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Best AI Video Editors To Cut Editing Time

3 Best AI Video Editors To Cut Editing Time

AI video editors are the future of video editing. Even though photo and video cameras are equipped with face detection and other AI tools, the video editing software is some steps behind.

AI editors can speed up the video editing process, resulting in a better final product with benefits for viewers and publishers.

These platforms help to automatically cut silences between dialogues, locate transitions, tailor music with talks, auto reframe aspect ratios, and more.

We have listed below the three best AI video editors. Check them out.



AI video editor


Adobe Premiere is a robust AI video editor, featuring countless tools to create and edit videos.

When you buy a monthly subscription to Adobe Premiere, it includes Adobe Sensei, a machine learning and artificial intelligence platform.

Adobe is one of the best video editors on the market but be prepared to face a steep learning curve.

Adobe Premiere key features:

  • Color match: match the colors in two different video clips in a sequence. This helps maintain consistency between colors in different shots of the same scene.
  • Morph cut: Get visual continuity in interview videos without cutting pauses and silences in dialogues.
  • Scene edit detection: useful to create a new edit of a long video. AI will locate transitions and additional cuts.
  • Auto reframe: change a horizontal video into vertical aspect ratio automatically. Useful to post a wide aspect ratio video on social media.
  • Match music with video length.
  • Remove objects from videos.
  • Blend music and dialogue: automatically lower music when a conversation is happening.

Adobe Premiere pricing:

Plans start at $20.99/month.

Free 30-day trial available.


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AI video editor

Magisto is an AI video editor and creator platform. This is a product from Vimeo, a well-known name in the video hosting business.

This AI video editor uses their patented "Emotional Sense Technology." It is a story detection algorithm that analyzes and edits raw video and photos to create professional-looking videos. This technology dives into your audio and video footage to build a script for the video's final cut based on a specific editing style you choose.

Magisto claims their AI technology "understands" the media you uploaded and determines the best way to edit it.

This platform is a YouTube and Meta partner, offering millions of videos and images from iStock, one of the biggest image libraries.

Magisto key features:

  • Monthly plans with excellent cost-benefit ratio.
  • Smart AI editor (not available on basic plan)
  • 3 M+ video clips and 25 M+ photos royalty-free.
  • Commercially licensed music.
  • Cross-channel content distribution.
  • Mobile apps are available.
  • Possibility to upload your own music tracks.

Magisto pricing:

Premium plan: $ 4.99/month with videos up to 10 minutes long, full editor, premium editing styles, and unlimited downloads.

Professional plan: $ 9.99/month adds 3M+ full-HD video library and photos, branding, logos and text, music, up to 1TB cloud storage, social sharing with analytics, and a Vimeo Pro plan.

Business plan: $ 34.99/month adds 25M photos, export to Facebook Ads Manager, video analytics, embed videos on any website, and Vimeo business plan.

Free 7-days trial available.



AI video editor

This AI video editor platform uses voice recognition to edit videos. Wisecut uses an advanced AI algorithm to automatically remove silences, create subtitles, add background music, and cut pauses during videos.

Wisecut key features:

  • Identifies and removes long pauses on videos automatically.
  • "Smart background music" feature tailor music to your video from a library of included royalty-free tracks.
  • Automatic subtitle generation with five languages available.
  • Smart edition based on video dialog analysis.
  • Auto audio ducking sets the level of music according to actual dialogue.

Wisecut pricing:

Basic plan: Free with 45 minutes/month, 2GB storage, 720p resolution, 30 minutes file length, AI edition, and YouTube integration.

Professional plan: $57/month with 300 minutes/month, 150 GB storage, 1080p resolution, 60 minutes file length, AI edition, and subtitles auto-translation.

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AI video editors are here to stay in the editing process. With 82% of internet traffic coming from videos, this niche will get more and more attention in the next years. If you create videos regularly, these platforms can save you a lot of time.

However, the human touch remains crucial when you are a professional and need a polished final product.

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