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AI Text To Video: An Overall Look At Its Limitations

AI text to video generators are the new stars in the video marketing business. These platforms offer the possibility to create a video from a text script, adding images, music, videos, and more assets to create a professional-looking video.

Today, a person without prior experience in video production can make a video for social media or personal use in just minutes. And using AI-generated human avatars, there is no need to hire actors, external localization studios, or expensive video equipment.

However, these platforms are relatively new and have some limitations you must know when considering AI text for video for your next project.

Let´s check them out:


Limitations in video design

AI text to video is still limited regarding its ability to add custom images, videos, other graphic assets, music, and sounds. As a result, your video may need more design, animations, and transitions.



AI text to video generators are often limited by a set of pre-defined templates, styles, and animations. This may result in a generic look without the unique touch a human could create.


Pre-made templates

Every AI text to video generator software provides plenty of pre-made templates that are also customizable. This saves lots of time during the creative process because you don't have to start from scratch. But customization options might not be good enough to match specific branding styles and requirements.

Still, AI video editors are growing and adding new features regularly.


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Resources library

Additional design assets and resources are limited and can not compare to all the variety of tools and add-ons standard video editing software offers.



If you make a video occasionally, integration is not essential. But integration with your existing workflows and systems is mandatory if you are into video marketing.

Not every AI video generator offers integrations, and some feature proprietary APIs with different levels of functionality.


Rendering time

All videos created with these platforms need rendering; the time to render depends on the specific platform. Since these are cloud-based systems, rendering times usually vary depending on visitors' usage and workloads and don't have a standard duration.


Voiceovers accuracy

Since it is easy for these systems to read a text script, things usually get worse when you hear auto-generated voices, pauses, and intonation. Specific platforms offer voice moods,  pitch and rate control, and intonation options with acceptable quality. However, there is still a lack of opportunities for less popular languages and dialects.


Realistic avatars

Even though many platforms currently feature human avatars with excellent resolution, there is still room for improvements regarding graphic quality.


Custom avatars

Custom avatars allow you to create a human avatar of yourself (or others) using your cell phone or a green screen. These results are usually very good, and it is nearly impossible to distinguish a custom avatar from a natural person in still mode. But custom avatar gestures are not polished enough and may look artificial and unnatural.


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Natural movement

AI text to video generator platforms try to pair human movements and gestures with acceptable quality. Still, there is a long way to go before avatars meet natural movements, and this is mostly noticeable with lip-synching.



While AI text to video generators are emerging with new features and tools for video creation, it is crucial to be aware of current limitations.

This technology improves regularly using AI algorithms. And based on existing software and user feedback, we can expect more robust systems soon that will help to create incredible videos with only a few clicks.



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