14 Social Media Calendar Tools

Social media calendar tools help to publish the right content at the right time. And also help to schedule your upcoming social media posts. If you own a small business and are trying to run many social media accounts at once, you need a social media calendar tool to plan in advance and schedule content.

You don’t have to be an expert to manage your social media accounts.

And you can get more leads, sales and revenue from social media using a calendar to plan your content.

All these social media calendar tools have different features that we will cover in this article. Some of them are only content planners while the most advanced (and pricey) enable for content curation, social listening, and team collaboration.


What are the benefits of using social media calendar tools?

A calendar helps to get organized and plan in advance for days or weeks your posts. This is important to save time and review your posts.

A social media content tool is a key asset to customize posts according to each platform. Your online presence needs to sound different if you post on Instagram or Snapchat the same content. And you can publish across many platforms with a single click.

It also helps to plan posts according to holidays and special events. Check this calendar from Sendible

You stay organized and get an overview of all your social posts at a glance. This is important for tracking if your social strategy needs some adjustment.

And if you are using interactive marketing , a calendar tool will round up your overall strategy.

Check some ideas for a social media calendar here.


Social media calendar tools:





Sproutsocial helps to understand and reach your audience, engage your community, and measure performance. With advanced publishing tools and scheduling features, this is a solid platform for creating a great social media presence.

This software has listening, publishing, engagement, and analytics modules.

A visual calendar allows to manage your posts for many profiles and social networks, while giving oversight from a central hub. Sproutsocial helps to find the best time to post, according to hashtags and social media activities.

Sproutsocial offers high-level analytics reports. Core reports include profile performance, tag, post performance reports, competitor, paid performance and team and tasks reports. And in case you need to go deeper, there is a Premium Analytics report feature available.

Sproutsocial integrations: All major social networks. Business integrations include Salesforce, Google Drive, Google analytics, Glassdoor, Bitly, Feedly, Zendesk, HubSpot, Slack and Dropbox.

Sproutsocial pricing: From $99/month with 5 profiles and essential tools for getting started. Free 30-day trial available.





Crowdfire is a powerful social media tool for individuals, agencies, and businesses. Works with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, Vimeo and more.

This software helps to discover and schedule content to manage all your social accounts from one place.

Crowdfire recommends articles based on your topics of interest so you can share them with your audience. You can also schedule all of your content at the best times or at those chosen by you.

With this tool you can tailor your posts for every social network to make sure to reach the right audience with the right message.

Analytics reports are fully customizable, so you can only highlight and focus on the data you need.

You can share your favorite content from the web with the Chrome extension in a pair of clicks. This helps to keep your audience engaged with no effort.

Crowdfire integrations: Zapier.

Crowdfire pricing: Free plan with basic features, content curation, image curation and only 10 scheduled posts per account.


Google Calendar:




With Google Calendar you can organize and schedule social content. If you have a Gmail account, you already have the whole Google set of products for free.

This is not a native social media tool, but you can use it to organize posts and track results.

Since Google has several collaborative features, you can assign tasks, make comments, and keep a decent workflow for content creation and scheduling.

Google Drive can store your media library, and you can access it whenever you need.

Google calendar integrations: Hundreds of integrations with several software tools and Zapier.

Google Calendar pricing: Free.





This is a complete marketing solution to organize, structure and distribute your content. You can create content campaigns tailored to each channel, publish articles, and promote content through newsletters.

This tool features an interesting in-app editor to check how your content ranks on search engines. Also offers readability tips and videos or images from a free database.

StoryChief provides powerful analytics and reporting to check what type of content impacts on your audience.

There’s a  collaborative workspace providing real-time editing and approval workflow. A marketing calendar allows to see the big picture and schedule your content marketing ahead of time.

And as a big plus, this platform synchronizes with Apple calendar, Google calendar and Outlook.

StoryChief integrations: 1,000+ integrations available.

StoryChief pricing: Starting at $90/month billed annually with 4 users included, unlimited stories and unlimited campaigns. Free 14-day trial available.





Buffer is a social media tool to build your audience and grow your brand on social media. A well-known company in the social media management business featuring a solid planning and schedule schema.

This software allows to plan and publish your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn from one dashboard.

Buffer integrates team collaboration to create posts, get feedback and refine content. An approval workflow allows to review posts for quality and branding before you post them.

An intuitive analytics dashboard  helps to measure and analyze the performance of your content. Most reports are fully customizable, so you can know if you are reaching the right audience.

Buffer integrations: 60+ third-party integrations.

Buffer pricing: Starting at $15/month for 8 social channels, 1 user and 100 scheduled posts. Free 14-day trial available.






SocialPilot is a powerful and friendly option for social media posting. The calendar allows to see posts classified by social media platform. You can filter your calendar view according to each account to have a more detailed view of the schedule.

An interesting drag-and-drop feature allows to re-schedule your post on the calendar. The social inbox allows to reply comments, messages and posts on multiple accounts and filter those that really matters.

With team collaboration and full approval workflow, SocialPilot is an excellent option to consider.

You can share web content through Firefox and Chrome extensions. SocialPilot makes it easy to discover content and schedule it directly to your account for content curation and content suggestions.

To keep track of your campaigns, a powerful analytics tool shows how good your efforts are doing.

SocialPilot integrations: Canva, Bitly, Rebrandly, Box, Feedly and Zapier.

SocialPilot pricing: Starting at $25.50/month with annual billing, 200 posts per day, 25 social media accounts, 3 team members, bulk scheduling, and content curation.





Agorapulse is an easy-to-use social media management tool featuring a content calendar and advanced publishing tools. This platform is intended to engage, publish, listen and collaborate on social media.

Agorapulse allows scheduling, bulk uploading, and queuing posts. These are accessible from the calendar that allows an overview of all your planned content. This includes posts pending approval, published posts and which posts are planned for a future.

The social inbox feature allows to find, filter, and manage your comments and important messages. You can customize and schedule analytics reports to suit your needs, and know how your followers are engaged with your content.

Agorapulse integrations: Most of the major networks but no Zapier integration.

Agorapulse pricing: Starting at $79/month billed annually with 10 social profiles, 2 users and full functionality. Higher plans only add more social profiles and users. Free 28-day trial available.






Sendible is a social media management tool with excellent scheduling and calendar options. This software supports all major social media networks.

You can customize and preview posts in each platform before posting to get a better engagement from your audience.

If you work with a team; Sendible allows to approve social media posts before they are scheduled and limit access to certain users. Collaborate with your team setting up approval workflows and keep your posts on-brand.

A content suggestion feature helps to publish content to generate engagement, and with the browser extension you can share content in a snap.

Sendible analytics shows the best performing posts, who are your most engaged followers and how much referral traffic you are getting.

An interesting keyword monitor search notifies when your product or business get a mention. You can also monitor how your competitors are doing and how their customers engage with them.

Sendible integrations: Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Canva, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Slack and Google Drive.

Sendible pricing: From $29/month billed monthly for 1 user, 12 social profiles and 8 quick reports. Free 14-day trial available.






This social media calendar tool has a unique visual approach. If your business is highly dependent on images, this can be the right choice.

ContentCal is intended to plan and publish your content using simple visual tools. With an intuitive and simple layout, you can start using this tool in a matter of minutes.

Team members can be involved into approval workflow to check content before publishing.

An web clipper extension sends online resources into your content library with a pair of clicks. A simple but powerful analytics dashboard shows performance reports to track your posts across platforms.

ContentCal integrations: Available through Zapier only.

ContentCal pricing: From $17/month for 1 user, 1 calendar, 4 social profiles and 150 scheduled posts per month.






Hootsuite is a great player in the social media tool market with advanced features to manage your social media networks.

An interactive visual planner allows to overview your social media calendar and posts. You can create and schedule posts to multiple social networks with a pair of clicks, saving thus a lot of time.

A solid collaboration workflow is available to manage approvals and posts schedules to keep the team aligned behind the same objectives.

Hootsuite provides a browser extension to automatically add content to your calendar and save it for posting ahead.

Hootsuite integrations: 20+ social networks. Also, Trello, Slack, Google My Business and more.

Hootsuite pricing: Starting at $19/month for 10 social profiles, 1 user and unlimited scheduling.

Free 30-day trial available.





This is a social media tool to create, plan, and execute social media campaigns (paid and free)

Loomly promotes itself as a brand and content management platform for marketing teams. With robust collaboration tools for approvals, comments and logs, this software is a full featured suite for social media management.

You can plan content ahead of time for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. At present there is no Instagram direct sharing. This tool also works with automated pushing for Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Loomly can suggest ideas and inspiration for posts ideas for more engagement based on trending topics, events and holidays, and RSS feds.

This platform includes powerful analytics about posts, account, and URL metrics.

Loomly integrations: Integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and most social networks. Plus, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Unplash, Giphy and Zapier.

Loomy pricing: From $25/month billed yearly, 2 users, 10 social accounts, and unlimited content. A fairly basic plan, but if you need analytics, integrations, and custom branding you’ll have to go for the Standard Plan $57/month. 15-day free trial available.






Trello is a popular team management tool. This is not a dedicated social media calendar tool, but you can use it to handle your social media accounts.

With Trello you can manage projects, campaigns, task lists, and more. Trello’s boards, lists and cards enable teams to organize projects and manage a content calendar.

All boards are easy to customize, and you can use this feature to plan a campaign and schedule posts.

Once you’ve organized all your content on your Trello board you can go to the calendar, which gives a comprehensive view on which post is scheduled to go out when.

But keep in mind that this is a software for organizing, assigning, and tracking work for a group of people. This means that if you want a full functional social media management tool you will need to integrate Trello with a third-party app.

Trello integrations: Tons of integrations with Gmail, Hubstaff, Paperform, SurveyMonkey, and Zapier. Trello also features browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Trello pricing: Free plan with basic functions, but if you need calendar view, integrations, and more functions you will have to move up to the Business Class Plan for $9,99/user/month.






Airtable is a cloud collaboration platform to create relational databases. Think of it as a kind of Excel that can handle content, checkboxes, and links to records on other tables with powerful filtering options.

Airtable has hundreds of pre-made templates to choose from, and all of them are highly customizable. You can plan and schedule your content and create different views for different clients and social media networks.

With the recent launch of Airtable Automations, you can configure custom-trigger actions workflow directly within your Airtable base. This allows to create Twitter posts and certain Facebook post actions. Like Trello, this is not a tool only intended for social management but may be a good free starting point.

Airtable integrations: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. You can connect hundreds of apps with Zapier, Integromat, Workato or Automate.

Airtable pricing: Free plan up to 1,200 records and basic functions. Next plan is $10/month, but you will have to pay $20/month/user to get the better Airtable features.






HopperHQ is a social media planning tool that works only with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Focused mainly on Instagram, this platform claims to have every feature you need to master Instagram marketing.

An interesting feature of HopperHQ is the image editor, that allows for some basic image editing.

HopperHQ includes a “phone preview” option, to see how your posts and feed will look to your followers on mobile devices.

You can manage multiple accounts from a single HopperHQ login and upload up to 50 posts in one click. A drag-and-drop calendar planner makes it easy to arrange your posts to better meet your audience.

HopperHQ integrations: Only through Zapier.

HopperHQ pricing: From $19/month for 1 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn account. Free 14-day trial available



Social media calendar tools help to organize your content and schedule it ahead of time. From simple planning tools to more advanced with content curation and social listening, we have covered 14 options to consider.

It’s hard to say which is the best social media calendar tool, since each of these have different features, pricing and functionality. But most of them have free trial available for you to check and consider.

And no matter which you choose, they are an essential requirement if you are doing social media marketing.

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