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5 Best Colossyan Alternatives - Free & Paid

If you are looking for a Colossyan alternative, many options are available. Text to video platforms featuring human presenters are growing fast, and new companies are trying to get their market slice.

Colossyan Creator is a platform to create video from text input featuring IA actors, also known as human avatars. The creation process is straightforward; you choose an actor, choose a pre-made template, type the text, and the video may be ready in minutes.

Depending on the plan, Colossyan offers 70+ languages, 25 scenes per video, subtitles, many aspect ratios, 1080p output, emotions and aging, voiceover upload, and custom avatars. That is, lots of tools to craft a professional video in minutes.

Check Colossyan in action:

YouTube video


Plans start at $30/month with 10 minutes of video per month, but you can also sign up for higher plans to create up to 320 minutes per month. This product is focused on agencies that need to produce many videos per month.

There are other platforms that provide a similar kind of service. Features and plans vary from different providers, this is why we are documenting here main features and pricing plans.

We handpicked the best five Colossyan alternatives in the market. Check them out.


Synthesia homepage


Synthesia allows to create a video from text input featuring realistic human avatars and is the most mature and polished platform available. This Colossyan alternative uses AI for superb lip-synching and a simple dashboard with all the features you need to create an excellent video in minutes.

Videos created with Synthesia can be up to 10 minutes long.

Check how Synthesia works in this video:

YouTube video


Synthesia pricing:

  • Personal plan: $30/month billed monthly with 10 video credits per month, 60+languages, 65+ built-in avatars, 50+ templates, background music, free stock images, and videos, up to 6 slides per video, custom avatars as paid add-ons.
  • Corporate plan: pricing upon request.

There is no free trial, but you can create a video for free on their webpage.

Our take

Synthesia is by far the best AI text to video platform, with awesome avatars and human-like lip synching. Of course it is one of the best Colossyan alternatives. Their $30 monthly plan offers full access to all platform features (in Colossyan this is only on higher plans) and also has plenty of integrations (not available in Colossyan at the time of this writing) homepage is another excellent Colossyan alternative to consider. With tenths of pre-made and fully customizable templates, 65+ languages, and even more voices, this platform regularly adds new features and grows its customer base daily. pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $29/month with 15 minutes/month, 23 avatars, 60 seconds per slide, 1080p, royalty-free images, music and video, 65+ languages, 25+ templates, auto-captions, and subtitles.
  • Advanced Plan: $99/month with 50 minutes/month, 23 avatars, 60 seconds per slide, 1080p, 4K Ultra HD, royalty-free images, music and video, 65+ languages, 25+ templates, auto-captions and subtitles, custom music and fonts upload, premium voices.
  • Custom plans and annual discounts are available.

8 free minutes during a 14-day trial.

Check in action:

YouTube video

Our take is an excellent Colossyan alternative, specially when it comes to pricing. Their $99 plan has 23 avatars and 50 minutes per month, while in Colossyan you will have to pay $150/month with only 12 avatars to choose from. Please note that we are comparing monthly payments, but both offer annual discounts.


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hourone homepage

Hourone turns text into video featuring human avatars automatically in 3 easy steps. This platform is another Colossyan alternative, featuring a vast 100+ characters library and many integrations (Colossyan doesn´t offer integrations at the time of this writing)

An amazing feature of Hourone is Script Wizard, that uses GPT-3 technology to analyze and improve your text script with a single click.

Hourone pricing:

  • Free plan: 3 minutes of video sharing-only.
  • Basic plan: $30/month with  10 minutes video/month, 24+ human presenters,30+ languages, and up to 10 scenes per video.
  • Business plan: $229/month with 20 minutes of video/month, branding and one custom character.

Our take

Hourone offers only two monthly plan and pricing is higher than Colossyan. The free plan allows you to test the platform, but you will have to sign up for a paid plan to get advantage of all Hourone features. They also offer customized professional services for companies, an interesting feature to outsource all your video production.

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Yepic Studio homepage

Yepic is a platform that turns your test into a professional-looking video in minutes. This Colossyan alternative offers 60+ languages and more than 480 voices to make your video. But you can also upload your own voice over.

Yepic pricing:

  • Standard Plan: €29/user/month with 20 credits/month. 1 credit= 1 minute
  • Plus Plan: €79/user/month with 100 credits/month
  • Premium Plan: €299/user/month with 500 credits/month

All plans include 65+ languages, 480+ voices, 100+ dialects, 10 slides/video, voiceover uploads, backgrounds, text, and images.

Free 14-day trial.

Our take

If custom voice over is important to you, Yepic is an interesting option with hundreds of voices to choose from. Colossyan custom voice upload is available only on higher plans.




heygen homepage


HeyGen (formerly Movio) is a platform for creating videos from text input featuring human avatars. This Colossyan alternative features more than 150 templates you can customize to make your video from text input.

HeyGen pricing:

  • Free plan: with 1-minute free credit.
  • Essential plan: $30/month with 10 minutes of video per month, 90+ human avatars, 20+ languages, 200+ voices,  and API access.
  •  Pro plan:$225/month with 90 minutes of video per month, 100+ human avatars, 20+ languages, 200+ voices,  and API access.

Our take

HeyGen has many pricing plans but it goes expensive when you need more than 10 minutes/month. Furthermore, this platform is full of features for video creation and the cost-benefit ratio is excellent.



Any of the above platforms can be considered as good Colossyan alternatives. In our experience, is the closest option with similar pricing and features, followed by Synthesia. These two platforms offer the best balance between quality and pricing.

But don´t take our word for it. Sign-up for a free trial and test which is the best that suits your needs.

Please note that features and plans change on a regular basis and information is correct at the time of this writing.

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