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Best Email Marketing Software For Shopify


If you own a Shopify store and need to generate more sales, there is plenty of Shopify email marketing software that can help you grow and reach your goals.

Email marketing remains today as one of the best tools to create a personalized relation with your customers since it allows granular segmentation and the cost is cheaper than any other marketing tactic (Paid advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and so on)

When you have an email list, you are not limited to any algorithm or ever-changing rule, you keep a direct and trustful relation with the customer.

In e-commerce, email marketing software is a must-have to increase lead generation, customer loyalty, recover abandoned carts, and improve conversion rates.

These apps have several options to turn visitors into leads and offer complete workflows to turn these leads into customers.


What to consider when choosing a Shopify email marketing software:


In email marketing, segmentation refers to the process of splitting a list of prospects into smaller and more defined categories.

Thus, grouping subscribers that have common attributes allows you to know them better and identify the best way to meet their needs with your product or service.

You can filter contacts by age, gender, geo-location, or other valuable contact information to your business. Creating filters will allow you to send personalized emails to your contacts based on these filters.


2-A/B testing:

With A/B testing, you can test how emails perform. You send two versions of the email with minor changes to a small group of contacts in your list, and the email that gets the best results is sent to the remaining contacts of the list.

There are many options to test, but the more common are subject lines, send times, design, call-to-actions, and more. For a good result, you must consider only one change between the two templates because if the difference is significant, you won’t know why the results are different.


3-Automated campaigns:

This refers to the ability to send emails following specific customer actions: ask for feedback after a purchase, remind about an abandoned cart, send welcome emails, etc. Although most platforms allow automated campaigns, prices usually vary depending on workflow complexity.



If you have an extensive email list, you´d better look for integrations with your current systems, like CRM, helpdesk apps, logistics providers, and more.


We have listed a bunch of Shopify email marketing software to choose from, most of them offer free trials and powerful analytics to monitor your campaign.



Drip is an email and SMS marketing software specialized in Shopify and e-commerce sites. With more than 30,000 users, a clean dashboard, and many integrations, this is a solid player in the email marketing arena.

Drip makes things simple when creating automated campaigns that provide20+ pre-made workflow templates for welcome, abandoned cart, post-repeat purchase, leads, and re-engagement. Thus you will spend less time building emails and more time building customer relationships to grow your Shopify store.

Key features:

1-Powerful automation with email and SMS workflows.

2-Excellent Shopify integration and 100+ through Zapier.

3-Pre-made workflow templates

4-Highly customizable templates and pop-up builder.

5-Integrated SMS marketing to reach your customer on the go.


Drip pricing:

Drip pricing starts at $19/month for 1-500 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email support. If you add SMS marketing it is $22/month for 200 SMS sends.

You can calculate your price based on a slider setting on their pricing page.





email marketing shopify software klaviyo

Klaviyo is a great player in the Shopify email marketing world.  With email and SMS capabilities, the entire platform is built to generate segmented campaigns and increase ROI.

Once you are into your Klaviyo dashboard, you can add the Shopify integration. This will sync Shopify customer profiles with Klaviyo data. With this platform, you can start sending personal and targeted emails in a matter of minutes with pre-built flow templates, personalized product recommendations, and customer-level predictions.

Key features:

1-Hundreds of integrations.

2-Email and SMS Shopify marketing campaigns.

3-Pre-built autoresponders.

4-Drag-and-drop email design.

5-One-click integration with Shopify.

Klaviyo pricing:

Pricing starts at $20/month for 500 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat support. If you add SMS you will spend another $20 per month for 2,500 SMS or 800 MMS.

Like other similar platforms, you can calculate on their pricing page what will be your final spending.


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email marketing shopify software

Sendinblue is a powerful and affordable Shopify email marketing software.  An excellent platform for Shopify newsletters, automated campaigns and workflows, SMS marketing, customer chats, transactional emails, landing page builder, and more.

This is the perfect software to start with since it offers a valuable free plan, and although there is no marketing automation at this level, it includes a chat feature to engage customers on your webpage.

You design a professional-looking email in minutes from various templates or build your own from scratch with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Content personalization is easy, and once you choose the recipients the system handles deliverability.

Key features:

1-Lots of integrations, including WordPress and Zapier.

2-SMS marketing available.

3-Easy to install chatbot for real-time communication.

4-Generous free plan available with unlimited contacts.

5-Advanced marketing workflows automation.

Sendinblue pricing:

Free Plan with unlimited contacts, up to 300 emails per day, and one chat.

Lite Plan: $25/month adds no-day sending limit, A/B testing, and email support.

Premium Plan: $65/month adds marketing automation, Facebook ads, landing pages, and multi-user support.





email marketing software shopify omnisend

Omnisend is a platform that suits perfectly with Shopify since it is designed for e-commerce. With 70,000+ customers, this software is a complete email and SMS marketing solution.

This tool helps grow your Shopify sales with email templates, email automation workflows, segment suggestions, and form templates.

Key features:

1-Drag-and-drop editor with specific features for e-commerce.

2-Pop-up editor to collect leads on your website.

3-Newsletters and landing page editors.

4-Lots of integrations available.

5-Free plan with full functionality.

Omnisend pricing:

Free Plan up to 500 emails per month, 60 SMS, and 250 contacts. Pre-built workflows, popups, A/B testing, and signup forms.

Standard Plan: $16/month up to 6,000 email per month, 60 SMS, 500 contacts

Pro Plan: $59/month with unlimited emails, 3,900 SMS/month, up to 500 contacts.

Free trial available.


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email marketing shopify software privy

Privy Is the #1 rated email marketing and sales software in the Shopify App Store, with more than 500,000 customers worldwide. This tool is simple and powerful; you can integrate Privy into your Shopify store with only 3 clicks and start your first campaign in the next five minutes.

This software is intended to send professional emails to get more sales, repeat sales with automated customer email workflows, manage abandoned carts and get more email subscribers with popups and other tools.

Key features:

1-SMS marketing available.

2-Easy and quick Shopify integration.

3-Lots of integrations.

4-Top rated App by Shopify users.

5-1:1 coaching (on higher plan)

Privy pricing:

Free plan: Up to 100 contacts, unlimited popups and flyouts, add to cart and free shipping bar displays, advanced targeting.

Starter plan: From $15/month up to 250 contacts, unlimited email sends and newsletters, cart abandonment, and customer win-back emails.

Growth Plan: From $45/month up to 3,000 contacts and 500 textable contacts, unlimited email sends and up to 3,000  text sends per month, 1:1 onboarding.

Free 15-day trial available.



email marketing shopify spently

Spently manages Shopify email marketing with transactional email templates that are easy to create without coding or design skills. This software works right from your Shopify notification emails, following existing customers and trying to bring them back.

The level of personalization allows offering a unique experience for every customer. It is also possible to set up rules to reward customers with different discounts based on the amount spent.

Key features:

1-Intelligent product recommendations.

2-Multiple discount rules at any stage.

3-Clean and minimalistic dashboard to follow email performance.

4-Consistent branding in email templates.

5-Easy and intuitive email design.

Spently pricing:

The pricing structure of Spently is based on your store order volume per month. The first 25 orders are free, and for every 50 additional orders, you will be charged $10 per month.


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Shopify email

email marketing shopify software

Shopify has its app for email marketing, and since it is built into the app, there is no need to install or integrate anything. This should be your first trial if you look for Shopify email marketing software.

This email marketing platform offers ready-made templates which you can customize and personalize with text and images to launch campaigns.

This is not the most powerful Shopify email marketing platform and lacks advanced features, but it delivers a good overall experience.

Key features:

1-Bundled into the Shopify platform.

2-Unbeatable pricing.

3-No need for an external app.

4-Simple and clean report screen.

5-You can use your own domain name.

Shopify pricing:

Free Plan up to 2,500 emails per month. After that, you will pay $1 per 1,000 emails sent.




email marketing shopify software firepush

Firepush is a complete marketing automation platform for Shopify stores that includes email automation, SMS, and push notifications. Integrating Firepush with Shopify is quick and simple, and a clean dashboard helps to launch your first campaign in a few minutes using a wide portfolio of customizable templates.

Like other platforms, this app provides order confirmation emails, win-back customer emails, order dispatched emails, payment refund emails, promotional emails, welcome and abandoned carts emails.

Key features:

1-Web Push notifications available.

2-Quick and easy Shopify integration.

3-SMS marketing capabilities.

4-Simple customer segmentation.

5-Free plan available.

Firepush pricing:

Free Plan: Up to 250 contacts, 500 emails7month, 500 push notifications/month, and 60 SMS.

Pro Plan: $25/month adds automation to the basic plan.

Free Trial available.




email marketing shopify avada

Avada is a marketing automation platform built for e-commerce, and consider it for Shopify email marketing.

With this software, you can manage email campaigns featuring automation, newsletters, SMS, segmentation, popups, and reports to increase sales on your Shopify store.

If you need basic automation and templates, Avada is the way to go since the free plan provides an excellent starting point. Later on, you can move to the Pro Plan with many features for only $9 per month.

Key features:

1-One click install.

2-Excellent value for the money.

3-Migration tools to import templates, workflows, and customers with ease.

4-Popups and spin to win for collecting leads.

5-SMS automation.

Avada pricing:

Free Plan: up to 15,000 emails, 500 contacts, basic templates, and basic automation workflows, only one workflow.

Pro Plan: From $9/month adds unlimited emails and automations, all email templates, SMS, branding removal, and unlimited workflows.

Advance Plan: From $49/month includes 2,500 contacts, integrates with Google Ads and Facebook Ads,

Free 14-day trial available.



Any of the above tools will help build a good email list, a fundamental prerequisite for email marketing. Most of them offer free plans or also free trials to try the platform, and if you are on a budget, it´s a good starting point.

They also feature SMS marketing but keep an eye on the price structure because it depends on mobile message operators' prices and are not available in every country.

Have you tried a platform not listed here? Let us know and leave a comment.

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