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Sales agents have been using cold calling for many years to reach customers and leads. But today, there are many other methods available, and cold calling may look outdated and inefficient.

The truth is that it is still an excellent strategy to get in touch with leads. And there is a variety of cold calling software that can help if you combine it with the proper scripts and good agent training.

If you are making calls manually from a contact list, taking notes and writing them by hand or on an Excel sheet, a cold calling software is the tool you need. These platforms streamline your calling process and organize all your contact information in one place.

What is cold calling?

Cold calling is an outbound sales technique where call center agents or sales reps reach a potential customer who had no previous interaction with the agent.

In plain words, you try to talk with someone you have never spoken to before, trying to convince them to buy your product or service.


Is it legal to make cold calls?

In the US, the TCPA (link) regulates outbound calls. This regulation prevents auto dialers from calling cell phones unless prior written consent from the user.

It is also illegal to contact numbers on the Do Not Call Registry unless you are a political organization, charity, or the call is about telephone surveys.

Many countries have similar regulations, including New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, the UK, European Union, Israel, Pakistan, etc.

You will have to research each region before starting a campaign, although legislation covers the same issues in every country.

Is cold calling effective?

Cold calling is an excellent tool, but since it needs a contact with a real person and is not automatized, agents must have previous sales training and stick to a call script. This script works only as a  guide, you need to fine-tune it according to each conversation.

The truth is that an answered phone call provides with immediate feedback to justify if a prospect is worth pursuing. Cold calling offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio and is harder to ignore than emails.

On the other hand, note that millions of emails land in the spam folder every day without being noticed.


What is cold calling software?

Cold calling software helps agents to manage calls and track them properly. It is crucial to have a note-taking system and follow every conversation. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) plays here an essential role. This software helps get better results since all the information is logged and stored for future reference. The system keeps the contact call history and enables agents to follow up leads with complete information about previous sessions.

Also, auto-dialers will likely increase your productivity by dialing telephone numbers from a list in a predefined sequence.


Essential features of a cold calling software

1-CRM integration.

This is a must-have, and you won't get results if agents have to write down and track the same data multiple times. A CRM needs to record every detail of the complete customer interaction, from the very first call to the outcome of a sale.

Some platforms have an integrated CRM but look for seamless integration with the tool you frequently use.

2-Call recording.

Call recording gives valuable information about the quality of your agents' work. This feature is vital to review log calls and improve sales agents' training. Some systems also provide call transcribing, a valuable component to consider for further analysis and team training.


Analytics helps to analyze performance and results. The cold calling platform must provide reliable data to see if your efforts are going in the right direction for reaching your goals.

4-Automated dialing.

An auto dialer will improve your agent's work and efficiency. There are many types of auto dialers; read more here(link). An auto dialer connects available agents with leads according to various pre-defined patterns. And to save time, look for the "click to call" option to call a customer in seconds just by clicking a number.


Best cold calling software



cold calling software

CallRail is a cold calling marketing software that helps you manage and track your leads. Lead Center is CallRail communication's software that can enhance or replace your existing phones, as well as combine your calls, texts, and messages into one single inbox. This allows for tracking, qualifying, and routing opportunities while keeping contacts organized.

Key features

1-AI powered call transcription.

2-Mobile apps are available.

3-Only works in US and Canada.

4-Integrates with most CRM and apps.

5-Pricing model is not entirely clear as other platforms.

CallRail pricing

CallRail pricing is $40/month/agent for 1-2 agents and $30/month/agent for more than 3 agents. This includes ten local numbers and 10,000 call transcription minutes.

14-day free trial available with no credit card.


cold calling software


RingCentral is a big player in the call center industry, and its cloud-based platform for outbound calling is one of the best cold caller tools. This omnichannel platform includes telephone, video, and messages with an integrated contact center.


Key features

1-Auto dialer

2-Full integration with tons of other apps.

3-Better for mid-sized and enterprise businesses.

4-Mobile apps are available.

5-Create personalized call scripts.


RingCentral pricing

Pricing is not listed on their page, and it is only available per request.





cold calling software


This calling software allows automatic logging of your outbound calls to your preferred CRM. This is a complete platform to manage the entire pipeline of the leads with multiple contact options.

This is a solid platform to consider, with call forwarding and powerful integrations.


Key features

1-Native integration with Hubspot, Salesforce, Insightly, and 9 more CRMs

2-Mobile apps for iOS and Android.

3-Live call monitoring.

4-Intelligent power dialer.

5-Virtual phone numbers in more than 60 countries.


Toky pricing

Entrepreneur plan: $20/month/agent with essential features and one phone number.

Business plan: $25/month/agent adds Salesforce integration, call recording, and API access.

Enterprise plan: contact for a custom plan.






cold calling software


This is a simple cold calling software for sales engagement. This company is based in India and offers a multichannel platform for sales outreach.

A helpful call scheduling feature allows you to set up future meetings with potential customers to never miss a single lead. Lead information can also be sorted in whatever order you need.


Key features

1-Automated and progressive dialing.

2-Hundreds of integrations available.

3-Good analytics dashboard.

4-Simple campaign settings.

5-Mobile apps.


Neodove pricing

Only available on request.





cold calling software


Myphoner is a cold calling software for sales teams. This excellent tracking tool follows a sales lead through the sales pipeline until it becomes a customer. Leads are organized into lists and segments with an intelligent approach to avoid contacting a lead multiple times.


Key features

 1-Integrated power dialer with multiple management control options.

2-Integrates with Zapier, Gmail and Oultook365

3-Powerful analytics reports.

4-You can use your own dialer (a unique feature)

5-Mobile apps on Ios and Android


Myphoner pricing

Basic plan: $19/month/seat with power dialer, duplicate detection, reports, mobile apps, and premium support.

Plus plan: $29/month/seat adds time tracking, inbound call calling, and bulk deduplication

Premium plan: $49/month/seat plus call center tools, live onboarding, and custom branding.

There is a free 14-day trial available.



Kixie is a cold calling tool that automates all your outbound sales process. You can trigger calls directly from your CRM dashboard and create follow-up activities depending on the lead state in your pipeline.

Key features

1-Native integration with many CRMs.

2-Simple and intuitive power dialer.

3-Mobile apps.

4- 1 click voice mail drop.

5-Clear pricing model.

Kixie pricing

Integrated plan: $29 per month with IVR, call recording, click to call, and live call board.

Professional plan: $55/month adds intelligent auto dialer, IVR call coaching, inbound call queues and voicemail drop.

Enterprise plan: Available on request.

Free 14-day trial available.






This call platform is an excellent option for cold calling. With the ability to keep your existing numbers, get custom numbers and call recording, JustCall has many features to make a sales team more productive.

Key features

1-Mobile apps available.

2-Works in over 70 countries.

3-Integrates with major CRMs and apps.

4-AI based call monitoring.

5-Clear pricing schema.

JustCall pricing

Standard plan: $25/month/user with one local number, call recording, voicemail drop, IVR, SMS inbox, full integrations.

Premium plan: $50/month/user adds auto dialer, SMS bot, call monitoring, post-call surveys, SMS automation, and priority support.





Gong is a complete platform with powerful tools to help customer interaction and build relationships to get more leads and sales. This product provides agents with a guided workflow and solid analytics results to improve sales efforts in real-time.

Key features

1-Many native integrations.

2-Enterprise-grade security.

3-Mobile apps available

4-Call recording with AI analysis.

5-Omnichannel capability.

Gong pricing

Only available on request.



A cold caller software is specifically designed to take your sales efforts to the next level. Since it features a CRM (or a CRM integration), you can track every stage of the lead history. And to enhance productivity, it must have an auto dialer (or an auto dialer integration)

On the other hand, if you only need to automate calls, then you should go for an auto dialer system. 

We would like to know how you manage your outbound sales process, so leave a comment below and let us know.

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