicts when agents will be free to take the next call.

Progressive dialer: The system waits for an agent to finish their current call before it dials the following number on the list and only dials one number per agent.

Power dialer: The system uses a configurable calls-to-agent ratio. The system automatically dials the next contact record when an agent is available based on that ratio.

4-Analytics, historical and real-time reports:

Valuable to track agents’ calls-per-hour, call duration, and overall system performance.

5-CTI (Computer Telephony Integration):

This is important to integrate your existing system into the telemarketing software. Otherwise, the agent must be doing additional workload between calls to connect both systems manually.


Implementing and adapting telemarketing software is not easy, and it requires time and full support from the vendor. Make sure he can assist you, and this doesn’t mean additional or hidden costs.

7-Virtual phone numbers:

Check availability of local numbers from the software provider in the countries you intend to work in.

8-Omnichannel support and Integrations:

Integrating your telemarketing software into your current system will improve your workflow if you are running a sales or marketing solution.

On the other hand, omnichannel allows connecting with prospects using different channels, like email, SMS, video chat, and more.


14 best telemarketing software:

CallPro CRM


call pro crm


CallPro CRM is a telemarketing software designed for outbound calling such as telemarketing, telesales, inside sales, and lead generation.

This is a full-featured telemarketing solution with customer relationship management, telephone integration, email marketing, telesales, lead management, remote working, and outbound calling.

Key features:

1-Outbound calling: Preview dialing (also known as click-to-dial) to open a record. Click to dial, avoiding pressing telephone buttons. Progressive dialing: the system automatically dials when you open a record and also hangs up automatically when the call finishes.

2-Telephone integrations with numerous telephony providers, including Avaya and VoIP suppliers.

3-Unlimited data storage and multiple CRM databases within one system. Also, you can configure databases independently. Each record can store as much information as you need since this is a hybrid between a call center and a CRM system.

4-CallPro CRM provides an API to automatically input data into the system, an interesting feature for powerful automation.

5-Create email campaigns where each email content can be different and dependent on actions in a previous step. Create personalized emails and follow-up emails.

6-Full call-back management in manual or automated mode.

CallPro CRM pricing: not available on their site. You must contact them for a price request.




Vanillasoft is a top-rated platform focused on sales engagement through omnichannel sales outreach.

This software offers lead routing, auto-dialing, call recording, VoIP, logical branch scripting, email and SMS marketing, appointment setting, and lead and sales tracking.

Key features:

1-Full omnichannel software, organized and easy to use.

2-Strong lead management process to capture the entire history of the leads.

3-Email and SMS templates that are fully customizable.

4-Logical-branch scripting allows the sales rep to quickly adapt to the changes in a conversation with prospects.

5-You can create custom records that get updated in real-time.

6-Integrates with Salesforce, Vidyard, DocuSign, Zapier, and more.

VanillaSoft pricing: Plans start at $80/month but are not listed on their webpage. You must submit a form to get a quote.




cloudtalk virtual phone system

Cloudtalk is a call center software for sales and customer service teams. You can make and receive calls from your desktop or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Cloudtalk can set up a virtual call center in minutes. It also offers competitive pricing and a complete set of features for call center management.

With no requirement about a minimum number of users, number porting, and call flow designer from the basic plan, this platform has an interesting pricing format for small companies that are just starting.

Key features:

1-Integrations: Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom and 30+

2-Call queueing, call recording, call back, internal calls and extensions, voice mail, power, and predictive dialers.

3-Number porting (you can use your existing phone numbers), Toll-free numbers, international numbers from 140+ countries, short numbers.

4-IVR, agent skills-based routing, customized call-flow designer.

5-Powerful analytics with call statistics, call monitoring, agent reports, emotion and sentiment analytics, and custom reporting.

Cloudtalk pricing:

Starter plan: $20/user/month with unlimited inbound and outbound calls, click-to-call, automated call distribution, mobile app, international numbers, complete call queuing.

Essential plan: $25/user/month, all the above plus advanced analytics, real-time dashboard, open API, integrations, SMS, and workflow automation.

Expert plan: $40/user/month, all of the above plus Salesforce integration, power dialer, smart dialer, call monitoring, dedicated account manager, sentiment score.

30-day free trial and custom plans available.




goautodial telemarketing software



GOautodial is an open-source omnichannel suite. Since Goautodial is HIPPAA compliant, it offers 99.99% uptime. It also comes with solid firewall protection to prevent web attacks.

Key features:

1-Call recording, call logs, transfers, automatic call distribution, and IVR.

2-CRM integrated and real-time dashboard.

3-Full call recording or on-demand. Option to store recordings on your server.

4-Customer lists lead filtering, leads time-zone restrictions, lead recycling.

5-Supervisor and remote team management.

Goautodial pricing:

Gocloud starter: $19/month per agent (5 agents minimum) with personal and team voicemail, scheduled callbacks, outbound calls(manual, preview,  and predictive), 3-way conference, and call transfers—lead and supervisor management.

Gocloud premium: $24/month per agent (starts with six agents) Same that above plus reports and analytics, IVR, blended calls, automatic call distribution.

Free 30-day trial available.




ringcentral telemarketing software


RingCentral is a telemarketing software providing solutions for businesses and customer service teams. A well-known provider in the industry, with options that range from simple inbound calls management to complete omnichannel solutions.

Key features:

1-Integrated video messaging and phone calls on any device.

2-Full team communication, including files and documents.

3-Cloud phone system with 50+ features available, including local numbers.

4-Integrations: Microsoft365, G Suite, Oracle, Zendesk, Zapier and 50+

RingCentral pricing:

Essential: $19.99/user/month up to 20 users, business phone or toll-free numbers, unlimited SMS, voicemail to text, and team messaging.

Standard: $24.99/user/month. Above plan plus video communication, unlimited users, phone numbers in 100+ countries, reports, integrations.

Premium: $34.99/user/month. Above plan plus open API, automatic call recording, advanced call handling, CRM integrations, and real-time analytics.

Ultimate: $49.99/user/month with unlimited storage and device status reports and alerts.





avoxi communications software


AVOXI is a cloud communication platform focusing on contact centers and virtual phone numbers. This software provides two-way synchronization with your CRM or helpdesk platform.

With AVOXI, you can easily handle inbound and outbound calls and manage remote teams and agent performance.

Key features:

1-Call recording, call forwarding, unlimited concurrent calls, international calling.

2-Virtual numbers in 170+ countries, Toll-Free numbers, and DID numbers.

3-SMS forwarding and unlimited calls to the US and Canada.

4-Advanced analytics, call tagging, and call scoring.

5-Integrations: Hubspot, Zendesk, Salesforce, Zoho, and 50+.

AVOXI pricing:

AVOXI contact plan: $19.99/user/month.

AVOXI Enterprise plan: $39.99/user/month includes advanced analytics, CRM integrations, advanced call monitoring, and helpdesk integrations.

Three licenses minimum required. Free 30-day trial available.



bitrix24 telemarketing software


Bitrix24 is a telemarketing software solution available in the cloud and on-premise (self-hosted). It supports multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian.

Key features:

1-Inbound and outbound telemarketing tools. Bitrix comes with a free PBX, including voicemail, call queue, call recording, call waiting, call transfer, and call forwarding to mobile devices.

2-Built in CRM, one-click calls, automatic lead distribution, and telemarketing agent management.

3-Rent local phone numbers in the US and UK, rent 1-800 numbers in the US, and set relay phone numbers worldwide for free. Works worldwide and supports work from home agents.

4-Tasks and projects, real-time communication, file sharing and storage, time management and calendars, CRM, website builder, and more.

5-Internal communications through intranet, chat, and video chat.

Bitrix24 pricing:

Free: Basic functionality with CRM, tasks, communications, chats, and video chats.

Start+: $19/month with two users and 10 GB storage.

CRM+: $55/month for six users and 50GB storage.

Project+: $55/month for 24 users and 50 GB storage

Professional: $159/month for unlimited users d 1024 GB storage.

Bitrix pricing is not entirely transparent at a glance, so check their page carefully before sign-in.



Vocalcom has been in the communication business since 1995. This omnichannel cloud solution manages voice, text messages, web, chat, emails, WhatsApp, and social media with CRM integration.

Aimed at mid-sized and enterprise businesses, Vocalcom is natively available in Salesforce to improve customer experience and agents’ productivity.

Key Features:

1-Available natively in Salesforce.

2-Integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and more.

3-API connectors to integrate with your business software (ERP, HR, payments solutions, and more)

4-Chatbots and voice bots integration.

Vocalcom pricing:

Price is not listed on their webpage. Contact sales support for info.



This platform provides call tracking, text messaging, voice broadcast, and IVR communication. If you are just starting, CallFire provides an attractive pay-as-you-go pricing model. You can upgrade your plan later when your business grows.

Key Features:

1-Thousands of local and toll-free phone numbers are available.

2-Text only and text and voice flexible plans to fit your needs.

3-Powerful IVR system for surveys, data collection, and call routing.

4-No support for international SMS.

CallFire pricing:

Pay as you go $0.06 per minute/text with no monthly fee. Add $10 for phone numbers.

Lite: $99/month with 2500 minutes/texts, add $2.50 per phone number.

Startup: $199/month with 5500 minutes/texts, add 2.25 per number.

Grow: $299/month with 10000 minutes/texts, add $2.00 per number.

Pro: $599/month with 20000 minutes/texts, add 1.75 per number.

All plans include unlimited contacts, a simple “Do not call list” setup, Text-to-speech support, customer support, record inbound calls for free, and extensive real-time reporting.




pchoneburner call center software

PhoneBurner is a complete telemarketing software solution. This cloud-based platform includes outbound calls, lead generation, power dialer, lead distribution, CRM, and workflow automation.

Key features:

1-Power Dialer connects using any phone or VOIP phone. You can dial up to 80 leads per hour, and the platform streamlines time-consuming tasks so agents can spend more time on the phone closing business deals.

2-CRM for detailed data records, call recordings, and text exchanges. Email sending and tracking.

3-Automatic lead distribution feeding the right leads to the right reps.

4-PhoneBurner integrates with Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, Zoom, and 100+ apps so you can add dialing and workflow automation to your existing sales process.

5-Local Caller ID to match your prospect’s location. PhoneBurner claims this feature helps to get 56% more live conversations.

6-Call tracking, call recording, text messaging, email sending.

PhoneBurner pricing: Only one plan at $149/user/month. Admin accounts are free-trial available.




freshcaller telemarketing


Freshcaller is a cloud-based call center software provided by Freshworks, a long-time player in the business software industry. You can choose a phone system or omnichannel platform.

One unique feature of Freshcaller is Voicebot (only available on the higher plan). This AI-powered feature understands customer language and provides pre-established automatic responses to customer queries.

Key features:

1-Easy number management. You can port your current numbers or buy numbers from 90+ countries.

2-Powerful reporting; pre-built reports that can be customized and scheduled to your inbox.

3-Advanced inbound routing during business hours or outside working hours.

4-Click to call, agent extensions, callback, call tagging.

5-Real-time supervision dashboard, live calls monitoring, performance report, and service level tracking.

6-Integrations: Hubspot, Shopify, Freshdesk, Magento 2, Salesforce, and more.

Freshcaller pricing:

Keep in mind that Freshcaller adds to their monthly plans a pay-per-minute fee.

Sprout: Free, unlimited agents, buy local and toll-free numbers, inbound caller-ID, custom greetings, call metrics.

Blossom: $19/month/user all in previous plan plus free 1000 min/month, number porting, wait for queues, voicemail, call recording, and pre-built reports.

Garden: $39/month/user all in previous plan plus free 2000 min/month, call monitoring, IVR, custom reports, call conferencing, advanced call queues, own carrier, agent extensions, call tagging.

Estate: $45/month/user all in previous plan plus free 3000 min/month, holiday routing, advanced call metrics, call barging, call recording opt-out, queue callback, routing automation, and agent availability report.

Forest: $69/month/user all in previous plan plus free 5000 min/month, omnichannel routing, IVR, Voicebot, abandoned call metrics, and service level monitoring.

Prices based on annual billing, free 21-day trial available.





five9 cloud contact center


Five9 is a complete telemarketing software solution and a fully customizable platform according to the business you are running. Five9 claims that you will get +300% talk time per hour using their system.

This software includes omnichannel, inbound and outbound calls, workflow automation, analytics, integrations, and more.

Key features:

1-Omnichannel routing to deliver each interaction to the right resource at the right time.

2-Many communication channels: chat, video chat, email, social media.

3-Full analytics reports to track your agent’s efforts. Real-time performance for agents, supervisors, and the whole system.

4-Dashboard is 100% browser-based so that agents can work from anywhere.

5-Predictive dialer, power dialer dials at a fixed number of calls per agent but only when agents are available to take the call. Progressive dialer for a variable call-to-agent ratio. TCPA compliance.

6-Integration with CRM solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Cloud, Zendesk, and more.

Five9 pricing: This company offers flexible pricing based on what you need. You have to fill out a form on their website for pricing information.



vicidial telemarketing software


VICIdial is an open-source telemarketing software that you can get for free. The company reports 14,000+ registered installations in 100+ countries around the world. But CRM and call recording are paid features, and setting up this system may require a technical background.

This software is available in 16 languages, with the option to create your custom translation. This flexible system can handle from 5 to 500 agents with ease.

Key features:

1-Blended, inbound, and outbound calls with predictive and manual dialing modes.

2-CRM integration (this is a paid feature)

3-Call scheduling, call tracking, unlimited voice mailboxes, built-in IVR, and call queuing.

4-Mobile iOS and Android apps.

5-Agents can log from anywhere with just a phone and a web browser.

VICIdial pricing: Free. Some features require additional payment.





calltools call center software


Calltools is a telemarketing software platform that maximizes performance while minimizing costs. A cloud-based system that is easy to use and set up. Once you upload your contacts and customize settings, you can start dialing in a matter of minutes.

Key features:

1-Built-in webphone and CRM.

2-Integrates with Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM. Also, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Oracle, Podio, Google Maps, Sendlane, LeadMailBox.

3-List management with dialing compliance.

4-Real-time reporting and analytics

5-Predictive dialer using an algorithm to increase agent’s efficiency. Also preview dialer, IVR, and power dialer.

6-Email templates and SMS management.

Calltools pricing: Only personalized quoting. You must submit a form with some data to get a quote.


Some exciting tips about telemarketing:

92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.

It takes around eight cold call attempts to reach a prospect. 

Thursday is the best day to prospect. Wednesday is the second-best day. Tuesday is the worst day. 

85% of customers remain dissatisfied with their phone call experience.

The best time to make cold calls is 4.00-5.00 PM.

80% of calls go to voicemail.   


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If telemarketing plays a crucial role in your business, many options are available. We have compiled the best platforms, paid and free.

Read carefully and check which is the right for your business.

Several providers offer a free trial, and it is essential to check them out before signing in for a paid plan.

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